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  1. I live in the village too. People are pretty inconsiderate, not even lookin when they park. I call the police to tow them.
  2. liquipure


    Don't really care about brand name. I am looking for the chocolate wafers that can be melted to make bark.
  3. liquipure


    AndyPanda, its chocolate.
  4. liquipure


    Hoping to make some Christmas "BARK" but need merkens. Anybody seen any locally?
  5. Crossed at Reynosa on Monday at 10 AM. 2 hour wait with 3 lanes open.
  6. Anyone know where they are serving Tomahawk steaks? I think Bruno's?
  7. Just had a lima tree delivered this morning. We looked at 5 places before settling on David, in West Ajijic, on the south side of the carreterra. He had by far the largest selection of citrus. he also had the best prices for larger, mature trees. And he was willing to deliver at no charge. Highly recommended.
  8. Do you live here? And if so, that's okay with you? I guess.
  9. Walmart tho I don't like it. Ask at any pizza place.
  10. Can you share name and phone number of who does the work?
  11. And is there someone in town who can do this? Have the correct machine? We used to use a fellow named Juan. His son Juan Jose if I recall worked with him.
  12. Same here in el centro, Ajijic. Recently, past 2 days it also has turned black. Obvious particals in the water. And the screen on a faucet was plugged with a black gummy substance. We are emptying our ajibes today and cleaning them to see if it helps.
  13. Okay, so now we know it has reopened under new ownership. Anyone been? And any comments on food.
  14. Don't forget about the change when using cash. Sometimes not correct, sometimes a whole handful of small coins etc. I prefer to use a card too.
  15. I tried to pay on line (from my Bancomer account to gov't bancomer account number listed in directions. ) and I can do a transfer and get receipt , BUT directions say no bank transfers (or ATM). Anybody know for sure how to pay and get proof? I can go up to bank office but isn't it the same?
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