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  1. Two years ago when paying for registration - they got me on a speeding ticket. It wasn't my car, because I was on an airplane at the time. No one had access to my car. They said I would have to go to GDL to fight the ticket plus late charges (never received any notices). I paid it - $800 p - going to fight it in GDL seemed too much for me at the time. They get the license plates wrong when checking their pictures?
  2. I tried the email address and it is wrong. I have a 1972 Ford Pickup - a classic - which I just put a new motor in. California plates. Can I legalize it w/o going to the border?
  3. Anyone with recommendations for this doctor? He works with Dr. Claudia Comacho? Anyone who has surgery with him?
  4. Anyone with recommendations for this doctor? He works with Dr. Claudia Comacho? Anyone who has surgery with him?
  5. Does anyone know where I can find it?? Thank you.
  6. I have a young friend whose one year old baby is a size three already. She has a long way to walk to reach the bus to go to school - with baby and backpack. I am looking for a collapsible stroller which is lightweight, so she is able to fold it and get on the bus. I saw one at Walmart, but it's too heavy and very expensive. Has anyone seen one at a bazaar or store Lakeside? Guadalajara is not an option. Thanking you in advance.
  7. Thanks Natasha and Widesky. Also looking for a specialist.
  8. My 15 yr. old gelding needs dental help. Serious molar infection. Does anyone know of a vet locally who can help him? I don't have a trailer so can't get to Gaudalaja. Will pay for the vet to come to me. Have had bloodwork done.
  9. My U.S. bank mailed a new ATM card over a month ago. Will one of the local banks cash my check with a passport and permanente?
  10. Have called several times - had heard they are delivering.
  11. I live east of Chapala. The local population - Santa Cruz, San Nicholas, San Juan, Tlachichilco, etc. laugh at the virus. Some of the people take precautions. But the rest of the population doesn't understand the severity of the virus. I would seriously recommend the Mayor of Chapala spend some time at each city's plaza to explain just how serious this is!!! This is the only solution - for the locals to really understand just how dangerous this virus is. Before we are next~
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