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  1. Is he still in business? Name/ phone number? thanks he
  2. Is he still in business? Name/ phone number? thanks
  3. On Carreterra north side, a few blocks west of Alex. Before Ajijic Hospital I think
  4. Has anyone tried this new place? Noticed the cooking class sign a while back. Menu different from Alex's?
  5. Four of us went last night. We were all pleased. Due to a misunderstanding, we ended up with 5 entrees. Here are our comments: Shrimp Tempura - as good as other place Pizza - never had in old location, but it was good. Thin but not ultra thin crust, nice toppings on Americano. Enchilada - Shreded beef and I'm not sure which one I got because I asked her about 2 of them. It was beautifully presented and tasty. Sauce with cream and then cheese was very rich. Burrito - I didn't get a good look at it but our friend cleaned to plate. Chili en Nogado - comments from friend, tasted like Christmas, lots of meat and fruit filling. She said it could have used a tad more seasoning. It's a big menu, so there is something for everyone. Try it to support Laurie.
  6. Hi Bisbee Gal, I cannot find this form. I copied and pasted but it didn't work. Any idea if it is still required/ functional? Thanks Eleanor
  7. Does anyone know what time in the morning Migracion opens? I have a 6AM flight.
  8. I do not have a time yet, but we (Love in Action and me) always welcomed everyone to come. I'll post the time as soon as I get it.
  9. I lost a few folks when Ajijic Beth left. Happy to have you back. I pickup and deliver. (smile)
  10. Thanks for the promo Bisbee Gal! I have empty banks for anyone who would like to participate. The banks go to Love in Action during a 3 Kings Day party each year. We will be giving out last years on Thursday Jan 6.
  11. I save cardboard egg cartons for the Egg Ladies (used to pack dispensas at Viva Mexico). I have a bunch but my contact doesn't do it anymore. Anybody know if there is any need for cardboard egg cartons. I am happy to deliver.
  12. Anyone been here lately? A year ago it wasn’t fully operational. Comments?
  13. There used to be a guy (Juan I think) who had a machine for cleaning and polishing tile floors. Anyone know if he is still in business? Phone number? Thanks
  14. Dog friendly and gated, Four Points Sheraton in Saltillo. From there 3 hours to various border crossings.
  15. A bit off topic but Santa Cruz is a day when working construction people put food outside on tables for their colleagues who are unemployed. And having been raised in Catholic schools, it is also my patron saint's day. (St Helena of the Cross).
  16. I live in the village too. People are pretty inconsiderate, not even lookin when they park. I call the police to tow them.
  17. liquipure


    Don't really care about brand name. I am looking for the chocolate wafers that can be melted to make bark.
  18. liquipure


    AndyPanda, its chocolate.
  19. liquipure


    Hoping to make some Christmas "BARK" but need merkens. Anybody seen any locally?
  20. Crossed at Reynosa on Monday at 10 AM. 2 hour wait with 3 lanes open.
  21. Anyone know where they are serving Tomahawk steaks? I think Bruno's?
  22. Just had a lima tree delivered this morning. We looked at 5 places before settling on David, in West Ajijic, on the south side of the carreterra. He had by far the largest selection of citrus. he also had the best prices for larger, mature trees. And he was willing to deliver at no charge. Highly recommended.
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