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    Texas. It's very close by and you can live happily ever after fondling your weapon 24/7.
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    The title of this webboard may give Mr. Trouble a little clue as to why this site focuses on lakeside??? Most people read this site to find information about living/moving to the Lake Chapala area. There are many forums on this webboard but obviously the majority of posts are regarding living here. His interests seem to not be directed in the same way and one wonders why he spends so much time on this site? Why Mr. Trouble does it bother you so? I certainly do not find every post interesting but it is a good spot to find out information and ask questions that are pertinent to a variety of people. I agree that the majority of posts are focused on the elderly and that might not garner all the excitement Mr. Trouble is looking for but he has choices. One would be to find a more appropriate site to his interests instead of frequently posting about why this site does not meet his "standards" or personal needs. The fact is that Lake Chapala is a very popular retirement area and of all the chat sites that I have found about retiring SOB, this one has a lot of dialogue and posts. Many others only have occasional posts and because of that not the best or most pertinent information for those seeking it. Perhaps Mr. Trouble might be better served in starting his own thread for those younger of heart and body? Perhaps Mr. Troubles often demeaning posts contribute to threads being closed or deleted? I do not understand the need to disparage other peoples posts so often or why trying to negate the value this webboard gives him or anyone else any pleasure:/
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    And maybe the kids like it covered in what some of you call 'graffiti'. To them, it may be a beautiful piece of art. If it keeps the kids off the street corners causing trouble and possibly doing drugs, then I say, let them paint it any way they like. It doesn't bother me at all!
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    For the poster who's opinion on Chapala/Ajijic is based on the comments of tired old musicians, who only see the night time here, and are lucky to see 200 pesos for a nights work here. For the poster who thinks he would not be accepted here because he is "bi-racial". Firstly people are very accepting here - bi-racial, bi-sexual, bi-polar, bi-cultural, bi-pedal whatever you've got. Secondly, "gringos" are definitely the minority here, I would say 10%, even in what they call the "high" season here (which I have never understood, lots of chilly, cloudy, days and nights). Yes, many of them are retired, or semi-retired, and they evolve into a completely different mindset - from a world where time is money, to a world where time is just time. Much of Mexico is stuck in the second category, which is one reason it is so fascinating. There is a sort of feeling of rebellion here, that they doing something different than hanging around the U.S.A. and Canada retirement hotspots, bragging about their family's various accomplishments. I have noticed this among the Tapatios too, dragging their patrons and mama grandes out here for a happy family weekend. And the common thread here, from everyone who falls in love with Lakeside, is nature. The hillside residential areas are spectacularly beautiful right now, birds, flowers, trees, all an explosion of color. The breezes are clean, full of oxygen. All you want to do is to take a deep breath of fresh air and then flop into the swimming pool. Bliss. The grand lake, the gorgeous sunrises. This place just beams with life, and it seems to seep deep into your soul. Unfortunately, like all states of mind, or "scenes" - they are very fragile. Things can change radically within one generation. We are seeing already with the profusion of giant, multi-story condo developments, each buyer choosing to be encased in sterile, glass living spaces. Nature is something to be viewed from afar.
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    What doctors say that??? My mother had quintuple bypass after a heart attack at age 80. She lived to be 92 when she suffered her last heart attack packing for her winter fling to FL. My aunt had quadruple bypass after a heart attack at age 81; she also lived an active life until age 91 (did not die of heart disease). While I am a strong believer in healthy diets and especially weight management, it is silly to say doctors do not think heart surgery prolongs life. Makes your entire post questionable.
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    With respect that is a very irresponsible statement..and sadly if you're in the middle of having a heart attack you do not have time to read books
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    You guys make me laugh. With most restaurants here overnight invaded by cockroaches, most basic hygiene rules not respected by employees and dirty menus, you all get obsessed and upset by a dog in a restaurant. And ofcourse, in Europe, everybody is dying in the street because of food poisonings in restaurants. What cuts my appetite a lot more is a dirty Walmart type, without manners, eating next to me. I guess we all have our priorities. Have a buenos dias....and whereevever I am allowed to, I will gladly take my well behaved little Schnauzer with me. Only one solution: basic behaviour rules for people and doggies Rony
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    Since JIT took over the board, I have noted the uptick in requests for information on how to get a gun. Could he be .........
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    Carry on in Mexico,you are dreaming. I have a police commandante friend who was finally allowed carry on his off duty because he was being threatened and chased on occasion. Want to carry,go to some of the states in the USA for that pleasure. Shoot somebody here, be prepared to go to jail and more than likely never get out alive. I recommend that you stop reading that Facebook Chapala Crime Group for your mental well being.
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    Since I was told by the most recommended cardiac specialist in this area that my problem was genetic, for some reason........I believed him.
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    Genetics, diet, microbiome, environment, etc. They all have something to do with our health but when you need a pacemaker and ask for costs the answer should be in dollar/peso terms. When you’re in complete heart block, sudden onset of a-fib or svt, your priorities become focused on tackling the symptoms and not on finding long term solutions.
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    That´s why France decided to slice off Belgium and let them be their own country, a place for all the, dogs in restaurants lovers, could have a colony of their own.
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    There are alternatives to your immense knowledge of these women's lives--I would buy bananas, tangerines or any other fruit I could peel and give to the children. Imagine not having the education or confidence that would not permit you, a poor woman in any country, to refuse being impregnated by some :(). Try to think beyond the length of your nose.
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    Operation Feed in SJC has rented a house turned it into a library and a meeting center, has 135 kids in English classes, a chess group, free eye glass exams, a scholarship program, etc.. Maybe something along these lines would be money better spent. Just an idea.
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    I stand by my assessment of your comments. This thread was solely about current NOB border crossing timing for people who are facing that task. I posted valuable web links, I think, that should help them. You immediately brought in the political aspect to the thread telling us that we should not be surprised and making sure we know who you think caused all of this. Planting smiley faces into the comments don't make them less cutting.
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    No matter what subject comes up you can always count on some to bring up their warped sense of politics. Are you on some political party payroll. Do you feel compelled to espouse your point of view? We are not supposed to be talking of politics here.
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    I did say the majority of expats. We have expats from all over the world here, not just the US. I have to think most would not go into a restaurant in their home countries dressed like they are going to work in the back forty.
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    Welcome back, you amazingly self-aggrandizing, insulting person. It was one of your own posts some weeks back that precipitated someone posting a link to the actual law, which you apparently still feel free to "interpret". And thanks for telling us, yet again, to "get over it", something you are clearly incapable of doing yourself.
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    Jonny: It might be of interest to you that the Democrats Abroad organization had a fine party when Obama was elected, and has the majority membership in this general community. The last presidential election produced a wake. However, if you have your mind made up about such matters, facts will only confuse you. Nearly everyone I know is in the liberal camp, politically. There are a few prolific posters who are otherwise. But safe travels anyway. When you land, you might find a friendlier reception if you keep your broad assumptions to yourself until you're well acquainted. The "I'm livelier, smarter and all around better" attitude you've shown .....doesn't cut it here and probably won't, anywhere.
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    Oh, jonny, is that the best you can do? Toss me in the dumpster with the trumpster? I would stack my socialist credentials against yours any day. But no point you have already decided, in your own angry bigoted way, that we are all old, ill, boring conservatives. So leave already. Safe travels.
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    Is he a "master bait-er"? HAHAHA
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    And if you haven't already, please talk with your doctor about living with your illness at high altitude.
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    There’s one aspect of this terribly stretched out post that’s missing. Having been in the restaurant business for many years we can quite honestly say that we always adhered to local municipal legislation as it relates to pets and service animals. However, there were incidents then and even sadly now where we sadly wanted to take totally ignorant patrons ( or now, fellow diners) and physically (read forcefully) eject them.....as almost any dog would be far more welcome and far less intrusive!
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    Yes. The exact law was posted --again-- on this Web board just a few short weeks ago, and re-posted several times. I am certainly not going to go and find it for you.
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    As Angus stated: "There is no argument for ignoring the law". That is my point, too, and so far, Rony, you've failed to address that directly. If it's a bad law in your opinion, and if you are a citizen, you can work to get it changed. If you are not, then you are showing disrespect to the country you chose to move to if you don't obey their laws. (What is happening in Europe or elsewhere is irrelevant.) Since Mexicans, not expats, passed the law in the first place, then expats are indeed acting "entitled" when ignoring it. They also are the majority of scofflaws seen on the Ajijic Malecon ignoring the leash law. I walk there every morning, so I have been directly observing this. As of this morning, there were at least ten loose dogs "loosely associated"with Gringos. What's essentially wrong with that, aside from the legalities? Some of those walking are suffering from mild disabilities due to injury and/or age and are not very stable. Enthusiastic dogs not under control of their owners and chasing other dogs can cause the walkers to lose what little stability they have and lose their balance. Enough said. Since I doubt anyone will change his/her opinion, there's no point in continuing to add any more of my words to the discussion. Adios.🖖
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    As a followup to my original post I want to provide some first-hand information on how leaving Mexico by air with a substantial number of gold bullion coins actually worked out.... My friend with the coins and I went through the process Saturday. Following AlanMexicali's advice I went to the site link he provided and found the SAT form required to declare monetary instruments in excess of US$10,000 when leaving Mexico. I read all the instructions carefully, filled out the form and thought we were completely prepared when we checked in at the airport in Guad. Approaching the security check area I inquired as to where the "box" was located into which I needed to put the declaration. I got blank looks from several officials I asked and finally was told I needed to go to the Aduana "window" instead. We started searching for the Aduana window..... After being misdirected several times we finally were pointed down a long corridor where construction was being done and after a long walk arrived at a place with a desk and a metal detector where I started telling my story about wanting to declare that we were leaving the country with bullion coins. The pleasant female guard at the desk didn't know what I was talking about (although I speak good Spanish) and called someone else out who led us around to the Aduana office which it turned out is located in the passenger arrival section of the terminal. Not easy to access from the check in area. The office was staffed by five young ladies and an older, male manager. We were greeted with smiles, seated on a sofa in the outer office and then asked questions by several different girls who kind of seemed to know what was going on but kept going back to the inner office to confer with the manager and coming out again with more questions. We had allowed over an hour before the flight boarded to get this done and the clock was ticking. We were told to just wait and I started hearing the manager making phone calls from the inner office asking someone else questions but I could not make out what he was saying. Time went by and the phone calls continued. About 15 minutes before boarding time I mentioned to one of the girls that we had to catch out plane and was told "tranquillo". Just relax. Right! With ten minutes left the manager finally came out from the back waving the documents we'd provided, the declaration and a spreadsheet I had prepared that detailed the numbers of gold bullion coins we carried by country of issuance, denomination, face value and market value based on the prior day's closing spot metal prices for coins plus the total of U.S. and Mexican currency being carried. He then explained that after all his questioning one of his superiors had finally advised him that Mexico did not consider bullion coins issued by foreign governments or mints to be "money" and therefore these coins were not required to be included in the Mexican "Declaration of Money" required when leaving the country with more than $10K in monetary instruments. Mexican bullion coins, he explained, WERE considered to be money but not foreign coins. So, with 5 minutes left before boarding we were dismissed with smiles and hand shakes but with no documentation of what he had just told us nor any proof that we had been examined and released by Aduana. We headed for the plane and then.... We found we had to go through security again to get to the gate. For the first time during the years that I have been travelling in and out of Latin countries with small numbers of coins the guy checking the Xray of our carry on bags noticed the metal and had to examine the contents of the bag. He pulled out the plastic sheets containing the coins, started waving them around and calling his buddies over to check out the pretty coins. The clock was still ticking. Other travelers were watching. Not good! Somehow maintaining my composure I carefully explained the deal to the security guy, who obviously didn't know anything about handling a situation like ours, but who, to my pleased amazement, put the coins back in the bag and waved us through. Miracles do happen and fortunately the plane boarded late and we made it. Whew! That was a nerve wracking experience. Bottom line is....You can travel in and out of Mexico legally carrying foreign bullion coins if when coming in you declare them as "mercancia", merchandise, rather than money and when leaving you really don't have to declare them at all. But good luck getting through security without a hassle. Best to report first to the Aduana office to get some direction and perhaps something in writing to get you through security. Best to allow lot's of extra time because something will almost certainly get complicated by the reality that most of the officials involved don't know the regulations themselves. Then, when arriving in the U.S. such coins ARE considered to be "monetary instruments" and must be declared to U.S. customs on FinCEN form 105. That's another whole story. U.S. Customs turned out to be rather cold and suspicious and asked a lot of questions about the source and the purpose of carrying the coins. Welcome home, Traveler! Having a credible story ready is suggested and probably the truth works best. In any case this procedure can take up to an hour also. AlanMexicali's advice was partially correct. When leaving Mexico with Mexican coins such as Libertades or Centenarios they must be declared as money if the value is more the US$10K. Whether this is face value or market value did not come up as we were so short of time and this was not our immediate problem. Nor was there time to discuss what would happen when incoming foreign coins are reported as merchandise...subject to duty? To IVA? I don't know and don't need to know as I will never again get involved in such a situation. I am clear now that foreign coins are not required to be declared under Mexican law when they are being removed from Mexico. They must, however, be declared at market value when leaving or entering the U.S. and failure to do so is a crime. Confiscation is probable if undeclared coins are discovered. Although there is a lot of merit to the idea of having some of one's wealth in the form of "real" money in their possession and available even when living in a foreign country the realities involved in moving bullion coins back and forth across national borders with all the restrictions that currently exist make such a plan pretty difficult and just a whole lot of hassle to execute. It can be done but is probably not worth the trouble. I won't even get into the risks of driving in and out of Mexico with such a valuable cargo. Definitely not recommended. Hopefully this rather wordy report will help others who may have the same questions that I had.
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    Wouldn´t the area where you are dining, be an area where food is received? Most back bars are in plain sight of the dining area and not in some obscure location on the premises. Why not take them (dogs) to movie theaters, churches, grocery stores, schools from kinder to university, and a lot of other places that are public venues. Just allow dogs anyplace and anywhere. Get real Rony and leave your dog at home or with a sitter along with other personal items from your home, you wouldn´t take to these places. Show a little consideration for other people who don´t want to dine with dogs. Go home and eat with your dog.
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    In San Miguel, they came up with a great solution. "DIF" tickets were sold at various restaurants... I think one ticket cost 15 pesos. We knew the head of DIF, Rosario, (not the wife of the mayor who holds the "figurehead position") and she said that the "tickets' had to be turned into DIF and they would receive basics like beans, tortillas, milk powder etc.. She also said that anyone who would not accept a ticket was only looking for money for other purposes. People who really needed help got it.
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    I'd pay that price in a heartbeat if it came from a legitimate tree removal service and meant I never had to read any more comments in this thread.
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    It is obvious that you are very displeased with the way your installation..... and de-installation.... of service went. The more you Post the more it appears that there may be still more to hear. I have been/was in the IT service business far too long to not notice. And when I hear that the President of a large company has taken the time to send an after hours email announcing that one's business is not wanted, I 'know' there's more to the story.
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    Black and white rabid-fox thinking.
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    Won't get any help with your gun question on this liberal web board buddy , Go to Facebook and join us on Gringos Ajijic & Lakeside Conservatives . Plenty of NRA members and gun owners on there that can help with your questions . We are the minority here , but none the less , we are here .Good luck brother !
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    The part of expatriating I didn't anticipate is we all have way tooo much free time ... 😀
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    Oh cry me a river. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission _Eleanor Roosevelt For me nobody can make to feel anything without your permission. If frankness offends you maybe you could read that old book, I'm Okay, You're Okay. Or any of the self-help publications.
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    Here's the meat of the matter: I'm going to retire soon. Can't afford retirement in the USA, and don't want to be the last person to leave Canada. I need a cheap community with a nice climate. Let's see, oh, here's a forum on Google, Chapala.com. CLICK. How to change a light bulb; Why does my bladder drip; I'm in San Antonio, where's the nearest doctor; Why is iLox ripping me off; Special Bingo Happenings Every Friday Night; What's that smell in my tinaco; How dare the municipality not repair these roads; I hate the noise coming from that tavern, I'm going to call the police; How do I get from here to McAllen in my Canadian-plated SUV? Is this the destination for me? As I mentioned, this is bad for business. Living is much more attractive than dying.
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    I'm somehow sure this web board as it appears today isn't as it appeared on its infancy. The webmaster has augmented as time passed. He/she decided to add Collectibles to the Classified forum, for example. Not a single post. There are other forums as well that aren't dead but in a coma. Why not replace the dead with choices that might enjoy more life? If one is public service-minded he might consider the lurkers. Every member here was once a lurker. They're good for business. Your membership numbers are a big factor in your web board's worth. I'm not the only person in the www world who is single, traveled, wanting to learn all he can before he departs. The web board has a target in this case. Through deduction it's easy to see what it is. People want to know what's happening at Lakeside as a means to narrow their destination choices. So he clicks on and finds what? Maybe he isn't 80. Maybe he/she likes live music, dancing, dating but instead finds people who love to talk about their health issues and ask questions easily found with Google.
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    I have lunch with him all the time. He is one of my brother-in-laws.
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    My paternal grandfather died at 54 from heart disease. My maternal grandfather died at 74 from heart disease. My father died at 54 from heart disease/depression/suicide. One younger brother died at 54 from heart disease. Another younger brother died at 72 from heart disease. I think it is genetic, as I almost died at 62 from a massive heart attack. I have survived several other attacks and interventions, and I do follow doctor's orders and take several daily meds, to stay alive, some 20 years later. The spring is winding down, but I am still ticking, and am not afraid to have the occasional slice or two of bacon, or some Texas BBQ. Another younger brother also 'follows orders' and is still alive at 80. I do have a vegan daughter, and she seems rather unhealthy at 60.
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    So, she shouldn't pick Denver, Colorado as a place to retire either. And let's not forget the dust and annual burning of fields that takes place here as well.
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    The hardest gig to get in Mexico, or likely in many countries, is to get a permit to do what locals do, like taxi driving, carpentry, etc. Mexico needs doctors and engineers, tech heads, not hot dog stands. Crossing would also be a bitch, it's business ware, not a laptop or a toaster. I don't have any idea what you'd have to say to get away with it, money talks though. Location Location Location: If you were to sell your wares on a tiny island in the middle of the lake your competition wouldn't mind, there wouldn't be any. But if you're on a busy street corner they would more than mind. And in that case your having all the legalities wouldn't mean diddly. The local vendors would become a scene from The Walking Dead. The quickest way to piss off your competition is to do well. You might be surprised to know many of those little food stalls support the family, even send their children to university. It's serious business, it's livelihood. Now if you have a Mexican spouse, no problem. Then too if a local is working preparing food, ideally, would be better. But if this Gringo drives the cart to and from the location it wouldn't be a secret for long. I tried it once, in Uruapan Michoacan, a medium-size city with an active narco population. I was doing fine up until I was doing too fine. A government official showed up and told me, listen up Gringo, Gringos are for buying and Mexicans are for selling, do you understand me? Yes sir! Another fact to consider is that your cart might go missing en route. It's not attractive because it's something simply valuable, but for the fact it's a milk cow with value for many years to come. Why not set it up as you would for yourself and rent it to a Mexican? Keep him supplied with the ingredients as part of the deal, teach him/her the trade. At least you'd have the satisfaction of watching your plans go forward, and whatever personal rewards go with that.
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    Was at Gosha's fish place and a woman came in, sitting her dog inside the door. All was fine until street dogs roamed by, and then the barking began. Pretty obnoxious, as the owner made no attempt to quiet her dog and instead seemed to find it all amusing. This is why no dogs are allowed in restaurants, by law, in this country. Who cares about the well-behaved ones?
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    Just about every time I go to Adelitas people bring dogs in they do sit out on the back patio but several of the last times two dogs were at it with each other and then the little FiFi somebody brings and barks almost constantly. Some are disciplined and are quiet but many are not discipline and cause a ruckus. Not a pleasant dining experience.
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    Another plug for Chapala Tree Services, they grind the waste in their chipper, and sell it back to the public when it has mulched. For a very good price. Old stumps are only good for putting empty beer cans on and then shooting them with a pellet gun.
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    Cameras to catch the offenders in the act... and community service wearing "culpa mia" t shirts to fix their acts of vandalism on their dime.
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    As I understand that, "finished with Ajijic", I think it means that they have installed that infrastructure. It would not mean that all installations are finished. If you are not at home when Ilox calls, perhaps more than once, what do you expect them to do? They will 'move on' in order to keep their installers busy, and you will drop down on the list, or even be relegated to a 'maybe they died' list. If you were a merchang, holding an order for a customer, how often would you try to contact them to come and pick it up? Eventually, you would put it back on the shelf.
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    We've had great luck with Computerland in Riberas.
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    Lent began on Ash Wednesday, March 6th and ends next Friday. No increase in shrimp prices where I buy and have bought before and during Lent.
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    When I heard comments like that I think back to what my wife had told me when she was in her 20's and working here in Guadalajara. One day, she had to ask people on the street for bus fare. She was so embarrassed. Sometimes, you never know.
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    bontepar said: Have some foresight, Get IMSS when you are healthy, like I did, and you will not have any problems, It's apparent you don't KNOW Mexico. Do you really think it's that easy for many Mexicans to pay for IMSS? Do you understand that IMSS requires the entire family to be registered, each at a cost per person depending on age, and perhaps that is more than the family can afford? Do you understand that if a worker is registered in his employment, monthly payments come off their paycheck end the employer pays the premiums, but if a private family registers they have to pay annually like we do and that can be WAY out of their budget? ( In this case the family has IMSS but as Jackie says, there are still many outside costs involved) Do you know that SP requires payment for many medications AND many services if outside the ordinary range of circumstances, so while it is "free" and provides for essentials, it is not "free" in the sense you intimate. A Mexican friend recently needed surgery to repair severe knee injury and was quoted $4,000 pesos over and above the "free" part of SP even though he was a member! So I'm sorry bontepar, but your arrogant attitude towards this situation is unwarranted and does not bode well for your integration into Mexico.
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