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  1. We have had bad smelling water for about a month now but today our water is actually black. Worst I've seen in all my years in Ajijic. I'll be up at Simapa on Monday but meanwhile does anyone know if they are trying to address this problem?
  2. Fogon de Charlotte on the Libermiento past the gas station (heading north) has a nice shrimp and veggie tempura.
  3. Received a flyer about this new place in Chapala. There is no address on flyer. I emailed him, got an address Pescadores #43, Chapala. Anyone seen the place or better yet, tried a sandwich?
  4. Used to go. Then it wasn't so good, but they are still in business. Looking for what they used to be. Anyone have recent experience with them?
  5. Harry, I have a monthly donation to the Shrine through PAypal. When I signed up years back, I asked for it to go to Mexico. Is there any way to check on this? I really want it to go to mexico and could donate directly if it is not happening. Eleanor on Independencia
  6. Superlake doesn't have any frozen cranberries today. I need a bag for Canadian Thanksgiving. Anybody seen them lakeside recently?
  7. WOW, a few small holes at bellybutton area. I was sure it was something in my kitchen etc. maybe I am not crazy?
  8. Looking for a few meters of black fiberglas screen material. Anybody know where?
  9. TraderSpoc, is the group still active and if so how can someone (2 friends) contact you to possibly arrange a kayaking adventure in later July? Any help, GRACIAS.
  10. I have guests coming to Ajijic in a few weeks. Can anyone comment on the daily rate (rental, correct) and Thursday is the day at 11:30? Any info helpful.
  11. Where are these posts? call me dumb, whatever but I can't find them!
  12. Lost her contact information. Anyone have a phone number or email? Gracias
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