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    There isn't conflicting information about whether wearing a mask in public and social distancing reduces viral transmission of COVID. It is a scientific and public health issue, not a political one, or a matter of some untrained person's opinion who doesn't "agree with you". So yes, anyone who refuses to wear a mask in public is severely lacking in intelligence.
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    I think you have to insult 1000 people minimum.
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    Your community requests that you quarantine for a minimum of two weeks. With all the information on this virus, to do less would show a gross disregard for life. And before the "sunshine, fresh air, and exercise" brigade arrives, let me say that all of that can be had without leaving home. Get plenty of pesos at the airport, go home and order groceries delivered, order meals delivered, and keep your community members Covid free.
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    You're partially right. In the bigger picture, taking care of others also ultimately takes better care of yourself. Think about it. This applies both to specific issues like Covid, and to national health systems. And both of these are a (or the) key reason why the US is such a disaster with the pandemic, vs the rest of the world.
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    Now don't you wish you had responded to his emails?
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    Says the guy who tells others they are suffering from TDS.
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    There is no need to disagree. If one of you would like to report the Federal stats and one to report the State stats I would be happy to give you each a separate pined thread. That way we can all easily follow the progression of COVID from both reporting sources. I do appreciate that Mostlylost is going out of his way to do this and would hope Bisbee Gal would join in the effort.
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    In some people's view, it is everyone's job to look out for all of humanity. And do one's part so that others are not harmed by our own self-centeredness. Thinking you are the center of the universe is a normal state of mind for a 2 year old. Civilized people are supposed to grow out of that. But I know that's not a popular American viewpoint.
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    Dog?? Got the wrong person--
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    During the last one I had in the US they ran into problems due to scar tissue. Fortunately, it was done in a hospital where I would have been rushed into surgery if they had perforated the bowel. Cost should be the least consideration. A well qualified Dr. and a well equipped facility would be what I would look for. And, not to be overly personal, but they are generally not recommended for people over age 75 because the risks are too great.
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    i used all three Mexican used car websites, went to see by owners 2 out of three mileage seemed off 3 price to to high by owner, was sent post by three people who had bought stolen cars on these web sites went to dealers to check used cars, cars were priced 50,000 pesos over used car website price, they were not flexible, did, car not treat us with respect we deserved. car also looked like mileage incorrect at dealer. called s&S auto to look, settled on kia, they set up appointment to kia in guadalajara, to see new and used niros hybrid, did test drive did not like car. They had a nice 2016 sorento used ex v6 white, liked it, good price on it. fair mileage, that was real. the kia dealer treated us like royalty, since we were referred by S&S auto, said they would put new tires on car. for free. three days later brought used car to S&S auto for test drive, we wanted it , they gave an extra 2 years on the warranty since we were with S&S auto 3 years warranty, updating all software in car, checking all re calls were done wow! smart move going through S&S auto, But I first had to learn and do it my own way to realize that i was so vulnerable buying car by yourself can be car now be detailed and fully updated, best of all when car needs work S&S wil drive into to the dealer for us for fee picking up car next week. Karen owner of S&S auto test drove car with me and my wife, made list of items needed fixed that were under warranty.
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    They make it very tough, they try to dissuade reports. We have been run around twice and the last time had to threaten the head of missing persons with arrest if she would not accept the papers of the report. They have it so convoluted, there is kidnapping, abduction and 2 other forms and then if the victim is a woman they try to make you file with woman´s crimes. One needs to be tough and not accept their BS. They will say oh go to the other crimes agency (where there they send you off to on of the other agencies) or only the head person can take the report and they are not in right now, come back tomorrow, then the next day they are not there and refuse to accept any papers. Their web site is wrong and so incompetent. Interested party? Hey, I cannot find myself, they kidnapped me, can you please investigate?
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    You can not compare a haircut to surgery. https://www.caninejournal.com/dog-ear-cropping/
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    We used fvap.org (Federal Voting Assistance Program) to register for Absentee Ballots (Overseas Citizen Voter). It was simple. We received emails to be able to vote in the primary in the U.S. State where we registered already. We signed up to receive ballots for the Presidential election by email also. Non-partisan site which will direct you to the U.S. State website where you were last registered to vote. You can also register to vote if you need to.
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    These posts are directly from the Secretaría de Salud Federal Dirección General de Epidemiología The same numbers appear on the Covid website of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (along with much more information) I make no claim as to the veracity of the Federal Government's information. JULY 2nd Thursday updates If you have comments please do so by PM
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    How are these comments helpful to the OP? (I do realize some expats have to respond to Every Single Thread) asking for a friend.
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    As of July 1st Mazamitla remains closed to non residents. The exception is if you have a cabin reserved. Also La Manzanilla de La Paz is also closed to non residents.
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    Per La Pagina, stats as of July 3rd PÁGINA Que sí se lee 5 hrs · #ULTIMAHORA 🔴 | Este viernes 3 de julio, ni #Chapala ni #Jocotepec registraron casos, por lo que se mantienen en 33 y 43 casos, respectivamente. #IxtlahuacánDeLosMembrillos registra dos casos y llega a 34. 5 hrs #LAST MINUTE 🔴 | This Friday, July 3, neither #Chapala nor #Jocotepec registered cases, so they remain in 33 and 43 cases, respectively. Ixtlahuacán De Membrillos registers two cases and reaches 34.
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    They did not get rid of the baggers because of no plastic bag they were bagging when we brought our bags. They got rid of them be a use of Covid. But I would like to see them brought back. They need the work and our tips and I liked having them.
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    This is because of the stupidity of the "do good" crowd! Get rid of ALL plastic...first the plastic bags that we all depended upon at the check-out! This is where those wonderful "older" ladies (and a few men) made a few pesos by getting your tips for this basic service. Now they have banned the bags so you are on your own and those poor, hard working folks are left to fend for themselves in other ways. In the meantime there are PLENTY of plastic bags on the shelves, PLENTY of plastic bottles of milk, soda and other packaging throughout the store!!! The plastic at the checkout stands account for a MINUSCULE % of the total plastic going out of Walmart. This is SICK and just the tip of the iceberg of the INSANITY of the "Social Justice" and "Environmental Wackos" who are very quickly taking over our hard won and precious Democracy. Just my opinion.
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    Carlos gave us a "sample" of his new and improved fries today! Excellent. He's blanching them earlier. Much crisper😁
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    What in the hell has your post do do with my saying thank you?? Get a life
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    Rock on dude. I have no desire to take over your paper route. But wouldn't it be in the best interest of everyone to have the most accurate and up to date info? I will reply with what I said earlier. Today I asked @Mostlylost to review and compare the Covid reports he had been getting from a Federal agency, which are woefully out of date. I asked him to look at the more accurate and up to date Jalisco official site. For example, today for Chapala the Federal site lists 22 cases. However, the Radar Jalisco government site lists 33 cases (over 30 percent more). Rather than looking at the most up to date info, in a fit of pique, @Mostlylost deleted his old thread. No big loss; it was horribly out of date and inaccurate as he would have realized if he had an open mind and actually looked at the Jalisco site. The Radar Jalisco site is the source used by the Chapala Gobierno, at least 2 local Mexican papers (La Pagina and Seminario Laguna) and the GDL Reporter. Today Hector Espana, the Chapala Expat Liaison explained the reason why Radar Jalisco is more up to date and accurate.
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    Thank you for causing confusion. Do you expect me to read every local paper now ? ☹️ (you would do so much better on TOB).
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    Have you paid your initiation fee? It is 1,000 pesos and as a super advanced member I am allowed to collect it on behalf of the forum. Load up a 1,000 peso gift card, and an associate will pick it up from you at an Oxxo store.
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    Some may have had a good deal on their solo search but more haven’t. It’s a crap shoot. I’d go with S&S because of their experience and reputation in the business as well as exhibiting honesty and integrity through the years.
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    When one can't participate substantively in a discussion the "kool aid" and "racist" innuendos are a last resort.
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    It's a study based on assumptions and conjecture as to the degree something of unknown total magnitude did not happen. That is speculation, "the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence." An infection isn't real until it actually happens. That is firm evidence. There is no firm evidence that millions of infections have been prevented for good as the disease is still running its course all over the planet. Since there is no way to know what percentage of the population will ultimately be infected there is no way to determine how many, if any, infections would be prevented until the disease has fully run its course. Prevention means not happening at all, not just delayed. Delayed is not prevention. Looking at the numbers piling upon as the quarantines are lifted or just break down I would suggest that delayed is all that has occurred. The quarantines have done nothing to boost immunity and may have actually lowered immunity to other illnesses. The virus is still here, we still do not have general immunity or a vaccine and as soon as people start interacting in a more normal manner, the infection rate starts to rise to natural levels. There is no precedent for a planet wide quarantine lasting a year or more until a vaccine could be developed and applied widely. It is pretty unrealistic to believe the lock down could have lasted much longer without mass rebellion or just general non compliance. The passive resistance and ignoring of the "rules" is growing exponentially. The news is full of reports on same. Maybe a few police states could lock people down that long but for most of the world that is pretty unlikely. You either chose to ignore the pandemic or you chose to personally quarantine and take extraordinary measures to limit your personal exposure. With the latter you might be able to hold out long enough for a vaccine to be available. Until that happens, or so many people get infected and recover there is herd immunity, the virus will be waiting for you if and whenever you end your quarantine. I''ll speculate that if you intend to hold out until the end you're looking at about a year from now. Those are your two choices. Anyone who thinks there is a third option, government will protect me by effectively enforcing their rules, is living in a dream world.
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    I rent 6 apartments, one to a gringo the 5 others to Mexicans. Out of the 5, 4 have lost there jobs when the shutdown started. These are all young people. You feel at risk, stay home.
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    Pure speculation and what was accomplished besides delaying the inevitable and inflicting massive economic damage on the most vulnerable people? Case in point: A young lady from a poor family we helped sponsor at Iteso law school graduated #1 in her class, had a job lined up and that job has now been canceled so she is scrambling to find work. Another case in point: Food lines all over the place with formerly employed people in them. It is so very easy for retired people with a check coming in every month to advocate these shutdowns and be in denial about the collateral economic and health damage they have caused and, quite predictably, as soon as even a portion of it is lifted the virus just resumes its natural course. The Mexican economy contracted 20 percent in ONE MONTH, April, and that represents a helluva lot of suffering. Try not to forget that in your zeal to control that which you cannot control.
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    Yes, it has been in the local Spanish language newspapers online that they are spraying the lakeside area this week. Not surprisingly, the highest number of Dengue cases in Jalisco are here. Last year the bitching and moaning was that not enough had been done to prevent Dengue. I guess this year it will be that they're a) doing too much; b) not notifying the exact time they'll do it; and/or c) that they don't know how to do it. Be grateful and pray it works.
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    I bought my used Mexican car there and was very satisfied. Often, in Mexico, you do get what you pay for. Taking a chance on some of the other options may end up with big problems down the line. S&S checks everything very carefully and you can count on them. They will also take you over to Guadalajara to look for a car, no charge, and keep looking until you find what you want. They make sure all paperwork is in order and the car is properly registered and plated before they deliver it to their lot in Riberas for you to pick up. They also offer the service to re-register your car when needed. Saves a lot of standing in lines and going to different offices and I found it worth every penny of their fee.
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    "Soloautos" which can be narrowed down to state, city, type of car, etc. There are others but this one is easy to use and has many dealers and cars listed. Alan
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    I am thinking about it. By any measure the community response to this has been less than stellar almost everywhere. The U.S. does not have a national healthy system. It is a large geographic area with tens of thousands of governments involved in public health. That is not a structure that is going to respond well to a situation like this. Mexico does and how is that working out? Not so hot. Canada, with one tenth the population of the U.S. and a significantly healthier population, is doing about 30 percent better on a mortality rate basis. So what? Comparing it to its southern neighbors directly is a false comparison on a lot of levels. To compare highly diverse and less than healthy populations with smaller, more homogeneous ones is logically false. The U.S. and Mexico are the two fattest nations on earth. Both have very large populations of diabetics and the other illnesses that go with obesity. We know that directly relates to CV fatalities. We also know there's been a real tendency to lump fatalities due primarily to other causes into CV statistics. It is also logically false to draw comparisons with nations like China that routinely falsity all sorts of data. Or nations whose testing and reporting is so primitive they don't begin to be able to report the real case load. Understanding the actual statistics here requires taking into account such things as demographics, level of testing, how actual cause of death is determined and reported, and overall public health. Although cases have increased NOB, the death rate continues to drop as treatment protocols improve and a less vulnerable population is more involved. The relationship between the spikes and opening bars and mass demonstrations or rallies, both primarily involving the young, cannot be ignored. Look around you here and NOB and you will see the participation in social distancing and mask wearing seems pretty proportional with age. I doubt it is much different NOB. This thing is going to run its course. By and large, societies with elected leadership cannot maintain the social control needed to suppress it more than temporarily. I would argue that it is not realistic to believe said suppression can last long enough for widespread vaccination and nature is going to take its course here. By comparison with other really major pandemics like that of 1918 at least there is much better treatment available and in the end the overall death rate will not be unusual when viewing from a historical perspective. I believe for the great majority of this group we have the advantage of being well informed about personal protection, well motivated to follow it and free of the stresses of poor housing and loss of income. That gives us a tremendous advantage if we use it which is why I continue to suggest focusing on personal risk management and not trying to force our views on others in a country in which most of us are not citizens. I also don't buy these handful of reports claiming there is no individual or group immunity after infection. Far more studies conclude this virus is not atypical in that regard. In any case the validity of herd immunity and individual immunity is in the process of being testing by default on a very large scale. Bear in mind these spikes are occurring in populations where infection and herd immunity have been postponed, not achieved. We aren't even close to achieving it anywhere. https://www.businessinsider.com/nowhere-close-to-herd-immunity-for-coronavirus-2020-5
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    no it is not a waste of time or money to file a denuncia and it s your duty to file one , without it the chances of people getting away for what they did is even greater....I would enroll the help of SPencer for reporting and maybe some type of investigator if Spencer knows one worth the money. I sure would not offer money in general, people are not pet and you need to offer a whole lot money which makes you appear on the radar of not so nice people..
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    There isn't a "fine" for an overstayed visa. As far as I've ever known, they charge you whatever the cost of a tourist visa is. Do not show them your 3-year overstay visa. Tell them you lost it. And next time you go to a country not your own, show some respect for the laws of that country.
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    I just talked to Saul at Arileo and they finally opened last week. They are now open Monday thru Saturday and closed on Sunday. They are still having their prime rib on Fridays.
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    Today I asked @Mostlylost to review and compare the Covid reports he had been getting from a Federal agency, which are woefully out of date. I asked him to look at the more accurate and up to date Jalisco official site. For example, today for Chapala the Federal site lists 22 cases. However, the Radar Jalisco government site lists 33 cases (over 30 percent more). Rather than looking at the most up to date info, in a fit of pique, @Mostlylost deleted his old thread. I regret he reacted that way and became upset, but the Federal site is horribly out of date and inaccurate as he would have realized had he had an open mind and looked at the Jalisco site. The Radar Jalisco site is the source used by the Chapala Gobierno, at least 2 local Mexican papers (La Pagina and Seminario Laguna) and the GDL Reporter. Today Hector Espana, the Chapala Expat Liaison explained the reason why Radar Jalisco is more up to date and accurate.
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    Being helpful wasn’t our intent.
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    JULY 4th Saturday updates Chapala unchanged Jocotepec -1 active +1 recovered Ixtlahuacán -1 active +1 recovered
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    Dobermans here don’t seem to enjoy the popularity they do in the States. American preferred is somewhat ambiguous. If your referring to style they, the Doberman, are pretty much the same all over north and south America. You can go to the FCM website (Mexican Kennel Club) and click on eventos. To my knowledge most of the shows have been cancelled. But a dog show is the best place to go to see what’s available in terms of a breeder. i would be very surprised if a reputable breeder would sell you both a male and a female as the implication that you want to breed them is something a good breeder would avoid.
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    Mainecoons, I couldn't agree with you more about the tidal wave of plastic waste that is overwhelming our world. There are rafts of plastic junk floating in the Pacific that are bigger than whole states in the US. Various kinds of plastic are ingested by wildlife, which ends up killing them. This mindless, wasteful destruction has got to come to an end. I know that banning plastic bags and a handful of other items won't solve this, but we've got to start somewhere.
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    Here are links to where you can find the most up to date info. Any one of them, one click away. My attempt was to clear up confusion between the Federal out of date numbers and the Jalisco up to date numbers. Please read Hector's explanation. The Feds today reported 22 cases in Chapala, when the official Jalisco site reported 33 cases. https://www.facebook.com/paginaquesiselee/ https://www.facebook.com/LagunaSemanario/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/Chapala-EXPAT-Liaison-114208060239293/posts/?ref=page_internal
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    Also, i am sure that the cartels and other gangs benefited greatly (remember Prohibition and Al Capone?). Outlawing anything only makes it more valuable.
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    If they die of coronavirus, who will work and feed their families? If people want things to get back to normal, they have to stop pretending that things are normal. Wear a mask.
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    soloautos.mx. as barrbower suggested.
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    Great example of the judgmental and insulting. Thanks for making my point. BTW it is quite easy to "be in public" around here, well away from others. In that circumstance it really is not necessary to wear a mask. Social distancing is the most effective of all.
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