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  1. My U.S. bank mailed a new ATM card over a month ago. Will one of the local banks cash my check with a passport and permanente?
  2. Have called several times - had heard they are delivering.
  3. I live east of Chapala. The local population - Santa Cruz, San Nicholas, San Juan, Tlachichilco, etc. laugh at the virus. Some of the people take precautions. But the rest of the population doesn't understand the severity of the virus. I would seriously recommend the Mayor of Chapala spend some time at each city's plaza to explain just how serious this is!!! This is the only solution - for the locals to really understand just how dangerous this virus is. Before we are next~
  4. It used to be at the mall across from Walmart - but was not there yesterday.
  5. Oregontochapala - I had to pay CFE $16K00 pesos for their error in not reading the meter. Before this incident my bill was around $500 pesos. After, it went to $3500 p/per bill. To me that's a big leap. And it stayed that way for years until I had solar installed. Aquaponicsman thank you for your explanation!
  6. Last year I had Ron Magen of Solar Technology install solar panels on my home. His associates are true professionals in every way! Due to CFE not reading the meters on my street for six months, my bill soared to an unbelievable amount. Talking with them about there being a mistake did no good. After that, every bill was enormous! Now I pay next to nothing. Ron is a truly sincere person whose follow-up is a genuine help in understanding how solar power works. Just want to thank him and his company!!! ron@solartechnology.com.mx
  7. Thanks everyone. Yes I paid it. No I don't expect a refund. However, having two speeding tickets now am wondering if they do it again - what a third ticket would mean? The answer I was looking for was indeed if you could go online to check or do something about it here in Chapala.
  8. Yes I can prove no one had my car - because I had the keys. And have proof of my flight that day. But, as JRod says - it will cost more than the fine. I just don't want to go to Guad to fight this. I did get a legitimate speeding ticket five years ago - which was mailed to my house. This was not mailed to me. And the man at Registration seemed very happy about my problem. Only time I had ever seen him smirk in 12 years.....
  9. Yes. Have the notification and fees included with registration.
  10. Yesterday I paid the registration fees for my car. Man behind counter saId I had a speeding ticket from last year which hadn't been paid. I knew I hadn't gotten anything in the mail - but paid it for over $800 pesos. I couldn't argue with this man. Came home and looked at my calendar - I was on an airplane from Phoenix to Guadalajara that day! Is my only option to go to Guadalajara Police Dept. to fight this? Can I fight this ticket from Chapala? It would cost me more to go to Guad than the ticket.
  11. Last night a friend called before 9 PM and said there was gas in San Juan (east of San Nicholas Vista del Lago). Put a jacket over my pajamas and got in line. Scary time with buses and big rigs on two-lane carretera. Hour after hour - hardly moving - until at 2:45 AM loudspeaker said Pemex was closing. Would reopen at 5 AM. I have hardly any gas - but turned around and went home. I feel badly for the people who depend on their cars to work. I'm sure they waited in line all night and are working today without any sleep.
  12. go to the watch man at Ajijic tiengas - he fixed the same thing on an expensive watch that had your same problem - charged very little.
  13. New great restaurant with wonderful food and very reasonably priced! The employees are extremely friendly and speak English. Arturo and Oyuki have opened my now favorite restaurant. Address is: 16 de Septiembre #4D, Ajijic. Phone for reservations 766-4242 - (Cell 331-395-3810).
  14. Does anyone know where we could find a sheepskin for an elderly lady who is dying and needs extra warmth?
  15. Why do we check "other" rather than tourist? Can't find a box for Residente Permanente anywhere on the form. What are the yellow circles supposed to mean? That they must be filled out by immigration??
  16. I take it back about this welder. He did a carport which is all wrong. I paid him for work that needs to be redone. SORRY! Do not use this man.
  17. I just had a huge carport made and the man did it practically by himself. The only help he got was another man helping him to bring in the iron pieces. Reasonably priced, speaks excellent English and did an awesome job in less than a week. The tiles will be done by my gardener. His name is Isidro 332-191-3290.
  18. Always looking for an excellent restaurant - this one is it! Right on the Libramiento close to the Pemex. Food exceptional. Service the same. Prices very reasonable. Going back tomorrow!
  19. Why are these comments so negative? This person is trying to find the owners, instead of leaving these beautiful dogs out on the street!
  20. Where can I find white sage sticks to burn in my house? I don't know how to say "sage" in Spanish.
  21. Rust is rust. Needs to get gone. Sorry, but covering it up sounds like a bad idea.
  22. Dra. Adriana Fernandez - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
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