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    it is cheaper to pay the fee than having problems later ..No?
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    A. Look, I did not post on any thread on purpose...my first time. I need info! I am in Mazatlan and am gathering facts. Need help, not taunts!
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    I am trying to understand why the item on Ecuador is being place in the Mexico General ..except maybe relates to some of the refugees/asylum seeker's we see at the various topes around Chapala and environs
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    Cesar is the Treasurer of the Lake Chapala Shrine Club. You can also take a cheque and turn it over to the club at their monthly meeting at the Real de Chapala at 1 PM tomorrow (Tuesday). Ask at the desk where the meeting is held. I'm a member but still in Canada, but I can almost guarantee you a free lunch and and a big show of gratitude. Thanks "klm".... your generosity will help Mexican kids to receive medical treatment at our Mexico City Shrine Hospital for Children. .Shriners Hospitals for Children - Mexico
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