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    Spend a little bit of money and ask a professional. This board, and all other boards, is full of amateurs with opinions.
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    No one has yet to answer the poster's question, just in turn making derogatory remarks. The poster did not list the numbers tried. The only number I can find is 376 765 6233.
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    Five of us went there this morning, and I had the Italian omelette as well. Everything was excellent all around. People may wonder why we're going on about this place when there are so many other restaurants out there. Well, for me, it's not just because the food is very good... but also because the owners really want you to have a great experience. So many places here are indifferent to their customers, and get complacent. Not so with Sentidos. They are really busting their butts, and it shows.
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    Face to face is fine IF you have mobility and are fairly close. If someone lives in Jocotepec and wants information from Coppel about whether or not something is in stock, I would most certainly want to find out in advance.
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    The "frustration", claimed by most, would not exist if they had learned enough Spanish to ask a simple question and understand the answer on the phone. Admittedly, that is a major step above face to face, where body language helps a lot. Of course, the clerk must be willing to try harder too.
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    Here in ajijic mexico ,couldnt give a toss .
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    Not really for both and especially not for your second premise. Tourists will love it,especially the location.
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    Some people are more compelled than others to show off their high IQ and advanced education and knowledge.. LOLOLOL Otherwise, how would we know???
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    Might be wise to wait a few days to start the rigamarole of getting new cards. I had my wallet stolen and a woman phoned me within a few hours (she found my business card with the phone number)- she and her young son had been walking through the parking lot and her son spied my wallet with the cards strewn all over- of course the small amount of cash I had in there was gone, as well as 2 debit cards, which I had to cancel and replace, but my PR card was among the cards strewn around, my Mx. driver's licence, all my cards except the debit cards. That woman was my angel.
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    The meeting was for the purpose of promoting my petition re handicapped spaces at the Ajijic plaza. Present were Juan Ramon, Delegado, Hector Espana, Expat Community Liaison, three Mexican community leaders and my self. I presented each with a bilingual copy of the petition and all agreed to support the petition. See below: The minutes will be formalized and presented to Juan Ramon who will prepare a formal petition to do the following: 1. Assign 4 handicapped spaces at the current location at the plaza to be in effect until 10p.m.. 2. Assign one handicap space by the bank on the plaza; same time. 3. These spaces will be painted and given signage. 4. The police on duty will monitor these spaces and inform Transito when unauthorized vehicles occupy the spaces 5. Hector Espana will contact the state transito office to assure permits will be available. These will be issued with a doctor's prescription for a given time period or permanently. 6 The Taxi stand by Guadalajara Pharmacy will be activated. After the completion of the agenda various topics were discussed : Traffic patterns in Ajijic Security Fiestas Noise. Some observations: The leaders didn't feel that the spaces would be extensively used, but, agreed to support additional spaces if the assigned ones were properly used. They weren't aware of the effects of altitude on elderly residents and visitors. They were upset and unaware that elderly and handicapped attempting to visit the plaza were denied the right to disembark by taxi drivers at the plaza during the zombie performance and possibly other venues.. Please support the petition by signing on line and having friends and family do likewise http://chng.it/MYpJS9Zq
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    And here I was depending on you for an excellent recommendation as a Mod., fair weather, fickle friend.
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    They aren't constant nor rebuttals but just plain observations. Not my problem if your observations are not the same.
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    My wife and I have visited the Lakeside area many times through the years, but in short spurts. Now we are here for an extended period and being gringos, are trying to acclimate to the area. One of the challenges is what method of transportation to use. I have rented a car, taken the bus and even bought a used 10 speed bike. I would like to give a shout out to Hector and his bike shop on the Carretera by Colon. Great job on getting my bike fixed! We now find ourselves in between rental cars and have employed German Chavez to get us to the grocery store, dinner, etc. I have found his service very professional, reliable and on time. Qualities even missing back in the States. I would recommend German for getting you to where you are going. Ph: 333-502-6385.
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    ...which have no bearing on the construction dimensions in question.
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    Well worth attending. Packed full of useful information. We were told the presentation was taped and will be on the Lakeside Presbyterian Website.
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    I’ve managed on my own so far with feedback from folks. Now I want a Mexican Driver license. Has anyone successfully obtained one here recently without the paid help of LCS or an attorney? Where? How? Docs needed? Cost? Thank you!!
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    You need ID, visa, copy of light bill plus original. Copies of all listed. There is a new office in the Outlet Mall on Lopez Mateos on way into Guadalajara. Next to Copels.Lots of parking. If it is your first license then you may have to take a test. Good luck.
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    Thank all for being so generous and supporting Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. and Todo Bueno consignment and resale store. Here's a link to what you helped create with your donations. Have hammer woodworking school Students Christmas Posada Dec 20,2019
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    I bought something at Coppel in Chapala today. The phone number on the cash register receipt is the same as that posted by cricket.
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    I doubt very much if they're open on a Sunday and believe the clerk just made an error. As far as directions go...I don't bother going through Chapala any more. Coming from the west, I turn right at the lights and go around by the malecon (or Paseo Ramon Corona if you want to be precise) and UP Gonazalez Gallo. The third street up on the left is Degollado and the Recaudadora is nearly at the bottom of it. Do a retorno on Gonzalez Gallo and park anywhere you want and walk the half block up Degollado to the office which will be on your left. I return the same way.
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    What people do is to buy the U.S. plated car WITH a current valid TIP, get a letter from the owner (and anything else need to show you are authorized to drive the car) and bill of sale AND all the original TIP papers, drive it to the border turn in the TIP papers and leave. They do not check the driver's ID against the TIP papers, all they want are the originals and to remove the sticker on the spot. Sometimes you can find a nice deal on a U.S. car here from someone who is trading into a Mexican plated car that way. Check with Spencer for the exact procedure.
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    If coming from the west on the carretera, continue through the stoplight onto Morelos in Chapala two blocks to left on Zaragosa street (one way north) go two blocks, turn right on Degollado, the Recaudadora is on your right, white building, a couple blocks down, just a few doors before you get to Gonzales Gallo, that big divided street that goes up to the train station. I have had no problem finding a parking place on Degollado within a block of the place.
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    Does anyone know where their office is in Ajijic/Chapala I bought a great north american cell phone plan almost two years ago and I want to renew.
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    First, don't panic if you get a higher amount. As has been previously explained, they are using satellite to check on the actual square footage versus old records. Due to another issue, we had a property survey done and found we had a LOT more than what's on the deed...not quite as much as the municipality thought, but still... We were going to go through a lawyer to do the right thing and get the records updated, but it was a change of administration and it wasn't the time to do it, according to the lawyer. In all honesty, it got put on a back burner and we forgot. Then, I went to pay the predial. Wow, did it change...much more than expected. So, I went and explained the situation (there is a gentleman who speaks excellent English if you need help and he's really nice...in fact, they all are) and was told to bring our survey in. I went back the next day and the rep took the new stats, entered them into their data base and VOILA! we're now up-to-date and saved the lawyer's fees. Heck, I was happy (probably surprised the hell out of the official). Yes, it went up, but it is now accurate and fair. It was also as fast as possible in a busy time. The officials aren't looking to screw you over with a "gringo tax," they're just updating the database. One other note: they're just doing their jobs. I saw a lot of folks trying to jump the line, get irate, etc, etc, over something we're all going through. Just be patient, be polite (bring a book or your cell) and wait your turn. In the end, we're still paying less for the entire year than we paid 15 years ago for one month in our last home in the US. And yes, I know I'm comparing apples and oranges
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    Found a couple of varieties at Superlake yesterday. One is refrigerated so hopefully it'll turn out well. It's marinating in the garlic, horseradish and olive oil for 48 hours. I'm cooking it Sunday so hopefully it will be tasty. Cheers, Val
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    Usually an OXXO is open 24/7. IF they were smart, they would have deliveries in the middle of the night so as to not create a traffic problem. Then again, it would also be nice if Walmart restocked in the middle of the night... but they don't. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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    At my local OXXo my wife just paid money on her Mexican telephone, sent money to daughter in Mexico City and made deposit in her local Chapala Bank. She than brought home to me a coca cola and hot dog. I agree this is not an appropriate place for an OXXO but it will do a ton of business. Wish I owned it!
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    Chillin is correct in the states you usually figure food cost at 40% but here you can figure it at 50% or more. In the states i had to pay liability insurance, workers comp insurance, social security, medicaid, unemployment insurance, state taxes, federal taxes, licenses, labor for workers and a host of other things. Of course there was the labor costs and facility costs. Here the labor and facility costs are much cheaper and most of the other costs I had you will not have to pay. If you do this and the food is reasonable I am sure my wife and I would have a standing order for once or twice a week.
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    Those are not real expectations for most coming from SOB.
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    Well now there is your long awaited "legal beagle"----- case closed
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    With respect Taaffe.... Ajijic being a traditional village went out of sight many years ago with all the tinsel and glitter stores..maybe if we could see the Master Plan for Ajijic we would have some idea of what the whole area will look like 5/10 years down the road and give us the opportunity to decide if this is the place "we" want to like in... For any one who had some faith that this Chapala administration was different just went out of the window...same ole same ole🙄🤣 Where do you get the info The local people are outraged...realy. Tilting at windmills can be dangerous to your health I guess this project did not show up on the radar of " the committees to prevent high rise condo's"
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    The TIP deposit would be the least of your problems if something happed to the vehicle.. over my 14 years here I have known a couple of people that never turned in their TIP and had accidents or sold the vehicle not realizing that could bring another vehicle in until the previous TIP had been cleared from their name...
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    I think it´s called "circumvention" LOL
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    An inheritance is a change of ownership. The above mentioned parties have opened their own vivero in upper Ajijic since leaving Flora Exotica.
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    Pappy... what exactly is it that you are trying to achieve?
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    Ask any of the lavanderias in your area. I know Mis Princesas in Chapala does, but I doubt they will p/u in SJC or Ajijic, so you're better off asking those closest to you.
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    I suggest you call them and ask. This post is 3 years old.
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    VERY BAD ADVICE.... If you leave Mexico with your vehicle and don’t turn in the TIP and something happens to that vehicle such as a accident or it gets stolen and you are unable to drive that vehicle back to Mexico you will have a problem. if you try to bring another vehicle in to Mexico you will not be allowed to because the Mexican authorities will say you have a vehicle in Mexico...because according to their paperwork your vehicle never left Mexico.. It would a long and expensive process for you to prove the vehicle is no longer in Mexico.. Take the time and do things properly, it will save you a whole lot of grief if something happens to your vehicle..
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    Great food and great service!
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    Went there today. I try to resist recommending restaurants, but I will in this case. It's run by a very nice young owner named Horacio. He was so gracious and friendly, and the place was super clean, bright and airy without being chilly at all on a January morning. The items on the menu were not expensive; very much in line price-wise with Cafe Negro and Cafe Huerto. We were very happy with the quality, portions, and service. Open 8 AM - 3 PM, closed Mondays. They're working on a dinner menu, but we were able to have lunch items during breakfast hours without any problems. They are very eager to please, and really seemed to have their act together. It's well worth a try. 👍
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    Thanks. The second number worked.
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    This is why I come to this site: The entertainment. Never for information.
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    There is an electronic repair shop in San Juan Cosala that works miracles on TV's, stereos etc. After you enter town from Ajijic, continue to the first traffic light. Just past the light is a long white wall with a huge microwave tower behind it. At the far (west) end of the white wall is a shop with a blue awning. The shop is called "Teleservicios Calvario". Don't let the picture discourage you..... Great service and very reasonable
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    I went to a small town in So. California, and noted that several gas stations had different prices for gas when paid in cash as opposed to a credit card. A CC purchase was $0.10 per gallon more than a cash purchase. I think this would equate to the charge made to the merchants for taking the CC. Anyone see this in any other areas?
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    For a woman, a vanity without a mirror seems to be the most sensational thing to me. My wife is usually standing in front of her for a long time so she can increase her mood. It is not easy for a guy like me to understand, but it can be guessed that a woman needs a mirror brush table.สล็อต
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    No, they don't. But you go bein' Happy, Jillin, with your constant rebuttals.
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    Yes, very true. I'm thinking perhaps Sonia or Spencer might weigh in. I fully expect to get plenty of amateur opinions and that's OK. I'm not a Mod nor do I want to be.
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    Did any pearl of wisdom from his lips give you a WOW moment.......... or same old same old....
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