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  1. Does anyone know if Quality Care Clinic next to San Antonio Hospital is open on Saturdays?
  2. Looking for recommendations to replace the glass tabletop on my dining room table. Need an 8' X 4' approximately 1" thick piece of beveled glass. We had a little accident and the table is now unusable. Thanks in advance.
  3. Does anyone have any HP901 Black printer ink or does anyone know where I can get it locally?
  4. Are you talking about Walmart in Ajijic or Guadalajara?
  5. Does anyone know where to buy Charmin t.p. other than Pancho's or Super Lake? Maybe in Guadalajara? or ?
  6. Is there a good device to control other dogs barking or attacking you with a good measure of distance.
  7. Wha was your cost to import and did you pay any extra sales tax when lic the car.
  8. Does anyone know where I can buy chain link fencing - and find a person to install it? Thanks.
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