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  1. Keep in mind that most cars on used car dealers's lots have all been detailed with engines cleaned, so it is difficult to know exactly what condition it is by looking at it. Many have also had their odometers rolled back. When we went with Spencer to look at cars, he would sometime point out how a car, showing 65,000 kms had evidence of a 90,000 km service in its service booklet. Buying from a new car dealer is a good option as they usually keep the 'good' cars for themselves. We are still very happy with our 2006 Honda CR-V. After 8 years it is still in great shape , with very little repairs needed. Pete
  2. I checked online and both WM and HD showed the product as unavailable. A couple of showings on Mercadolibre. I think I will try to get some Cynoff and a sprayer from the garden store. Thanks everyone. Pete
  3. Having a hard time locating the "Home defense" bug spray I have been using for the past 10 years. I regularly spray along the walls, doors, etc to keep the critters out. Costco, Wall-mart, Superlake did not have any, and I was told that it is no longer being manufactured. Anybody else heard this? And what would you suggest as an alternative? Thanks, Pete
  4. This has happened to me also. So, don't give them the complete form with the bottom part attached! I don't think they can tell that the top part you give them has a different bar code. Pete
  5. I have a 300 liter tank. When it reaches about 20%, I call Zeta, and have them put in 200 liters. Always fills the tank to 85-90%. Never been cheated, but then again I speak decent Spanish and keep an eye on them the whole time. Always ask the price per liter before they fill. Pete
  6. Ok, went to see a notario today to ask about selling our house. Here are the facts: Once every three years you are allowed a tax exemption of $4,300,000, this is actually 700,000 UDIs, whose value changes daily. Must be your primary residence. Must be permanente You need a tax (RFC) number You need to show six months of CFE or Telmex bills with your name and address. Bills must show sufficient amount to prove you were actually living there. If you go over the exemption, you will be taxed on the difference: $sales price - $purchase price - $exemption. Notario didn't charge anything for this consultation, so no reason to avoid consulting. Never listen only to what agents will say! Hope this helps. Pete
  7. As a permanente, you should be eligible for an exemption, which is good for houses up to around $4M pesos or so. Get an opinion from a different notario. First, ask what conditions are necessary to qualify and make sure you meet them. Then tell your buyer you will not sell unless you can use a notario that will accept your exemption. Pete
  8. My 2006 CR-V has developed a very minor gas leak. I would normally go to Pablo, but he already has way too much work. recommendations? Thanks, Pete
  9. Filled up at BP la Canacinta around 11:00, 25-min wait. 500 pesos max. At 12:30, passed by, there was no lineup! Pemex near Arileo still closed.
  10. Moving from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 must have freed up a lot of bandwidth on the existing satellites, they can use that for more channels. CG, did you see an announcement from SD regarding what might be coming? Pete
  11. Is there no bus going through Joco and up to Guad on Lopez Mateos? That should take you to the Costco there.
  12. Depending on how old it is, your receiver might simply due for a new hard drive. I have revived many cable receivers by replacing hard drives. Not sure how easy that is on the 630s. I know that the drives look like standard 2.5" laptop drives. Pete
  13. for mineral deposits such as found in the water here, you need some sort of acid. I would try in order: White vinegar Barkeeper`s friend (oxalic acid), preferably the cream form, to avoid scratching. CLR Muriatic acid Either of the first two usually work for me. Pete
  14. Sounds to me like the load is too big for the voltage regulator. Most of the time, the load is directly connected to the mains, so no problem. If the voltage goes up or down, then it will attempt to compensate, but senses an overload that trips the internal breaker. Either the regulator is defective, or your fridge is using more current than the box allows. Checking voltage, current and grounding should help determine where the problem is. Also, many people have stated that Mexican appliances are built to tolerate this type of fluctuation, whereas US or Canadian ones are not, but I have no idea if that is true. Just my .02$ Pete
  15. I try to stay away from sellers that are not Amazon, especially when the item is labelled 'importacion'. No problems so far. DHL, Fedex, Estafeta are all reliable.
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