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    With all due respect I think the Europeans are leading and the U.S.A. is catching up.
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    I'm sorry, but when a restaurant opens its doors to the paying public all bets are off. It's sink or swim time and if the owner doesn't know enough to poach, hire, or train good cooks and waitstaff, they don't belong in the business. And probably won't be for long.
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    There have been a few humourous posts about getting things done in Mexico. Nothing describes this better than the following:
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    You "think" that there is a crime problem. Ummm...maybe you should look up your information rather than tossing out rumors? Or at least talking to someone who actually lives here? The inherent snobbery from others, especially in Ajijic, never ceases to amaze me (I know, I know). Yes, there have been problems in the past, but relying on old stories is getting, well, old. I like that I don't have to worry about my house getting hit by a mudslide or shifting because it was shoddily built. It's also nice to be able to look over the mountains and the lake without being jammed next to my neighbor. The location is convenient and the lack of congestion is wonderful. Each area has its pluses and minuses, so you really need to consider what you actually want, not just follow the herd. Yes, we're on a septic system and it's NOT a pita to maintain if you use common sense. Would I prefer a city system? Possibly, but having had a septic system in Texas, I wasn't too shocked to find our home came with one, too. No biggie. OK, rant over.
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    First, I have no problem if people want to chat privately about dollars and value. Second, I am Canadian, so whatever you say in U.S. here just means I need to add 35% extra, more or less, to get Canadian dollars. But third and more important, I don't have a corporate pension, and all my work is done here in pesos. So I live pesos and think pesos. So I don't translate funds in my head. Thus, constantly talking dollars about restaurant prices and how it compares to back home is just irritating to me, and pointless.
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    Thrilled to receive a note from friends who sold their home NOB in record time! Now, they're planning their move to Paradise. They've asked me to help find a rental for them. They'd like a 2 bedroom, 2 bath in the Ajijic Centro. area (walking distance to L.C.S.) with off-street parking for one vehicle. Their price range is $850-1000, including their utilities. They should arrive a few days before Nov. 1st so are hoping to find a 6-12 month rental to start then. If anyone knows of something like this or has something to offer, please send me a P.M. As always, thanks in advance for the information. Valerie
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    The OP’s point was not that they closed for renovations but they did not have the common courtesy to notify people who had reservations. Had she not called to reconfirm (and not everyone does) she and her guest would have arrived to a closed restaurant. That is rude and inconsiderate of customers who deserve better.
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    " I haven't a total power outage since early 2008 when my photo-voltaic solar system was installed. Yes my solar backup system continues to provide power, day or night when CFE was or is down. When I ordered my system in 2007, CFE had a much worse reputation than it does now. So in those days, it made sense to add battery backup. Not any more, in fact it is nearly impossible to find a solar company that sells battery backup systems. About three years ago I had to replace my 8 deep cell golf cart batteries. At that wasn't cheap. I really love the fact that the refrigerator, one or two lights in each room, my TV system and my computer have power 24 seven. I also don't have to reset the electric clock in my refrigerator and electric clock in the TV room either Would I recommend you try to get a battery powered backup system today? Heck no. But it is sure nice to have my old system." You should save this to a file so you would not need to type it over and over. HAHAHAHAHAHA
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    A lofty and desirable goal. However, based on experience of ten years at lakeside....good luck in finding enough people who think with their brain instead of their gut and their prejudices, and who are also interested in spending time in that way.🖖
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    Snobbery easily is matched by reverse snobbery in the Lakeside area.
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    I wish folks would stop indicating cost in dollars...please give us the price you paid in Pesos and let us be the judge if it's good value....if you're not familiar with the mix of folks at Lakeside...we are not all from Kansas
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    I would hesitate to suggest building to a person who is not yet familiar with the area, the workers and the costs. My suggestion is the usual: Rent for at least six months before even considering buying or building. You should learn about neighborhoods without making a big financial commitment. Houses usually sell slowly for many reasons, including the unavailability of good financing options such as are found in the States.
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    Why don't you look at chapalamls.net and judge for yourself. on the MLS site you can choose properties for sale or under contract. Google walk neighborhoods to get an idea of what they are like (not current views but a good start). Real estate market here is not like NOB.
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    Those prices just caused hundreds of baby-boomers to cancel their applications for residence visas! The economy of Ajijic is doomed and the "1%" will have to dine in Guadalajara 'con la gente'.
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    Trust me, snowyco, it's still bite me. It's just that we can be very diplomatic. After all, why keep roughing up the guy's hair? It never amounts to anything except a bad smell on your hand....
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    Furthermore, if an Uber driver is selling you a trip 'off-app', he's not driving for Uber--he's driving for himself and can ask you to pay him whatever the traffic will bear. I'd bargain with him over the price. I've used Uber services in several cities in both Mexico and the USA. No Uber driver has ever offered me 'off-app' services. No Uber driver has ever accepted a cash payment from me, not even as a tip. If I'm not mistaken, Uber in Guadalajara does accept cash payments, so YMMV. If it were me and an Uber driver offered 'off-app' services, I'd report him and his offer to Uber. His 'off-app' offer of service means he's stealing from Uber. Here's the link for that: https://help.uber.com/. Use "I had another issue".
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    When I was a kid we played “Let’s Pretend.” We’d agree on a basic setup and who wanted to play. The rest was improv. “Let’s pretend we’re lost in the woods.” “Let’s pretend we’re a family moving into our new house.” “Let’s pretend we are cowboys and Indians at a fort.” Looks like Trump is playing “Let’s pretend I am a president who can do whatever I want because there are no laws, rules, policies, treaties, and regulations” He expects everyone will play along and pretend too. And, at least in the Oval Office, that is what happens.
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    I would say -no - the timing is wrong. There is a media overload of debate, disguised as news. Too much chatter, tweets and opinions already, maybe the public hasn't had enough, but I sure have. I prefer the sweet solace of the garden, birds. Then again, I "experimented" with debate in Universities, I have the skills - but so what?
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    Anyone who keeps 7 dogs and "tries not to keep more than 9 around" really needs to start saving up for their own property.
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    Hello Spencer, I entered Mexico at the end of May 2018 and received a 120 days tourist visa which expires next month. My lease at Lake Chapala terminates at the end of the year. I am retired and would like to stay in Mexico for a year, before deciding on permanent residency. What is the easiest way to extend my visa? Can I walk into Chapala Immigration office, and request an extension? Thanks, Dale
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    A slight puzzlement: You're 54 (Happy Birthday) and you're hoping to find professional singles who are ten to fifteen years younger here??? Got something against people your own age??😎
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    Traditional steakhouse side dishes are large as they are meant to be shared.
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    Thanks for posting the menu. Looks like what Sonora Grill offers in the steak dept. A good friend who has owned a dozen or more restaurants won't go to a new one until after 3 weeks open. If you go inside this time frame, please don't post a negative review as it isn't fair to a new place with all new staff.
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    Shows how my mind is starting to go.......I read the title and was expecting to hear about a strolling vendor who pierced ears! "Lock me up"!
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    You have chosen the worst time to come and look for a place, in my opinion. Yes, in the winter we are saturated. With the rental market being so tight right now, all the rentals will be full and the property management companies and individuals who run the rentals won't be able to get you in to look at properties. I think you would do much better in April or May when the snowbirds are gone. More places will be available. Last year and this year the number of people wanting to move here has increased substantially and it is making it difficult to find accommodations if you are a renter. There used to be a lot more rentals available but new arrivals took a lot of them, and the rule of supply and demand drove prices up, and then a lot of houses which used to be rentals were sold because real estate prices went up as well due to all the new arrivals. I have heard that some renters rent all year long now even though they are snowbirds, just to ensure they have their spot for the winter, although they don't want to buy into the market. I don't know if that happens much but perhaps some people do it. Things have definitely changed here. If you still want to come Jan through Mar, you need to book something very soon.