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  1. We rented a 1 BR in Bucerias. Casa Linda. Owner is Lori 332-205-7784. It is beach front. There are 3 buildings on the property and about 3 blocks from Royal Decameron. It was great. Pool, daily maid, private beach and more Lori is very nice Texas lady. Google for pictures.
  2. "My Way" the song, yuck! But the concept is fine.
  3. How about "Somewhere in Mexico" by the TalllBoys?
  4. Ruth, Our house too on Independencia 29. Eleanor
  5. usually globos are the same weekend as the rebosas parade in the plaza and the horse mass followed by the rodeo. It makes a very nice weekend for Mexican based family fun.
  6. So will the globos be a week earlier, Sept 8-9?
  7. Sometimes you cannot get a UBER in Ajijic. It seems to be improving. I use them usually through the day w/o any difficulty getting one (10 minute wait)
  8. I have used them from central Ajijic to Hotel Perico and also Real de Chapala and returns. Usually wait 10-15 minutes. Good service and cheaper than the taxi minimum of 50 pesos (for me anyway)
  9. I heard Hector is having his church wedding Saturday June 16. I'd love to go to the church. Anyone know what time?
  10. Looking for email address (or telephone) for this gentleman. Anybody?
  11. SW corner of Carreterra and Aldama in Ajijic is a very popular taco stand, always busy and apparently open all day.
  12. don't know the law, but it was extra on the bill. And I will push it . Not that I can get anything back, but PAY YOUR TAXES. And do it right.
  13. Went into Tony's a few weeks back and after waiting 10 minutes for a menu/ drink/ anything, we left. They were not busy. Went back tonight to see how it was (with a backup plan). Service was okay, not great, but okay. Prices were up from last year, okay too. Service and food was okay, ribs could have been a tad more cooked. The big surprise was the bill. They added 16% IVA. Everyone in town, including Walmart put IVA in the price. BIG SURPRISE. So I asked for a facture (proof that I paid them the IVA). No can do. The person who handles that has gone home. FINE! as the kids say. But there are numbers on the receipt to request a facture. The numbers do not work. I will try again tomorrow, but right now I am pretty unhappy with the deviation from what we all know (IVA is included) and then not being able to get a facture from them or on the website they tell you to go. BIG RIP OFF!
  14. Credit cards YES. I don't know the hours for the taxis, but always assumed when the airport is open.
  15. Looking for someone to update or redesign my web site. Original is 10 years old and need something.
  16. Francisco Montemores and family provide reliable service to Tonola, airport and elsewhere 766-1142. I have a B&B and have used then 10 years for early morning, late night anytime service.
  17. And the Miramonte Family have driven guests , but it becomes an overnight trip for the driver. Can be expensive. Call Francisco for a price 766-1142
  18. threw out the paper........... What time is the parade in Ajijic on Tuesday? Thanks
  19. We did our cruise and we met the purser to be sure. No visas are issued to anyone of a ship that docks in Mexico for less than 24 hours. Visitors can leave the ship and sightsee. If someone wants to disembark permanently in a Mexican port, it is the same procedure as at an airport, visa issued, passport checked etc.
  20. Jose's Illusion and El Sarape. Roberto's at the Lakeshore St Peter's (for music) la Taverna in Ajijic when it was good.
  21. Does Cozumel have music anymore? Used to be Friday, .......
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