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  1. Don't hesitate to use whatever pain relievers the vet orders while you decide. That will make all the difference between your doggie suffering, and not suffering. Ask the vet for the least dose to start with, and the dose to be increased as needed. You will not have an addict dog., but one relieved of some of the pain. In the US, most major pharmacies like Walmart will fill pet prescriptions!! I also look it up on the internet, and read every opinion. Some sites are allegedly written by vets, and some are excellent, and some will not be too helpful, but see what the majority of sites say. These are from the US, and have access to all the best treatments, so if a hip replacement is a good idea, there will be more than one site with info on that. WebMD has a pet site, and I forget all of them, but there are a lot. Best wishes for your little friend to feel better.
  2. I forgot to say gracias to ezpz for that posting. I would like to send it to friends. Is there a way to do that?
  3. San Sebastian is the patron saint of Ajijic. The procession winds around through the central old part of Ajijic, including streets above the Carretera, and less down by the lake. On many street corners in the town you can see altars which are always there, with crosses and other religious things. These altars are one in each neighborhood, which is the central focus of each neighborhood. The area above the carretera is the neighborhood of San Sebastian and the fiesta passes them. It includes the "old" church in the plaza, and the plaza at evening and night. Charming. Vive San Sebastian!!
  4. Another book I have recently read on this topic is Drug Lord :A True Story by Terrence E. Poppa. There are many documented books on this topic which I have read, and I don't have the titles and authors on hand right now. They make good reading, and are a real eye-opener.
  5. I wish pictures of the adorable raccoon .babies could be posted...thank you for being there for them
  6. Keep a shallow container of baking soda in the drawer, or cupboard for the odor, as you would in the refrigerator, after you do all the cleansing explained so well above. Change these every 2 or 3 months.
  7. These laws are so confusing and scary...I'm glad I'm not a landlord, a rental agent or an organic farmer, or a business owner, etc. This just might quench many entrepreneurs who are helping to support the economy. As my Mexican neighbor said one time...Taxes!!? Do you really think the average Mexicans pay taxes?
  8. As one who has gone sprawling at the tianguis, I hope for the safety of the citizens that it really will be paved, but like the other poster above, please don't do more than that. It would be nice if the flying pothole repair squad would be deployed, again for the general safety.
  9. Do noise cancelling earphones also block out TV?
  10. My friend rescued a burro which was going to go to a pet food plant in the Joco area. I guess a farmer can make more $$ from selling his burro for pet food, than using it for transportation. And some posts are right, the wild ones don't have the space they need to roam and forage anymore. True of all the wild animals in the world. Maybe except the bears ans wolves in the far northern forests.
  11. Didn't you get further information? What kind of detective are you? Inquiring for details would have been essential!!! This has implications for so many of your friends.
  12. beano, I think you must be hitting the post button too many times. Once is enough. Then you have to be patient and wait for it to come up. Please read the first pinned post by moderator.
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