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  1. Is he still in business? Name/ phone number? thanks he
  2. Is he still in business? Name/ phone number? thanks
  3. On Carreterra north side, a few blocks west of Alex. Before Ajijic Hospital I think
  4. Has anyone tried this new place? Noticed the cooking class sign a while back. Menu different from Alex's?
  5. Four of us went last night. We were all pleased. Due to a misunderstanding, we ended up with 5 entrees. Here are our comments: Shrimp Tempura - as good as other place Pizza - never had in old location, but it was good. Thin but not ultra thin crust, nice toppings on Americano. Enchilada - Shreded beef and I'm not sure which one I got because I asked her about 2 of them. It was beautifully presented and tasty. Sauce with cream and then cheese was very rich. Burrito - I didn't get a good look at it but our friend cleaned to plate. Chili en Nogado - comments from friend, tasted like Christmas, lots of meat and fruit filling. She said it could have used a tad more seasoning. It's a big menu, so there is something for everyone. Try it to support Laurie.
  6. Hi Bisbee Gal, I cannot find this form. I copied and pasted but it didn't work. Any idea if it is still required/ functional? Thanks Eleanor
  7. Does anyone know what time in the morning Migracion opens? I have a 6AM flight.
  8. I do not have a time yet, but we (Love in Action and me) always welcomed everyone to come. I'll post the time as soon as I get it.
  9. I lost a few folks when Ajijic Beth left. Happy to have you back. I pickup and deliver. (smile)
  10. Thanks for the promo Bisbee Gal! I have empty banks for anyone who would like to participate. The banks go to Love in Action during a 3 Kings Day party each year. We will be giving out last years on Thursday Jan 6.
  11. I save cardboard egg cartons for the Egg Ladies (used to pack dispensas at Viva Mexico). I have a bunch but my contact doesn't do it anymore. Anybody know if there is any need for cardboard egg cartons. I am happy to deliver.
  12. Anyone been here lately? A year ago it wasn’t fully operational. Comments?
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