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    Opening a motion to have "Johnny" and "Tiny" have their own board or forum, and "take it outside" / get a hobby (other than this one) "Like" if you agree….
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    Sometimes you need to admit you need help. That you can’t do something all by yourself. That realization came to me this week and I wanted to share my thoughts. My husband has been ill for several months. The last few weeks he has been getting markedly weaker. Unfortunately he is macho and stubborn and refused to use a walker because by damn he wasn’t an invalid. After falling more than a dozen times in a 5 day period, his back and hips were so sore that he couldn’t get out of bed or sit up. I finally admitted I couldn’t take proper care of him myself. With help from Dr Sam and his wonderful wife Mari, I put my husband in a residence home for a hopefully short period of time. We chose a new facility, Happiness Care Residence in Riberas. He actually listens to the pretty nurses when they tell him to drink liquids. (Me he ignores) He is having a great time flirting and retelling his favorite stories. And his back is getting better. I like the fact that this is a small casual facility where they encourage him to eat when he wants – no breakfast is served from 8 – 9 only – and offer the flexibility we need right now. They offer daily and weekly rates and will help me get him to his doctor appointments. So if a loved-one needs care you are not able to provide, especially short term care, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Know that there are a variety of options available locally. And if someone is so ignorant as to say, “you put your husband in a nursing home? How awful. I kept my mother at home. I would NEVER put someone in a nursing home.” You have my permission to slap them silly. http://www.happinessresidence.com/
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    Poor you, any other homophobic advice you might have for us? Have you found a new bar complete with hookers for your pleasure?
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    You mean those watching a criminal run a country into the ground?
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    This guy showed up around here for a few weeks and became an instant expert. And he isn't just maligning Lakeside, he's attacking Mexico as well. He is extremely negative to the point of going right over the top. He was ignored here which pissed him off. From time to time we get some "burps" of criminal activity. The local population knows where their bread is buttered so they manage to tamp it down pretty quickly. Note that any place that brings relative affluence up against relative poverty is going to have its share of petty theft. This is the kind of stuff you can prevent with simple care, awareness and common sense. We've lived here 11 years and find it no less safe than many places we've lived in the U.S. Here, however, you are more responsible for your own personal and property safety. I don't know anyone who is leaving because of crime. The principal reason people leave is either medical or family too far away or both. That hasn't changed in the time we've been here.
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    Pets are pets. Beloved most often, yes. But they are pets, not people. They will not die of loneliness when left at home for a couple of hours. They will not bother anyone when left at home. They will bother many people when brought into a restaurant. Pets stay at home millions of times a day, all around the world. There are reasons for laws forbidding pets in restaurants. Some here seem to believe that Mexican laws are not like real laws, and don't apply to gringos and expats. What BS.
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    Texas. It's very close by and you can live happily ever after fondling your weapon 24/7.
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    Sue Garn - Why would you care why she wants to know??? That type of comment and attitude are why a lot of folks are reluctant to post questions on this forum!
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    My pet peeve is misspelled words. Other than that, I walk and drive defensively.
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    No need for this cynical behaviour. In 2005, when I had a restaurant here and suffered union extortion, it was the press and the press only that helped me and made me win the case. Let us see how many of them would like to see their picture in the newspaper while texting. It is reactions like yours that make people turn away from this forum. Instead of spitting poison, how about some positive input by bringing up a better solution. Rony
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    bontepar said: Have some foresight, Get IMSS when you are healthy, like I did, and you will not have any problems, It's apparent you don't KNOW Mexico. Do you really think it's that easy for many Mexicans to pay for IMSS? Do you understand that IMSS requires the entire family to be registered, each at a cost per person depending on age, and perhaps that is more than the family can afford? Do you understand that if a worker is registered in his employment, monthly payments come off their paycheck end the employer pays the premiums, but if a private family registers they have to pay annually like we do and that can be WAY out of their budget? ( In this case the family has IMSS but as Jackie says, there are still many outside costs involved) Do you know that SP requires payment for many medications AND many services if outside the ordinary range of circumstances, so while it is "free" and provides for essentials, it is not "free" in the sense you intimate. A Mexican friend recently needed surgery to repair severe knee injury and was quoted $4,000 pesos over and above the "free" part of SP even though he was a member! So I'm sorry bontepar, but your arrogant attitude towards this situation is unwarranted and does not bode well for your integration into Mexico.
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    Jonny, you are so close to loosing access to this forum. Back off
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    And they were all on the Carretera yesterday.
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    What's up with the personal attacks? Not funny!
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    Due to overwhelming demand and the need to educate people on traffic laws, their rights and responsibilities as well as fines and amounts, I have updated my Jalisco Traffic Guide so it is current as of October 19, 2018. Please feel free to read it and download it and let me know if there is anything that should be added / deleted / corrected, etc. 2018 Jalisco Traffic Law Guide Happy Driving!
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    You, jit, on the other hand, are rude, crude and totally lacking in class and education. Sometimes you're amusing but, most often, you're not. It doesn't really matter how old YOU are, because you'll always be an immature brat looking for attention. It would be very nice if YOU would find another forum to crap in.
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    You know, I have had over 20 rescue dogs here since living here. I know all about dogs. All I am saying is "if I wanted to have a dental procedure done in a doggie environment, I'd have had it done at my vet's office and payed alot less!!
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    I've lived in six locations on the north side; lake front in Ajijic (2), mountain side Ajijic, Ajijic village, San Antonio, and upper Chula Vista, as well as Jocotepec over eight plus years, and now living (happily) lake front near San Luis. Telmex does have phone and internet here, IF, you can get an available line. I've been on the waiting list for something like six months. I don't know the local speed for Telmex, but they commonly offer only a fractional upload speed, compared to the download speed (10Mb dn/perhaps 0.5Mb up). Spyderweb offers internet in many locations here (needs line of sight from their towers and uses wifi frequencies to a local modem) but their prices are quite high comparatively. However, you can choose your up and download speeds, to a point... I used them in Joco and here in San Luis, but they aren't exactly a customer oriented company, more like a buyer beware, and I haven't experienced a steady, reliable signal from them. Ilox has been here (south shore) for years. Currently, they say they will only install to "businesses", but the definition is not clear, might be that telling them you have a business is enough. Yet, I have a neighbor who's had their residential service for a couple of years. He reported there were some outages from time to time, and, you pay a year in advance. Speeds can be much higher than Telmex. When it's working, it's a good service. Ilox's system was installed at Roca Azul (rv park in Joco) around a year ago, and the residents there report continued, frequent outages of the internet (as well as with the electricity and water) and, it's only provides a 20Mb service for the ALL the RVs, which can number as high as 35 to 40 units when a caravan come in. One full-timer there uses Spyderweb and generally reports a reasonably steady service, but not without occasional calls to fix problems. The new options from both AT&T cellular and Telcel, are cell system based internet modems (essentially Hot Spots) are providing much better speed and reliability (so far). (AT&T less so while they are solving a problem, which might be from overselling their system. I have a modem from both companies. Each offers a choice between 5 and 10Mb speeds, same prices, and both throttle speeds down after passing certain monthly bandwidth usage. These will only work well ( i think), if you are close enough to a cell tower to pick up the 4g service and don't have many buildings between you and the cell tower. The AT&T office in Joco is buried in the downtown buildings and there he seldom gets much speed from his modem. For non-imported groceries, you can find a lot in Jocotepec, as well as a number of restaurants, but, they aren't the gringo oriented ones as in Ajijic. You can also get basic groceries (vegies, breads and meats) in any of the villages. The need for speaking Spanish is most relevant to how you live. If you are spending lots of time interacting with the locals (south shore), you'll need more Spanish but, MANY speak at least a little and others speak a lot of English. At the government offices, less so. Can't offer much about boat docking. I plan a boat in the future, but it won't be until I can build a secure boat house, or long (perhaps) rail based access down to the water. Leaving a nice boat unprotected on the shore is probably a precursor to giving your boat to someone else... However, if you bought something like one of the old fishing boats here, might be less threat of loss. (Like having a rusty old bicycle or rust-bucket car that nobody would want to steal.) One could easily have a trailer sized boat, stored at your home and just get it wet when needed, but if you aren't going to have a car at all, that's more complicated. NOT having a car over also offers complications. Walmart (as a point of reference) is 25 miles by road (8 to 10 miles by water) and can sometimes be driven in 40 minutes, if you drive fast where possible, but will normally take an hour, unless you are east of San Luis. The closet hospital I know of is east of Joco, about 25 minutes by car. Travel time to Costco (in Guad) is no longer, maybe a little faster than from Ajijic, about 50 minutes (+/_). You might want to have a plan in place if you need sudden transportation, such as an unplanned trip to the doctor. And, if you choose east of San Luis, you will learn to hate the road "through" San luis. It's about 1 1/2 miles of narrow two lane, with cars randomly parked on the side causing a one lane event with countless car and trucks (and backhoes/farm equipment) trying to get through. The highway is busy much of the day and night, thus, of you live close to it, means traffic noise, mostly from the countless truck (jake breaks and lost mufflers) and weekend motorcycles (in mass). Otherwise, this side seems quieter to me. And, finally, the view looking north (as compared to looking south from the north shore) is really, quite a lot nicer. One things is seeing the night lights of the far more developed north shore. Another might be just the difference between the mountain ranges on the north and south sides. And in the dark, you see the 'light' of Guadalajara over the mountain top, but you also see lots of stars overhead. Fire trucks will come from Joco, which means you should get your hose turned on while you wait... Real Estate scams and problems can occur anywhere around the lakeside (around Mexico?), caution is obviously needed if you are buying. Still, lots of gringos have purchased properties along the south shore, many have never had any "title" issues at all. A long-term lease would remove those specific concerns. Regarding water and electricity, San Luis appears to pump (pressurize) water (on the west side) three late afternoons each week, Tues., Thur. and Saturday. This water fills your own tanks, and you draw water from them. Of course, some scheduled days they might not pump (it happens), and sometimes the pressure could be lower than other times. If you design a new water storage system here, it might make sense to have a week or more capacity to avoid a possible day or two without water. If renting, buying a second storage tank is easily affordable. Electricity seems normal for Mexico. Voltage (mean voltage target in Mexico is 127v) during the day is commonly lower, and in the evenings/overnight commonly higher. There are occasional brief (a minute or two) outages, and when there's a break in the power line (storms or auto accidents) power can go out for some hours, which isn't significantly different from the other lakeside locations I've lived. However, I have a general inclination for installing a proper voltage regulator (boost/reduce functions). There are many choices and sizes available. You might find voltage Controllers, as well as true Regulators. Iso Solabasic offers both such systems. Both can function with input from about 90 volts to about 147 volts. The output is essentially flat with their regulators, but their Correctors output from 102 to 132v. A 50amp corrector has a retail price around 4,500p and the Regulator is around 8,000p. I've seen them for less in the big Commercial electrical shops in Guad. Lots of Gringos have solar panels and many pay next to nothing each month as a result. Not all include a battery storage system, but having one and a suitably sized inverter can eliminate brown/black outs. In west Ajijic a few years ago I saw voltage as low as 65 and as high as 160. That high isn't normal, but lows aren't uncommon. Also, some will probably have to debate, during the rainy season, I have observed lots more clouds and rain on the north side, then here on the south side. Perhaps I am delusional, as well as decrepit... I prefer being on the south, but, if you think about going out to eat more than, perhaps once a week, or participating in any of the countless groups and activities on the north shore, you'll spend a lot of time on the road and probably tire of it fast. I suggest you consider keeping (or getting) a car, possibly an small economy type, and use it as sparingly as you like, but, have it for when you need it. (trips to Costco?) This side is certainly more peaceful and relaxed and probably represents what the north shore was 30-50 years ago. I expect property values will climb here, but, who is going to live long enough to enjoy that? Last, take all dire warnings about anything posted on this webboard, with a load of sale (or maybe BBQ sauce). There are so many old people here passing on old stories and fears and rumors and guesses, about nearly everything, things can sound a lot worse than they are. If you crossed north by your little boat, getting a ride to shops would be easy by obtaining the local Taxi stand phone numbers (to call ahead), or by learning some of the private driver's numbers or even using Uber. In your 40's, walking might be desirable. If you were ready to motor back south across the lake, and see a big storm, there are plenty of places you could wait it out, possibly with a nice beer or music or just enjoying an art gallery. And if the wind happened to come up when you are half way back across, it's only four or five miles more which might be 10 minutes travel time, even a modest motor boat will likely get you to shore before any real trouble. I expect you're an adult and can make reasonable decisions on the fly... Renting first is one of the best bits of advice for anyone coming here to buy. It's easy be enamored with this or that location/community or house, but taking the time to learn how close that house is to an Eventos or how many dogs live next door or on the roof, or which house has parties till tomorrow all weekend long, will greatly improve your happiness. Unless you're deaf, in which case, who cares? In hunting for a house, be it to purchase or rent, get out of the car and walk and talk to everybody. You speak Spanish. Ask. Most small communities are going to have at least shop that the proprietor will know everybody and (nearly) every opportunity. Start at the corner grocery and work your way down the street. You've already spent time lakeside, you already know it can be a great place to live!
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    It is not a local guy deciding to open a restaurant to take advantage of the boom. This is a franchise it is a serious business well-executed and extremely successful at the other locations. Mentioned to me today by a local waiter at another restaurant was the idea that maybe coming to higher end restaurants in full length pants and a nice shirt with ladies in a skirt or dress might be more appropriate than the retiree uniform of shorts, flip flops and t-shirts or ladies in pedal pushers. Those of you who think national residents do not have the money for these restaurants are so far behind the actuality of changing demographic. The budget retiree is not their consumer and actually I don't see many of those even at Tango that much anymore - at least not after 7.
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    Ah, Mexico. Where entitled expats come to do what they couldn't back home: break laws.
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    My opinion as well is that Dr. S. Hernandez is not as knowledgeable as he thinks he is. I was put off by his superior attitude and condescendence to my concerns and questions. Yes, his English is fluent but his attitude is too demeaning. I want a doctor who is knowledgeable but sincere in his concern for my well being. I didn't perceive this in Dr. Hernandez.
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    It is a shame some "entitled" expat's are forcing restaurant's to make business decision's about breaking the law and allowing dog's in their restaurants. I think maybe if we print signs and distribute to restaurants saying this is a pet free premise or zone the expats will take the hint. Otherwise the restaurant could simply point to the sign. If a majority of restaurants do this the dog owners cannot discriminate against one. I think most restaurant owners are afraid to confront the dog owners and they should not have this burden put on them. I know their have been many posts on this forum about the dog problem but it is getting worse. Anyone else have a good idea?
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    Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara This board is for people with interest in the Lake Chapala area and in moving to Mexico. Proper forum etiquette is to be observed or posts may be deleted in order to make this forum a valuable resource to all.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen - The purpose of this post was to ask for help for a Mexican family, without posting a whole lot of personal information about the situation. As a FYI the person is in an IMMS hospital. However , there are always expenses involved for families when a person is ill, is hospitalized and needing surgery, with needed follow up aftercare and those associated expenses.. Alan, thank you for the specific coverage information. Bontepar, I am happy for your wonderful foresight and financial situation to take advantage of the Mexican health care system to take care of your health needs. Not all Mexican Nationals are as fortunate as you financially . Reading the post, your options were to help or not help or by pass the posting, and avoid a back and forth [ snarky ] exchange about who is right or wrong about the health care system, which ultimately dilutes the purpose of the initial post., . . Help if you like, or ………………...
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    I guess I don’t see the value in demeaning people... no matter what mistakes they make. Just me I guess.
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    There are greedy people of all nationalities who would cut down the last tree on earth, shoot the last grizzly bear, if it would serve their own self-interest. Shrugging one's shoulders and saying that's just how it is, or it has nothing to do with me, or I don't care, is the attitude that got the planet into the mess it's in in the first place. Borders are made-up human constructs. We all live on the same planet and when the trees get cut down, there's less oxygen in the air and less oxygen lowers all living creatures immune systems and disease proliferates. When someone burns plastic in their yard, the toxins emitted don't stop at their fence line or even their neighborhood- they add to the pollution that everyone on earth is suffering from. Not caring, and not getting involved is being part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. The idea that just because you've settled in a country that you don't originate from means that it's none of your business, is bizarre to me. Being part of a community carries responsibilities to care for and interact with that community, no matter where you came from. Whether you're Mexican, American, French, or Chinese, that's irrelevant.
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    May none of us ever become one of those old people who can no longer speedily handle everyday transactions and have an impatient person behind us letting us know how annoyed they are with us. Hopefully, if they are annoyed they will be able to mask their annoyance and happily help us finish paying for our order and graciously send us on our way. It occurs to me that maybe the cashier in Earl’s lovely story pitched in her own money to simply speed things up and finish a transaction that had already taken too much time. She was compassionate enough to do it in a way that did not judge or embarrass the old woman. May we all at least try to be this kind.
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    1. At the meeting on saturday, those considering buying lots in the "Ajijic Hills" were warned against these. 2. I have asked Hector to hold another Town Hall focused on this issue ASAP. Moy's attendance would be essential as well as any directors with direct impact on proposed constructions. An essential question to be answered is, as the tepalo area change of zoning was done without proper public input, what is necessary to reverse the change. 3. I informed Hector that Moy's credibility with the community is eroding due to his failure to honor two appointments with the Chimilli AXIXIC. This erosion of credibility might impact the public's willingness to pay taxes in january as discounts are in effect until the end of february. 4. I asked Hector to ask the Obras Publicas office to investigate the allegations of unpermitted constructions in the Coumbres and Tepalo areas and the possibility of bulldozing any construction work without proper permits.
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    What value does it add to a Post to call someone ignorant!?! Have you no civility?
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    List names of people involved in granting the permissions so we know who the traitors are. We should not hire them nor any of their family members nor patronize any family businesses. Nobody takes responsibility and there are always excuses because nothing ever happens. Lets make people think twice before doing bad things.
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    The law, much like other people's opinions, obviously means nothing to some people. So here's a guy who demands proof, is given proof, and calls it fake news. Sounds like someone else we know...
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    Pancho has a long history with many of us here. He has established personal relationships with so many of his customers who have supported him through his personal and professional ups and, sadly, downs. We are invested in him and his success. Those of us on the east end are also delighted to know we will not have to wrangle high season traffic to shop at his store. We are excited and happy for him and us. It seems petty and mean spirited to complain about that and try to get the thread locked down to stop what you call “free advertising.” I have a better solution for you: STOP READING THIS THREAD.
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    I would bring all the food and water you Need from NOB
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    With all due respect I think the Europeans are leading and the U.S.A. is catching up.
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    You may have a problem finding people that want to be your neighbor.
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    Four sentences. And each one contradicts the Mexico, and Mexicans, I know.
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    I am quite bored with all the pontification about smoking and pets in restaurants. JUST DON'T GO! We are blessed with an abundance of restaurants here. Personally I do not smoke and MY dogs would rather stay home where they have a lovely large yard and plenty of food and water. GET OVER IT!!!
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    One I do not recommend, based on my own personal experience, is Santiago Hernandez.
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    A recently opened bar in Ajijic is gay owned and draws a mix of customers. I can't remember the name, but maybe someone else will. If by "gay scene" you mean "gays only", that doesn't exist in lakeside, you'll have to go to GDL or Vallarta. Lakeside friendships seem to be more all inclusive than separatist and one's sexuality is seldom a factor in determining friendship here.
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    Has anyone had experience in getting the authorities to respond to a violation of the Federal Noise control NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994 which sets noise limits as 55dB between 6 am and 22 pm, 50 dB between 22 pm and 6.00 am. Can anyone recommend a lawyer with experience in this field.?
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    Hi, Gerry. I have been posting the same questions and received some helpful suggestions, as well as some snide comments. Ignore the nasties and be grateful that there are some nice people on this forum. PM me, as I have some info that may helpful.
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    Seems to me lakeside 7 you read it...somewhat thought about it ? then replied...probably took you longer than the poster with less purpose.This is surely the type of information actually relevant to our daily lives here at Lakeside...rather than the usual back and forth bull....t between the same perpetual posters . Water supply should be one of the most important topics .
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    As a person who walks with a cane, I hear you loud and clear and am sick and tired of hearing excuses about the dog's need to get exercise. Even where there is no dog park, there is plenty of open country in this area where people can take their dog. They don't need to take it to a public park that has the kind of paved walkway providing the only surface that is safe for the less abled and the elderly. (Newsflash: If you stick around long enough, you'll get old, too !) Why not make life a little easier for one's fellow humans by obeying the law?
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    I've lived in Mexico longer than you. I've lived in more places here than you, including Tijuana (where I worked in the city jail), Ajijic and Guadalajara, Morelia, Michoacán, and currently in Mexico City. I disagree with every word of every paragraph that you wrote in that quote. Some of what you wrote shocks me to the core: "...they were taught by their parents who likely had little of value to teach..." "...the church goers (or a portion of them) are the "good" ones... "...if anything mandates a Mexicn it's their opportunistic instincts...". Jonny in trouble, I'd say maybe it's the way you part your hair. If you look at Mexico and its population with those attitudes, those attitudes are exactly what you're going to get back. I sincerely hope what you wrote is tongue in cheek. Oh and PS: it's estadounidense. And we are all North Americans here: canadienses, estadounidenses, y mexicanos.
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    Go to the INM counter at GDL (it's next to United Airlines counter). We often have early AM flights and the counter has always been open, sometimes as early as 5AM. Some key entries/info: The INM agent at GDL will give you a blank form. You will have to step aside and fill it out. On the top part of form: Box 7, enter Mexico Box 8, enter RP number (from the back of your RP card) Box 9, enter OTRO for purpose of trip Write "Residente Permanente" at very top of the from and again below the perforation on the lower portion of form. The rest of form is straight-forward. After you complete it, return to the INM window so the agent can stamp it. Hand him your passport, your RP card and your boarding pass. He will give the stamped FMM back to you. Agents normally separate the form at the perforation and put the lower (smaller) portion in our passport with our boarding pass, knowing this is what the airline expects to see. Keep the upper larger portion.....you will need it when you return to MX. The lower shorter part of form is collected by the airline before you depart, usually at the gate just prior to boarding, but the counter agents will want to see it; if you don't have it they will send you to INM. Again, keep the upper larger portion for your return to MX. . When you return to MX do not fill out the blank FMM form the airline staff hands out on the plane (but take one and keep it for your next trip so you can fill it out before getting to GDL for your next trip out of MX). When you return to MX, enter the arriving flight info on the upper portion of the FMM that you kept when you left Mexico. When you approach the INM desk at GDL arrival area, show him/her your RP card FIRST and say, "Soy Residente." Then hand over your FMM and passport. The INM agent will keep the FMM form and you will leave their desk with only your RP card and passport. FYI, if you are leaving GDL during a holiday time or a weekend, give yourself some extra time. We have stood in the line for up to 30 minutes (and we always bring our own forms).
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    I was in Super Lake late this afternoon. As I walked in, I noticed an older Anglo with a full cart slowly handing each item to the young clerk one by one to be rung up. She seemed to be examining and considering each purchase as she was slowly handing it to the cashier. My passing thought was that this checkout was going to require great patience and a long time! Sure enough, after shopping for several produce items that I had spent time carefully selecting and searching for another item, I got behind this lady who was still there and just finishing up, slowly fishing coins from a coin purse, having already handed paper money to the young cashier, whose name is Rubi Berenice Flores. The lady didn't have enough money to cover her purchases and then offered a bag of something so that the cashier could reduce the total. Before I could ask the lady or Rubi how much the shortfall was, Rubi said to her in Spanish, "That's okay, I'll pay for it." I was amazed! Rubi took 17 pesos out of her shirt pocket to cover the shortfall, and at the same time, the owner came up, put all the purchases in the cart and offered to help the lady out with her now very full, piled up cart. As he did this, I explained to him what Rubi had done and told him how impressed I was with her kindness. He retrieved his clipboard and asked her how much the shortfall was so that he could reimburse her, or else I would've. The older lady went on out. In the past, I have given Susanna, who used to work there, a nice bit of cash as a Christmas gift because she was always so smiling and happy, efficient, eager to please, and absolutely honest. This year, I will write a note to Rubi and tell her how much her kindness to this older Anglo meant to that lady and to me, etc and enclose a cash Merry Christmas gift with it. I never expected such empathy and generosity from a young cashier, especially one who had already had to patiently go through a long, drawn-out checkout process, which had probably taken 15 minutes!
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    Unless a link is shown, I call BS. Most immigrants require a sponsor that signs an Affidavit of Support. That sponsor must repay the government for any Means-Tested Public Benefits the immigrant may get. https://www.immihelp.com/affidavit-of-support/sponsor-responsibilities-obligations.html Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for any government based help, except return travel to their home country.
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    Sadly, posts that are hi-jacked are the primary reason that many, many of the longer term Lakeside residents have given up on this web-site. We understand that it would be impossible for the moderator to successfully oversee the proofing of responses to ensure that people remain on topic. Sadly, a significant number of people, like ourselves, very seldom, if ever, respond to posts, for exactly the same reason because we simply don't want to sift through useless drivel that has zero to do with the original post. Nor to we post very often "unless" we think we have something that might be of value to newcomers! I don't believe this site was intended to be a 'lonely hearts club" nor a platform for "fledgeling writers" who have no other available forum.
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    Very few Mexicans bring Fido to a restaurant. It's gringos (that includes you, Canadians). A feeling of entitlement (the owners, not the dogs) seems to be the driving force. "if they don't allow Fido, we'll just go somewhere else and show them who's boss". Thankfully, Tango says "adelante" to those boorish folks. Fogon, on the other hand, says "sure, we need the business, pase". At least half of the dogs we have seen in restaurants here are not well behaved and they and their owners should both stay home. YMMV
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