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  1. Having the topic title just above the 

    posters name leads to me tapping the posters name (instead of the topic) as often as not. lots of space on the posters name  line, how about shifting the posters name to the far right, leaving topic on far left.

  2. where are you headed once you make the border? If washington state area I might be available todrive with you.

  3. Auto correct screwed the sentence up.....not game but rainy season
  4. The forum is confusing two "free" roads. The we'll traveled and we'll known free road that essentially parallels the pay road is what's being maligned as dangerous and full of traffic. The more recently opened free road to PV via Ameca and Mascota is lightly traveled and very scenic. I understand though b that it is subject to delays during game rain you season. Rule of thumb is if you have to ask take the cuota road.
  5. Has anyone compared the costs in paying for knee surgery here in Mexico...with follow-up vs having it done in the USA under PLan A and B Medicare in the USA?
  6. Can't put it off any longer..well medicare does kick in this year. But I thought I would see what can be done here in Mexico as opposed to an operation in the USA to repair my damaged knee. Any recommendations or plaes to avoid?
  7. Time to update the web board page layout.

  8. I decided to get an FM3 through Spenser...painless.

  9. well while you are in PV you could pick up some paintings for me.....have you really never been? head to Guadalajara and just stay with the signs that say Puerto Vallarta or Tepic.

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