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  1. Oh, dear...politics risk so on.. say a person was to get/inherit/receive 50 or 100 K in dollars. That person has to decide to get it in transfer funds in dollars or pesos. The person lives here and plans to stay here in Mexico. The person cannot put into any risky accounts as insufficient income to take a loss. ..this is the theoretical example so... No investment accounts, no stocks..staying in Mexico, opening an account NOB is an impossibility. So dollars or pesos. One person mentioned to me a peso account with interest which is 7%. No investment, anyone have that?? Suggestions on banks?? Actinver being out of the question. To above-quoted post, where is this 8% interest. ?? The money initially must be wired/transfer in one denomination so living off pesos, exchange is up around 18 ,is there valid reason to get in dollars other than what future may hold etc. politically.
  2. Theoretical question.. say a person was to get/inherit/receive 50 or 100 K in dollars. That person has to decide to get it in transfer funds in dollars or pesos. The person lives here and plans to stay here in Mexico. The person cannot put into any risky accounts as insufficient income to take a loss. Some say keep it in dollars others say no peso exchange now is better to go with pesos. Anyone have rational behind dollars or pesos. Which is better for this person money will be to used to pay additional expenses after SS. So dollars or pesos?? Reason why please as well. Thanks in advance.
  3. felt and saw it in hanging lights and pool water here in San Antonio.
  4. Renewed our passports in Nov and received in Dec. using photos from none other then Farmacia Gualalajara. So is incorrect above. Time involved less than 15 minutes and 25 pesos or maybe 5O pesos, cannot recall as there were two of us.
  5. It is not a problem to only have a Mexican address and not as stated SS decision where you wish to have your money. I do think you may be best going to the consulate in Guadalajara to make changes and renew your passport or seeing them when them come to Lakeside either at the Legion or at LCS. Good luck, I have done everything from here in Mexico for my mother. You also can call SS administration and deal with them via telephone.
  6. Oh I saw this for its previous showing and it was wonderful!! Do not miss it. It is great, you will laugh, ponder,, smile, chuckle, feel sad, happy and maybe shed a tear. Get your tickets quickly I am sure it wil sell out!
  7. This happens to me every so often, very frustrating. I have to change password etc after many attempts. then it works for so many months and the battles ensues.
  8. Send a bilingual person or a Mexican national, no issues, no extra info needed if what I am seeing. Sent my son, who may as well be Mexican since spent more of his life here than in states and no problems even though he had all the necessary info was not necessary as he had told me. Don't ya just hate when kids are right!!
  9. I just made my first order thru Mercado Libre, my son uses it, he says all his things have come by Fedex. Will see how it works for me...
  10. So if you have Prime on the US site you have it on Mexican site as well or no??
  11. send a bilingual person, we did not need RFC, nor CURP, just house number cross streets and plate number though the bilingual person we sent was prepared for such.
  12. totally different places. Weather totally different. I like both, but you need to like hot weather for the beach. More expensive in PV as well. I could possibly get you a timeshare rental but would need to be asap as PV is so booked up this year it is crazy!
  13. Tax office and water office are open..Wayer increase 7%, taxes same..we already paid ours.
  14. I assume it affects many expats here in Mexico and the thread post did not specify what ost of living they were looking for!
  15. Totally agree with Xena and Gogirl, apples and oranges..
  16. I have 3 now..and just bought another tank so I have an extra..who knew we would have over 16 cold fronts and it is only Dec. brrr.
  17. Oh I laughed so hard..as they say Head west young man, head west!!
  18. If it lasts more than 3 days see a dr!!! Really no such thing as a stomach flu..LOL.
  19. If per chance the peso exchange rate changes and your check is wrong amount they will in that case let you pay any additional fees in pesos at that time. I had to do that. I got the book and card...figure good to have card in wallet. Forget exact charge for that ,roughly $30. USD , more or less. You just check box for both card and book. Picking up is even simpler...bring your receipt and a picture ID, like drivers license, or Permanente and they do pick ups first so you are in and out in a breeze. I am thrilled I am done with that for ten years!! You are welcome Xena and happy it all went well. I find those at the Legion are so friendly and helpful, I prefer there to LCS. The bank well such sourpusses LOL.
  20. You need to contact the consulate and ask how much you need check for or maybe LCS has that info... They now only allow checks from Banamex ( so Chapala). You need your old passport, two passport pictures ( Farmacia Guadalajara can do them cheaply and quickly ) , a copy of your passport, and the form filled out, you can get it online or maybe at LCS I think they have a form stating what you need. You should also have another form of ID with you, drivers license or Permanente what have you. I did mine at The Legion and it was painless, well other than to my pocketbook. LOL.
  21. We have never had a problem, along with a tablet and maybe a laptop..
  22. A big vote for Dr Gonzalez also. He is kind, efficient and does an awesome job. Replaced my hip in 2010, and I am well recovered. I highly recommend.
  23. At the Legion Pick up of passports is also done first or sometimes a separate agent for such. No photographer there, but well organized. I have renewed at both places and quite frankly I prefer the Legion.
  24. Yes health care is cheaper than in US but a catastrophic illness, cancer or such can wipe you out financially even here and even with insurance. Many things may not be covered with Seguro Popular so just be aware. Also no matter how clean or well kept, there is a language barrier and shortage of supplies in Seguro Popular or Imms. You should know this.
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