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  1. Thanks for the input, the receding lake levels and dock issues preclude I think this kind of service unless it was hovercraft. But aren'the they terribly noisy?
  2. That image is an oil on wood painting called Chapala Boats that I've recently completed here in Chapala, which I was showing since there was some question about my skill set or experience. There are more images at billyking.com including mural images. Here's a picture of my studio in Chapala. I'm not getting any actual paint donations and time is running out for this season. Any suggestions?
  3. Has there ever been a water Taxi service between chapala and Ajijic? Would it make economic sense to have such a service? Pier to Pier service would certainly take the increased hassle of going from one to the other.
  4. Thanks everyone. We've created a great reference thread on this issue. Through vigorous plunging I got the line free, yes there was blockage. To celebrate I bought one of those blue disks to "clean" the toilet bowl with each flush.
  5. Here is a work sample. Just about everything to shoot is on a hollow core door @ 3ft x 7ft.......
  6. Hotels can that smell. I cover the drains and voila, odor gone!
  7. Yes I have 6 or more large murals to my credit, indoor/outdoor. I have scaffolding but the walls i.ve selected would require little more than board on bucket. I want to do a simple two color muralph@ml.com.mx on first wall, a black outline piece so the two colors are black and the wall color. I.don't like to use a terra cotta color for the background on this. My mural work borders on the cartoonist, I think it will be fine. The second site just up the block is a longer rectangle, the first one is a square. The 2nd one I'm thinking a boats on the lake abstract, will be able to use small cans of donated color here. Normally I use 1 Shot sign enamels. Remind me to bring a bunch next trip. Dick Blick has them. Will last decades outdoors. The donated paint won't last, that's OK, a few years is fine. Then either retouch the original or white out and do a new one.
  8. Anyone got their camera with them who has shot fine art? Maybe have a tripod. Or likes to produce short videos. Amateur or professional. I'm ready at my painting studio in Chapala. Excellent natural light. Final goal giclee/Iris print editions of existing oils. billyking.com
  9. And the lake is back...or way up compared to the last few years.
  10. I'm gearing up to paint a couple exterior wall murals in the next month. The location (s) are fronting the Tianguis street in Chapala, A. OBREGON. I'm asking for paint donations of any exterior paints. Any colors. Any sizes. I have several murals in the Pike Place Market Seattle for refrence. I'm Ready to start! Crowdfunding encouraged.
  11. I bought a snake once but it only goes about 2 meters max. The murat acid idea will try. By the way a piece of old brick will remove toilet bowl stains.
  12. Looking to connect with graffiti busters to get some paint for a couple murals I'm planning to paint on the Tianguis street in Chapala. Basically the donation is for the primary coat. Or if they have any paint to let go of. Recently finished an interior mural in Melaque with donated paint. I live in Chapala.

  13. Something keeps the toilet from flushing fully. Tried all the in house remedies, looks like I'll have to spend money to solve the problem. Hook up to street probably 30 years old.
  14. Dr. Pimento Woo in San Patricio Melaque exceeds any dental work I've had done Lakeside. Just no comparison.
  15. Hello. I have paintings that need to North, all the same size, are you driving North with room in your van or roof rack. Will pay for service. Close counts.
  16. What about knee pain complicated with sciatica?
  17. Unfortunately the bridge I had made last spring failed and now I'm looking at a partial denture. Who do you recommend for a partial and extractions...how much time between extraction and casting and a mold?
  18. I see that Easter 2017 is in the exact middle of April. Anyone know when the Chapala Carnival is slated to happen as due to unacceptable noise I want to be out of town for those 10 days.
  19. Lake Chapala Society is a second home for many...and thats in Ajijic....
  20. also consider seeing a dentist.....infection casn travel from teeth to ear drum..
  21. Hello. I dropped the samsung s5 withen moments of taking it out of the protective covering. Cracked the lens for the camera. Anybody know who can repair this lakeside? The materials are cheap enough, but the skill set for working so small kinda eludes me.
  22. I want to apply for the Permanent Visa but am unsure of the status of back and forth travel to the states. Anyone know? Spenser?
  23. I will be unloading some tubes of oil paint, some brushes, a roll of printmaking/drawing paper, odds and ends as I prepare for the eventual sale of my art studio bodega. PM if interested.
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