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  1. I am not new and I did not say I did not shop at Superlake just no freezer foods. Either way Superlake is closing and Walmart I advise against delivery. I tried twice first time had an issue resolved, second no delivery only charge, so now disputing thru charge card. Lived here many years before Walmart..
  2. I have donated to many causes lakeside, and also sir, I am paying my help to stay home. I am immunocompromised. If you have a disability that requires a massage then that may be essential. A haircut is most certainly not. I am not the one making the request to Stay At Home the government of Mexico is. I have family in the states who also have no work, and many are going bankrupt there too. We are under these conditions for the good of all....this is an Emergency Health Crisis, let alone an economic crisis, but no one will need money if they die. I know nothing of you except you are not respecting social responsibility, the good for all. Nada Mas! Quedate en Casa!!!!!
  3. I have used CFE online site numerous times and it is clearly not working. I have downloaded the app to smart phone and it gets to lada ( no clue what that is) and it will not let me input any further info like phone, email etc. I am going to try the unodostres. Frankly these unfriendly websites are more than irritating especially when we are trying to abide by Stay At Home. grr.
  4. Be careful, when you say fake news, it truly might be real news. I do not buy anything frozen there and have not for many years.....
  5. I have tried repeatedly to pay my CFE bill online, which I have done before. Just keeps going back to log in page, anyone else having issues? Is the site maybe not working? Any input appreciated.
  6. Absolutely correct virgo lady!! Reason why virus keeps spreading, lack of social responsibility. "me" only culture. We all need hairdressers, but I myself am abiding by Stay At Home orders unless essential, food is essential, though I too am doing delivery. Quedate en Casa!
  7. Just consider everyone infected, use universal precautions and Stay at Home! WE have no clue how many are actually infected since not everyone is being tested. Once you have symptoms kind of late to be tested, to a degree.
  8. I am still waiting on an online order placed on Friday late night. Did receive a change to Sunday delivery which still has not arrived but did receive a text that delivery delayed but no idea of when they will be delivering. This is my second order. My charge card has been charged. I am not thrilled with their service. My first order they delivered timely and yes had missing items but they refunded in a few days. Fingers crossed tomorrow my delivery arrives, not a huge issue but if not going to deliver then refund my charge essentially.
  9. I ordered what was not available in store, half my order arrived. I paid with an Amex card that went thru Paypal apparently. I was charged full amount but have received email stating a refund will be applied within 30 days. This was after I contacted Paypal. Not the best site I have ever used, but options here are not plentiful so I would try them again, if I receive that refund.
  10. yes hotter than usual for this time of year. More humid as well. Not complaining..
  11. I know the way now but as stated I decided when I went to try going the old way which I knew which was a total mistake or disaster. Bet I could go now pretty easily that way though. Cedros you gave the correct first move , I just tried the old way and will likely never do that again. It worked just fine for many years.
  12. any hardware store and they are called "bolitas de naftalina"
  13. Chicamysterious...it is that address check your messages and please respond to me via email provided in message Thank you!
  14. Chicamysterious..sending you a message now.
  15. I would love the availability of going to a McDonald's if I wanted one. Not usual fare but a soft serve cone and fries here and there, drive thru..man oh man.
  16. Thanks Colibri, is she in Ajijic? Speak English? Or only Spanish? I am actually checking for a friend.
  17. cedros, LOL. I did not get lost, I chose to just not bother until I actually knew which exit to take there so I went the old way to the west of Ajijic etc. I found it, the Macrolibramiento on way back but it is not clearly marked. I will admit I am geographically challenged though and did not want take the chance of missing the exit and ending up in Tepic. LOL. I use the Macrollibramiento a lot heading to PV. My post was not correct it took me 3 hours almost, to get to Costco with the incredible, overwhelming traffic here, ( going by way of West Ajijic) and only 1 hour to get home as I took the Macro..
  18. Mostly Lost..thank you ever so much. I went last week, on saturday, but I went west figuring would be okay, leisurely drive, wrong..3 hours to get to Costco..and 1 hour to go 8 hours on carretera. Nightmare, spent less time shopping than traveling. I was able to find the Macrolibramiento back and whew one hour to get home. I swore I was never going there again til I knew the exit. This is great info.
  19. Any salons do dipped nails in the area?
  20. Hi Dennis, I assume you are speaking of our box...I just got another person so we are 4 not counting you and Wil?? so 6. You in? Will in? send me email please!
  21. Thanks you everyone, I tried google maps and maybe I need to be on road but it just gave me the old way! I do still plan to try this route. Thank you all.
  22. Do not hold your breathe and I believe it said 5 years for completion!!!
  23. I have a bird issue too, sparrows, swallows and kiskadees or who knows, all I know is they are not welcome pooping everywhere and let me tell you it takes the paint right off metal surfaces and is a true eyesore, along with they see themselves in my windows at ungodly 7am hours and bang on my windows. I too have done all the tactics the OP mentioned. It is causing me lack of sleep, time wasted continually cleaning and seriously birds are carriers of everything. They need to go one way or the other, just how. ???
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