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  1. for mineral deposits such as found in the water here, you need some sort of acid. I would try in order: White vinegar Barkeeper`s friend (oxalic acid), preferably the cream form, to avoid scratching. CLR Muriatic acid Either of the first two usually work for me. Pete
  2. peteben

    voltage/electrical problem?

    Sounds to me like the load is too big for the voltage regulator. Most of the time, the load is directly connected to the mains, so no problem. If the voltage goes up or down, then it will attempt to compensate, but senses an overload that trips the internal breaker. Either the regulator is defective, or your fridge is using more current than the box allows. Checking voltage, current and grounding should help determine where the problem is. Also, many people have stated that Mexican appliances are built to tolerate this type of fluctuation, whereas US or Canadian ones are not, but I have no idea if that is true. Just my .02$ Pete
  3. peteben

    Amazon MX - Impressive!

    I try to stay away from sellers that are not Amazon, especially when the item is labelled 'importacion'. No problems so far. DHL, Fedex, Estafeta are all reliable.
  4. peteben

    Shaw Direct TV News

    From what I understand, the Shaw Direct changes mentioned above are the result of changing the encoding from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 for those channels. So, if you have an older receiver (pre-600 series), you will lose those channels. The good news is that the more efficient MPEG-4 encoding will open up space for more channels on the existing satellites, including those that can reach down here, so those of us with a 600+ series receiver should be able to access those additional channels. Of course, anything that is on the third satellite will never be available down here, so let's hope that they will move the most popular channels where we can get them. They already know that many of their customers still don't have the necessary equipment to access that third satellite, and they can't sell those channels if we can't get them, so let's hope. Pete
  5. peteben

    What is The Chapala Reporter?

    She had some good articles for a while. I remember the ones about Lake City, where she actually visited the developer's office, and stories about the all real-estate brokers being fined. But 8 months or so into a 12 month subscription, she decided she would no longer write new articles and no refunds were offered. Now I hear she has resumed after her hiatus, but she will not be getting me as a subscriber again. Pete
  6. peteben

    Faded Jalisco plates

    That's what I was planning to try; good to know it works, thanks. Pete
  7. My car has some old Jalisco plates. The numbers have faded to the point where they are rather hard to read from a distance. I see other vehicles with the same problem and have never been hassled in the last 7 years, though I keep wondering if this is not an invitation for the transitos. In your opinion should I: Paint the digits over with a black marker? Get the plates replaced? Where would I even do that? Keep a $500 note in my wallet and hope for the best? :-) Any suggestions? Thanks, Pete
  8. peteben

    Using Coppel as a bank

    Our handyman has an account there. I usually pay him with direct money transfers now. Less hassle than hauling cash. He does have a debit card. Pete
  9. I have an account at Bancomer and use XE.COM to transfer $ from my RBC account. Having a Mexican account is rather convenient, as a lot of things can be paid online., like CFE, Telmex and anything you might buy on MercadoLibre. Not sure if you need a visa to open an account. Pete
  10. peteben


    If you login to the modem using the address and credentials mentioned above, you should be able to access the 'WAN' section. Look for the 'DSL' specs. That should tell you what is the max speed subscribed for, as well as the current negotiated speed. Other important numbers to look for are the signal to noise and power levels. Most likely you will see the 10Mb in the max rate, and whatever you are getting now in the current rate. With Telmex, the speed really is dependent on the length and quality of the lines from their server to your house. Check with you neighbors. If they all get the same rate, there's not a lot you can do. If it's only you then checking the house's wiring might bring some improvement. Pete
  11. You should try swapping keyboards with somebody to be sure.
  12. You might have a stuck key. Sometimes the computer sees the down keystroke, but then somehow misses the release, so it thinks the key is still down. If that key was 'Ctrl' or 'Alt', you'll get some funny behavior. I just press down every key a few times, it usually works. But if dirt or liquid has gotten inside, you might need to open and clean it. Pete
  13. That is truly insane. I, too used to work in pro audio in the 80's. I tell you, though that ignorance was also common back in Canada then, and I am sure it still exists in places. Example: I had been responsible for installing a brand new PA system for a new club. I had to be there opening night in case something went wrong. The bands' sound man started his sound check with the drums, and brought up the volume until all the amp clipping lights came on. Then he kept the faders there and brought up the rest of the band. Want to guess how it sounded? I tried to give the guy a hint, talking about dynamic range, but some people just seem to prefer quantity over quality. :-( Maybe it just a macho thing. I know I'm always horrified when I walk into WalMart and see those stacks of '2000Watt' speakers selling for $2000. And we thought the 'ghetto blasters' of 40 years ago were bad... My sympathies to those affected. Pete
  14. Vinegar was sufficient in our case. Muriatic acid is much stronger, but might be good if your stains are more severe. I have heard of people getting good results with 'Barkeeper's friend', available at WM. I would try the cream rather than the powder, for fear it might scratch. Good luck, Pete
  15. Does anybody know if it is still possible to get emission testing done ahead of the official due month? I used to do it a few months early, but now, with all the changes in regulations, I'm not sure. My car is due in August. I will be away then. but I could do it this week or next. Has anybody done this recently? Thanks, Pete