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    Ok, I'm risking of having hundreds of you slam at me now but this is excessive attention-seeking behavior.
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    listen guys.... I was 33 when I arrived here in Mexico. I am almost 56 now and as a very young expat, unfortunately I have had to say goodbye to a lot of older Canadian and US friends ( unusual to lose that many friends when you are in your thirties and forties ) and every time it hurt and I never got used to it !! Also, a lot of those people left their pets, which didnt always have the best outcome ! The Mex healthcare system ( like others ) will not be able to cope with this tsunami. Authorities mostly ignore the seriousness and hardly do any testing About myself, yes, I am strong enough to admit that I am scared....but more so ( although at minor risk, I may hope ) to maybe have to leave behind my 15 year old doggie. So, forgive me that I laugh a bit less, when reading the same style and repeated jokes...over and over again. I sincerely wish the best to all of you ( and to myself ! ). No hard feelings. We simply dont have the same sense of humour and a different background Rony
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    Get your head out of the sand and realize this is not overblown hype. Sitting next to someone at Open Circle who has been exposed to the virus coming from US, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and many other countries is not particularly safe. It can be spread with no symptoms.
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    I most certainly do NOT hate Americans. I hate misinformation and am really TRYING to get people from EVERYWHERE to pay attention to this virus and to get their heads out of their butts. I don't care if the American President is Republican or Democrat as long as the job is done properly. Therefore, I am not a fan of Trump. I had nothing really critical to say about either Bush or Reagan. Tricky Dicky creeped me out. If you don't know where I'm from then you don't spend enough time on the local forums. And, btw, that was a VERY personal attack and a very twisted message. I have many, many American friends. Why don't you try improve your reading comprehension instead of just reading.
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    I know that you are a moderator here, and have some power, but please rethink your continuous sarcasm and macho behaviour. It is utterly childish. As a European, I follow VERY closely the unfolding drama in Italy ( where I have friends/direct witnesses in Florence ) and other European countries. Panic no,.... but the non stop jokes about this ...are not even funny anymore and out of place. One bad joke yes, but ... If you still believe that this is not serious and will not hit people here ( especially the poor, who will not have access to good or any healthcare ), you will be in for a big surprise soon. Rony
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    I am a health care professional. If you were ever in the situation 'in the front' lines you would understand the grave concern [ not hysteria ] we have when people willfully ignore health warnings and put others in danger, including those we expect to help us when we are sick. To put it mildly, that pisses me off. Look at Italy as an example..thus far 23 Doctors have died, and approx. 4,824 health workers have been infected by coronavirus, and who knows how many of them will die,, how can hospitals absorb all those sick individuals, and deicisions will have to be made about who gets a ventilator, etc.. To be quite blunt: You can always find a way to fix financial / economic problems, local and global. You can not fix Dead !
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    Our Delegado, Juan Ramon says many followed directions, some didn't didn't ---human nature, The police checked the malecon every 30 minutes and broke up any groups. Sunday was dead, Good adherence. Mexico may save itself.
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    I will make no further posts in reference to the Corona-virus. Thank you.
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    Mainecoons, you are extremely deluded if you think the US response has been "rapid". A couple weeks ago the POS was saying it was all an overblown hoax created by the Dems to derail the election. Today, in his meeting with US governors, he told them if they needed medical supplies, they should find them themselves. And the madness that is taking place at US airports, where thousands of US citizens were forced to wait for hours, in packed conditions, with zero protection as far as spreading diease, was insane and irresponsible and probably substantially upped the number of cases that will surface. It's too late now for US entry travel bans- that should have been done not only by the US, but worldwide, weeks ago. It's now in the US, there have been deaths, and it's the US residents who are spreading it around, some of them still under the impression that it's some "liberal media hype".
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    Message from the Governor of the state of Jalisco. Enrique Alfaro. #ConferenciaDePrensa: #Coronavirus # COVID19 | March 23, 2020 Fifteen days ago, Jalisco made the decision to step forward and act responsibly in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. On March 12, we launched the Jalisco COVID-19 plan with a series of difficult but necessary measures. From the beginning, in this government, we decided to take a different route from the one that the government of the republic and other states of the country were taking. None of this is new; all we did was attend to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), of experts and scientists from Jalisco, Mexico, and the world. We learned from experiences beyond our borders, from the mistakes and successes of other countries to face this situation in the best way. We knew how to give the right value to anticipation as a preventive measure, and I feel calm and proud for having taken this path. During the last five days, following the recommendations of the University of Guadalajara, in an act of enormous civic value, millions of Jalisco residents heeded the government's call to stay home and avoid massive contagion at a crucial moment. The exercise of resistance that we have lived must make us feel deeply proud. Without the need to impose a mandatory quarantine, in Jalisco we made stewardship the strongest weapon to face the crisis. This has been the beginning, just the beginning, of an endurance race, not speed. The beginning of a path that will lead us to save lives and preserve the health of Jalisco. To give you an idea, during these days of voluntary isolation, the demand for trips on public transport had a reduction of up to 50%, in other words, equivalent to a million trips a day that were not made. Commercial and service activity had a reduction of between 70 and 80 percent; and industrial activity, a 30% reduction. Without a doubt, these are data that reflect the enormous economic sacrifice that these measures have represented for all, but the effort has been worthwhile. The first results of our strategy are encouraging and should serve as encouragement for us not to slow down. Let me share the following information. Five days ago, Jalisco had practically the same cases as Mexico City. Today, the results show that infections in the country's capital grew almost twice as fast as those in our state, or in other words, in Jalisco we managed to half the rate of spread of the virus compared to that of the virus in Mexico City. Thanks to all the measures that we have taken in Jalisco and the responsibility of the people of Jalisco, today, we do not have to declare a mandatory quarantine. This is good news to start with, but it doesn't mean we can not let our guard down. On the contrary, it is time to start the next stage of the strategy and once again Jalisco needs all of us. The scientific information we have tells us that the social isolation measures we have taken in these five days have been successful, but they have to be sustained with some adjustments, at least until Sunday. If we were to slow down right now, we would spoil everything that we have advanced. Saying that these measures have to be sustained until Sunday does not mean that on Monday everything will return to normal. It means that on Monday, we are going to make an assessment that allows us to adjust the strategy, based on new information generated by the application of massive tests to Jaliscienses. I insist the endurance race has only just begun. Having clarified that the social isolation measures are sustained, then what are the adjustments in these measures, compared to those of the last days? First. Today the priority is for those who are over 60 years old to stay at home, pregnant women, people with chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, and people with symptoms of a respiratory disease. That is the population whose stay at home is essential. Second. Economic activities, which, by their nature, cannot be stopped and are necessary for Jalisco to function. They have to be carried out under strict health and hygiene measures for workers, which will be supervised by the Ministry of Labor. We maintain the call for those who can do work from home to do so, but those companies that require face-to-face work must guarantee the existence of a model of shifts that privileges remote work, which guarantees support for absenteeism. the sectors of the population that we already define as the most vulnerable, as well as acting at all times with solidarity and permanent communication with their workers. Our economy cannot be stopped, but health is first. Third. Without relaxing the isolation measures, and understanding that the supply of food and basic services cannot be stopped, we have to strengthen the consumption of our micro and small commercial units in a new exercise of solidarity. This is a call for all of us to privilege local consumption as a measure of containment to the difficult economic situation we face. If you go to the tianguis or the market, go alone, without your family, taking the appropriate hygiene measures. If you want to eat tacos, don't go to the stand with your family; make an order to go or order them through some platform. If you want to eat in a restaurant, make sure that they have the social distance and health measures that we have established as mandatory, and if they do not, demand them to accomplish them. Fourth. After detecting the first case in a municipality outside the Guadalajara metropolitan area, imported from the USA, we call on the Jalisco community abroad to help us care for their families. Visiting Jalisco at this time, only puts those you love most at risk. Given the lack of response from the authorities for the suspension of flights from places that have virus outbreaks, we appeal to the solidarity of our countrymen abroad, particularly in the United States. You know that we love and miss you here, but at this time, it is essential that no patronal or civic holiday be a reason to put your families at risk. Please take good care of yourselves. Here we will be aware of you and your people. We will see each other again soon. With these adjustments, Jalisco maintains the call for social isolation that until today has allowed us to face this crisis in the best way. Additionally, this evening, the operating rules of a government financial support program for micro and small businesses will be published, as well as for the population in self-employment or informal commerce. Starting Thursday, you will begin the online process to access these supports. Pay attention. We will give more information in the following hours. Tomorrow, as well, we will start the massive virus testing program as a strategy for the prevention and early detection of the coronavirus. In Jalisco, we are not going to hide the truth, on the contrary, we will start from a real diagnosis to adjust the strategy and avoid deaths. It does not matter, if from this exercise, Jalisco appears in the statistics, in first place of detected cases. If this is so, it will be because here we are looking for our patients, finding them quickly, caring for them, isolating them and protecting the community. I am convinced that this is the correct way for each authority to assume his/her responsibility and act accordingly. Everything is changing, and so we have to understand it. There is no time for half measures. The decisions and actions that we take together these days will define in many ways the shape that we will have in the coming years. At the end of the day, the most important measure of all is and will continue to be in the will of the people. As governor, but above all, as a jalisciense, thank you to all for the commitment we have shown. Let us continue to do our part. #ConferenciaDePrensa: #Coronavirus # COVID19 | March 23, 2020
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    The cessation of using the 'N' word was called PC by some/many too but I suspect that no one would consider using it now. No difference. It is meant to project disrespect. 100% of the worlds population that is paying ANY attention knows that the virus started somewhere in China. Using "China flu' to reference it to reflect 'blame' and to deflect responsibility is as shameful as most other slurs. To have our President continue to foster its use is....IMO.... despicable. You guys using it, and suggesting that it is just to remind us of where it originated, borders on the same too but that of course is your right. But YOU don't represent 300+ million people.
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    Updated information on this topic is readily available so we really don't need to post about it endlessly here. Closed. Don't open another.
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    My maid has worked for me for the past nine years and has become a friend. She is very poor and cannot feed her kids without working. She came Friday and I gave her full pay through the end of April and told her to stay off the bus. I am immune suppressed and have no desire to get the virus so I will re-evaluate the situation then. Anyone who thinks this will last five days needs a reality check. I am middle class but, comparatively speaking, I live like a queen. With the exchange rate being what it is, her costs to me are minimal. Let's share the wealth, people. Reach out to those who are in trouble and help them. Businesses are required by law to pay minimum wages to their workers for at least a month. We should do at least that.
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    Direct quotes: During a campaign rally in South Carolina on Feb. 28, Mr. Trump accused Democrats and the news media of hysteria and unfairly criticizing his administration by engaging in what he said was a political “hoax.” On Jan. 22, asked by a CNBC reporter whether there were “worries about a pandemic,” the president replied: “No, not at all. We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.” On Feb. 26, at a White House news conference, commenting on the country’s first reported cases: “We’re going to be pretty soon at only five people. And we could be at just one or two people over the next short period of time. So we’ve had very good luck.” On Feb. 27, at a White House meeting: “It’s going to disappear. One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear.” On March 7, standing next to President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil at Mar-a-Lago, his club in Palm Beach, Fla., when asked if he was concerned that the virus was spreading closer to Washington: “No, I’m not concerned at all. No, I’m not. No, we’ve done a great job.” (At least three members of the Brazilian delegation and one Trump donor at Mar-a-Lago that weekend later tested positive for the virus.) On March 16, in the White House briefing room, warning that the outbreak would “wash” away this summer: “So it could be right in that period of time where it, I say, wash — it washes through. Other people don’t like that term. But where it washes through.” On Tuesday he took to the White House lectern and made a remarkable assertion: He knew it was a pandemic all along. “This is a pandemic,” Mr. Trump told reporters. “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.” The guy is a massive crock. And anyone supporting him is stewing in his feces.
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    Please be aware that many expats travel extensively. They should self-quarantine for a minimum of two weeks when returning to Mexico. If you know people who have been abroad, please make it crystal clear that they put others at great risk if they do not do this. We all know by now that people can be carrying the virus without being symptomatic.
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    I would like to moderate a panel entitled "Can we all just all enjoy our life here lakeside and forget the Arab/Israel depute, the Corona virus, senior sex (it's good if you can get it...or do it), and assisted suicide...can I help???"
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    And how does canned food recalled a year ago relate to dry food today? And guessing what you bought this time was not even Science Diet. You definitely have too much time on your hands.....and not enough knowledge......... again.
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    Well said Ferret, and don´t let them push you around or intimidate you! (no more reactions vote)
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    Juan is living in a pipe dream because he is a devoted AMLO follower. Juan's source of information is Facebook for all things coronavirus. Mexico has in NO way "turned the corner" -- it has barely even started. Harry, you should delete this post because it is completely false and the link you posted isn't even about Mexico? Irresponsible. The chart you mention is also misleading. The reason why the US looks better is because of a lack of testing.
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    Where did you find the metric for expensive or cheap or decent? I did google “metric for food prices in Ajijic” didn’t find anything... Perhaps it would be better to say that “YOU THINK” it is expensive... for some people is not about the price, is about the experience... so, don’t look for restaurants cause you will always be disappointed when “YOU THINK” is expensive or it is our of “YOUR BUDGET”, just find the restaurants that have the prices you like and talk good things about those instead of complaining about the ones you can’t afford or the ones that have the prices that you don’t want to pay... Wouldn’t you be happier if you did that? 😄
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    I am telling you otherwise, since you have not made it your business to stay informed on the latest information on a world wide pandemic. Everyone on the planet has been asked to minimize being around other people for 15 days-starting now. This will curb the spread. sigh. Patti
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    Manix will be putting this in this weeks paper Manix Restaurant and Bar #57 Ocampo, Ajijic 766-0061 or 331 065 0725 and What’s Up For over 30 years, Manix has been a family business in our one location. We consider our customers part of our family and want to provide for them like family. In these stressful times, below are the steps we are taking. We invite your suggestions! · We are initiating local home delivery of our entire menu. See our Facebook page or call. We will add pizza/ hamburgers on request. · We are offering limited breakfast service and delivery, as listed on Facebook- scrambled eggs, pan cakes, oatmeal or fruit plate w beverage. · We have removed our traditional tablecloths and napkins and replaced them with disposable placemats and napkins which will be replaced for every party. · Staff will enhance all sanitation procedures Tables will be disinfected after each party, according to recommendations..
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    Rally GTO Mexico is over now. Tomorrow sessions/stages were cancelled. Many infectious disease experts are claiming that New CoronaVirus is not the flu but different; Mortality rate is much higher; 2% vs 0.1%,  Infectivity is much much stronger, etc. No specific remedy is not available yet. Fear might destroy the economy but the point is that the New CoronaVirus will destroy medical system in the country easily. Look at what is happening in Italy, Spain, France and so on. Washing hands is effective and Try to AVOID the crowd, too! I have been to GTO many times to spectate the WRC and I have a feeling that the spectators got exciting experiences and a small chance of getting virus as well. Do not get too nervous but do not underestimate the New virus.
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    I received this yesterday. I cannot verify anything. I was probably one in a long chain.
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    This is about more than stocking up on toilet paper. This article is not hype, nor is it "stupid and overblown". Read it if you are interested in a very clear, intelligent, non-hype statistical evaluation of the pandemic and how various countries have responded successfully and what in all probability will happen in the coming weeks. The title of the article is "Coronavirus: Why you must act now"- by Tomas Pueyo https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca In Lakeside, with a large number of ex-pats traveling frequently out of the country, there is a higher risk than perhaps other parts of Mexico. The recommendation for anyone arriving here from a country which has incidence of this virus is to self-quarantine for 14 days. This can significantly restrict the spread of the virus in this country. The virus can be spread before there are any symptoms. Ignoring the significance of this is a danger to everyone.
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    Most people who are interested in keeping up to date with the info on CV are perfectly capable of researching the latest info themselves. They don't really need you to start about 10 topic posts on it in order to stay informed.
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    That would be a lot of acreage to cover. 😀
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    I have lined and locked this so it doesn’t get hijacked.
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    UPDATE Per the Governor of Jalisco! ATTENTION EVERYONE IN JALISCO STATE!!! PLEASE SHARE! Finally the Governor of Jalisco speaks up! the key points (this was translated): PLEASE READ 1 TO 10 POINTS!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT NEWS FOR US!! 1. Going by the calculations and examples of Italy, Spain and USA, who he says put economics in front of people's safety (ouch!), Jalisco will take earlier measures to protect it's people. 2. They will have $230million pesos to invest in proper medical equipment and test kits etc. 3. Cancellations of mass events. 4. Jalisco was the first State to suspend classes which other States in Mexico have followed by example and provide the tools for classes on line.. 5. Bars, gyms, churches etc. closures for the next 15 days. Restaurants to take better precautions. 6. Have $1,000million pesos in aid for the small business sector. Wednesday they will inform business owners how to access funding. 7. The next 3 days they will announce a program for testing for the virus. 8. To avoid rumors, there will be no shortages of food, public transit will not be shut down, they will not negate private hospital testing, they will not suspend public service and they will do their best as a gov't to keep their people informed with true facts. 9. Calculations of this virus show that the next 5 days are crucial to control this virus. 10. The Jalisco Gov't is asking that we: STAY HOME FOR 5 DAYS to avoid forced quarantine later. It is a scientific fact that if we stay in isolation at home for the next 5 days, we can avoid a more serious out break! There you have it!! This is no joke!!! I have family and friends in Italy, France and Spain!! They are wondering why we in Mexico have not taken action!! California is not that far away from us and look what is happening there! Please take this announcement seriously!!
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    I’m going to lock this now as it no longer has anything to do with coronavirus in our area. Largely 13 pages of largely off topic posts. Most foolish.
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    Can we please back off the ugly US politics...not all of us are Americans and it gets very tiring hearing how much you all hate each other. Take a break please..
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    A version of this warning was posted on TOB a day or two ago and since then deemed most likely to be BS. There are tests that show CV can live for up to 3 days on surfaces, not 12 hours. Most viruses and bacteria thrive in warm conditions, that's why hospitals and medical facilities are kept so cold. Viruses spread in winter because everyone is inside together. When it gets warm people spend time outdoors, not so close, and more importantly, in the sun. UV kills viruses. The virus thrives in the human body which has a temperature of close to 100. To think an ambient temp of 85 will kill it makes little sense.
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    I agree. But let us also keep some balance here. Too much gets really boring and takes away the opportunity for others to discuss this a little more seriously. Does every serious comment have to be downplayed... I doubt that a lot of Italian families are joking right now. We didnt always joke this much about other ugly world events that hit other people in the world, did we... Not everybody has to become a comedian about this Rony
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    You haven't survived it yet!
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    You have wayyyy to much time on your hands. Do something other than sit on this board everyday posting on and on about all the same stuff. Maybe volunteer your time.
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    I am sure your computer virus protection will protect your computer from corona virus thus you can keep posting.
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    Missed your BM this morning? Always makes for a bad day.
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    Pretty ungrateful response there, to a lot of useful info.
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    For me, it's not so much who did what and when, or whether the reporting was the truth or fiction for convenience, but what the plans and actions are now. It's not just me, but plenty of Republicans who find the most appalling idea is the U.S. president wanting to open up the country by Easter! I just don't get it, and it's scary as hell. I doubt that the majority of Americans over 65 are in favor of dying to boost the economy. Just as bad is the Mexican denial stance. We're all in trouble; the leadership is in disarray in many places and yes, those who will suffer the worst are already at the bottom of the economic ladder. I can relate to the artisans since I am one, and the market as well as the selling opportunites have disappeared. Fortunately, my survival doesn't depend on selling my wares. If it did, I'd be going hungry.
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    It seems to me that the person would have other ID's to match with the name.
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    Good luck to you nob. Isolation is not impossible here, you are stoking fears. I'd rather be here than up north.
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    Somewhere over the rainbow... there's a land that I heard of... once in a lullaby !
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    Apparently the French study used a combination of hydroxychloroquine and another common drug to get near 100 percent clearing of the virus in six days. There's also apparently a Japanese manufactured drug that has shown serious promise as well. A lot of very talented people are working on this. Let's stay positive and keep the focus on minimizing risk and helping our Mexican neighbors stay afloat.
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    Bleach will kill the corona virus and virtually every other germ and virus on the planet. Please don't spread untruths about such an important issue.
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    Restaurants aren't going to "choose" whether to close; they will close when customers stop coming in, or when governments tell them to close (France, Spain for example). However, I saw a great interview this morning on MSNBC with the owner of a small restaurant in NYC. His business is down 70% this week, mostly due to loss of lunch time business as most of the nearby firms have implemented work-from-home policies. And dinners are also down as residents hole-up in their homes. Rather than lay off his workers, he is switching to delivery....but delivery BY his workers, not farming it out to delivery services. His waitstaff will become the delivery staff. It's too early to tell if he can remain open under these circumstances as he has just started this change in operation, but I applaud his efforts to keep his staff on his payroll.
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    A little comic relief...
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    Italians are reported to be ordering sex toys in higher than ever #'s since the lockdown began. Sure beats hoarding toilet paper as a hobby! ;-)
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    Let's hope the local expat population will emulate the Mexican talent for coping instead of running around like the panicked chickens north of the border. For starters this is very good advice.
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    When someone ha a virus, the virus can usually be found in their feces. That's not earth-shattering information. And I guess you should stay away from women's private parts if you're concerned about their butt-wiping practices.
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