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    March, April, May, and the first two weeks of June are my least favorite months. Hottest weather, very dry, and the dust is awful. Plus the mountains and fields are brown. In April and May the farmers are burning the fields to prepare for planting so add lots of smoke to the air. December and January are wonderful but it is the height of high season. Even more traffic and everyplace busy and crowded. August is a perfect time for a first visit. Low season and weather is wonderful with amazing storms and rain mostly at night and early morning. We have had more rainy days the last two years but still a wonderful time. Most importantly everything is lush and green. I have never seen so many shades of green as I see lakeside in the summer. I suggest August without reservation.
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    Please note that the OP said: “Our windows to visit are limited due to my wife's class schedule, but have open periods in March, May, August, and December/January.”
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    You might consider August. The snowbirds are up north. The weather is beautiful with rain in the nights (the hot season is May & 2 weeks of June). . The hillsides are green and beautiful.
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    Your compassion and empathy is boundless jonny.
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    There you go again, she isn't ranting nor talking about the best and cheapest. Too much Fox got ya foggy?
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    I think I know someone who hands out those hats who should heed these words.
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    Recently, you have been unclear (well, completely wrong) on the definition of socialism, and now you don't seem to get what constitutes a minority. So, I was hoping you would LOOK IT UP, but since you can't grok dictionary, I hereby give up.
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    You must be lonely. You're trying way too hard. Adios.
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    August is your best month to come down and check things out. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's the "rainy season" since the rain most often happens at night and the days are glorious. March... snowbirds are still here. May is the HOT month. December and January the snowbirds are already back
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    You never know. A little TLC and that mutt could become your best friend and protector.
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    "She" is a he. You meant the red baseball cap with four words on it. ☺️
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    Every one of your questions is addressed on the website. You just need to spend a lot of time.
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    Maybe that red hat with the four letters on it is overheating her brain. I'm done, though. Enough misinterpretation is ENOUGH.🙃
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    Not about the bribe but the amount definitely caught my attention. I think most of the PRI should be in prison. Sheesh what a bunch of thieves.
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    Additionally, to me, at least, I don't find that wall in the least bit attractive. It's a cement wall with stones stuck in it, not a stone wall held together with mortar. This is what I consider a stone wall, pictured above.