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  1. Hi, I own Quinta del Sol at 29 Independencia, about a block from Barbara's Bazar. Our summer rate with breakfast for 2 is $80 USD. We are full service, pool, private terraces in the garden etc. There are many , some cheaper, some more with different amenities. Glad to have you stop by to see our place. Eleanor 766-0926

  2. We are starting to look for a dog. Can you tell me if this golden has been adopted yet?


    Eleanor 766-0926

  3. I had a bad experience with the silversmith on 16 de Sept. I hada gold chain repaired but when I picked it up, it was "different". i went back to ask him about it and he said he cleaned it. But it was something else. A retired jeweler friend looked at it and said some gold had been "shaved' off of it. he could see the clean shaved edges. So I have avoided him ever since.

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