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  1. Thanks for reminding me. I apparently cannot keep track of her number. I promise to write it down this time !
  2. Good Evening, Folks. I am contemplating changing packages/upgrading with Shaw. I have lost my contact number for the lady who originally helped us set this up. If any of you know her, can you PM me with her number ? Thanks.
  3. The fabric district, Sta. Teresita in GDL, and a number of shops in historic Centro GDL have loads of yarn. That said, everytime I go to the US, I bring back a lot of yarn from JoAnn's where I can use a coupon to get better deals.
  4. I live in Mirasol. There is a house on Lirios that has recently been renovated for rental. I do not know the $$, but it is more than likely a 3 BR/1-1.5 bath, and it meets all your requirements. Not fancy, easy parking on street + driveway behind a gate. 1 block in from carreterra. I would recommend a driveby and if you like the looks, leave a note for the landlord, who, by the way, speaks Spanish. If you want , you can PM me for any questions about the area.
  5. I have both color/b&W. I use B/W more frequently, but print things for my service organization, occasional photos and charted needlepoint and x stitch designs. I can afford the ink. The wells are huge and they last quite a long time. I pay attention to what I print. I would have to walk to a papeleria to have the copies made, so having my printing capabilities here at home is more convenient. I like my instant gratification !
  6. Retired special educator here. Are you asking about an adult or a child ?
  7. Sad to say, but $2,000 is NOT a high deductible. I am older, but still close to your age bracket, do NOT take statins and do NOT have high blood pressure, or diabetes etc. My deductible is $5K and I am happy to pay the $$$ premium that goes with a private international policy.
  8. Hello, All. I have been tasked with updating one website and developing a new site for a women's charitable organization. I have reached out to 2 peopke, neither of whom has returned my mail or calls. This isn't a complex task with items to buy, lots of additions and changes every week. Maintenace is expected when changes are made in Officers or when announcements are added. Also, should the site "go down," we would need the help to restore it. We are willing to pay local wages, not NOB costs. We prefer to hire someone who can read sufficient English to design and work with the site, but there are several of us who are bilingual and can communicate with a Spanish speaker. Recommendations ? Have someone you have used ? Please don't tell me how easy it is to do it myself. I don't want to do this. Thanks !
  9. Sometimes their connectivity goes down and that is when they cannot process CCs. I used mine yesterday at the Farmacia GDL at the San Antonio Hospital.
  10. Ferret, I hope this message doesn't irritate you any more than you already are, but IF, in the future, you need to contact Apple Support, I have a suggestion that MIGHT help. I am an Apple user and owner of 38 years, and I have had my share of aggravations with them. When I was a teacher using the products I had a tech to run to for advice . As a civilian now, for over 10 years, I took this tip from a salesman and have used it ever since. Dial an Apple store in a large city the US and tell them you have "such and such" a problem with whatever device,and do they have someone to help you. Often they put you through to a "Genius" and then he or she usually transfers you to the Technical Support Division. Calls from stores seem to be answered/issues resolved much more quickly than general 1-800 Support calls. I have had Apple Support call me on my house phone while working with me to try to "unbrick" my iPhone. It is important that they have another number to call on. I hope that you get your issues resolved. It can't hurt to try what has worked for me, and the calls are free, since they come from a landline number in the states. Best of luck. Cindy
  11. This time they sent a man around with small flyers. I spoke to him yesterday as he was passing through the neighborhoods. I saw him placing papers under gates of homes where no one answered the bell.
  12. I know how to make both, as well as many other Asian dishes. Even how to make a deep, rich broth. Sometimes I just want someone else to do it, do it well and make it taste authentic !
  13. I agree with JoyinMexico about it being busy. I keep a stash of those immigration forms at my house and fill them in BEFORE I arrive. Just ask for several and they will give them to you. As for wheelchair users, please remember that not everyone's disability or need is obvious. Here, we get to decide IF WE NEED IT. You can have them wheel you to your gate and dismiss them to go and pick up another user. Not everyone needs a ride to the front door of the plane, or a ride and someone to help them go to the toilet and get into their seat. That does not negate the needs of others. I certainly do not, but have enough titanium in my feet to make standing in a really long security line a truly painful experience. I would happily swap those screws and plates for the ability to stand in one place for as long as needed. I do not look as if I "deserve" a wheelchair, but sometimes I need it.
  14. This is Mexico. If you are older than 65 and you say you need it, you need it. If you don't feel like you can legitimately stand and shuffle for as long as an hour in the snakey line to get to security, then you can ask for it.
  15. One can never tell. Sometimes very busy, sometimes not. I would give myself plenty of time to get TO the airport, and once there, if you need it, ask for a wheelchair and get whisked past those long, snaky security lines.
  16. I agree with the others. Get a van from the cab kiosk at the airport. You might have to wait a few minutes, but it is so very easy.
  17. Thank you, Angus ! I spent 2 years at Yongsan Garrison in Seoul. Living off post, we had several little neighborhood restaurants we frequented, and there were many Korean dishes that became favorites ! Some, not so much.
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