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  1. Toss a towel over his head and be quick. Ask your vet for a few days of pain meds for your doxie and see if that changes anything.
  2. Hi, Lexy, I saw the can pictured above when I was in WalMart yesterday. In what I call the "baking area."
  3. Take the consulate at their word. Go to Guadalajara. Very easy.
  4. You can't.The only way is to have one person stand in line while the other one goes to get the check, as I see it. That's why we renewed ours in GDL at the consulate. Spent a nice day in GDL afterwards, so as not to waste a bus trip. They take USD checks there, as well as cash in pesos or USdollars.
  5. The very nice ladies at Dr. Rios' office at Mirasol would do it, I am sure.
  6. Just as an aside, for those who say this market is better, that one is too touristy, etc. Please note that not everyone just hops in their car and then off they go to whatever spot suits them at the moment. Some of us do not have a car, and make our choices according to time/distance/ease of access. This is NOT a complaint, as I am car free by choice, just a statement. Some of us need flat, even surfaces to feel safe as we walk. Over a decade ago, I used to live across the street from the Ajijic tianguis, and it was VERY convenient. Milk and perishables were available at El Torito and it was so very easy. Those were the days BEFORE WalMart. Then I moved to a location directly on the bus line but with NO tienditas nearby. I so wish there was one, but alas, not so. By the time I navigate the cobblestones into San Antonio to the little Mom and Pop stores, I am exhausted from trying to navigate the cobblestones and potholes. Then I have to carry it all back on the bus. I have been to the Chapala tianguis and it IS bigger than the one in Ajijic, but it requires crossing a busy highway, and then navigating even more wicked streets. I went once and never again. I shop frequently at the Chapala Central Mercado and I like the convenience of it. No cobblestones ! The Ajijic tianguis is a once in a while thing now, as it seems to be more touristy and craftsy than I want or need. The streets, though, are actually walkable once you get in there. Too many people visiting and standing around in the middle of the walking path, oblivious to anyone else. I do not begrudge them the chatting, just take it to the side. I am assuming that these are the same people that make a knot in the middle of the aisle in WalMart or leave their cart in the middle of a row in CostCo. 😉 The Monday Market is nice enough, but I do my own cooking and don't need prepared food. The "Organic " Market out in La Huerta can take up to 40 minutes on a bus. I can walk to WalMart in 15. For me, convenience and ease of access wins hands down over everything else these days. I am grateful for WalMart, no matter how much you may hiss and boo. The convenience brought to me by the young Mexican family that runs the Lakeside Shopping Service to CostCo and then delivers to my door is so very much appreciated. The Pet store that delivers big bags of dog food is appreciated, as well. These are not Mom & Pop stores, and patronage of them in no way disparages the tiny abarrotes that abound in some areas. Remember that everyone has a different experience. YMMV
  7. Hotel Casa Blanca gets my vote: simple, clean, nice morning breakfast, rooms with kitchenettes, etc. We stayed there for almost a month, but it was more than 8 yearsd ago now.
  8. I am another one that doesn't want to take on the responsibility of payments for SS, IMSS, etc. If a worker is an independent contractor, this is, in my opinion, THEIR responsibility, not mine. I am not going to take on the job of checking that all that is needed is done, done correctly and paid for between 6 people. It's not the $$. I don't want the extra paperwork and hassle. If she decides to participate, she should set up her own rules, get her own contracts and set her rates of pay to include these expenses. These are not children or incompetent adults we are speaking of here. Maybe it's time so many people stop treating them as if they "...just don't kmow any better, these poor people." Don't lecture me about finquitos, either. Again, I've been there and done that. If I couldnt afford a finquito, I wouldn'r have hired someone in the first place.
  9. I was on the Chapala Plus bus to GDL on Saturday. They leave from the Chapala station every 30 minutes. That is the directo, premium class bus. Same on the return from GDL. I live east of Walmart, so I go to Chapala.
  10. We have an outstanding pet boarding facility, just relocating to a new location near the Pantheon this week. Orson Perez and his Dog Workers. Plenty of dogs to go around, though. Reliable, honest dog walkers would be a bonus.
  11. Traveling from the Chapala bus terminal to GDL old terminal, you will receive a ticket with an assigned seat. Not everyone follows the seat assignments. I find them to be more of a "suggestion." I think it is easier and more pleasant to go to Chapala rather than waiting on the sidewalk in Ajijic. For 8-10 pesos you can ride to Chapala and go from there.
  12. Again, more assumptions about the people that will be using the facilities. Not everyone has USA Insurance or Medicare. I am happy that there is a great facility way over there in Jocotopec. That is great for the folks that live out west. However, being one of "those people" that have no car and absolutely no reason to go to Jocotopec, it seems like a long way to go for care. I could probably crawl my way to the hospital in San Antonio. If I had to go all the way to Joco for care, I'd be dead by the time I got there. Cruz Roja does the best they can in a difficult situation, but having to rely on them is NOT something I feel good about. Are you not happy for those people in and around the new hospital ? Everything eventually goes down that deep dark road for everybody. We ALL should be prepared to meet our Maker at any moment. Life is inherently dangerous. Everybody always ends up dead in the end.
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