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  1. I know tonight is when people go and place flowers and candles, and sit at the graves of their loved ones. When are the displays (alters?) set up on the street in San Antonio T and Chapala? Tonight or tomorrow night. I allways get confused.
  2. I am trying to locate a Property Manager named :"Laurie". He drives either a White Lexus or White Mazda sedan. If you have heard of him, and have contact info.... I would appreciate an email or phone number.
  3. Just wanted to chime in my last two orders from amazon arrived on time, even though the tracking record noted a delay in Guadalajara. The shipper, in both cases, was DHL. Maybe the process is getting better? I shipped sporting goods and small electronics.
  4. Sometimes, I want to offer a ride to the housekeepers that I see waiting at the bus stop.... to go to Chapala from Ajijic. They know who I am, and I know who they are because they all work in my community. How do I ask if they want a ride to the Chapala Plaza for example?
  5. Does a family have to pay those rates for each individual, or is there rates for families. I wondered how a laborer, who loses their job, can afford to keep up with those payments until they get another job. Wow. THat is steep for a Mexican.
  6. Would American workers flock to Agricultural jobs if the pay was higher, and benefits were included? I would not be so sure. (I am pretty sure Canadians would not) I think we need those eager foreign guest workers. A lot of things are changing in Canada, at the moment. I am not sure of the stats now, but several years ago we (Western Provinces) had a labour shortage, specifically in the manual labour arena. Let me tell you, I have spoken to a number of young guys on welfare, wondering why they will not go and pick fruit. You can make, easily, 100 bucks a day with a little practice picking cherries for example. No way. They find that work, or working for the Fast Food industry humiliating. They would rather eat at the soup kitchen, and collect their check each month. (Somehow that is not humiliating), Our parents and grandparents lived through the depression. I'll bet many of us on this board were raised with similar values. In the 70s, when it was so hard to get a job due to the huge number of baby boomers entering the market..... my teenaged friends and I started a house cleaning business! I would not turn down any opportunity to work. My brothers and I picked fruit, had newspaper routes, baby sat. Now..... tell me about your Grand Kids? How many of them have jobs at 11 or 12 years old? I had a niece who needed some cash to go to a concert and I said she could clean my house for me and I would pay her. She though I must be insane. I am sure if you took a poll..... many young people would rather starve to death then clean someone else's toilet. I relate to the migrant workers more than I do the unemployed youth I know in Canada. I am betting that you could pay 15dollars an hour for agricultural workers and you still have few people show up..... and they could not pick fruit anyway because that would require putting down their cell phone.
  7. I agree with El Bizco. The comfort level is high at the moment. Better than in quite a few years. Though I am hearing of a lot of breakins again. Seems it comes in waves. Probably crews moving into town and then moving on to other locations.
  8. Yes, that event, in La Floresta was tragic. I heard from people who knew the woman, that it was not random..... but who knows the real truth. That tragedy really did affect people. However, I do not recall the story of a Canadian found murdered at the side of a highway. And..... no heads left in any parking lots. Did you hear those stories? Certainly, there were pleanty of horror stories three years ago, during the 4 or 5 months mentioned earlier. I know of two couples that left at that time because of concern for violence. I do not think that there is any place to go where you can be 100% safe.
  9. And I learned Travelers are not Romani! I was misinformed.
  10. Do you mean Travelers as in Romani Gypsies? Or.... just folks traveling.
  11. When I go home I hit the seafood restaurants for Fanny Bay Oysters (From a place off of Vancouver Island), lots of salmon sashimi, Alaskan Salmon, Halibut, then more oysters. Cherries in June and Peaches in August. (My two favorite months to return to B.C.) I also miss our beautiful, clean lakes where the city of Penticton grooms the beaches every morning.Sigh..... And.... I usually split a serving of Poutine. Yumm. Mr. Plumo: Do you know how to make Poutine? I have promised that I will make Poutine for my Mexican friends and for all of the staff at our Gated Community. I have been telling them about Poutine for ages. I now know I can, possibly, call on the Just Chillin people to cater a Poutine happy hour. I told them we could do a Mexican version and add jalapenos to the mix. They are very excited to try this dish. They like papas. They like queso. The gravy sounds weird.... but they want to try. I think that Poutine is a dish that could become a Mexican favorite, like Pizza!
  12. I use my card in Mexico, at major stores and for big purchases (A CC from a Mexican bank) It has a credit limit high enough to buy appliances but not too high in case someone ever stole the number. It has rewards and doubles the warrantee on purchased items. I do not use it at restaurants. I have never had a problem with that card, or my Canadian credit cards when I used them in Mexico. On the other hand, my last two trips to the US, my Canadian Credit Cards were skimmed somehow. (I was in Vegas when one card was skimmed..... probably at a restaurant, I was in Hawaii when the other card was skimmed. I do not know where it happened) So, based on my experience I would say it is unsafe to use Credit Cards in the US. I use cash there now, at least at restaurants. The problem is not worse in Mexico. It is a problem everywhere now.
  13. Rent. Use the Lakeside area for a home base and then explore other cities in Mexico.
  14. Great information. Thank you. This is the kind of post that everyone can benefit from.
  15. No experience with crowns at your advanced age? Amazing! Seriously, though..... I can recommend Dr. Pilar or Haro, for crowns from personal experience. Myself, my brother and my sister in law, all have had crowns made at Dr. Haro's office. All without problems. A very good friend had several crowns done by Dr. Edgar, at Dental Express, last year and was very pleased. There are many, many really good choices here. Good Luck to your friend!
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