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  1. cstone

    Dr. Advice Please

    Good luck and wishes for great health, whatever your choices, Julie !
  2. cstone


    I RARELY have a driver pick me up at the airport. That is only reserved for first time or elderly visitors. The airport taxis are perfectly fine for coming home. Going TO the airport I have my favorite drivers and the charge is about 500pesos from San Antonio.
  3. cstone

    Meals on Wheels

    If it is helpful, Lakeside Shopping Services delivers items and food from CostCo on Wednesdays. Order on Monday by noon, delivery paid in cash at time of delivery. Also, Pollos Don David, aka "Dusty Chicken" delivers tasty grilled chicken and sides of rice, tortillas, salsa and it is very, very good.
  4. cstone

    Local Social Media Sites

    On FB ... Gringos in Ajijic
  5. cstone

    Furniture Needed

    Sent you a PM.
  6. I use Lakeside Shopping Services weekly. Highly recommended ! Costs nothing to sign up, and you pay them when you receive your items. WELL worth a look.
  7. Are you looking for a hand mixer or something like a Kitchenaid ?
  8. I'm too old to need organic anything. As for freshness with good prices ... There is a tiny, rather dingy, always crowded vegetable store directly behind the Chapala Central Mercado. The truck with produce from the abastos usually arrives by 11am. Great prices, mostly local people buying, very busy ALL the time. As for fresh meats, I go to the butcher in the mercado and when the worker hauls in a side of beef or pork and hangs it on the hook, I point, and ask for my meat from it. On Sundays, there are a few stalls open in front of the San Antonio Church. We get spinach fresh pulled from the garden. I can smell the dirt as well as see it.
  9. cstone

    good school for kids with adhd

    Well said, RV Gringo.
  10. cstone

    good school for kids with adhd

    I, too, cannot answer your question, but as a retired special education teacher with more than 40 years of in the classroom experience I CAN tell you this. Most teachers are not really trained to work with students who have ADHD. Even when they are trained, the class size and rigid expectations of the school/curriculum might just be too much for the teacher to give your child the attention he needs. ADD/ADHD is a complex set of behaviors, and even with medication, students need one to one or very small group training in order to learn how to work with and around their ADD/ADHD. This "syndrome" comes with gifts as well as behaviors that make traditional schooling difficult. Adaptations for tests, etc., may help in the short term, but you need to find someone who can help your child learn to control himself and develop coping mechanisms. I do not know of a school that would suit your needs. If your child were in my previous school ( The American School in Japan), I would have had him for 1 hour 4-5x a week, in a small group or even one to one, and we would work on time management, on lengthening of his attention span, and on developing behaviors to function more successfully in school.There was parent education model that gave the parents individual time with me to learn how to help their child in school and at home. Perhaps sessions with an educational psychologist or counselor trained in these methods would be helpful. I would not look to the school to adapt to the child, as the child needs to learn to adapt to the school environment. It is not easy, but it is definitely possible. There may be a retired special education teacher who could provide the services on an ongoing basis outside of school. Perhaps home scholing is an option ? I wish you the best of luck.
  11. Whenever you have service people in your home, it is important that they be supervised. I close all bedroom doors except the one with access to the outside, and I follow them as they go through my home. Same for workers. I always put away (in a difficult to reach location) anything of value and I am "omnipresent." They have a job, and that supervision is my job. I pay a fair wage, provide a nice lunch for workers I know well, and I tell them upfront that I am always "around." If that is a problem for them, then we are not meant to work together, The same thing is true of my housekeeper and my painter and the electrician, etc. I am sorry for your loss, as I can only imagine how painful it is to lose sentimental items. I have had Carmen and her helper in my home numerous times, but they have never been out of my sight. Here in Mexico, and in several other countries in which I have lived, vigilance is the key.
  12. cstone

    INAPAM card

    From what I read, it seems that you need to give Martha a "gift" if you want this to proceed. Otherwise, pursue it on your own.
  13. cstone

    UBER "problem," or maybe not?

    I usually pony up the $$$ and hire a driver. If I do, then I run other GDL errands, like going to La Comer, etc. Alternately, I take the nice bus from Chapala and get a cab to my destination. If it is a hospital or clinic, they will often call a cab for you. Back to the Chapala bus station and to home. RT, for example to Old Bus Station/Andares?Old Bus Station about 350pesos. No waiting. Plenty of cabs almost everywhere.