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  1. That is Gloria on OCAMPO, just west of Diane Pearl...........
  2. And Gloria's on Ocampo and Lety (or Lucy) on Juan Alverez, behind El Torito in front of the old water tower.
  3. I have a friend driving down in December. Just visiting for a few months. She has a dog. What does she need to bring him into Mexico? And is there a vet in Laredo who can provide the correct papers? Gracias
  4. Our route got a new truck a few years back. In no time it looked like the old truck, except it was white!
  5. We paid on site. They also have a side office that can make photocopies and get CURPS. So in that regard it was convenient.
  6. Used Plaza de las Torres about 3 weeks ago. AWFUL. Took all day. Got in first line at 10AM and finally left at 4:30PM. And they were only processing papers of those wo stayed around all day. Every hour or so, they came out and called all the names and reshuffled the pile for those who were present. Go some place else.
  7. HOLA ,Lost Dog, I am sure you will find Ajijic very appealing. Winter is our busy (tourist) time. And early September is the fiesta for Independence, biggest party Mexico has every year. It is over Sept 16, but the week leading up to it offers many fun things to do and see (parades, Blessing of Animals, rodeo etc). It is easy to get from the airport to Ajijic. Just buy a taxi "ticket" (450 pesos) at the airport and walk outside to the curb. There are several recommended drivers on this web board. I like Francisco Miramonte (& sons). Weather should be good and the rainy season mostly over.
  8. liquipure


    After a friend commented favorably, 3 of us tried D'Gustar last night. I had salmon with Cajun spice (just like Arileo's) on top of a well prepared spaghetti alfredo. Good choice. DH had the carbonara and enjoyed it. Our friend had a hamburger and said it was fine, tho the French fry portion could have been larger. Fish, $160 pesos/ Carbonara $120 and burger was $80, I think. All drinks (wine & Margaritas) were $55, a tad on the high side for a normal pour. Next week, they plan to expand the dinner menu adding beef. We'll go again. Oh service was fine and noise level was the carreterra.
  9. Charter Club Tours (Rosie, co-owner) offer small tours. Rosie is an excellent tour guide, knowledgable & well spoken. Google "Charter club tours".
  10. Hi, I own Quinta del Sol at 29 Independencia, about a block from Barbara's Bazar. Our summer rate with breakfast for 2 is $80 USD. We are full service, pool, private terraces in the garden etc. There are many , some cheaper, some more with different amenities. Glad to have you stop by to see our place. Eleanor 766-0926

  11. Lots of B&Bs are offering summer rates right now. Check Trip Advisor for phone numbers, reviews etc.
  12. From Ajijic cemetery to Calle Revolucion, the fare is 4 pesos. Some drivers charge me 5 but that isn't correct. To other towns, it is more. I have paid 7 & 8 from Ajijic to Walmart. I always use the little bus because I am in the village.
  13. And in winter, in Morelia, take a day trip to the butterflies. There are vendors on Morelia's plaza selling trips. Well worth it.
  14. We looked recently and only from Mexico City.
  15. Me too. He did manage to have me guess 'his" name before I caught on that he wasn't my friend. Sounded a lot like a friend tho. Deeper what I call a smokers voice. He didn't get as far as asking for anything but I kept the phone number. Anything we can do to "report" the number?
  16. I use Walmart flat buns , sold in bins in the bakery dept. I like them better than Bimbo. They also have a big sesame seed bun usually in the same bin.
  17. Another local place is Ajijic Suites (NOT Ajijic Plaza Suites). You can get a room with a kitchenette even. 3 blocks to plaza etc. Elaine, the owner is very nice. They have a website and I believe do weekly/ monthly specials. ajijicsuites DOT com
  18. el centro Ajijic, pouring down rain and ALAS no hockey on TV. Pray for a short storm for DH, a big hockey fn.............
  19. Anybody know the hours (days) it is open and the fee? THX
  20. Can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance
  21. I searched this old post. It appears this store is closed. I need tiles for a bathroom reno. Anyone have a suggestion?? Thanks
  22. We are starting to look for a dog. Can you tell me if this golden has been adopted yet?


    Eleanor 766-0926

  23. Had a cap done in February. He was off to Australia on vacation after.
  24. I live 2 blocks away and loved it. It's good to see people enjoying themselves and businesses prospering
  25. Can anyone update Bella Vida for 2016? A friend said it has been enlarged and was good.
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