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    Opening a motion to have "Johnny" and "Tiny" have their own board or forum, and "take it outside" / get a hobby (other than this one) "Like" if you agree….
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    This guy showed up around here for a few weeks and became an instant expert. And he isn't just maligning Lakeside, he's attacking Mexico as well. He is extremely negative to the point of going right over the top. He was ignored here which pissed him off. From time to time we get some "burps" of criminal activity. The local population knows where their bread is buttered so they manage to tamp it down pretty quickly. Note that any place that brings relative affluence up against relative poverty is going to have its share of petty theft. This is the kind of stuff you can prevent with simple care, awareness and common sense. We've lived here 11 years and find it no less safe than many places we've lived in the U.S. Here, however, you are more responsible for your own personal and property safety. I don't know anyone who is leaving because of crime. The principal reason people leave is either medical or family too far away or both. That hasn't changed in the time we've been here.
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    You mean those watching a criminal run a country into the ground?
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    Jonny, you are so close to loosing access to this forum. Back off
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    And they were all on the Carretera yesterday.
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    You, jit, on the other hand, are rude, crude and totally lacking in class and education. Sometimes you're amusing but, most often, you're not. It doesn't really matter how old YOU are, because you'll always be an immature brat looking for attention. It would be very nice if YOU would find another forum to crap in.
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    We have a new local commandante of the state transitos. Gordo is GONE thanks to the good people who wrote letters confirming extortion. Hector is planning a town Hall to introduce the commandante.
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    Mr. Dhal didn't like how crowded it was here and is trying to thin out the place for his return.
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    I guess I don’t see the value in demeaning people... no matter what mistakes they make. Just me I guess.
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    There are greedy people of all nationalities who would cut down the last tree on earth, shoot the last grizzly bear, if it would serve their own self-interest. Shrugging one's shoulders and saying that's just how it is, or it has nothing to do with me, or I don't care, is the attitude that got the planet into the mess it's in in the first place. Borders are made-up human constructs. We all live on the same planet and when the trees get cut down, there's less oxygen in the air and less oxygen lowers all living creatures immune systems and disease proliferates. When someone burns plastic in their yard, the toxins emitted don't stop at their fence line or even their neighborhood- they add to the pollution that everyone on earth is suffering from. Not caring, and not getting involved is being part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. The idea that just because you've settled in a country that you don't originate from means that it's none of your business, is bizarre to me. Being part of a community carries responsibilities to care for and interact with that community, no matter where you came from. Whether you're Mexican, American, French, or Chinese, that's irrelevant.
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    May none of us ever become one of those old people who can no longer speedily handle everyday transactions and have an impatient person behind us letting us know how annoyed they are with us. Hopefully, if they are annoyed they will be able to mask their annoyance and happily help us finish paying for our order and graciously send us on our way. It occurs to me that maybe the cashier in Earl’s lovely story pitched in her own money to simply speed things up and finish a transaction that had already taken too much time. She was compassionate enough to do it in a way that did not judge or embarrass the old woman. May we all at least try to be this kind.
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    All these last few days squabbles over a brand new hospital that provides convenience to expats and nationals who may not want to travel about 50 minutes away at night or maybe they don't have cars?! It's impossible to get all equipments in one day. It's perfectly fine for anyone to travel to any hospitals as his/her choice. Choices are wonderful. However, this's just my opinion - put your thumbs away and keep some negative thoughts to yourself - Hospital San Antonio deserves a chance. Do not attack. I'm entitled to my opinion.
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    Beside spending 3 lousy days in a private clinic in CHiapas I also spent some nights in the general hospital there as a friend of mine´s child had to be there with her son who had fractured his skull.There were no bed available so her son spent 3 days in the emergency room on a cart. The parents or family slept outside on the street and in the waiting room on cardboards on the ground... and it is cold in San Cristobal. The patient had to have a parent or tutor with him at all times. That person was given a tiny chair to spend 6 hours at a time. Once I entered to help at 8pm and had to stay until 2 am like it or not. The doors were locked and a guard had to let you in or out. One woman came in on thursday night after a 2 hour van ride from the mountain. The boy was crying or howling all night, and vomiting, he probably had a skull fracture.. The x ray machine was not working so they sent him by ambulance to a lab. The woman had to pay 200 pesos to the ambulance and 1800 to the lab. She had no money so a hat was passed around. Once she got the money she went to the lab , came back. with the x rays.. but the doctor was gone and would not be back until the following monday so the har as passed around so the woman and her son could take a bus back to their house.There was no bed so they were told to come back on Monday..She went off with the screaming boy.. and never came back. I was there on that MOnday and she never came..It was just heartbreaking .. and we bitch because the hospital may not have this or that?? get serious.
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    Great, tell them that they need to aspire to those jobs.
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    You are making two erroneous assumptions. Some of us do not feel unsafe here. We take the normal precautions we did NOB, not one thing different. We feel just as safe as we did NOB — and, in some cases, more so. We never considered this “paradise” and still don’t. It is a lovely, lively place to live. We are having fun, a lot more fun than we would be having NOB. So, when you speak, please remember that you are speaking only for yourself and those sad people who think like you do. Sorry about that pig you’re stuck with but we are loving our purses. They may not be silk, but they are a beautiful, durable fabric that brings us pleasure every single day.
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    jonny is a smart guy. But he's an asshole who loves hiding behind his anonymity. People, there are better things to do in life that to try and retrain a wasted bag of skin. Fuck him.
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    I give no quarter to the concept that restaurants should be allowed to "get up to speed". Soft openings are for ironing out unforeseen problems, not for learning how to cook and serve. I would certainly not want my mechanic to get up to speed, or my tailor, or my construction contractor.
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    As a person who walks with a cane, I hear you loud and clear and am sick and tired of hearing excuses about the dog's need to get exercise. Even where there is no dog park, there is plenty of open country in this area where people can take their dog. They don't need to take it to a public park that has the kind of paved walkway providing the only surface that is safe for the less abled and the elderly. (Newsflash: If you stick around long enough, you'll get old, too !) Why not make life a little easier for one's fellow humans by obeying the law?
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    A few weeks ago, a long-time customer of mine died suddenly. I didn't know until I saw his obit. I'd just worked with him two weeks earlier, and he appeared to be in fine health. His computers were loaded with his writings and publications, as he was prolific and had a political voice and many contacts. I reached out specifically to see if I could help in saving his lifetime collection of work. I certainly didn't need to tell anybody why. A lawyer contacted me and we were able to save his files. It's nobody's business why the OP needs to know. Can't you just accept the query and if you have no answer, move along? It's judgmental answers like those last two that ruin this board.
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    And Canadians also know that not all Americans are bombastic red neck b.s.ers. Not all Muslims are terrorists. etc. etc. and the list goes. How about treating individuals as individuals? Dislike what an individual does. Don't lump everyone together lest you show your own ignorance and biases. A#%holes come in all races, creeds and colours.
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    I've lived in Mexico longer than you. I've lived in more places here than you, including Tijuana (where I worked in the city jail), Ajijic and Guadalajara, Morelia, Michoacán, and currently in Mexico City. I disagree with every word of every paragraph that you wrote in that quote. Some of what you wrote shocks me to the core: "...they were taught by their parents who likely had little of value to teach..." "...the church goers (or a portion of them) are the "good" ones... "...if anything mandates a Mexicn it's their opportunistic instincts...". Jonny in trouble, I'd say maybe it's the way you part your hair. If you look at Mexico and its population with those attitudes, those attitudes are exactly what you're going to get back. I sincerely hope what you wrote is tongue in cheek. Oh and PS: it's estadounidense. And we are all North Americans here: canadienses, estadounidenses, y mexicanos.
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    Go to the INM counter at GDL (it's next to United Airlines counter). We often have early AM flights and the counter has always been open, sometimes as early as 5AM. Some key entries/info: The INM agent at GDL will give you a blank form. You will have to step aside and fill it out. On the top part of form: Box 7, enter Mexico Box 8, enter RP number (from the back of your RP card) Box 9, enter OTRO for purpose of trip Write "Residente Permanente" at very top of the from and again below the perforation on the lower portion of form. The rest of form is straight-forward. After you complete it, return to the INM window so the agent can stamp it. Hand him your passport, your RP card and your boarding pass. He will give the stamped FMM back to you. Agents normally separate the form at the perforation and put the lower (smaller) portion in our passport with our boarding pass, knowing this is what the airline expects to see. Keep the upper larger portion.....you will need it when you return to MX. The lower shorter part of form is collected by the airline before you depart, usually at the gate just prior to boarding, but the counter agents will want to see it; if you don't have it they will send you to INM. Again, keep the upper larger portion for your return to MX. . When you return to MX do not fill out the blank FMM form the airline staff hands out on the plane (but take one and keep it for your next trip so you can fill it out before getting to GDL for your next trip out of MX). When you return to MX, enter the arriving flight info on the upper portion of the FMM that you kept when you left Mexico. When you approach the INM desk at GDL arrival area, show him/her your RP card FIRST and say, "Soy Residente." Then hand over your FMM and passport. The INM agent will keep the FMM form and you will leave their desk with only your RP card and passport. FYI, if you are leaving GDL during a holiday time or a weekend, give yourself some extra time. We have stood in the line for up to 30 minutes (and we always bring our own forms).
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    I was in Super Lake late this afternoon. As I walked in, I noticed an older Anglo with a full cart slowly handing each item to the young clerk one by one to be rung up. She seemed to be examining and considering each purchase as she was slowly handing it to the cashier. My passing thought was that this checkout was going to require great patience and a long time! Sure enough, after shopping for several produce items that I had spent time carefully selecting and searching for another item, I got behind this lady who was still there and just finishing up, slowly fishing coins from a coin purse, having already handed paper money to the young cashier, whose name is Rubi Berenice Flores. The lady didn't have enough money to cover her purchases and then offered a bag of something so that the cashier could reduce the total. Before I could ask the lady or Rubi how much the shortfall was, Rubi said to her in Spanish, "That's okay, I'll pay for it." I was amazed! Rubi took 17 pesos out of her shirt pocket to cover the shortfall, and at the same time, the owner came up, put all the purchases in the cart and offered to help the lady out with her now very full, piled up cart. As he did this, I explained to him what Rubi had done and told him how impressed I was with her kindness. He retrieved his clipboard and asked her how much the shortfall was so that he could reimburse her, or else I would've. The older lady went on out. In the past, I have given Susanna, who used to work there, a nice bit of cash as a Christmas gift because she was always so smiling and happy, efficient, eager to please, and absolutely honest. This year, I will write a note to Rubi and tell her how much her kindness to this older Anglo meant to that lady and to me, etc and enclose a cash Merry Christmas gift with it. I never expected such empathy and generosity from a young cashier, especially one who had already had to patiently go through a long, drawn-out checkout process, which had probably taken 15 minutes!
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    1. At the meeting on saturday, those considering buying lots in the "Ajijic Hills" were warned against these. 2. I have asked Hector to hold another Town Hall focused on this issue ASAP. Moy's attendance would be essential as well as any directors with direct impact on proposed constructions. An essential question to be answered is, as the tepalo area change of zoning was done without proper public input, what is necessary to reverse the change. 3. I informed Hector that Moy's credibility with the community is eroding due to his failure to honor two appointments with the Chimilli AXIXIC. This erosion of credibility might impact the public's willingness to pay taxes in january as discounts are in effect until the end of february. 4. I asked Hector to ask the Obras Publicas office to investigate the allegations of unpermitted constructions in the Coumbres and Tepalo areas and the possibility of bulldozing any construction work without proper permits.
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    What value does it add to a Post to call someone ignorant!?! Have you no civility?
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    Unless a link is shown, I call BS. Most immigrants require a sponsor that signs an Affidavit of Support. That sponsor must repay the government for any Means-Tested Public Benefits the immigrant may get. https://www.immihelp.com/affidavit-of-support/sponsor-responsibilities-obligations.html Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for any government based help, except return travel to their home country.
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    List names of people involved in granting the permissions so we know who the traitors are. We should not hire them nor any of their family members nor patronize any family businesses. Nobody takes responsibility and there are always excuses because nothing ever happens. Lets make people think twice before doing bad things.
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    Thank you MC for providing a l-e-n-g-t-h-y diatribe supporting the alt - right, white supremacist (sorry nationalist) agenda. It contains a great many errors, misinterpretations, and out right lies. Firstly, Washington Post has won 4 Pulitzer prizes for journalism just this year - how many have Breitbart, Alex Jones, Info Wars, Steve Bannon, Yannopolis won - EVER. Secondly, as RV as pointed out, you have to learn the differrence between "illegals" and "asylum seekers". For example, there is no way there are 200,000 "illegals" in Canada at this time. David Frum's article is coming from an intimate knowledge of both the Canadian and U.S. immigrations systems. He is smart enough not to exclaim "this is what we did in Canada, since 1996, and you should do the same". It would be very difficult to be an illegal in Canada. Employers know the risks, and in 90% of the country you would not survive a winter living under a bridge. They did not change the rules recently, just the opposite, they merely informed border crossers that they would most likely face deportation. Those that present as asylum seekers, other than Convention Refugees, have to go though an extensive examination. Very few are successful. They can't work during this time, and the ones I have worked with, and gotten to know, spend their waiting time in basement suites, with up to four or more living on $600 Cdn per month. In fairness, many of them too, also do not understand the difference between asylum and legal migration. One co-worker, Charlis, from Nicaragua, was a Coca Cola truck driver there. He managed to pass under asylum requirements (union organiser), and then went to Coca Cola Canada to ask them for a job, before he was laughed out of their office. Thirdly your views are obviously from tainted sources. You have obviously have never got to know any of these asylum seekers and their life stories, or know anything remotely truthful about the Canadian immigration system. To pass along these opinions, or impressions, without any actual knowledge is shameful. I am sorry, but it is.
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    People concerned with rapid access to the latest technology and specialists should not choose to live in small towns in the central highlands of Mexico.
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    Over what timeframe does your 500 deaths occur? Since the vaccination was developed I believe... and that was 'reported', not necessarily confirmed. Only 1 death reported since 2015. The vast majority of deaths from measles worldwide, 95%, come from undeveloped countries which have little or no vaccination programs. It is my understanding that the current outbreak is most prevalent in areas where either for religious or cultural (foreign) reasons children were not vaccinated.... something like 85% of the cases reported were from non-vaccinated persons. Me, I'll continue to believe in vaccinations in general. YMMV
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    I got bored after reading about 10 of your posts. I can't believe some of the people on this site. Quit griping all the time and give the hospital a chance. There is also another one coming. i wonder what the gripes will be about that one. If you don't like the new hospitals, then take the trip to GDL, but grow up.
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    For those who are reluctant to use Sr. Google for "privacy" reasons, try https://duckduckgo.com/ for a search engine that does not track your requests.... P.S. I don't consider Posting that one could easily use a Search Engine to answer their question as Bull Sh*t as was recently posted about my suggestion to use Google. For example I just now used duckduckgo to look up the Manix phone number. It took me about 5 seconds to get that number rather than Posting a question and waiting maybe several hours for someone else to look it up for me. YMMV
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    Wondering why some feel they need to say they "didn't like his food?" Seems as though a "sorry to hear that" would be sufficient.
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    I have been reading this web board for over 2 years. I have learned a tremendous amount about lakeside. The people I have learned from, Ferret, Computer Guy, Angus Mactavish & others have all expressed a love of this beautiful place and people. A place that I also have come to love. There is crime anywhere. When I think of Chapala, Riberas, SAT, and Ajijic I think of the great people I have met, local and expats. I think of the older lady walking with her heavy bags who's smile could light light up the neighborhood when told Buenos Dias. I think of Michael Eager who took time to give me advice about living lakeside. There is so much goodness here. I am proud to call Riberas my home. I am not an expat. I am an immigrant. There is no place I would rather be. Will it be the same in 20 years? No. But no place will be the same in 20 years. I will still be here. Thanks to all the friends I have not yet met.
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    Jakes , you have no right to walk with 5 dogs off leash in public parks or on the street. I have 5 dogs and I do not do that. If a person felt threaten by your dogs , you should apologized and keep your dogs on a leash. Go up the mountain with them off leash if you like but not on the street or n public places. A bite can easily get infected . These dogs should be under control . Period.
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    The poster who believes he has the right to walk with five unleashed dogs has the kind of attitude that makes it difficult for all of us to occupy the same space in comfort. It's possible that the man "waving his arms" has had a previous encounter with dogs where he was hurt and has been in fear of them since.
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    I have been fighting city hall since I was 24 and blocked a 2000 condo development. Yes, win some lose some. But, to not fight means lose all. I have dedicated 18 years to this village and will continue to win some and lose some. The more you win the less you have to fight.
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    Today's Guadalajara Reporter has an article on the meeting that the Urban Planning committee had last Friday. (deleted by mod2 copyright issue) The pressure from the Chialli Axixic group (and most probably the requests for exact details on the zoning change from their lawyer on January 15-18) made for an interesting session of this group made up of the President and two ex-presidents (the Degollado brothers), one of whom was involved in the original zoning change last March. The video can be see on the Gobierno de Chapala facebook page, watch minutes 38-45 for the part on Chapala where the body language, of the ex and current Presidents tell the whole story. The current head of Urban Planning, Arq. Rivas, was very clear about the illegality of the attempted project (which Moy Anaya had oringinally denied existed, but now admits), and although it looks like a win, the Chimalli Axixic group will continue to monitor the situation, as well as the other iffy development plans in the area. The fact is, that all of us stand to lose if there is unchecked building and there is a lot of it. The committee and the current government are willing to legalize many of the projects (La Pueblita, a 4 story building in El Bajío, the high rise in La Floresta, and many more). Having stopped or delayed the tower project near El Tepalo is an example how the will of the people, and a good lawyer, can move, or in this case stop the moving, of mountains.
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    I know you love going mo deeper into all topics in the most arrogant, insulting, and condescending ways. I will put you on Ignore and drop out of the game. See how many more threads you can take off topic, dragging the spotlight onto you and your many accomplishments. I just hope the Mods start deleating your off topic posts instead of locking what are otherwise useful threads.
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    Late last night, siphoned Pete Johansen's tank, no lineup, no problems.
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    It is interesting to me that people who move here insist on keeping their rules from another country. All the Mexicans I know leave 10% and many foreigners get all self righteous about it although they do not get upset in countries where you do not tip or where the tip is included.
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    For all those people who are obviously not content with their lives in Mexico and are constantly posting snide remarks about "Paradise": There is no Paradise on this planet and nobody with common sense should expect to find it here in these old Mexican towns. If you want life as it is lived back in the U.S.A, do yourself a favor and go home.
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    O oh mc. My elf informant tells me that Santa has downgraded you further on his naughty list. This means you will be getting coal in your stocking, but rather doggie poo. Your crime? Supporting very unpopular opinions about Mexico and Mexicans, while living in Mexico and then cowering behind your moderator cloak when things get hot.
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    That 63% number is from the Center for Immigration Studies, a private, right-wing anti-immigration group. And what is "welfare?" It's not like there's a single program where you go to sign up. Welfare can better be defined as any government subsidy program. Go to school on the GI bill? Have a VA or FHA home mortgage? Are you a farmer with crop or dairy subsidies? Did you start a business with a SBA loan? Buy federal flood insurance? Take a credit from IRS for solar panels or adopting a child? Plenty of new corporate and upper-class welfare in the latest tax law. As to where do immigrants in Mexico go to sign up....if you belong to IMSS or Seguro Popular you already have.
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    And parents that think they know more than doctors.
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    I sleep alone and regardless of the weather, that makes me very happy.
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    The sounds of some motorcycles makes me want to mace the rider so I empathize with the dogs.
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    Whataboutism (also known as whataboutery) is a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent's position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument, which in the United States is particularly associated with Soviet and Russian propaganda. When criticisms were leveled at the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the Soviet response would often be "What about..." followed by an event in the Western world .
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    Why do you have to plop your POLITICAL bs into so many threads?
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    My wife is Mexican and she gets mad when I tip more than 10%.
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