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  1. Looking to connect with graffiti busters to get some paint for a couple murals I'm planning to paint on the Tianguis street in Chapala. Basically the donation is for the primary coat. Or if they have any paint to let go of. Recently finished an interior mural in Melaque with donated paint. I live in Chapala.

  2. Having the topic title just above the 

    posters name leads to me tapping the posters name (instead of the topic) as often as not. lots of space on the posters name  line, how about shifting the posters name to the far right, leaving topic on far left.

  3. where are you headed once you make the border? If washington state area I might be available todrive with you.

  4. Time to update the web board page layout.

  5. I decided to get an FM3 through Spenser...painless.

  6. well while you are in PV you could pick up some paintings for me.....have you really never been? head to Guadalajara and just stay with the signs that say Puerto Vallarta or Tepic.

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