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    Two or three generations ago most Mexican homes had the main living area and kitchen on what we would call a porch or veranda. Completely open. So these days "good enough" is all they strive for in the building trades. Most windows and doors don't keep out all of the dust, wind, rain, cold, or bugs. But that seems fine with most of us. We live in a paradise where we never have a hard freeze so bugs are plentiful all year. Something is always under construction or repair and most streets are dirt/rock so there is lots of dust. Big wind storms before the rain blow in dust and debris. Something is almost always burning so smoke and more dust. But if you are retired and not working 40+ hours a week, it makes all the extra little chores that life in Mexico bring to our lives, a little more tolerable. I wouldn't trade it for life in the US! Alan
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    I have brought Bayer Maxforce roach killer, in a tube from the US, and is really kill those cucarachas DEAD. Then, I use the Gentrol Discs to impair the reproductive cycle of the juveniles, because the Maxforce will kill young and adult roaches, but not the eggs. When the eggs hatch, the Gentrol gets them. You can buy then Maxforce regular for about $160 at the hardware store in San Antonio, but the Maxforce Plus may not be available here. Needs reapplication every 3-4 months depending on the severity of the infestation and the cleanliness of your neighbors with adjoining walls. Great stuff, goes on in small gooey drops, in a place where your cats will not get at it. No spray.
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    For the most part, if you follow the above advise you will be fine. The problem you may have is that your stomach is not use to the food. My advise, put some stomach/bowel medicine in your suit case. Better to have it and not use it than not to have it.
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    Living in Mexico requires constant cleaning and maintenance. When I lived in Canada, I used to do a deep clean of every room once a year, and that was adequate, with normal cleaning the rest of the time. Even with 3 kids in the house, the floors didn't require daily sweeping and mopping. Here a room is covered in dead insects, dust, and cobwebs in a day or two. Here if it isn't the dust, it's the insects or stuff getting moldy in the rainy season. It just comes with the territory.
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    Interestingly, many of them would welcome visitors who would give them some quality time and big hugs....make a resolution, adopt a Lonely Senior, bring some cookies or maybe some other small gift. For example The Lakeside Singers make regular visits to many of the homes and the owners etc are very appreciative.
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    i know, that drives me crazy here. When they paint metal, they like to add so much thinner it's like thinner with a little paint in it instead of the other way around. An elderly friend of mine sprang for expensive Sherman Williams paint when it was time to repaint the outside of her house. The guys who were doing it had been working for her for years, construction, painting, whatever. They were actually very protective of her and went out of their way to help her out. She caught them watering down the expensive paint and freaked out. They said they were trying to save her money. She had to explain that it wouldn't be saving her any money if she had to repaint again next year because the paint was a third water.
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    The machine to measure colour is what I was referring to... done by a formula. Most paint stores have them now but that didn't used to be the case here in Mexico. Having formulas for many different shades is a huge perk. Now, when they have a computer system that can scan a colour and spit out a custom paint formula , they will have matched some of the paint stores in Toronto in 1990
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    Seems that the taxes from Ajijic are used to improve the sidewalks and other infrastructure in Chapala. I suspect we are little more than a milk cow.
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    I would bring all the food and water you Need from NOB
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    I am also interested in Natasha's response to this as we have chronic problems with insects and have two cats.