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  1. Where would you want to send the pesos, if not a Mexican account? You might be able to register someone else's bank account and send the $$ directly there, I'm not sure if XE allows that.
  2. This thread was resurrected by a spam-bot. This board needs an option to flag this.
  3. I admit I was kind of skeptical at first. Covid was the bogeyman, and nobody knew how you could protect yourself. Then data started coming in. This article and other like it convinced me that masks were effective: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/how-two-hairstylists-with-covid-19-saw-139-clients-without-passing-on-the-virus-1.5023700
  4. You can stick your own router behind the Telmex one, or even just a Gbe switch. That's what I did. That way my devices can communicate at 1Gb/s. Pete
  5. XE works fine for me. Funds are transferred directly from my RBC account into my Bancomer account. Takes a few days. Setting up takes a while, to validate all the account information, but once done, it's a breeze. I have transferred amounts from $1000 to $10,000 C$, though have not done so recently. Pete
  6. Have you tried any third party apps? Linphone is free and open source. Pete
  7. You can try what many snowbirds are doing: have your car shipped across the U.S. border, fly down, then drive to Mexico. I don't know if that will work with a Mexican-plated car, though. It is also pricey, $1600 to take a car from Montreal to Florida, but you might be able to ship to a closer spot and drive down the rest of the way. Pete
  8. What's wrong with your existing one? Those things are pretty simple, it might be fixable. I know I had to replace the pressure regulator on mine. Unless it has been badly damaged somehow, it could be worth looking into. Pete
  9. So far, it seems that most of the infections in Canada have come from meetings indoors, where people were close for extended periods and not wearing masks (bars, partys, restaurants). It seems to me that in Mexico, where all of our gatherings are outdoors, the risk would be much less. Flying I am unsure of, though the airlines are really doing everything to minimise risks. Pete
  10. "Unsupported video signal" sounds like a problem with the TV not with the receiver. Check the cable between the two. Trying turning on the TV before the receiver or vice-versa. Pete
  11. You might inquire if your bank will accept deposits by mail. Fill in a deposit slip, include the check and mail it in. With a good VPN, there is no reason that the bank will know that you are in Mexico. Unless of course, they have registered your address in Mexico. In that case, they have flagged your account somehow and would also refuse it even if you were physically in the U.S. Pete
  12. If Wifi is your only problem, then get an separate router/access point, and turn off the Telmex Wifi. Pete
  13. Thanks for your responses. In the end though, wife decided on a totally different color... Pete
  14. Is there a local paint store that has computerized color matching? We want color to match some upholstery items. Thanks, Pete
  15. I think a lot of the ATMs we use already have a fingertip reader. That little window, with the green light? That's what it looks like to me, but I could be wrong. Pete
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