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  1. Check your PMs. Glad to pick them up, anytime tomorrow or Tuesday. Let me know address.
  2. Looking for some "old" 3-4 L ice cream containers or Yogurt containers. We are having a Piggy Bank SMASH at Love in Action for 3 Kings Day. There will be a lot of small coins that need to be separated from each other and bits of plaster from the banks. I have a few containers but could use more. Glad to pick them up if someone has a few. I live in Ajijic near the lake. Gracias Y Feliz Año Nuevo.
  3. Medical costs are significantly lower in Mexico than in the USA. So many just pay for services. Others return to their homeland for serious, long term care. Everyone makes these decisions based on their lifestyle etc.
  4. We are in the same spot. We contacted Norwegian and received an email stating that visas are not issued for the stop in Cozumel. It is our plan nonetheless to leave Mexico by car and do the required paperwork at the border. Once on ship, we will see the purser. If required we will meet immigration in Cozumel and LEGALLY enter Mexico and then LEGALLY leave at the end of day. Last year we disembarked in Cozumel. The immigration officials did not understand what to do with us. It took a while and phone calls to their bosses before they took the 1/2 of the visa and let us be on our way. BTW we are Norwegian Pearl Jan 7 from new Orleans
  5. liquipure

    Quattro Mori

    Used to love this place when they were in West Ajijic. They moved to San Antonio, owners were absent and in my opinion, the quality went down a lot. Haven't been back in a few years. I am a bit surprised they are still around so maybe they fixed the quality issues. Anyone been recently? Food good? Thanks
  6. There used to be a dollar (peso) amount over which you needed to have a broker. Perhaps someone else knows what it is. We came with a car full also pulling a trailer and a list as you said, in USD. We had to show it and the agent told us it was too much, value was too high. I then said it was pesos. Fine! We had to pay tax on the amount. This was 9 years ago and things have changed I am sure.
  7. Ole Spanish School on Revolucion in Ajijic (north of the Wednesday Tianguis) 766-2068. They have small classes and also offer private classes. Proper teaching structure, not just a bilingual person.
  8. Want to go to Chapala for the street displays. Anyone know which day & what street?
  9. Both my Visa and MasterCard were compromised early this morning. I haven't even used the MasterCard since March. The only places that I have used BOTH cards are Walmart, Adelita's restaurant and La Playa liquor store. Oddly enough both charges were for $74.88 USD on line purchases. We have reported it of course and are now awaiting new credit cards. Anyone else have false charges recently on credit cards?
  10. Bisbee Gal, I am glad you are back in Ajijic and doing posts again. One day I am going to walk down to your house and bring you a piggy bank!! Eleanor
  11. We booked a cruise from New Orleans round trip. 2 ports are in Mexico. Didn't think about immigration issues. Anyone have experience doing this? The ship usually clears immigration for all passengers but I am not sure this is a good idea. We are permenante.
  12. I have seen round mesh/ net covers for (wine) glasses. They have beads sewn on the edges to give the net some weight. They are used to prevent bugs getting into your beverage. Anyone know where to buy them?
  13. I had this "insurance" refunded about a year ago. All was well till July bill and it was back. You have to pay it before they will issue a credit. I am waiting for the August bill to see the credit. A lot of make work for the office staff.....
  14. Pink Posada is an old motel out by the naval base. The Cuban Amer owner charges $60USD double including a nice, but basic breakfast. Rooms have old window style AC. Clean, parking, beachfront, pool. Many people from Ajijic go there.
  15. Saw a new place on Constitucion (#59). Menu looks nice but a bit pricey for Ajijic. Anyone tried it yet?
  16. Buy ticket inside, last price I paid was 450 pesos.
  17. Anyone know if they still do weekly free performances in Plaza de Armas? If so, what night.
  18. I pay 100 pesos for 100 minutes good for 2 months. I rarely use a phone so for me it is a great deal. bigger packages available, oh and no charge to call "amigos". good in and out of Mexico, calling in North Amer for sure. Not sure about other countries.
  19. There is also one on the Carreterra west of Colon.
  20. No, Tom red for sure. I live near there so I'll be on the lookout for him again.
  21. Saw a man yesterday at the Ajijic malecon with about 8 dogs. Then I saw a car/van, red with a logo protect the Animals (in Spanish) parked nearby. Anyone know who it is? And by chance is he a dog walker?
  22. When we have extra green trash, I tip the guys on the green truck. I also remember them at Christmas so when I am a little over, they turn an eye.
  23. Vacation and holiday pay is not a custom, but mandated by law, Aguinaldo (Christmas bonus) too. If not paid during employment, it builds up till termination.
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