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    Walmart Warning with ketchup scam today, Sunday, July 5th 12:25 pm. Will write details tomorrow. She RAN, I RAN, I DID get my wallet back but not until after 4 parties intervened and did amazing things to assist me. GREAT end story. Just a warning/reminder to be on the lookout and super careful for the pretty girl telling you that you have something on the back of your (in my case, dress.) Val Jones
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    You can not compare a haircut to surgery. https://www.caninejournal.com/dog-ear-cropping/
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    Being helpful wasn’t our intent.
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    Yes. It's a bizarre and vile concept to cut pieces off of humans or animals because of some "tradition", the reasons for which may have been thought warranted at some time in history but have no validity today.
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    It should. I will never forgive my parents. Born that way stay that way.
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    Ear and tail cropping has been banned in the UK, Australia and most European countries. There were various reasons for cropping when the dogs were working breeds, such as long ears getting caught and damaged, but most of these reasons are long gone. For example, Pembrook Welsh Corgi tails were supposedly cropped because in the Middle Ages the English put a tax on livestock and counted tails. Poor Welsh farmers cropped the tails of their little farm dogs to save money. The truth of this are lost in the mists of time, but the tail cropping has become an unfortunate tradition.
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    If you haven't registered, do so SOON. Even if you have, check with your local registrar to make sure you have not been purged. The site shown on the banner suggests re-registering annually as in some states they can drop you every year. Hoping partisan posters can refrain; this is important for everyone.
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    Just hope the baggers get the money.
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