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  1. Lost ours today for good we were told. We had two boxes, one failed last July, told to cancel it no more boxes. After waiting months for tech to come. A week or so ago other box failed. Tech came today..cancel box and digital server no more boxes. Sent my bilingual son to do so..well no boxes until who knows probably never. Only basic cable... Is this due to Izzy, he was told no and that is not true. Also told Izzy is not coming here..sorry but good luck! I am more than irritated at this point, checking into IPTV...so tired of all this, I now have been thru basic cable, Dish, direct TV, Digital cable and back to basic cable...only good thing I am going to save money!! I live in San Antonio by the way!
  2. This is a 5k walk/run which will start at the Central Plaza in Ajijic, go down to the Malecon, along to the end of the Malecon and then up to the Carretera, the along the Carretera to the Cemetery at La Huerta. At the Cemetery the participants will retrace their step back to the Central Plaza. You can email ron.howardson@gmail.com for further info on registration and such... I will be there and hope to see many walkers and or gain more sponsors...this is a wonderful cause for everyone..Breast Cancer is taking too many lives..female, male, young and old.
  3. I thought they changed rules, no bank account unless temp or permanent resident but not positive.
  4. I actually would like to know where to donate eyeglasses..now..funny this topic came up as I found two pairs already to donate..LOL
  5. not yet, was supposed to be yesterday but not ready. It is 250 peso registration or 150 with 2 sponsors paying 10 pesos per KM , it is 5 km walk or run. I am awaiting more info.. walkers get a shirt and drinks ( water I assume)...
  6. Thanks to all...any idea on cost?? and do we need one or 2 pics for renewal?
  7. Best,and easiest place to get passport photos taken? USA passports..
  8. Okay thanks Spencer. I need to renew my passport this coming month and will go see you when I get it back. I was under impression I could just do this in Chapala where? with my RFC number and they give you a code. More than frustrated with everything hitting at once..LOL. Things were whatsoever easier in some ways years ago..dating myself.
  9. I have a gardener I can recommend for you his name is Francisco, has his own transportation and I believe equipment, speaks quite a b it of english as well. Very honest and trustworthy. Hard worker and he also takes care of pools. I have known him and his whole family for 19 years! Mendoza Garden Maintenance, 331 1737 5292. You can tell him the mother of Sean referred him.
  10. amazing...exactly how it was when I moved here 20 years ago..no phone lines unless someone had one for sale..and telmex charged hefty fees to get a line when they became available. I guess some things never change..LOL
  11. I do not have one, but please share your info when you get some... I would love to have a cook...more so than maid which I do have!
  12. Honestly I have no clue how I have one..but I do and do not remember the process. I have been here almost 20 years so who knows. I can go into online system and see my number but not print. I need a printed one for my insurance company..
  13. contrary to popular belief here, most of things that appear here are not for expats but for the nationals.. Walmart was not for expats..this development most likely is not either. How about the fact that 2 hospitals are going to open here, where will all those employees live, and so we can go on and on and rant rant.. it is being built..love it or leave it..will generate lots of tax money for San Antonio I am sure. Things change..accept it..I have been here almost 20 years and most changes have been progressive and have yet to hear of one that the locals disliked..except the ugly gringos...
  14. I have an RFC number but am unable to print it...was told I had to go to somewhere in Chapala to have them give me a code3 or such to do so the first time..anyone know about that???
  15. Recovery time varies on a person to person basis. Stairs will not be doable at first..move bed on main level. A walker at first is necessary progressing to cane. Raised toilet seat and I also had handicap bars put near toilet as could not get off. Showering might be best if have help, though depends on person I was fearful as I fell and broke my hip. Shower chair is comforting and a good idea. I was out of bed next day but was difficult and muscle spasms were intense. Other than that pain tolerable but fear intense. I would never have both done at same time unless absolutely necessary. Putting on shoes, socks, and things such as that will be impossible for a long time.. Definite PT needed. I had surgery done by Dr Gonzales at Mascaras, am very happy with results. Think I was in hospital 3 or 4 days but again was compromised. I had just recently finished chemo so was in a weakened state as it was... unable to drive for a good 6 weeks or longer , was my right hip. Good to have ability to prepare physically and mentally. Best wishes.
  16. hensley, just pick any hotel in your price range in Guadalajara and take a taxi.
  17. paper towels, TP, meat, dog food,many cleaning products..frozen foods. Larger variety , larger purchases but cheaper cost in the end.
  18. MOG..always an insult, always a mean statement..Rational folks..are most irrational? My point was I wanted to fill out and have stamped paperwork from Guadalajara rather then finding immigration in MX city.. I reported my experience..so I am done here! Buen viaje!
  19. Driving under the influence is against the law as is driving without a license, they do go hand in hand. Save a lot of hassle and handle many issues at once by obviously making sure the intoxicated or not intoxicated driver even has right to drive on roads, just my take. oh okay no alcohol go ahead be on your way but who knows if you have a license..?? Gotta love Mexico..and yes already they have worked out a work around the breathalizer..heard it thru the grapevine! Yes there were many policewoman..of which I truly see no importance in this issue but whatever. I agree we should have and enforce DUI rules but I do think based on blood alcohol levels on breathalizer here is overkill as is the excess of police and so on that I experienced in my one run in of this. Making for another way to earn a buck..anyone need a ride? broma!! <<<< guns & lights are part of the drama to deter people from drinking. thats the way they roll. <<<< really??? Looked more like a major accident or criminal scene than a DUI check.. Better spread this info around for newcomers who already are overloaded in "Danger" media about Mexico..they may head right back to the airport..not a highlight for tourism or business. Just saying..
  20. I believe the point was to avoid having to go to immigration in Mexico city as opposed to Guadalajara which was stated to be impossible, yet I did it and the agent in Guadalajara even stapled it to my boarding pass for Mexico city. It was stated over and over that no this was not possible had to be done in Mexico city. I felt more comfortable in Guadalajara and dd it there so thus yes it can be done. Either way I found it much less complicated tha was posted here by following bisbee girls advise..simple.
  21. Follow this exactly and all is fine. Also it sounds more complicated than it is..just saying..This is an excellent post!
  22. True but the flight in total is international, irrelevant of how many stops must be made. I must have hit jackpot as I had no issues doing everything in GDL.. Reporting back as requested. I arrived at GDL airport, went to immigration, gave necessary info and filled out paperwork as was posted by I believe bisbee girl..The immigration man smiled at me, stamped the bottom portion of immigration form and actually checked off area for tip portion where it has temp or permanent resident. I even asked him for an extra blank copy for next trip, no problem senora! Upon return to Mexico I followed posted info stating soy residente. Man smiled..took my form handed me back my permanente card and passport and away I went. Got my feathers all ruffled due to listening to tales here, and lo and behold it went smooth as could be and contrary to what some posted. I must be lucky but I think not, just because others tried and failed does not mean another will. I must be one of those qualified gringos..since I did it all in Guadalajara..despite your comments to the contrary. I so agree and thus so I did and guess what they did NOT say no..were very polite and seem to be on top of this issue at this stage. Took my chances and won..thanks for good luck wishes they worked. I found them to be well versed and in no way less superior than anywhere else. As I stated my husband had asked for me on his way out thru Mexico City and they stated to do it in GDL if permanente resident was from there. so hmm..guess GDL is catching up in the well sigend field!!! All this worrying for naught!
  23. I just experienced one of these set ups friday night while being driven home from airport. After 19 years here in mexico I have to say was first time I felt totally intimidated by a check point or such. Total overkill...federal, state and traffic police, rifled and armed..lights ablaze...possibly 50 people working..tow trucks ready, big show of rifles and such... random check, no clue if english spoken as my driver is bilingual. We were stuck behind a possible victim of this so called protective measure, for at least 20 minutes. At best it is intimidating and worst overkill...this was at 10pm at night in Itchluacan. I will imbibe of nothing alcoholic while out anymore, sorry to all the restaurateurs and such but the levels are so low ..total overkill and fines high with threat of jail and impounded vehicle. Tourism may come to a standstill with this. I like one or two drinks when dining out, nowhere near drunk but would come up on breathalyzer as such. Oh and they never ask for a license...so it is okay to pass these overkill checkpoints sober with no license or paperwork..insurance etc.. The checkpoint was also in place in the afternoon so my driver got pulled over twice..no alcohol, but also agrees overkill. Good time for the bad guys do do whatever while half the police force is handling these spots...what has it all come to here.?? JMHO..so no need for any attacking!
  24. Looked like a bad accident tonight motorcycle and truck. Anyone have an info on it?
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