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    Banned from posting. Can still read the threads, just can't post on any of them. Looks like thread has run its course. Closed.
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    I adopted an old dog from the Ranch who had been there a very long time. She walked with me through my house, sniffed my cats and dog and then climbed up on the sofa. That was her “adjustment.” She has been with me three years and has been a love and a joy. I have never had any regrets. Would adopt another old, long-time Ranch resident in a heartbeat. You guys do an amazing job. Thank you.
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    Please..many people here would like to adopt . Please consider your age . It is not fair to the doggie if the person can Not walk it or to take care of it properly . Worse yet the individual has to get rid of the pet after a short time due to illness .when my mother died , My father adopted a little Yorkie , shortly after he became ill ..( 78 years old .) . He had to give up his Yorkie (which broke his heart) . Most people would think that at least the pet would have some time in a loving home . But what happens when you have to re-home ? I am very sure there will be many people who don’t agree with me . But please look at previous posts on other threads .
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    We also adopted a senior dog Petunia from The Ranch she was 10 when we adopted her, she had also spent all her life at The Ranch. We took her home, she settled in right away as if she had been with us all her life. We had her for 4 years, 4 very special years. She was the most amazing dog we ever owned. Keep up the good work you wonderful people at The Ranch.
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    Chaya B&B is a delightful place to stay and close to most of the actions.
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    I use Alex at Access Chapala with great success. accesschapala@hotmail.com • Work Telephone 766-3654 Calle Morelos 13A in Ajijic
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    I would definitely PM More Liana on this board, she lives there and really knows the territory.
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    I adopted a dog from the Ranch who had lived there for eleven years. Boy was I surprised that he never messed in the house. So you never I ow. Senior dogs are the best especially for senior people.
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    Another thread killed with childish arguing and name calling. Closed. JIT restricted from further posting. GH given a time out.
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    I agree totally. I think we all have had enough of him.
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    I second that! I find all his posts to be so rude.............always with the swear words and degrading. A real piece of work.
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    Continue crying? He's not even worth blocking. But webboards like this are set up with the intent to create a forum where people can assist each other, exchange information, talk about topics related to the purpose of the forum, not to exchange insults and meaningless adolescent drivel. People who enjoy doing that should just exchange email addresses and converse between themselves to their heart's content.
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    This is a common condition. What would you have people do? Get up and leave the table multiple times during a meal? I have it. There are two choices, either have snot running down my face when eating or discretely blow the nose. A lot of the food served in restaurants here triggers it for me, probably because of spices or other additives. https://www.verywellhealth.com/gustatory-rhinitis-82824
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    Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara This board is for people with interest in the Lake Chapala area and in moving to Mexico. Proper forum etiquette is to be observed or posts may be deleted in order to make this forum a valuable resource to all.
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