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    Harsh measures? They are logical, common sense measures proven to work to contain a highly contagious and dangerous pandemic. And those measures are designed to protect everyone- measures that are being employed, all around the world, where people have sense and education, that have kept the infection and death rates down in those places. Places that don't have any "old ex-pats". You criticize endlessly the things that are quite normal in Mexico, yet now you're the big defender of Mexicans who want to work. And no one is telling them they can't work. All they have to do is wear a damn mask, not around their neck, but properly, stop having parties as if the pandemic is a joke, and enforce distancing in their stores. It's not that complicated.
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    Huh? I am one of the expats mentioned and am acutely aware of the economic hardship this virus has created, as are many of my fellow expats- you know, those unfeeling folks who have ponied up a portion of their SS checks to support one, or two, or three of the feeding programs in the area. Don't patronize me to promote your own agenda, it won't work. Try harder.
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    Given the OP's history of maligning service providers, I would not recommend anyone to him, let alone a physician I like and respect.
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    It makes me very sad to continually read these posts. Everyone on our planet is under a great deal of stress. We, the retired ones are the lucky ones, we don't have to go to work, we don't have to deal with young children at home and wonder about their safety retuning to school this fall. Do you think everyone on this board could show a little love and concern for our fellow man instead of the constant insults, opinions etc. Come on people, time to grow up and try to comfort those amongst us who have serious health issues and may just be terrified for their lives. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. You have no idea who you may be hurting. Wear a mask, it won't kill you. It just might save somebody else's life.
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    I've been in every country in Central America and all of western South America. There is not another place that suits our needs quite like this area. We have lived in San Miguel de Allende and I lived in Patzcuaro. I have been in 26 different states of Mexico. Always with an eye out for potential living or retirement. The combination of elements that exist here does not exist anywhere else that I have ever been. If you feel like Ajijic is too much like "gringolandia" then consider places like San Nicolas or Santa Cruz or even Jocotepec. Same weather, proximity to Guad and airport, four hours from the best beaches in Mexico, and Ajijic amenities within a short drive. It can depend on your comfort with the language. There is crime and corruption in all of Latin America as well as in many places in the US. Some folks just love South Texas, Florida, or Arizona. Not our choice though. Half of the fun of expat living is exploring your options...something that much of the world just does not have the luxury of doing. Alan
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    This was posted in the MC thread on "interesting data": The CDC says, in very plain language, that COVID-19 is one of the most damaging and dangerous viruses / diseases out there, to both young and old. Fewer young people die from it, this is true. However, the full extent of the significant and permanent damage done to their bodies, general health / stamina, brains, and cardio systems is still not fully understood - other than it can be life changing and life shortening. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/24/health/covid-19-symptoms-last-long-term-study-wellness/index.html
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    Exactly. The same few people (dinosaurs?) cannot and seemingly will not even try to accept that if people follow protocols and make small sacrifices for the good of all, then economies can safely reopen. We would all like to see that happen, not for a Wall Street rebound, but for people of all nations who work to feed themselves and their families. The notion that this is a disease that affects those living in cities and hardly affects smaller communities is laughable. Would you like to tell the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian rainforest that? The only way we can move forward is to be unified in our understanding that everyone must act responsibly for the wellbeing of others, and not act out of selfishness.
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    Yeah, don´t wear a seat belt, exceed the speed limits, run through the red lights, and ignore all those other things that the government forces you to do, or in your case doesn´t. Get real!!!
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    masks are to protect others not you and if you can prevent one death it is worth it.. It is easy to look at statistic when you are not affected but just get it or hae one of your love one affected and let´s see what you say.
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    We have a choice not to shop at stores where the employees are not following the safety protocols. Don't bother talking to the customer service staff- they are usually just as clueless and uncaring as the rest of the staff. Ask to speak to the manager, let him know they are losing your business because of this. Go once more to see if that made any difference, and if not, boycott them. There are many places to go shopping. Let's reward the businesses who are being responsible and not put our $ in the pockets of those who aren't.
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    Could this be a case if "leading with your chin"? If you go into known cartel territory and buy a big ranch, it shows you have money . You might be "leading with your chin" the cartel is probably going to target you. Not saying the cartel has the right but it is just the way it is here. Just my opinion
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    Eric, if you are going to continue to give people updates on every aspect of your life, you have to expect people to tell you they don’t care. You are the one that’s being abusive here.
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    Consider this in countries like Mexico, too.
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    When people refuse to comply with what are straightforward, easy to comply with directives, then yes, public officials who actually care about keeping the public safe need to get tough and make it clear that if people refuse to comply willingly, they will be forced to comply. Jalisco is lucky to have a governor intelligent and concerned enough, and who clearly understands measures necessary to contain a pandemic and prevent unnecessary deaths. Everyone everywhere should be so lucky. It's no different than seat belt and drunk driving checks and fines. It's about being proactive about public safety, the intention isn't to curtail freedom, the intention is to save lives. Anyone who can't understand that is a moron.
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    He also drove a lot of customers away by sitting around with pals laughing at their racist, misogynistic comments and “jokes.” Some people were just not comfortable there especially as more beer was consumed. I remember fondly eating at his original location. He was friendly and the atmosphere pleasant as he served his delicious pizza (and it was delicious). Perhaps he became a victim of his own success.
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    Eric.. , you call someone on sunday morning and you are surprised , he did not call you back by monday morning?.. Anyone who calls me on sunday mornning gets put on the black list and they never hear from me again...If it is business call him on business hours..
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    Yet you have never offered anyone any requested advice on this forum, as far as I'm aware, never been helpful, engaged in any topic in any meaningful way or even been conversational in any way. You bring nothing to the table. Your entire motivation for posting seems to consist of giving your opinion on the appropriateness of other's posts. You're like some "church lady" who's set herself up as arbiter of "niceness" and "nastiness", as if you think there was some job opening for that position here that needed to be filled.
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    I suspect Alfaro is paying close attention to the healthcare tragedies that are currently unfolding in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. If Alfaro takes steps to open the economy sooner, I ask what is the backup plan to be implemented when all of the hospitals in Guadalajara are at full capacity? The purpose of mitigating measures is to stagger hospital admissions and protect our frontline healthcare workers. When those two safety nets are breached, there will be few if any options left on the table. So what is Plan B when that happens? Lot of opinions here about opening the economy but not much foresight. If you think this is a healthcare crisis today in Jalisco, just wait. Personally, I will take my chances with Alfaro. Thus far his policies have proven to be more successful than the public health policies I have seen on either side of the border. If you think the economy here needs to be opened now, then history will show that the infection rates will increase rapidly, followed by hospital admissions, and finally deaths. About four to six weeks. If you are an elderly expat with cardiac conditions, cancer, or other serious disease, take a number in the hospital parking lot and be sure to buy pre-burial insurance. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/all-the-hospitals-are-full-in-houston-overwhelmed-icus-leave-patients-waiting-in-er/ar-BB16AFOW?li=BBnb7Kz
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    Dichosalocura- almost all of what you have said in your post above regarding the death rates and the efficacy of masks is incorrect. And saying you'll cease to wear a mask if the govt. mandates them makes about as much sense as Obrador saying he'll wear a mask when there is no more corruption. Masks are worn to safeguard public health and keep the infection rate down. They have nothing to do with politics and govt. power.
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    Think long and hard before reporting this family. If you have expressed your concerns to them and then DIF shows up they will “know” it was you. If the baby is normal sick and crying a lot and the government shows up at their door they may view you most unkindly. I have a Mexican friend who I run such things past to get the cultural take on situations. He has several times saved me from missteps, mostly minor but a couple that would have been serious faux pas. A health and safety issue for the baby is serious. But if you are mistaken it could backfire on you. Even if the report is necessary there may be ways to handle it that will be easier for you.
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    Totally sexist heading and a lazy and stupid post. Just my opinion.
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    My problem with the location was it being across the street from the previous restaurant he sold to a couple whenhe was sick and needed money. Then he gets better and comes back and opens up across the street. “Ta-da! Bobby’s back! Forget that old Roberto’s place across the street.”
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    Call someone a bitch? I would wash your mouth with real soap and offer you a drink of soapy water to clean you inside and out. Please do many of us a favor to take a long leave of absence. Or please seek help, you're not well.
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    A little amplification - the article was not meant to downplay the need for masks in appropriate circumstances. The article was published on April 1, 2020. The authors followed up with an editorial comment on June 3, 2020 stressing that article's emphasis on "passing encounters in public spaces, not sustained interactions within closed environments". It begins with "We understand that some people are citing our Perspective article (published on April 1 at NEJM.org)1 as support for discrediting widespread masking. In truth, the intent of our article was to push for more masking, not less. " and concludes with "We therefore strongly support the calls of public health agencies for all people to wear masks when circumstances compel them to be within 6 ft of others for sustained periods." https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2020836.
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    I know his info was posted some time ago, and SO glad I copied it down. My washer refused to "agitate" yesterday and with 8 years under its belt, was not surprised. Called Gualberto. He agreed to come right over (oh no, señora, no extra charge to come today ---Saturday) since I told him I have to go to Guad on Monday. He and son Omar showed up in less than an hour (Chapala to SAT) and quickly diagnosed problem as being a "little plastic part" under the base of the agitator post. No big deal and he can get it and come back Monday when I get back from the city. While he was here, I asked about 2 cycles that have never worked since I bought the (new) machine, and was always too lazy to check while under warranty so you know how much I cared. This would be a much more expensive repair as the whole electronic "unit" behind the selector dial would need replacing. We both agreed if I haven't needed them in 8 years I can live without them for a lot longer! Refused any money.... "oh no señora, you only pay when I am done". And was very honest and up-front with me when some might have tried to take advantage and find something much more expensive to fix. VERY pleased and want to give him lots of praise for initiative and prompt service.
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    Are you unaware that there are places in the world that enforced stringent lockdown measures and reduced their cases to none? And that new cases only appeared when outsiders entered the community? There are ways to contain and eradicate a disease without a vaccine. The only reason that coronavirus is still running rampant is that there has been no worldwide co-ordinated approach and that people are too ignorant and stubborn to comply. And are you unaware that death isn't the only danger from this virus? That people are experiencing long-term effects from brain damage, other nervous disorders, organs affected, etc. etc?
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    So you wear seatbelts, have insurance on your car, generally observe speed limits, and do not drive under the influence but draw the line at wearing a piece of cloth over the lower part of your face because freedom? 🙄
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    Eric, this doesn't apply to Mexico and certainly not to Jalisco or locally. Closed.
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    It's OK we have it covered and won't be needing your help. Thanks.
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    Sure it does, to the Left. You can't be a member of their "pack" if you are a "free" thinker. You either agree 100% with their narrative or you are a racist, etc. , etc,. etc. You have heard the drill a thousand times. If you ain't with them you are against them ! Either all, or none. They weed out and eat their own, sooner or later. They only use you while you benefit them. Lots of evidence of this everywhere. Keep thinking for your survival.
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    There are now many groups of survivors sharing with others their often debilitating, and yes, life changing conditions. To suggest that the only casualties are the dead shows a lack of study and further critical thinking. By the way, the virus is "assisted" by testotestosterone, the primary reason why men die in much greater numbers. They are just now learning that it attacks the testicles, leading to damage that may well affect reproduction. So, when you get talking about how it's really nothing to be concerned about, consider more than just the numbers of dead (as if that isn't horrifying enough!)🤔
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    The reason: They want to be able to stop. They do not intend to enter Walmart.
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    Your question reminds me of the old quote: "It's not the hours you put in at work, it's what you put in the hours." Ask for quotes based on doing the job once a week. If unhappy with the results, next...
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    Yes, she is a gem. Why did you do this to her?
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    Yes, there are people who have asked me who did my plumbing, my ironwork, my electricity, but I heard back from some of those tradespeople that some of the folks who asked for their numbers from me treated them so poorly, and tried to chisel them down on their quite reasonable prices, that I would never recommend anyone to those people again. Now if they ask, I'll just say "Oh, he must have changed his phone number or something- I haven't been able to get ahold of him for ages."
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    I do not see any difference between asking here which browser to use and which solar panel to use or which appliance, cigar, medicine. mask, butter (etc) why is research on one subject more valuable than other? Technology is important part of our lives wherever we live.
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    Have you noticed how one person can be out of step with the platoon, but his take is, " I´m in step, the rest of you are out of step".
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    There seem to be some assumptions here that it is only the local Mexicans and visiting Tapatios who are ignoring the necessary protocols (mask wearing, social distancing, etc.). While it is true that I see less and less Mexicans obeying the protocols, I also see many expats doing the same. When I visit local restaurants, as well as the Ajijic Plaza, I regularly see groups of expats sitting closely together, or standing closely together chatting, and not wearing masks. Often they are talking loudly and laughing, potentially spreading covid-19 for a considerable distance in all directions. I am a regular at these places and many of those I am describing are also regulars, some of whom I have NEVER seen wearing a mask, even at the height of the earlier shutdown. Those who do wear masks, often don't wear them properly, but let them hang from one ear or down under their chins, or with their noses uncovered. We should police our own behavior before we take exception to the behavior of the local people. We should also remember that wearing a mask is more about protecting others from ME than protecting me from others. I have no particular right to behave in ways that endanger others, Mexicans or expats.
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    I'm Canadian and I don't care what Trump gave you. Seems that you take every opportunity to segue into your jingoist proclivity.
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    Your community requests that you quarantine for a minimum of two weeks. With all the information on this virus, to do less would show a gross disregard for life. And before the "sunshine, fresh air, and exercise" brigade arrives, let me say that all of that can be had without leaving home. Get plenty of pesos at the airport, go home and order groceries delivered, order meals delivered, and keep your community members Covid free.
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    No, "we haven't all read it" because it is not true and doesn't exist. And this is not a lakeside or Guad topic either. Get a life. "Thread closed and deleted"
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    I think a lot of people, Mexican and expats, feel that the gov't is so curupt that the 16% will just go into someone's pocket and the people will see no changes
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    Among the other things Antonio does ( he also rents and sells cars) Antonio will act as your inspector and agent when purchasing a car. Based on very strong recommendations on Facebook from local folks who have used his services for car buying I had him help me buy a newer used car recently. The knowledge and level of service he provided were simply excellent. It was pretty obvious the seller was a bit slippery but as soon as he dealt with Antonio the games stopped. First, Antonio and his mechanic inspected the car in high detail, pointed out several issues and advised me as to how serious and the cost to remedy. He negotiated a fantastic deal with the seller, used a number of techniques to verify the factura was genuine and corresponded to this car, verified registration several ways, worked with the Acura dealer to get a second, highly thorough inspection and arrange for service and repair. He handled everything right up to closing and final pick up and check at the Acura dealer, including driving me in to GDL three times. He also showed me how to save a lot on registration cost and handled all that as well. Buying a car in Mexico unless you go and pay big bucks for a new one at a dealer can be quite difficult and I never would have attempted to purchase from this seller on my own. Antonio really made the process easy and got me a great deal. His cell number is 331/804-8070
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    Upfront, Bennie, Mannie or whoever you are, it doesn't mean you are a conspiracy theorist or a Trump supporter if you analyze the facts and data less hysterically than the way the media wants you to believe. It's called being independent and thinking. Most people don't think or analyze they just believe everything they read and hear. Just because the local authorities claim that Chapala has currently reached 50 cases since January for a population over 50 thousand does not mean I am going to freak out and hide out in my room. You have to be nuts. Analyze the data and try to see the whole picture. Even the CDC and the WHO both insist that out of those 50 positive cases in Chapala the vast majority will easily recover and most will experience next to zero conditions or very light symptons at the most. And yes I wear a mask everytime I leave the house because I don't want to get sick or get anybody else sick. But I ain't freaking out. I am just reporting how the narrative is playing out on the ground here in the streets of Chapala.
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    MC has posted data. It is interesting, as he says in his heading. Interpreting it is another thing. The CDC says, in very plain language, that COVID-19 is one of the most damaging and dangerous viruses / diseases out there, to both young and old. Fewer young people die from it, this is true. However, the full extent of the significant and permanent damage done to their bodies, general health / stamina, brains, and cardio systems is still not fully understood - other than it can be life changing and life shortening. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/24/health/covid-19-symptoms-last-long-term-study-wellness/index.html
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    Here is some help for you that was told to me by a wise old mexican about things like this: "DON'T LISTEN". That is your cheapest help. A more expensive help for you is to move from living on a long grade on the most used road into Chapala.
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    A question: Does anyone's "moral compass" include the option of being judgmental, "uncivil" and "personal" on a web board that supposedly forbids it in its rules?
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    a new moderator in town. same as the old boss
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