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    I would bring all the food and water you Need from NOB
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    The woman who threw feces on the caretaker a week ago and who has been asked to never go to that football field again, was once again there with her dogs this morning. This field is actually run, not by the municipality, but a private group from the neighborhood and cleaned and mowed by Don Luis, the man that she threw the feces on. Since she is aware that she is not to go there anymore or she will be facing charges, I can only guess that she is doing it to prove a point. If you know her, please remind her that there are consequences for her behavior and to refrain from visiting that field.
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    How proud I was to find this great photo of Ajijic in the Travel Section of this morning's paper. It was among the "stunning summer vacation photos submitted by readers." Thanks, John Allred of Palm Springs. (I think the photo is the former real estate office on Colon near the carretera.) ENJOY!!
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    CG they have been at that location on and off for month's. They mostly stop traffic going East but today were working East and West traffic CG are you really suggestion FBMM is illegaly on the job. When I passed there were at lest 6 "officers" including 2 women and a supervisor with silver trim on his hat..but more intimidating a flat bed tow truck parked....so go ahead and pull their bluff , but donot come to us for a GO FUND ME to get your car from the pound
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    This is neither rude nor an attack. It is a reminder.
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    I think you may be right, but this subject was such a can 'o worms that it needed closing, and none of us is professionally qualified (as far as I know) to speculate on a web board about the matter. IMHO, best to let it lie.
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    My wife had a consultation followed by two sessions of therapy for which she paid 300 pesos/per. In order to claim reimbursement from our insurance provider, we asked for receipts to cover the service. The response from clinic staff, located on the libramiento near Pemexx, was the they do not provide receipts. Anyone needing physio and hoping to claim reimbursement needs to carefully consider where to get the treatment.
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    Of course, I never wanted to suggest that TA is a bible. I do find it helpful, even though there are things I can't understand. Ajijic Tango, for example was rated number one for ages, and I don't think that's deserved. Also, some people will give one star because they got (what they considered) bad service. OTOH, when there are a sufficient number of reviews, it can be helpful.
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    Huh???? Posted in the wrong place?
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    Had a friend proctologist who decided to retire young after making a ton of money. He was a car guy and wanted still to work with his hands so went to mechanic school graduating with honors. In fact his final exam was to tear a car apart and put it back together--got 150%. Since he couldn't understand how anyone could get over 100%, he asked the instructor about it. He was told 50% for tear down, 50% for putting it all back together---but got the bonus because it was the first time he ever saw it all done through the tailpipe!!
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    The information published on ajijicnews.com and officeholidays.com is incomplete. Most, but not all, Mexico holidays are celebrated on the closest Monday (to create a "long weekend"). El día de la Independencia is an exception and is always celebrated on September 16th. Therefore, Monday September 17, 2018 is a normal workday throughout Mexico.
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    OK, consider this a public service announcement: If you do NOT have a current emissions sticker and are traveling the carretera between La Reserva and La Christina going west, bail off to the left onto the dirt road in front of Que Ganga! There are actually two parallel roads that run parallel to the carretera from Canacinta to El Bajio. You can get back on the carretera just past El Bajio, where the fruit stands are. Going east, drop down at the fruit stands and travel east to Canacinta. These two roads are about 20 feet from the carretera and the transitos know about them but apparently don't care because there will be a traffic jam down there of cars avoiding the traffic stop. Gotta love Mexico!!!
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    We are still receiving complaints about people paying to nationalize vehicles and getting fake papers or no papers at all, a "law" firm in Ajijic charging $3,000US and then says sorry we cant do it and not returning money.
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    Of course it could be mostly folks interested in pain relief who just won't take their narcotic prescription because they are afraid of it's side effects.
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    I'm a fanatical label reader; even carry a magnifying glass to see the very small print. I've noticed a correlation between the amount of "junk" in food and the size of the print. 😉
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    We've found several here whose reviews seem to reflect our own tastes well so we pay close attention to their posts. Also if a place gets a significant negative response we've generally found it not worth a return visit if we go at all. Trip Advisor seems to have more than its share of starry eyed reviewers so we generally don't consult it. In this group Gringal is our favorite reviewer. Thanks Gringal!
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    Nothing against anyone who uses it, but I find Trip Advisor to be a complete waste of time. Reviews vary wildly for any given place, and this is because everything is subjective. How can you accept anything that veers between "best ever" and "worst ever", or "excellent value" and "overpriced"? And no, counting up the good vs. bad to see who comes out on top is just silly. Because even if there are 60 "likes" and 40 "don't likes", that's still 40 people who don't like. At times simply reading the restaurant reviews on this board makes me wonder if there is something wrong with my own taste buds. At least here, there are certain people who's opinion I can (usually) count on. Nothing like that on Trip Advisor.
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    If you want customers to walk in display a menu on your door, it is cheap advertising. Xolo does not Purple Garlic Pizza only has specials on the door.
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    When was this "communicated?" Too late for my entire neighborhood. Trash is everywhere. If anyone here thinks the kind of incompetence and corruption the unfortunate residents of the Municipio of Chapala are subjected to is common in Mexico that is not only insulting a lot of decently run localities with a lot less in resources than this one, it is pure nonsense. I just got back from a ten day moto tour covering over 3K kilometers and going as far south as Oaxaca and almost to Veracruz and driving through dozens of towns the size of this one and I never saw the kind of grunge and neglect we have had inflicted on us by this government. No wonder the Mexican community voted more than two to one to toss it. Not paying the landfill and letting the trash pile up is their farewell to us it seems. It is now over two and a half years since this has been going on and that doesn't even include the almost total lack of street maintenance over the same period. Thanks loads Javier I hope you have fun with our tax dollars. If anyone wants to organize a mass dumping of trash at the door of city hall you can count me in. Enough is enough. We have a right to be fed up with this terrible local government. Maybe a huge trash pile in their door will get their attention. Shame, shame on Chapala!
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    On the other hand... We've had debates on here about renting vs. owning, with points being made about how expensive it can be to re -locate if you're an owner unhappy with your location vs. the ease of moving elsewhere if you're a renter; about the costs of maintaining a home (especially an oldie) and what it gets down to is that there are "nesters" who want to own because they like the sense of security and want to make their house "their way" beyond what a landlord will allow. I'm one of the "nesters" and have made some radical changes in this old house. On the money front, interest rates on reasonably secure investments have been so low in recent years that the return on capital is pretty pitiful, so you might as well sink it into a house, where you might do better.
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    It also has a lot to do with people not understanding the care and feeding of the septic tank. I won't take away from the OP but it's easy to find out on google. "Though things that are flushed are often hush hushed, It's important that you should know In the city, you're not, when you sit on the pot Lest you block what is known as the flow. Foreign things at a junction, often cause a malfunction If the contents aren't bodily made. And, while you seek relief, you'll cause nothing but grief And the management's lengthy tirade."
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    I would hesitate to suggest building to a person who is not yet familiar with the area, the workers and the costs. My suggestion is the usual: Rent for at least six months before even considering buying or building. You should learn about neighborhoods without making a big financial commitment. Houses usually sell slowly for many reasons, including the unavailability of good financing options such as are found in the States.
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    How would you like to live in a retirement home and have groups of strangers walking around and looking at you? Make appointments and visit the ones that interest you on your own.
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    Homeopathy, which I have been using since the 70's, works. There is no one remedy for a specific problem. It treats the person, not the name of the illness. Your migraine headache, sore throat, or belly ache would have different symptoms than mine. I did not wake up one day and decide I like homeopathy. I tried it when I had a problem that allopathy couldn't help. It worked, so I tried it another time. It worked. I had an open mind, but not a stupid "belief" in it. I am 75 years old and am very healthy. Unlike most people my age, I don't take a bunch of meds, I don't have to run to the doctor often, but would have no hesitation using allopathics if my homeopathic treatment didn't work. The allopathic system often doesn't cure, it might alleviate some symptoms but the side effects of the meds can bring on more problems, which need more meds, etc. And BIG PHARMA makes more money. Homeopathy works to strengthen your immune system so the body does its own healing. No one person has the same makeup as anyone else. The British Royals have been using homeopathy for generations. They seem to do well with it, don't you think?
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    you don't need to believe in homeopathic medicine for it to work. i've used it to treat an autistic mexican boy of 6 who had never spoken and had 2000 seizures a month and now he goes to a special school and speaks english and is free of fits. he had no belief,but i can assure you his mother now does. also on animals....keep an open mind,do some research.