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    My God. All this vitriol over coffee. First World problems, indeed.
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    While you may be feeling frustrated, it is certainly neither the store's nor the manufacturer's nor the shipper's responsibility to tell customers anything about their product delivery schedules or how they manage their business. A little insider knowledge does not give anyone the right to decide how a store should operate. But this is basic common sense, no? And just for the sake of clarity, I note that the OP did, yes, actually say : "i just sent 40 one pound bags of our coffee to super lake. it should arrive friday, give or take." Isn't that how this whole conversation started?
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    There's the forecast for my Ontario home (Kawartha Lakes) for the same time. Degrees in Celsius.... Tue, 13 Nov Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. High plus 1. Night Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 7. Wed, 14 Nov A mix of sun and cloud with 60 percent chance of flurries. High minus 1. Night Cloudy periods. Low minus 8. Thu, 15 Nov Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. High zero. Night Cloudy with 30 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 5. Fri, 16 Nov A mix of sun and cloud. High zero. Glad I'm here !
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    I'd kind of like to get the word on the coffee which the "no bullshit" coffee folks are countering. That would be "shit" coffee perhaps? Haven't seen that on the shelves as yet. Whoever came up with the name deserves an award for "straining for cuteness". But seriously, people are going on about COFFEE?? I buy mine from the guys on the truck outside of the bank. Good stuff. No b.s. 😉
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    Only to dinner parties by verbal invitation as obviously not being able to read written ones.
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    You seem like such a pleasant person. You must be a joy at dinner parties.
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    Report the incident to Amazon too.
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    First of all Xena, the OP did not say the coffee had been sent to SL. I thought NoBullshit had decided to use a different vendor. Understand?? It is not my job to run around SL to find out if the coffee is on the shelves. I have done that 3 times before. It is NB's responsibility- not mine. I now grind the coffee myself at SL for espresso coffee. I love NB's coffee, but if they want to sell it, they have to do the legwork and make the necessary phone calls to put it out to ensure their coffee has good shelf space. The last coffee I bought from NB was over 3 weeks old because SL did not put it out. Got it?
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    Carnivore, I wish I had seen your post earlier. We we're at the Ajijic Plaza today and just happened by this restaurant. We weren't even aware it had opened. It was truly attractive inside and though the prices were rather high we decided to treat ourselves. There was not one edible dish. We took a bite of the salad and almost gagged (which was served at the same time as the meal). We then both tried our pasta dishes and found both inedible. We asked for the check and told me waiter no we didn't want it to go. We told him the food was not edible. He agreed with us that the food there wasn't very good, brought us the check for the full amount, and then they couldn't make change. We waited for them to run down to the bank. No manager showed their face. We won't be back.
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    Then why did you ask the OP if he had sent it yet? Ask Superlake if they received it and when they will be putting it on shelves if that is what you want to know. Ask the right question of the right person.
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    According to AccuWeather we will have colder weather next week. Tuesday - High 73 and Low 43, Wednesday 65 and 42, Thursday 70 and 47, Friday 73 and 42. I am putting my electric blanket on the bed.
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    I don't know how many villagers get onto the Libramento, but it is really beautiful right now. Prolific yellow wild flowers (like Brown Eyed Susans?), no trash, fresh painting and road repairs. The carretera to Guadalajara, after the Pemex is also looking very good, clean, new signs.
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    More ignorance from our expert dinosaur..!
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    Mudgirl, Rafterbr--I flipped up the breaker on my Centro de Carga and kitchen electricity is back on. Great lesson for me. Thanks. Just never had to do that before. Now for a cup of coffee. Lexy
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    Then you should also refrain from posting B.S. We built our own home... on time and on budget. No five finger discounts either.
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    Judgment much Natasha? This person rescued the cat, tried to find a home for it, took it to LFA and made a generous donation. Do you know one thing about this person's situation, mobility or anything apart from those facts? If not, maybe thanking him/her is sufficient.
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    I would suggest disconnecting the battery overnight just to see if the car starts the following morning.
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    I'm not sure why you're so involved in this discussion, ComputerGuy, especially if you're not a coffee drinker? And why is it wrong to suggest where to buy coffee? No different than suggestions about where to buy chicken, or clothing, or electronics.
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    Strange as all of our Amazon deliveries (U.S.) are made by DHL which has yellow trucks?
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    I am pretty sure that most Mexicans could not pass the history portion of the citizenship test. I'm positive that most American citizens could not pass the citizenship test in the US! I think the test for us "old folks," which seems to be a basic fluency test, seems fair. I might give it a try. There isn't really a lot of advantage in being a citizen over being permanente but since I'm never going back to the US, I'd feel more comfortable knowing I coudn't be forced out of Mexico if the animosity between the two countries ever gets to that point. Not likely...but strange things seem to be happening every day. Alan
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    the first phase is to find out what they did. The second phase is for us to demand what will be done about it.
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    If the car is dead how can she get it to these places?
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    This is Chris, Harry's wife. I was a founding member of Lucky Dog . I worked there and the other shelter for 7 years. So I am certainly cognizant of the many dogs in all the local shelters. I adopted Maggie when I worked at Lucky Dog. She was a pet shop westie. She died 4 months ago. So sorry people I loved her so much I want another. Everyone is entitled to their choice!