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  1. I don't think an abanil would take kindly to being cleaned by a handyman, regardless of whether he was collapsing or not. 🙂 Abanil= mason Aljibe= cistern
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  2. Beef prices are starting to really go up and if you eat a lot of beef now is a good time to stock up. Australia use to be the largest exporter of beef in the world. Due to droughts and bush fires their cattle numbers are really down and now their beef prices are the highest in the world. It will be years before they build back up again. With record prices the ranchers cannot afford to keep heifers back to build cattle herds. It takes 3 years from the time a calf is born until she in turn will have a calf. Ranchers who were forced to sale their cows now cannot afford to buy them back. C
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  3. I will tell you something I didn't believe to be true, but now I know as a fact. As your body gets leaner and stronger by the day, your tastes change. You crave healthy foods, frozen edame beans, brownrice, quinao bowls all begin to taste delicious, and your body seems to respond. Not propaganda, but based on actual fact
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