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  1. I can personally recommend Cadillac Furniture in Ajijic. They did a beautiful job on water damaged dining room furniture. Ask for Cesar. 33 3970 8613 Tell him Cindy sent you. His English is perfect, just in case that helps.
  2. Another vote for Hugh Roberts. Also, if you look on the FB Group Gringos in Ajijic, there are people there who do this type of driving as a side business.
  3. Suzy, I suggest that you go to the Shaw Canada website and look at their packages, just to see if one of them meets your needs.
  4. Susy, You are most welcome. I watch You Tube, as well, and access to NetFlix Mexico is easy. Also consider Amazon Prime Mexico, for access to Amazon content.
  5. We have Shaw TV and are very happy with it. There are a variety of packages available, especially for sports,etc. It is not free, and there is a local contact. If you are lucky enough to get a landline with TelMex, you have access to ClaroVideo, a free streaming video service with lots and lots of US, BBC and Mexican TV from a few years ago. I am now watching the Good Wife, which I missed completely since we were living abroad. There is also Netflix Mexico, which I would like to have but due to the location of our modem, we cannot get an adequate signal. Please feel free to PM me if you have questions. I have been a Shaw customer since 2005.
  6. It souds lovely and I am glad that you are happy. PLEASE continue to sing the praises of the WEST END and add the charms of the South Shore, too. Hopefully, all these newbies will follow your lead and move there, too.
  7. artsnob, are you looking for a taxi around town, a driver to the airport or a driver for traveling around Guadalajara ?
  8. Ukiyo-san, you might try the fracc called Las Hamacas in San Antonio. They have a large open, covered terrace with a nice kitchen, plenty of seating and restrooms. It is for residents, but perhaps they would rent it out to you for a one time occasion. I wish you luck. I miss good Japanese food. Spoiled by 12 years living in West Tokyo. Best of luck to you.
  9. Cesar Aniceto Garcia. Honest, reliable, worked in the states and speaks English, if that helps. (045)335-331-2739. Tell him Cindy recommended him.
  10. I would contact Cesar at Cadillac Furniture in Ajijic. He can repair and make cabinets. 331-605-3810. You can say Cindy recommended him.
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