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  1. After many devaluations of the peso, many years ago, Mexicans and others have come to view any kind of real estate as the only guaranteed investment. So any savings get put into building up the investment, one brick at a time.
  2. Google translate on your phone can be used in offline mode if you download the appropriate dictionaries. It can listen to a conversation and speak the translation. You can take a picture of a sign, and it will show you the translation, overlaid over the original picture. I'm pretty sure it would do what the OP asked.
  3. Those are pretty much obsolete, now that Google translate can be installed on your phone. Make sure you download the appropriate dictionaries so you can use it without an Internet connection.
  4. So I finally cancelled my Shaw account, too many channels lost when they moved to the new satellite. When I enquired about reselling my 630HD PVR recorder, I was told that these could no longer be registered to an account. Something about new receivers being necessary for the transition to 4K TV. Has anybody else heard something similar? Thanks, Pete
  5. You can get a test in Chapala. Faster, but more expensive, according to previous posts. $2800 vs. $1500 for PCR test. FYI, we just went to get tested this morning at the airport. They told me that tests are now sent out at 11:00am and not 12:00 as previously stated. Pete
  6. Thank you for the information. How long did you have to wait for the results? Pete
  7. I have read the previous topics on this subject, so far, it seems that Clinico El Lago was the best place lakeside to get a PCR test. However, it seems that PCR is not the only type of test accepted by Canada. Several other types are accepted, notably: Nucleic acid test (NAT) or Nucleic acid amplification test (NAATs) Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) Are these available here? My sister just came back from Florida and was able to get a free NAAT test at Walgreen's with results in 15 minutes! I realize they probably aren't free here, and probably only in Guad. Still, an interesting option, if available. I will contact El Lago to see if they offer it. Thanks
  8. Problem with Firestick Ethernet is that it connects through a USB port. Since it's not even a USB3 port, your bandwidth will be limited, and maybe that makes the Wifi faster. I can tell you though, I have two 4k Firesticks connected with Ethernet, and they work just fine when streaming 4k content. Ethernet will always be more consistent and reliable, but if Wifi works ok for you, great.
  9. Where would you want to send the pesos, if not a Mexican account? You might be able to register someone else's bank account and send the $$ directly there, I'm not sure if XE allows that.
  10. This thread was resurrected by a spam-bot. This board needs an option to flag this.
  11. I admit I was kind of skeptical at first. Covid was the bogeyman, and nobody knew how you could protect yourself. Then data started coming in. This article and other like it convinced me that masks were effective: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/how-two-hairstylists-with-covid-19-saw-139-clients-without-passing-on-the-virus-1.5023700
  12. You can stick your own router behind the Telmex one, or even just a Gbe switch. That's what I did. That way my devices can communicate at 1Gb/s. Pete
  13. XE works fine for me. Funds are transferred directly from my RBC account into my Bancomer account. Takes a few days. Setting up takes a while, to validate all the account information, but once done, it's a breeze. I have transferred amounts from $1000 to $10,000 C$, though have not done so recently. Pete
  14. Have you tried any third party apps? Linphone is free and open source. Pete
  15. You can try what many snowbirds are doing: have your car shipped across the U.S. border, fly down, then drive to Mexico. I don't know if that will work with a Mexican-plated car, though. It is also pricey, $1600 to take a car from Montreal to Florida, but you might be able to ship to a closer spot and drive down the rest of the way. Pete
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