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  1. Harry, I have a monthly donation to the Shrine through PAypal. When I signed up years back, I asked for it to go to Mexico. Is there any way to check on this? I really want it to go to mexico and could donate directly if it is not happening. Eleanor on Independencia
  2. Superlake doesn't have any frozen cranberries today. I need a bag for Canadian Thanksgiving. Anybody seen them lakeside recently?
  3. WOW, a few small holes at bellybutton area. I was sure it was something in my kitchen etc. maybe I am not crazy?
  4. Looking for a few meters of black fiberglas screen material. Anybody know where?
  5. TraderSpoc, is the group still active and if so how can someone (2 friends) contact you to possibly arrange a kayaking adventure in later July? Any help, GRACIAS.
  6. I have guests coming to Ajijic in a few weeks. Can anyone comment on the daily rate (rental, correct) and Thursday is the day at 11:30? Any info helpful.
  7. Where are these posts? call me dumb, whatever but I can't find them!
  8. Lost her contact information. Anyone have a phone number or email? Gracias
  9. liquipure


    Ate there last week for dinner. I had spinach cannelloni, DH had Chicken limon, picatta, whatever they called it. Both were good. 2 wines each ($80 pesos per). Service was slow and they were not particularly busy. Enjoyed it and will return.
  10. From Ajijic el centro, there are 7 or more small fires directly above us on the hills.
  11. Flying in tonight around 10. Hoping the taxis have gas. Anyone know.
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