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  1. Great service from Lakeside Shopping Services. i do not think it is fair to hijack a thread like this. Start another thread if you want.
  2. If you use Lakeside Shoping Services, they bring the CostCo ham and many other products to your home. I am getting my delivery today.
  3. In San Antonio, a block or so west from the school corner, is a papeleria that I swear has everything! It's tiny but has an apparently magic room at the back from which they produce an amazing array of items. I would check there.
  4. Thanks for reminding me. I apparently cannot keep track of her number. I promise to write it down this time !
  5. Good Evening, Folks. I am contemplating changing packages/upgrading with Shaw. I have lost my contact number for the lady who originally helped us set this up. If any of you know her, can you PM me with her number ? Thanks.
  6. The fabric district, Sta. Teresita in GDL, and a number of shops in historic Centro GDL have loads of yarn. That said, everytime I go to the US, I bring back a lot of yarn from JoAnn's where I can use a coupon to get better deals.
  7. I live in Mirasol. There is a house on Lirios that has recently been renovated for rental. I do not know the $$, but it is more than likely a 3 BR/1-1.5 bath, and it meets all your requirements. Not fancy, easy parking on street + driveway behind a gate. 1 block in from carreterra. I would recommend a driveby and if you like the looks, leave a note for the landlord, who, by the way, speaks Spanish. If you want , you can PM me for any questions about the area.
  8. I have both color/b&W. I use B/W more frequently, but print things for my service organization, occasional photos and charted needlepoint and x stitch designs. I can afford the ink. The wells are huge and they last quite a long time. I pay attention to what I print. I would have to walk to a papeleria to have the copies made, so having my printing capabilities here at home is more convenient. I like my instant gratification !
  9. Retired special educator here. Are you asking about an adult or a child ?
  10. Sad to say, but $2,000 is NOT a high deductible. I am older, but still close to your age bracket, do NOT take statins and do NOT have high blood pressure, or diabetes etc. My deductible is $5K and I am happy to pay the $$$ premium that goes with a private international policy.
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