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    Moderator, please simply start a section called CONSPIRACY THEORIES AND OTHER BULLSHIT, so we can keep most of our threads rational and avoid the lunacy.
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    Wow, lakeside7. A new low in your never-ending stream of complaints. The mask making is a charity: "an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need." In fact, you can't even get them right now, as they are devoting all their energy to helping lakeside villagers, not greedy, self-important, bloviating gringos. So go spend your 30p and feel really good about yourself. I'm disgusted.
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    The Monday market at Sunrise restaurant and the Tuesday market at La Huerta should be closed also but greed winns the day. I agree, this was started in order to provide healthier choices, that is no longer the case. Encouraging people to go out when they have been asked to stay home is not thinking of anyone's health. Shame on them.
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    China lied, okay. China didn’t lie, okay. Donald is still full-o-crapola.
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    I was at the market last Tuesday, I know it was difficult and they were doing their best but I thought it was disorganized there was very little social distancing both outside and inside the building, many didn’t understand they were supposed to wait in line and snuck in when The guy on the door turned his back.. Many did shop and leave while others stood around chatting.. In my estimation there less than half of the usual venders there.. I won’t go again until this virus issue has been resolved, it’s just not worth the risk..
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    Alfaro is now saying that Jalisco's direct purchases of test kits will be allowed to clear customs and he has re-ordered them. When Jalisco begins our own testing we might begin to see some real numbers. Meanwhile the highway temperture checks continue. If you like Alfaro or not, he has taken far more precautions and much quicker than AMLO ever thought of..
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    This guy should stick to giving spinal adjustments. I'm not worried I'm gonna die, but I'm worried I, or someone I love could get very sick and possibly die. Anyone who is not taking this virus seriously at this point deserves whatever outcome they receive. Yes, governments lie, duh, and most of the time it is so transparent that one should be able to discern it with a modicum of sense. Are all the governments in the world and all the health agencies and 99% of professionals saying very similar things about this virus? Yes. Are they all on the same page as to how they feel about the US, or other countries? No. So a conspiracy is pretty much a stretch. So, glean what you can from folks who have some credibility and use common sense.
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    Although I have not been to the Tuesday market in years, as I recall the overwhelming majority of those present appeared to be well over 60. The US CDC strongly recommends that those over 60 try to avoid all shopping trips period. It seems odd that a market targeting health conscious individuals should encourage people to ignore that guidance. b/t/w the reason I stopped going was because people were constantly trying to out jockey each other to get to items of choice. I can’t see them being good practitioners of social distancing.
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    90 deaths in TX is 90 real people. And it will get worse, that is a fact. Let's not minimize it by saying it is .0003%.
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    Well Hud my little brother is in the hospital on a respirator.. He works as a para medic for the fire department in Paris and his wife is a nurse. Yesterday he got worse and now the hospital is too busy to speak to his wife , who is confined at home with 2 little kids and is waiting to see if they are all gong to get sick and to hear if her husband is dead or alive.. That put back things in perspectve... Your statistic will be outdated in 2 days as things will get worse...
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    I for one, think the new highway project and concrete barrier planters look fantastic. Today they planted tress through SAT and La Floresta. If they do as well as the palmas have done along the Carretera in SAT, it is going to be beautiful. I sometimes, actually many times, think the negative nellies hope for failure so they can keep up and on with their incessant complaining and whining. Some things here succeed and some don´t, I´m just happy and thankful for the ones that do, and wonder why people who constantly complain even want to live here. There must many places in the world that don´t have "ugly concrete dividers", "no maintenance", "nobody to water plants" and all the other terrible faults of this area. I know if I felt the way so many do living here that I would looking for new stomping grounds. But then if they moved to "Utopia", there wouldn´t be anything to complain about, and that would take all the joy out of life…... Could things be better? they always can, so that´s why I enjoy what there is and say to myself "that´s pretty damn nice" with a smile on my face and quit thinking about what could of, should of, would of, have been done. ¡ Felicidades to the engineering, architectural, and construction people for a job well done on the highway project. It certainly is a pleasure to drive on and is a huge improvement, (IMHO), for the area.
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    Just had to get that racist attitude in, huh?
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    Mudgirl, please start another thread to vent on. This poor guy just wants to talk about moving down here. Some people like to talk about things other than the virus now and then.
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    What "ladies in San Juan Cosala"? The sewing group of Operation Feed, which is compromised of local Mexican ladies working together to make items they can sell to have some income, was selling them for 50 pesos each. For another 50 pesos you could buy one to be given to a resident if the village.
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    Most people aren't "panicking". We aren't "cowering in our homes in fear". It's called staying informed and taking precautions. Maybe post your conspiracy theories on some right wing conspiracy forum- there's plenty of those. No, the Mexican mentality isn't different. Most Mexicans are now aware and taking precautions. They are blocking off the entrances to their towns to outsiders. They are weraing masks and gloves. The ones who aren't, are just as much in denial as people like you and can be found all over. You're the people who will ensure that this goes on for a long time and that everyone is stuck in their homes, or sick and dying. Thanks a lot.
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    Everyone: don't feed the OP Troll going forward. No replies, no PM's. And then hopefully, in isolation, like the corona virus, maybe he / it will dry up, blow away, and begone.
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    Time change? $hit, I don't even know what day it is.
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    You made up the quote "none were moved." It does not exist in the article. Here is REAL quote from story, below. I don't quibble that airlines aren't in it for the $$, but your insinuation that there were not moved by attendants implies the attendants were negligent and at fault. “The reasoning behind it is, well, they bought basic economy fares, so we can’t put them further up in the cabin, because that would be an upgrade,” she explained. She said that the flight attendants “took it upon ourselves to spread them out.”
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    Long, sobering article, I hope that you think it's worth sharing, written by Tom Thompson of Barbara’s Bazaar. As a local businessman, father, grandfather and husband I am extremely concerned that 'we' in our little village are not doing enough to maintain the social distancing needed to head off a crisis the likes of which already hit Italy, Spain and now the USA. Why anyone would assume that little Chapala will be exempt from the travesty of Covid-19 I don't know but it seems there are a lot of business people who aren't too worried. All the countries with the most tragic results of Covid-19 have one thing in common, they waited too long to apply strict social distancing regulations. There are semi-success stories developing in some parts of the world (even the USA) where social distancing was applied earlier and curtailed social spread. Since we in Jalisco have not had any testing to speak of, we certainly do not know how many asymptomatic cases we have here. 4 days ago the Governor gave a positive report of how the first 5 day 'stay home' effort showed signs of being effective.. He stated that it was applied by approx. 40% of the states residents. He showed how, if it was 80% applied the 'peak' of social spreading could be slowed drastically. Two nights ago the Federal Sec'y of Health asked that the entire country apply an extreme social distancing policy for one month. He ordered that all "non essential" businesses be closed. All beauty shops, bars, gyms, etc. only essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. (and for some reason he thinks restaurants are able to accommodate people safely). Last night the Chapala mayor also asked everyone to stay home and for non essential businesses to stay closed. Three days ago on a morning dog walk I witnessed 6 foreigners all gathered around a table in the plaza at one of the outdoor cafes .. really I thought? Those waiters just got exposed to 6 strangers and the diners also to the families of each waiter .. they grab your coffee cup, serve you then you grab the same cup or plate .. doesn't it hit anyone how easy transmission will be if it is found locally? Yesterday, I ventured out for my weekly grocery shopping, I wanted fish, so I went to San Antonio. What I witnesses there scared the bejesus out of me...a waiter from the popular restaurant (yes they were open!) in that strip walked out of the restaurant with a $500 peso bill in his hand, he went next door to the meat market, used his bare hand to open the door.. (one through which had passed many many people that day) he came out a minute later, using his bare hands again, now with the change in it and promptly went back to the restaurant to give the clients their change. Not one thought was given by this young man to how much contamination he could be exposing himself to and thus the restaurant clients. At the supermarket the young girl fingered her phone between handling my fruit and veggies.. only the bag boy looked like he knew where he was and what he was doing, gloves and a mask! In that little complex of shops there is another little eatery alongside the fish market, they had a group of 5 bicyclists from GDL, all sweaty and eating taquitos (finger food by nature) .. imagine what they could have left behind for the next guest or for the employees .. no sanitizer in sight.. In discussing this with my daughter she exhorts that many of these small businesses cannot remain closed.. I tell her, they risk losing a month's income or years of economic ruin, if we in Mexico lose the same percentage of victims to the virus as is expected in the USA. A little pain now, or a big price to pay down the road. It is hard to convince her otherwise and I am sure she speaks for a lot of Mexicans. I am writing you to ask that each one of you do everything you can individually to respect the "stay home" policy and that you NOT support any business that is violating the public calls to observe this stay home plan for the month of April.. it is being done for our common good. Also, when the time comes to help some of these businessmen's families, I hope you will all pitch in with donations to food banks that are being formed as I write this. When I am aware of a functioning one in our area, or individual cases I will use this medium to inform you. First things first .. an 80% compliance could head off a disaster. It is obvious that restaurants who think they are being careful have no idea what that entails.. no reason for Real Estate, Sex Shops, gift shops, hardware stores nor beauty shops to remain open .. sorry but those are not essential. We, as the adults in the room, have got to show how to survive this pandemic..stay home. When you need to go out, act like you have the virus.. We all love this little town .. PLEASE do all you can to encourage your favorite restaurant and bar to just take a break .. stay home.. It should be apparent to everyone that there is no medical infrastructure here to overload .. we're all off to GDL if we need a respirator ,, good luck there, eh? An ounce of prevention.. as they told us when we were young .. Share this, delete it, whatever you feel appropriate, I would never forgive myself if I kept what I saw in the last 3 days to myself as cases start spreading and people we know die .. hopefully, I am wrong and this worldwide pandemic will just skip Ajijic, I hope so.. This translates in English to "Your Safe Distance", cute..but its not just a carton, it's a reality during the Covid-19 pandemia.. PLEASE WEAR A MASK IN ALL PUBLIC PLACES AND MAKE SURE IT COVERS YOUR FACE AND MOUTH!! Tom Thompson Please everyone be careful, I want to see all your smiling faces in the future! Facebook Copyright © 2020 GotStuff, All rights reserved.
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    It's population control. Why do you think it affects the elderly, those with pre existing medical conditions and pregnant women. It's about baby boomers, SS benefits and the depletion of the world's natural resources. How's that for a conspiracy theory?
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    Yes, you seem to be a master-baiter, Hud. Enjoy "yourself"
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    Yesterday.They were well set up,blocking off the south inside entrance,so only the north to go in and then leave through the cashiers where there were yellow X's for distancing. The employees all had masks and gloves.Not many customers in the store, the vast majority being Mexicans who were aware enough to keep their distance from others. Unlike Walmart almost all the shelves and meat department were well stocked with no pallets in the isles.Contrary to fake info the liquor dept. is not roped off. The bagging was done by young people because Soriana had sent the usual older women home for their safety and there is a BOX at the info desk which is for DONATIONS for them.
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    You haven't BUT the San Juan Cosala group have been providing help to the less fortunate for a very long time. The masks were another of their efforts and the masks were sewn by those that they help. Win/Win. It was always a matter of choice as to whether you paid 100 pesos for a mask for yourself and another for someone who couldn't afford one at all OR just a flat 50 pesos for a mask for yourself. It would have been more than sufficient to just name Vicky as a source for masks WITHOUT your unfortunate comment about gouging. Spend your 20 peso saving wisely.
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    What a stupid post. Please note, I am not calling you stupid, just this post.
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    Eric Blair is not his real name. Come on, Hud, running out of nasty things to say? Now, Helen, that's an interesting one. Maybe if everyone used their real names (I'm talking directly to you, "Hud"), we'd have a lot less bull**** and hate-mongering. ... Mike Riley
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    Thanks everybody but it’s kind of ruined now. We usually go once every two months but needed some special items because of throwing a party for Mostlylost based on his interest and commitment in helping people, often when little effort might brighten someone’s day in a world where so many are jerks. Since my simple request, we won’t be able to go because I put spot remover on my dog and now I can’t find him.
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    You seem to be the child here.
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    That would be you?? hahaha
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    The situation here at Lakeside is and will stay bad for A LOT of Mexican people. Therefore, this week, a friend and I are starting a COVID19 FOOD EMERGENCY PROJECT. No money, only food, and what you bring in the morning will be handed out to ONLY needy people the very same day ( Tepehua, abused women and older people that usually go to DIF ). Nobody has to go hungry here.... and in the end, we all want to avoid a higher crime rate. How it works ? This coming Friday, GOOD FRIDAY, April 10th, at 11 am SHARP, bring to DIF centro Chapala : A bag with : - one kilo of beans - a big white loaf of Bimbo bread - 3 apples - a small package of cookies ( preferably Chokis... they sell them at OXO ) For the time being, plse, NOTHING else, as we want to start simple, easy, and give the same to every person. It is a gift of max 100 pesos, and if we all chip in, it will make a world of difference for a lot of people in these difficult times. I will monitor the waiting line, to help people respect SAFE DISTANCING ( Mexicans will also receive leaflets about this.... and only one member of the family can come, and we will have hand sanitizers there ). If you want to avoid going out, maybe one person can collect the bags on behalf of several people, and bring it all to DIF that morning. Show your good heart. It is only a small effort. If it becomes a success, we will continue this on a regular basis. The leaflet points out that this is the expat community helping our Mexican neighours in need.
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    Why let facts interfere with a good story? I didn't even have to look to see who posted it. I just knew. With all of the other hyperbole out there (some legit, much not), why is it so necessary to add more? No, don't tell me...I already know.
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    I have to raise an eyebrow every time someone mentions how WalMart has killed the little guy. The truth is, every giant corporation has killed the little guy, and it's always been from a small start, back when you would have applauded their fortitude and ingenuity. And I can't even say "that's the future" of business, because it's been the future of business worldwide for decades and decades. Yearning for the days of Pop's Soda Shoppe is like wishing we could have kept horses and carriages instead of getting automobiles. I still regret the tire industry stealing the food out of the mouths of the guy in the B.C. comics who crafted the first wheel out of stone. Whether you agree with their tactics or not is another story.
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    I'm all for culling the herd. If I happen to be one of the culled, so be it. But not from conspiracy nuts. I'm frankly quite startled at some on this board for coming right out and admitting that some of their head bolts aren't screwed in properly.
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    Did you put this on the Chapala Gov Facebook page? Putting it here is as effective as putting it on your refrigerator.
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    Start by addressing him as the Presidente of Chapala. They don't have mayors here.
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    And here I though the virus only effected the lungs 😊
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    I didn't find it. It was sent to me by a friend who said I would like it. I did. I found it uplifting... as the tears cascaded down my face. It reminded me of Desiderata. Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others…even the dull and the ignorant for they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons for they are vexations unto the spirit. If you compare yourself with others you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble…it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs for the world is full of trickery. But, let this not blind you to what virtue there is…many persons strive for high ideals and everywhere, life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love for, in the face of all aridity, it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the council of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings for many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here and, whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be…and, whatever your aspirations in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Strive to be happy. Found in old St. Paul’s Church 1692 Baltimore, Maryland
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    Local Food Bank... you can help without leaving your home. Donate with a credit card or paypal. https://www.insidelakeside.com/t22627-foodbank-lakeside Companies stepping up worldwide... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/companies-leading-the-fight-against-coronavirus/ss-BB122oyD#image=78 Here are the Canadian companies working on a vaccine... https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/covid-19-vaccine-canada-143155720.html Please add any other GOOD news to this thread.
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    S.O.B. I agree with Jreboll. It's where you have your strongest resources. Although I have family in Canada, I have lived in Mexico for 24 years and everything is at my fingertips and close by. Doctors who make housecalls and a hospital 5 minutes away. A well stocked pantry and home delivery for nearly anything I could want or need. Hangin' out in paradise...with TWO good internet sources.
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    On Ferret...thank you SOOOO much for this! Abrazos!
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    That's an understatement and especially after reading the link Mainecoons posted. They know the virus is ramping up so what do they do, its kinda like lets pour more fuel on an out of control fire. Because when I was a firefighter/EMT how people cross contaminate was preached to us and not to become a victim. All its going to take is that one person that picked up the virus that has not utilized proper sanitization protocols to go to the tianguis and start touching all the tomatoes, onions etc etc and put them back cause it wasn't what they wanted only to have 10 other people do the same thing all over again.
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    The Lunatics are in the house. ( Pink Floyd )
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    Man, let's don't start this again. The usual suspects will just degenerate it into another hate POTUS and the U.S. thread. There are a jillion conspiracy threads going around. There's no question in my mind that a media with an agenda and a lack of skepticism has spread a lot of fear and misinformation. But that doesn't change the fact this is a very bad bug. In the middle ages it probably would have reached the plague level. The fact remains the age group of most of the members of this board clearly puts us in the high risk group. This bug IS worse than the flu, both in its transmissability and in the seriousness of the damage it does, particularly to the elderly. Frankly I'm a lot more concerned about the local knotheads opening up the street markets, where it is IMPOSSIBLE to distance, and bringing people here in contact with more than a few sellers from GDL where most of Jalisco's cases are. That is just plain stupid given overall infections are on the rise in this country. It is going to make it more likely that we will start to see cases here and we'll have to isolate even more and longer.
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    Just consider everyone infected, use universal precautions and Stay at Home! WE have no clue how many are actually infected since not everyone is being tested. Once you have symptoms kind of late to be tested, to a degree.
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    SMH. Critical reading is more important than ever. I was responding to daisy as to why NOT to call it the Chinese virus.
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    “For me, the fresh fresh produce is worth the drive and the hassle.” Is the fresh, fresh produce worth contracting the virus for?
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    What is wrong with you guys and the constant sniping at people?😠
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