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  1. Thank you all, I am now a bit confused with Manzanillo being mentioned. I live in San Antonio so will I save a substantial amount of time going this way as opposed to the carretera to the mountain bypass road, old back way avoiding Jocotepec. Sorry I am clueless on route numbers LOL. Am I going to hit a lot of construction? as mentioned in regards to Manzanillo, the construction here alone is maddening. Thank you I am fine getting out of Costco..but is reverse exit marked as Macrolibramiento?
  2. Hi, I should know this but hidden somewhere in my head! If I wish to go to the back side Costco, on Lopez Mateos Sur, and wan to avoid the long trek west. I believe I can take the New? Macrolibramiento , as if heading to PV, but what is the name of the exit I wish to get off to go to Costco? Anyone know, would greatly appreciate help on this.
  3. Thank you. I am not willing to go into Guadalajara for this for sure. LOL Chapalence, can you explain that further on copies, I can make my own. Does anyone have the list I would make a trip into Chapala to get on hand, seems crazy to make two trips.
  4. What is age required to get an Inapam card? What is process at Lakeside to do so?
  5. Any news if we will be getting the ability to renew Mx drivers licenses in Lakeside area. Facilitators available for Guadalajara? What is necessary? License needs renewal in Jan 2020.
  6. I have an Amazon tv firestick...I also have a paid VPN service yet I am unable to watch any Prime Amazon videos ...anyone have advise or know why???
  7. It is for my mother, she was too nervous and scared before. She did see DR. Rios, but I would like a second opinion with Dra Claudia I think. We then will see if both are on the same page, prices and who seems a better fit. Mother says she is ready now, so we will see. Open to any further suggestions or thoughts! Thanks in advance, Can someone fill me in on the procedure, from start to finish so I can give Mom more info so as to ease her anxiety.
  8. amazon mexico also has Oxxo brand ones.
  9. I have been thru so many I have lost count...They all start off good...
  10. I responded to your message sorry for delay. Internet troubles.
  11. I have insurance thru agent Edgar Cedeno who is at LCS from 11-2pm every Tuesday and Thursday. He deals with a few companies. I have been well taken care of with my insurance thru him , including cancer treatment and surgeries, hip replacement, gall bladder surgery, the list goes on and on. He has a range of insurances for many budgets, I do suggest you go and speak with him, he is very easy to deal with and will handle claims and such with you. Unless I am hospitalized I must pay up front and get reimbursed, but anything major I go to hospital Best Wishes. Hope you never have to use the insurance but do not take the chance of not having it if you can.
  12. Suggestions and or non suggestions for DR's for cataract surgery..Share your experience or give suggestion which dr's, cost so on.. Thanks in advance.
  13. I was using USTVNOW thru a Roku which I bought two devices. Now 3 months later, that does not work. I have been thru cable, Dish, Direct TV, so on.. Now I need to buy an android box...??? Sigh again...I just want a few channels of news..the rest I can manage with NetFlix.. TV and internet here are just maddening.
  14. sigh, so tired of TV issues here..sigh
  15. MIne was doing that and it was from the outside vent hole being blocked by plants so do check that..before spending any money..:)
  16. Do not miss it this time, I do not think it will be repeated again and reservations I heard are going fast. This is a sell out..and great reading/show! I think it will be better than at Naked Stage as will have some props..... FUN!
  17. Are there gas stations and bathrooms on this new route??
  18. WEll , little did I gain from this other than a roulette wheel. I am thinking Intercam..eggs in many baskets and in pesos. Who knows.. The theoretical question is real just without many details or altered details. sigh..
  19. I was told that the remotes have short life span here in Mexico due to the instability of electricity. I know nada about electricity but was told that so I bought a fan without remote.
  20. I was not aware with the new laws you could open an account while abroad. What a dilemma, I just do not understand the use of an American account. No one gives me a good reason for that . a fixed rate peso account..?? I do like the not keeping all eggs in one basket...
  21. ewww. this is tough..I spent many hours on the floor with a broken hip once...my neighbors have keys to my house now..Have you checked with other neighbors? Oh dear good luck..
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