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  1. On weds. there were state police with rifle armed men in back of trucks going along carretera from SHC all the way to Ajijic so they are around and looking for someone or something..
  2. Thanks to all...I plan to try. My husband who comes as tourist flew same flight GDL to CDMX, then on to Boston...he asked as had lots of time in Mexico city for me. and they actually told him best to do in Guadalajara so guess it is heads or tails..which is up or down. I am not fond of flying period and have much anxiety so wanted to try to do in GDL to feel more comfortable, will advise when I return of my luck! Never hurts to try, thinks change in these areas of Mexico let's face it depending who is working ..LOL.
  3. If you are flying from GDL to Mexico City then to USA , is it possible to do do immigration in GDL?
  4. Last two times Walmart was unable to read my bar code from my bill, went to Oxxo and bam all set.. easier and less aggravation but 6.5 pesos.
  5. Wow I never heard of that, thank you for sharing that information. I think continual education on littering is needed, they were just starting that when I moved here ( 19 years ago) in the schools. Being bilingual is a given, life is much easier if you are bilingual and you can be more in tune with the area, but it is not a requirement here by any means. I think this thread has gone to the trash, no pun intended. I thought it was just gonna be fun to know what others including myself wanted here, not needed, just wanted.
  6. I know a bilingual person who may have time to help for fee..not positive but maybe, send me a PM if interested. I have to agree, setting up electronic devices, smart phones especially is difficult and no I do not want to spend the next 4 months reading tutorials..LOL
  7. The trash situation improved for some time, as did repair of streets, now it is again a problem. I have to say in comparison to how it was when I first moved here...there is very little trash. The dump is not smoldering , we have many more things, stores, restaurants, activities , but lost the cows going up and down the streets and wild horses etc. The traffic no longer ends..so yes turning back clocks might be nice...and for the pocketbook a wonder, things were incredibly cheap and life was tranquil though maybe hard in some ways. I personally never heard of a McDonalds making more trash to an area and they are always packed in Guadalajara and everywhere else I go in Mexico. We are not going backwards to being a little lakeside area..so forge ahead. It was asked what we would like, some of us stated it honestly. I still want or miss many things from the states and if cost of living keeps raising so rapidly then we will need lots of things to keep folks here. Clean drinking water, I do not drink water from faucet in states, here nor PV, no where. Even the weather here has changed drastically, life changes..and we have the memories of many years ago. Some good some not so...I loved the Torros de Fuego at fiestas, some thought too dangerous, well they were doing it for years..so it is. Change.
  8. Great Sandrita was just making sure though I figured you had a DR on board already. Best wishes.
  9. It would be nice to have a Closer Costco, McDonalds ( though Trips Burgers is a close second) and or a Mega, as Walmart really falls short on mega ( grocery and such) stores. Not needed but nice...since it has changed so much as it is, may as well request the things I travel to Guadalajara for.. A real hospital ( full service ) would be incredible.
  10. I have never used it but I would suggest before taking any advise on a forum in regards to this drug or any anxiety/depression drug you have advise from dr. Possibly you already have that and are just asking others who have used it their opinions. If so that is good otherwise, please seek medical advise before taking any drugs...
  11. Thank you for clarification Sonia...sigh..seems I could have indeed kept my car if I had brought to states and just sold to my husband and had my name removed..ugh..
  12. I have an account there and am very happy with their services. I also have Bancomer, Scotia Bank ,Multiva and HAD Actinver...my favorite thus far is CI Banco. easy dealings though slow..like any bank in Mexico LOL
  13. Sonia if she has a permanente, she can drive a US plated car??? I thought it was not allowed to drive a US car with a permanente?
  14. Thanks Angus...ewwww..spiny lobster is not LOBSTAH! Cold water maine lobster, help me...I booked a trip to New England just to get it..kidding well maybe not..family there... There is a Lobstah glut now so I plan to help them out and COD , Scrod, oh my real seafood.
  15. I agree 100% with RV Gringo...I head to Boston or even Maine for my lobster...nothing even close here. And there should be a law against calling a spiny lobster as such. I have yet to try Red Lobster in Guadalajara. Angus......What can I ask is a Florida lobster???
  16. Oh I have indeed and frankly am tired of hearing " she does not steal", but"she is honest" . That is ridiculous. I ran a company of over 350 employees in states and quite frankly never said oh but she or he does not steal. If they did they were fired. I did not keep an employee cause they were honest or did not steal, they are not supposed to do that. That is my point.
  17. She comes to work on time, works hard, does not steal, is honest, does not break my things...seriously is this not what a maid is supposed to do? I love this comes on time and comes when she should..do not most employees do that, I know I did. Is honest and does not steal...wow so that makes a good employee...where are we folks.? 50 pesos is usually the going rate roughly now and the USD exchange rate has nothing to do with wages in Mexico.
  18. "A" list parties, life mates for Mexicans..really.. We all live in Lake Chapala area...all very close. seriously get over yourselves. By the way the weather used to be wonderful here, rained only at night, only in rainy season, and was not cold...what now..? coats heaters, and hats..tons of traffic, and too many inflated egos! MOG
  19. I would love to go solar but costly, though I know you will win in long run, so am working on saving for it.
  20. I was unable to find it here either. I had mouth sores from chemo and used peroxide rinses to help somewhat.. sorry. Have your friend bring it in November.
  21. ah that is true pappysmarket but just to stir the pot,such a pity since health care is 1/3 the cost here, medicare would actually save money to allow its use out of country, no? Bet a lot would hop right on that band wagon of fraud if possible. Very sad...kind of like being held captive to get your benefits ..
  22. thanks johs..I am on hold with this for now..
  23. Does Hilda speak English? Spanish? Location? Cost? more info pls. pictures of you with her worK??
  24. Oh I meant the penciling eyebrows. I am fine with eyeliner. The eyebrows just to much work in my opinion, so permanent is my idea of a good idea.
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