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  1. Bank is sending me a new ATM card with seven digit pin. Is there a problem with this seven digit card at the machines around lakeside.
  2. I`ve check several times over the last couple of years, never found one at Walmart. Pharm. Christina has a heating pad although rather pricey at eight hundred pesos and small. I found a nice one at Barbara Bazar, probably came from NOB and ended up there.
  3. Had the Yahoo problem for two days now...went back to restore points, reset modem, checked to make sure was connecting via Proxy server, run Virus scan, nothing worked right, found many problems similar on the web. Finally I run my Norton Power Eraser, took awhile fix many files in the cloud and in the computer registry, but everything works fine now. Came up with the basic Yahoo mail and tried to change me to firefox. Jerry
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