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  1. I have Prime both in Mexico and USA. Love them both, use them both. All items are delivered to my door. Even my new shoes ! No issues yet and it has been several years now. 🙏 My dogs know the Amazon delivery guy and only give him a half hearted bark when he drives up !
  2. I have used and can recommend Dr. Rigoberto Rios in Mirasol. My cataract surgery turned out to be more complicated than we thought, but he was supportive and all has turned out well. This was my 3rd surgery with him, so I have some experience from which to speak. I had 2 other surgeries when I lived in Japan, and I can say that the care I received here was even better than i had in Japan. Of course, much of the cost per surgery depends upon the type of lens that is used. As another poster stated, every eye is different. Prices vary when you look at hospital choices (mine was in GDL, but now he operates at the new hospital in San Antonio), personal health risks, and the type of lens you choose. I recommend a 1-1 consultation with ANY eye doctor that you choose.
  3. There are fewer buses on the road in the villages. Many are in for repair and there is no money to repair them. To me, it feels as if there are a LOT more people here now than when I first came back in 2005/6. The buses are crowded and the schedules often undependable. I have no car, so I use the bus or walk. Sometimes I wait 5 minutes, sometimes 30+.
  4. Yes, I use the bus to travel around Lakeside. I have traveled from Chapala to Jocotopec, and go in to Guadalajara and back by bus from Chapala. You ask for a lot of info at once. There is no one bus that does it all, all the time. There is no published schedule that I know about. Some run +/- on the hour or half hour. You learn to budget plenty of time. During school pickup hours, around 12:00-1PM and about 4-5PM, the schedules can become erratic as they are often rerouted to schools for pickuos and won't stop for you.Sometimes they are so crowded you literally cannot get on or fit in. You can get a bus that goes from Guadalajara's old bus station to Joco. It will be a looong ride, and you will see parts of the area you would not see otherwise. These busses are usually crowded and make a lot of stops. From Guadalara (GDL) I prefer to take the 1st class Directo bus. It goes to the Chapala bus station with only a few stops. From the Chapala bus station, you can find a bus going to other locales. I qualify for a senior discount, but do not use it. There are only x number of seats designated for INAPAM users, and if I take a seat that someone in need should have had, I would feel bad. I can afford 58 pesos to get to GDL. I think, with the discount, it's about 30 pesos. The local bus has 2 types. Literally one is smaller than the other. The bigger, long distance bus cannot navigate the smaller streets in the communities. The bigger, air conditioned one with plush seats that is headed to Joco costs me about 8/10 pesos to go from Chapala to my house in San Antonio. The little bus with hard plastic seats and no AC costs 7-10 pesos and wanders in and out of San Antonio, Ajijic and on through to San Juan Cosala and eventually to Joco. The fare depends on the distance. The little bus sometimes goes through the town, sometimes not. Best to ask. Sometimes there is construction or a fiesta. There are stops, often with benches or some type of overhanging shelters. None that I know of are marked. The bus Lakeside is nothing like the bus system in large cities in Europe or Asia. I can't speak to the bus system in the USA or Canada, as I have never ridden a bus there. I have been here 8 years+ and have yet to master the bus system in GDL. I have often looked at the placard posted inside the window and also asked the driver if a place I wanted to go was on the route. It definitely helps to be able to speak to/understand the driver. I would not have any worries about getting lost Lakeside. Traveling on a bus within GDL if you do not speak Spanish is another matter. Hope this helps.
  5. Bringing items WITH you always is easier, faster, less complicated, and, I daresay, cheaper. I moved here from Asia 2x. First time, I had my employer pay the majority of our household shipping costs. Second time, I had 11 suitcases. Yup. 11. Each was numbered, with a corresponding list of the contents. I had more than I expected because while I was in Asia, the luggage rules changed for Economy. At a maximum of 50 lbs, I had more suitcases than I would have at the previous 70lbs. The Customs fellow at GDL looked at me with huge eyes, checked my inventory, checked my residency card (which had expired while I was away so I came in on a Tourist Visa) and said to me, "I hope you get a green light!!" Nope ! Red !! So, off I went with all my luggage. They pulled 2 at random, saw that the contents matched my list, had a dog sniff everything and off I went. Easy as pie. Had they wanted to search each suitcase, they would have found the contents matched as did all the others. No waiting for my shipment, no shipping to pay, no wondering if Aduana will levy extra fees, and it all arrived home at the same time as I did.
  6. You can buy your ticket on the bus. The only way to find the hours is to call and ask.
  7. I have lived in Asia and the USA and Mexico. The Costcos of each country reflect the tatstes and preferences of their citizens. There were waaaay more fishy things in the Japanese CostCo than in the US one, but at the heart - Costco is Costco. The hot dogs and pizza taste the same worldwide. Depends on what you are looking to leave/bring. Most electronics like TVs, printers are better to buy here. Computers are available, but usually have Spanish keyboards. Invest in quality surge protectors - those are a must. High end appliances are easily available and delivery is easy. We brought our art and rugs, higher end pots and pans, all clothes. Lamps are $$$ here. Shades are very $$$ if you want nicer ones.Ceiling fans are easy to find, a are heaters andAC should you decide you need them. We don't. Comfy US and Canadian furniture can be purchased easily, but will be a bit $$$ier than the US. Not many "bargains" here, no outlets and rare sales. Bookcases, buffets and end tables can be made to order, and be as rustic or high end as you wish. Bed frames are easy to have made. We had our King frames (2 twin bottoms) made extra tall so we could use the under bed area for storage.Mattresses are easy to find. Drapes, I found I needed to go back and make a trip to BB&B, but now we have one in GDL. You can also have them custom made. Clothes, shoes, ladies bras are very $$$$$ and hard to find sizes - well, you are out of luck. Office Depot and Office Max are in GDL for those kinds of needs. There is a kitchen "neighborhood" in GDL with everything you could possibly want to use in your kitchen. Thanks Tom Gates for introducing us to that area. I go shopping for things in GDL, and take the bus and cabs. I would be happy to help you do that if you wish. Hope this helps.
  8. To the OP, one thing to consider is your daughter's plans for college. Will her Mexican HS grades and activities be sufficient ? As aformer teacher, I suggest that you look into the American School Foundation in Guadalajara. You could still move to the "area" and live in GDL until your daughter is ready for college. AT that point, you and your wife can move to the Lake Chaala region. As others have noted, it really isn't my business what you do with your lives, but I would strongly remind you of the vulnerability of young, Caucasian girls in Mexico. They often stand out and can feel like targets. At least in GDL at the American School, she won't be the only one around. There would be more afterschool activities on a par with what you would find in the US. Laske Chapala is like the tiny little town in the Deep South that I grew up in, only with lots more old folks ! Not much to keep teenagers occupied, horrible driving practices, plenty opportunities for things to go wrong for a teen out of place.
  9. I am up for a trip to Sta Teresita if anyone wants to go. I take the bus from Chapala, then a cab or UBER if you have the app to the fabric district. Shop until you drop and then come home the same way. You can also go to Centro in GDL, walk the Plaza Tapatio and enjoy a full day of shopping there. I usually reserve that for the "winter" as it can get really hot with all that concrete.
  10. Well, thanks for the info. It's hard when a Central Nervous System disorder like RLS has so few meds that actually work.
  11. Oh My Goodness ! And here I thought it was really quite simple. A matter of common sense, good manners, a grasp of communication skills, and an understanding of the culture where you live.
  12. By the time you pay to ship the items to Alex, and then pay his fees and any duty that is imposed, it's cheaper in time, money and aggravation to just pay the luggage fees.
  13. Find better workmen. It's a pain to go through the mediocre ones, I know. When you do find them, pay them well, conform to their cultural norms, and explain your expectations/cultural norms to them. Good people want to give good service. Once you are satisfied with a worker, ask them for recommendations for other trades, and even to bring them to consult with you. Our carpenter (now retired) introduced us to our ironworker, who introduced us to our painter. They all communicate by phone, text and What's App, none speak much English, and none are cheap. We have had these workers from 3-8 years, and will continue to use them. We have what I consider cordial and appropriate employer/employee relationships. It took a lot of time and a bit of wasted $$ to get to this point, but it can be done. No call backs or waiting around unless it has been prearranged. It takes work on both sides to develop this kind of relationships.
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