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  1. Yes, I have tried the 800 number many times. I rarely get connected, and when I do it says please wait, etc. Most of the time, after 5 -10 minutes the line goes dead. I don't need an English speaker, I just need a speaker. The only time I ever got through, months ago, after a 20 minute wait on hold, she said this was an issue best resolved in person. Great, now where can I find a TelMex person ? I went by on Wednesday and the office was closed and there was a long line of people waiting to pay at the machine. I had to do that, too. At least now I can tell you that there was NO ONE i
  2. Online is fine and dandy when it works ! I seem to have been "disappeared" by TelMex and I am getting billing messages for a number that is not mine. After receiving no bills at my house and getting messages that they were going to cut my service, I tried online AGAIN, but got caught in a voice mail loop. So much for online ease of paying. The system online doesn't recognize me and won't let me in, but TelMex knows me as a person and wants their $$. Sometimes it just isn't all that easy. Each circumstance is different, so don't be all judgy .
  3. Well, I am one of those who cannot pay the bill online. Somewhere, somehow, the online app of TelMex has decided we are no longer real people, has stopped sending a paper bill, and will not let us sign in online, as we have done before. I have called the Customer Support people who walked me through the exact same things I did before, and when it didn't work, the suggested I go to the office to clear it up. I did this 2x, just to be sure, once in Spanish and once in English. So, last month, off I went to the office. This now requires a cab ride, since the bus is not an option a
  4. We live HERE. This is our home. We own it, we have been here permanently for 10+ years, and currently cannot think of anywhere I would rather be. (Other than the big, long vacation I planned/paid for to escape the May heat and had to cancel.) Where would we go ? We were visiting family when TSHTF in the USA, and all we wanted to do was get back here to Mexico. I just cannot imagine having to be up there all this time in a place not my own and imposing on people. We are happy here, have our doggies, all things familiar that we need to make us happy and content and comfortable. As lon
  5. I bought "cancel for any reason insurance," and Avalon Waterways refunded 60% of what I paId, telling me that I needed to get in touch with my insurance for the rest. I did receive an email today saying they are "looking in to it." It's been 3 weeks since I contacted them to start the ptocess. I MIGHT get some of the 40% back. I did not want to choose another date, because I am unlikely to ever cruise again. I have never been on a ship that held more than 150 passengers, and I definitely don't want the BIG BOAT experience, so it is land and air travel for me, should the travel pathways op
  6. I think cruise lines are seeing strong future bookings because refunds are almost non existent and they are offering "enticing deals" if you rebook rather than lose your money on the cancelled trips.
  7. Great service from Lakeside Shopping Services. i do not think it is fair to hijack a thread like this. Start another thread if you want.
  8. If you use Lakeside Shoping Services, they bring the CostCo ham and many other products to your home. I am getting my delivery today.
  9. In San Antonio, a block or so west from the school corner, is a papeleria that I swear has everything! It's tiny but has an apparently magic room at the back from which they produce an amazing array of items. I would check there.
  10. Thanks for reminding me. I apparently cannot keep track of her number. I promise to write it down this time !
  11. Good Evening, Folks. I am contemplating changing packages/upgrading with Shaw. I have lost my contact number for the lady who originally helped us set this up. If any of you know her, can you PM me with her number ? Thanks.
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