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  1. Walmart tho I don't like it. Ask at any pizza place.
  2. Can you share name and phone number of who does the work?
  3. And is there someone in town who can do this? Have the correct machine? We used to use a fellow named Juan. His son Juan Jose if I recall worked with him.
  4. Same here in el centro, Ajijic. Recently, past 2 days it also has turned black. Obvious particals in the water. And the screen on a faucet was plugged with a black gummy substance. We are emptying our ajibes today and cleaning them to see if it helps.
  5. liquipure

    La Taverna

    Okay, so now we know it has reopened under new ownership. Anyone been? And any comments on food.
  6. Don't forget about the change when using cash. Sometimes not correct, sometimes a whole handful of small coins etc. I prefer to use a card too.
  7. I tried to pay on line (from my Bancomer account to gov't bancomer account number listed in directions. ) and I can do a transfer and get receipt , BUT directions say no bank transfers (or ATM). Anybody know for sure how to pay and get proof? I can go up to bank office but isn't it the same?
  8. liquipure

    Arileo now open

    There last Monday and it was good.
  9. There are a few restaurants open for dine in and more coming. Hours may be reduced, menu too but here is what I've seen; Tango - lunch and dinner, only 17 tables Cocinarte - until 7 PM, maybe 8 tables, limited menu Go - tables separated. Haven't been, friends went Casa Linda - even music! Tables in and out, good spacing. Scallions - BLD in or outside. Anca - inside or out, L&D Anybody else want to add a fav?
  10. liquipure


    That's about it. Wondering if they are open. Called several times and got a machine.
  11. Anyone know if walking in the Joco park with a dog is allowed?
  12. I've read about this pharmacy and was wondering if there is just one location or if it is a chain? I've read that they usually have better prices and that for prescriptions, one should check. Also Is Farmacia Cristina at only one location or is ot a chain? Thanks for any input.
  13. If so, great. I'll spend it to help here and there too.
  14. Answer is yes to SS check. I'll see on deposit. If I don't get one, that's ok. If I do, I'll share with charities here and in USA. Already able to help Operation Feed and Love in Action.
  15. On the IRS web page under who is eligible, the first line states US residents. I read it all and it did not mention any exceptions. I am a non resident. I pay tax. I get SS. I am not expecting a deposit. I am going to try to paste the link but if it's not here, google IRS stimulus and go to the government website. https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payment-information-center
  16. Sunday AM I went to Walmart. I started to grab a shopping cart ,but a local man insisted I look over nearer the door. He has several ready to go, after he disinfected the handle. And he was wiping off more. I had planned to do it myself, was appreciative that he had done it. And gave him a few pesos. So if you are headed to Walmart, maybe you could spare a few coins for these guys.
  17. Followed Ian's advice and ordered a large pepperoni and onion last night. Ready in 15 minutes, cost $200 and was good. The crust was chewy and delicious. Good sauce and nice amount of toppings. I talked the them a few weeks back and I know they had some startup problems in their new place. Give them a try so that they can still be here when this virus problem is over.
  18. El Torito has "Essential" brand Ranch dip mix.
  19. Life in Ajijic under quarantine.
  20. We have had bad smelling water for about a month now but today our water is actually black. Worst I've seen in all my years in Ajijic. I'll be up at Simapa on Monday but meanwhile does anyone know if they are trying to address this problem?
  21. Fogon de Charlotte on the Libermiento past the gas station (heading north) has a nice shrimp and veggie tempura.
  22. Received a flyer about this new place in Chapala. There is no address on flyer. I emailed him, got an address Pescadores #43, Chapala. Anyone seen the place or better yet, tried a sandwich?
  23. Used to go. Then it wasn't so good, but they are still in business. Looking for what they used to be. Anyone have recent experience with them?
  24. Harry, I have a monthly donation to the Shrine through PAypal. When I signed up years back, I asked for it to go to Mexico. Is there any way to check on this? I really want it to go to mexico and could donate directly if it is not happening. Eleanor on Independencia
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