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  1. WOW! Impressive list!! Mia's has beautiful clothing, jewelry, shoes
  2. Re: NOVOTIRAL. It has a different ratio of T3 and T4 than the Armour thyroid, so with a little calculation a doctor can approximate your former dose of both My esposo only takes it once daily, no time-release feature needed. Six years later, it is still working very well.
  3. the medicine you are looking for is called novotiral. it contains both t3 and t4. Ask your doctor to calculate the dose for you
  4. My phone number is 766-1703. Call me and I will give you the skinny and will then send you a very complete site.Ann

  5. Hi Rory -- You may write to me at pavaomusic@yahoo.com I didn't know how to reply to your mail about our Dish receiver, and we probably lost the chance to meet you in Ajijic. I think we could sell it for about $500 pesos.

    Sue Pavao

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