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  1. cstone

    Taxis service

    artsnob, are you looking for a taxi around town, a driver to the airport or a driver for traveling around Guadalajara ?
  2. cstone

    Telmex Internet in SAT

    Not just you. It is a common problem.
  3. Ferret, I sent you a PM.
  4. Oh, please, say it is really so !🙏
  5. cstone

    Anybody knows a place?

    Ukiyo-san, you might try the fracc called Las Hamacas in San Antonio. They have a large open, covered terrace with a nice kitchen, plenty of seating and restrooms. It is for residents, but perhaps they would rent it out to you for a one time occasion. I wish you luck. I miss good Japanese food. Spoiled by 12 years living in West Tokyo. Best of luck to you.
  6. cstone


    Cesar Aniceto Garcia. Honest, reliable, worked in the states and speaks English, if that helps. (045)335-331-2739. Tell him Cindy recommended him.
  7. cstone

    Kitchen Cabinet repair

    I would contact Cesar at Cadillac Furniture in Ajijic. He can repair and make cabinets. 331-605-3810. You can say Cindy recommended him.
  8. cstone

    Enrici [The Home Doctor]

    Thank you !
  9. cstone

    Enrici [The Home Doctor]

    GoGirl, what is the last name of the Enrique you recommend ?
  10. cstone

    My friend was murdered

    I am so very sorry for the family and for the friends of the gentleman.
  11. cstone

    "Lakeside Delivery Service"

    Lakeside Shopping Services is still up and doing the CostCo runs.
  12. cstone

    Offering help!

    It would be helpful to your case if you could post information about times you are available. Good luck !
  13. cstone

    Getting to Costco by bus

    Another way is to take the bus from the Chapala bus station to the old bus station in GDL. Grab a cab to CostCo. Shop, and bring back purchases to station. You can store items under the bus and retrieve them in Chapala. Alternately, Lakeside Shopping Services will bring your CostCo items to you. We find it much easier that way.
  14. cstone

    passport renewal

    We are going to GDL to get our renewals. Easy to go online and get an appointment. After that, we have a list of things to do.
  15. Hi Folks, Perhaps yoi can help me find the lady that left her spa items on the bus. I was heading to Las Fuentes last Friday, early in the afternoon, about 1:30PM. There was a fellow Gringa on the bus, obviously a newbie and one that didn't speak Spanish. She was close to my age (at least late 60s), with long reddish hair. She was headed to the thermal baths at San Juan Cosala and I helped her by asking the driver to let her know when her stop came up. She got off the bus, and a couple stops later someone pointed out that she had left her bag in the front seat. I took it with me, hoping that there would be some ID, and really hoping that she hadn't put her wallet or all her $$ in the bag. There was no ID, just spa items. I have posted on FB, and I just thought about posting this here. I still have the bag and the items. If you have heard a tale of a lady that left her items on the bus, please PM me.
  16. Thanks. It didn't seem to be a big deal. It was also very nice of the young man in the front seat to point it out to me !
  17. Merry Christmas to All !🎄 I am searching for this book, Pacific Vortex ! by Clive Cussler. I have tried all my libraries, and the Kindle store. It is too old and for the library system to have a digital copy, and is not available in Kindle to me as a US Prime member. Seems strange, but it is true. Before I cough up $$ to have it mailed to me, I was wondering if there were any Clive Cussler fans out there who have the book and would let me borrow it. Although it is not the first book published with the Dirk Pitt character, it is the first in story chronology. I am not a member of LCS, so I am not able to access their library.
  18. Well, not to stray from the current topic, but the book has been found. Thank you to those that helped. Merry Christmas, everybody !
  19. Wow !! This is wonderful. Thank you all so much. I am a Cussler fan, and my husband thinks he would like to try them, too. I want to start him off with the series in chronological order ! Merry Christmas to me from all of you !🎄
  20. cstone

    Lakeside Express.com out of business?

    I don't find the website difficult, but perhaps I have more patience, than most. Frozen items arrive frozen. Never had anything delivered thawed, etc. I don't recommend ordering the large CostCo ready to bake pizza, though, as the items tend to slide around. The 4 pack of frozen cheese pizzas come solid as a rock, as does my salmon, and anything else frozen. They are very accomodating. If there is something that you want and they don't have it on their website, just give them a picture or SKU number and they will see if they can get it for you.
  21. cstone

    Lakeside Express.com out of business?

    Great Service from the Lakeside Shopping Service folks !
  22. Hi All, I am looking for porcelain tiles for a new kitchen counter. I have found nothing in porcelain available here. I just came back from a day in Guadalajara, and while I found slab porcelain, all of it was made to look like stone, marble, etc. I don't want this type of material because the island is so big that if I used those slabs I think it would look like a grave in the middle of my kitchen ! 😉 Seriously, the island is THAT big. It looks like I need to go to Tonala and set up something with a manufacturer of tiles and have them make and color the tiles to my specs. If anyone has experience with doing this in Tonala, or has any contacts/warnings/recommendations on PORCELAIN tile, I would like to hear from you.
  23. cstone

    Dusty Chicken

    .... and they have a location in San Antonio, as well. Viva Pollos Don David !
  24. With due respect, Gringal, I did not intentionally include/hide an implication. I am quite capable of stating things directly. What you speak of are attitudes and atmosphere. I believe that divisiveness and hostility have been with us always, and as long human nature prevails, they will be there still. There is no place in the world where those traits are not present. The levels wax and wane, but don't go away. "all that is happening" implies activity. It speaks of actions. I would consider increasing gang violence such an activity. Mass shootings, another. Unreasonable search and seizure, general lawlessness, out of control inflation, extremely high cost of living and general lack of safety qualify as such activities, as well. Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters are awful things to endure ( I speak from experience) and can be a valid reason to leave a locale. I am familiar with the San Diego and SoCal areas, and friends living there have reported nothing of the sort of activity that would cause them to get up and go. I have seen nothing of note in my recent visits, except for the ongoing issues of mental health/violence against others/drug abuse/homelessness. This is a phrase I have heard used from East Coast to West Coast, North to the South. If it is the general "mood" of their locale, then people should clearly be able to state that. If by my questioning, you infer something, that is, of course, your thinking and not my concern. However, I think that my question remains a valid one.