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  1. liquipure

    Easter Ham

    won't be serving it if I cannot find it...................
  2. liquipure

    Easter Ham

    Any place around selling ham? I just have a few guests but would like to get a ham.
  3. From what Ralph has told other B&B owners.Villa Eucaliptos is no longer a B&B. Did not renew the 2017 business license He is retired. Tho I did see a few cars in the driveway this morning.
  4. Already had 2 local exterminators. Don't care about pet safe as we take our pets away when we are doing this. However in the past 15 months, no luck with different exterminators (plus our efforts) to get rid of these brown / gold med sized roaches.
  5. Me either for 8 years. Now I have these brown roaches. Not the same as water bugs, street roaches etc. I hope you never have them. They are awful. And I have had 3 different pro exterminators and still cannot get rid of them.
  6. Fighting the smaller brown cockroaches in the kitchen. Spray and an exterminator just can't get rid of them (yet). Anyone know where I can buy a bait?? I will keep cleaning and spraying but I really need more. TKX
  7. What's up here? They have recently removed both signs identifying the property. Anyone know?
  8. I think that is the property called La Mina, not the same.
  9. I was reading about an old seminary with gold mine. Anyone know anything about this property?
  10. Dr Luz on Thursdays at the LCS but if time is of the essence, the guy on the carreterre across from El Torito can do it too.
  11. if it is this week, there is the Chili Cookoff at Toblandia. Food, drink, entertainment.........................
  12. And don't forget Trip Advisor. Read reviews, check location on map, get prices to compare and pick what interests you. usually get better prices if you book direct with a B&B
  13. Handy Mail also used an apartment number but they (Kohls and AMEX) know it is a business. Texas has no state income tax and where I am from (family) does and I don't want to change any banking, investment stuff.. I'll look into Sol y Luna and Ishop.
  14. We have used HandyMail for many years but now we are getting "requests" from CC companies (AMEX and Kohls) to provide residential addresses or forfeit the card. Already lost my Kohls card. because the handyMail address is a business. Anyone else having problems? Better yet , anyone else have a solution?
  15. ALT +0241 will give you an ñ on an English keyboard.........
  16. Just a heads up (too late for me). I put my green trash out yesterday (Thursday, my normal day) just after the regular trash collectors passed. I attached a note to "RING THE BELL" Later when I went out, my green trash was gone but no one rang. Humm, stolen trash?? Later a man came to the door with my note and asked if I had more trash? I asked why he didn't ring when he came by earlier. And he said a car was behind them and they had to keep moving. I asked where was the truck and he said "down the street". So I gave him the envelope I had prepared. (Big DUMB me). Today, Friday the real green trash collectors came by and rang. I scrambled to get my donation ready. Next year I will wait to see the green trash men on their truck....
  17. If you plan is to stay in Ajijic, just come straight to Ajijic. By the time you go to another hotel, etc you would almost be in Ajijic. But tell the hotel/ B&B that you have a late arrival.
  18. Behind the Ajijic clinic on the carreterra and sometimes even Walmart has herbs.
  19. Bob, a real tour with history etc, use Charter Club. To see other areas, thinking about relocation Francisco & sons can drive you, stop, walk around etc. You will not be able to see gated communities. Some people will use a realtor for a day or so to get an idea on costs per location, amenities etc. Realtors can get into gated communities. And don't forget the bus... You can ride from Mescala to Jocotepec for very little money. Get off in the various towns and walk around. Enjoy your visit. Eleanor
  20. We had dinner this Wednesday in Cozumel at Noe's Chillin. New Bistro menu as the "chllin" concept wasn't working for him. We enjoyed it and his music
  21. A meat guy at Walmart told me JV Italian & breakfast should be back in a week or 2. I'll keep watching. Meanwhile I got some at Tony's and it worked in my recipe
  22. And they have changed the Parm Chicken at least twice since summer. And neither were good IMHO
  23. There is a kid in the Ajijic plaza on weekends with a wheel barrow. I also got some in the snack aisle at Walmart
  24. hotel Italco on Guad Victoria in Ajijic
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