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  1. Getting ready for Ajijic!!

    1. streetcar


      Accidently sent a messge to the lady that was robbed instead of you. I am going to Penticton on Oct 13th. Can you tell me where to buy the loud noise maker?? Do you have mail or small item you need to have taken there? Let me know.

      Karen 765-4172

  2. melina

    1. Teach


      Hello ValGal, I'm also from Penticton living in Naramata. Care to do coffee some time? Email me at chris2realnice@yahoo.com and we will make arrangements. I own a house in Chapala not far from Soriana.

  3. Thanks for the detailed answer regarding enforcing money judgements (from a provincial civil case) in Mexico. I did not notice the answer until this morning. It does seem that, if the person has moved all their assets to Jalisco... unless the judgment is very large... it would not be worth the effort.

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