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    Yesterday my car a/c went out so I went to EuroFreeze next to Gossips to get it repaired . As I got out of my car I tripped over a broken curb and fell HARD . Before I hit the concrete , Manuel and one of his helpers were there to help me up . Lots of blood , cuts and bruises but nothing broken . Sore as hell today . As soon as I was up and while I was trying to stop the bleeding which is no easy task since I am on blood thinners , Manuel went to the Farmacia next door and came back with bandages and other stuff to treat my wounds . He never hesitated to do this and would not take a single peso although I offered him a nice amount . Needless to say there were a lot of tacos and cokes for Manuel and his men today . Don't feel sorry for my accident because I know I need to be careful when walking in the village but rather concentrate on the great kindness shown by these guys . I am not looking for reviews of their work because that wasn't the important thing in this case .Please give them your business should the need arise . Their phone number is 331 584 5209 .
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    I don’t understand the point of the majority of your posts. This board is not your personal diary for you to ramble on about your life. Would you please consider using Facebook for that?
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    And where are people who are stuck here supposed to go? What a nasty thing to say to someone who has suffered such a calamity. Both of you posters should be ashamed. What makes you so self-righteous that you feel you have to post to pile onto someone's misery? Okay, you may feel that way and it is your right,but to post makes me feel sick....this is a time for compassion, not vilification .
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    I live in the center of Ajijic, and I work. So I am contstantly driving and seeing the carretera, at all times of day. The bike path is used by TONS of people, most of whom are workers going to and from jobs. It was used before the improvements, and now it will be even more. IMO all of the foreigners on this forum who have condemned the project and called it a "bikepath for nobody" are flat clueless, driving occassionally in their cars, and for whatever reason unable to see all the traffic in the bikepath. Go take a look at it during "rush hour".
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    Now is not the time to let up our vigilance.
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    In various areas of Mexico, people are attacking medical workers who they think have been in contact with COVID cases. How do you think they might react to people who have actually been tested and confirmed? Please stop calling for information on the specific patients... those in charge are probably doing as much as they can to trace any contacts, but their options are limited. We should not put people in danger by "outing" them as infected. The best strategy is to assume ANYONE you come in contact with may have been exposed, and may therefore expose you to infection. Take necessary precautions... masks, hand-washing, disinfecting, etc. Stay home if you are concerned or in a high-risk group. The virus IS here, and probably has been for awhile. It will CONTINUE to be here for months or even years. We need to learn to deal with it rationally, without panic, and without treating others as though they're the enemy. Please be kind to those around you, and be considerate of the need for privacy. Digital hugs to all!
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    Get over your issues with FB and accept that it is just as likely you'll hear lies here. This web board has every bit as much misinformation. Good grief.
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    I'm grateful that we live in a municipality where those in charge appear to have the residents best interests at heart. Additionally we live in a state where the Governor has been pro-active, for which I am also grateful.
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    Mtn. Mama started a topic today which had a link to an article on CBD oil as a possible virus treatment or preventative. Closed rght away by Mod 3 on the basis that she shouldn't be offering medical advice if she isn't qualified to do so. She didn't offer medical advice, at all. She posted the link and simply gave a short comment on it from her point of view. She certainly didn't tell anyone that they should take it or make personal claims of its efficacy. This board seems to be moderated on the basis of personal interpretation and bias, rather than impersonal forum rules.
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    Sharing this post from an enterprising young man. Lakeside peeps, please help him if you can. Diego González Borrayo 18 May 2020 Hello everyone? My name is Diego, and I am a 22 year-old, responsible young man. I am part of Pat Baxter's Pathways Sponsorship Program, and I have no doubt she, along with many others (including Catherine-Claire Blythe and Linda Blasko) will offer great character references for me, and well as attest to my personal work ethics. I'm a student currently going through my 8th semester of Mechatronic Engineering. But as you know, we have no school in session at this time. In addition, I have been laid off my job due to the contingency. It has been a difficult week for me. That's why I'm putting myself out there for whoever wishes to hire me. I speak, write and understand both English and Spanish. Having said that, I'm ready, willing and able to tackle any odd jobs you might need to get done. Below I list some of the many chores and services I can happily do for you and your household! Feel free to contact me if any of these suggestions appeal to you, or maybe another task you have been meaning to get around to….Now is the perfect time! Cell phone number: +52 322 149 9217 e-mail address: gonzalez10diego@hotmail.com -Do you have boxes of treasured photos you wish to store securely? I can scan and digitize your pictures so that you can store them properly and access whenever you like! -Do you need someone to come to your home and thoroughly wash all those exteriors windows? I’m your guy! -Maybe you would like a street of your choice to be litter free? -How about someone to give your fur baby an in-home bath? -Has your car just been sitting in the carport collecting dust? -Do you have some electronics lying around the house that need some type of repair? I’m your guy! -What about set up or installation of any devices? PC, Laptop, Cell phone, security cameras? I’m your guy! -I will gladly assist with any translations…Need to clear up that CFE bill? Or making a service report or inquiry with Telmex? -How badly does your garage need organizing? A tool shed? Bodega? Or spare room? You just show me where to start! -Have some furniture you need assembled? Painted? Moved? I’m your guy! -I can run errands (with or without you)… Pick-up and deliver anything you need. -Mow the lawn -Drive you to your appointments in Guadalajara and translate too! -Are you wanting to use this time to learn some basic computer skills? I’m your guy! -Planning a move? I can pack and unpack after a move. -How about your car? I can take your car in for maintenance, inspections or mechanical work while you wait in the safety of your home. These are but a few ideas. If there is some odd job, personal assistant, helper that you need to complete a challenging task, or just getting around to that chore you have been putting off…I’m your guy! Please call me for information, questions and agreeing on a fair price for the job at-hand. I will take the necessary precautions needed in order to protect us all in this time of contingency. Wearing a mask, frequent hand-washing, and whatever else makes you feel comfortable to be protected.
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    You want to use this forum as your bully pulpit to critizise the Mexican government. Wait until word gets around and see how far that gets you.
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    This virus kills by attacking and destroying the function of the lungs . The lungs only function with the help of the surrounding muscles . I understand that many of you may be confined to the home for health reasons , for the rest of you ..get outside and walk as often as possible. ...and then walk some more . Try holding your breath for thirty seconds...if you can’t.. your lungs are in a state of fatigue ....the muscles are beginning to fail ..you’re the perfect victim , not just for the Coronavirus but a multitude of other respiratory problems . There are plenty of places to walk...the shaded streets of La floresta...the back streets of San Antonio....downtown Chapala....even some of the hiking trails they haven’t roped off....the new bike path ...The police etc are happy to see you and are quite cordial..providing of course you are wearing a mask and social distancing . Come on help those lungs... before they stop helping you. .
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    Weak people don't stay home. SMART people do!
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    From up north. Frustrated nurse. Worth reading and yes its a tough love post. Please don't let the first sentence stop you from reading this. It made me think. "Ok, so, here’s some venting and some explaining and if you don’t like it, I honestly don’t care. Move on and good day to you. This has easily been the longest 2 months of my career, and, for that matter, my life. COVID-19 has changed everything. The way we live, the way our kids learn, the way we work. It has trashed the economy, exploded unemployment, and harmed businesses, many of them, sadly, beyond repair. But here’s the deal: it’s real and it’s here and it’s still spreading. As a healthcare worker, I’m exhausted. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a manager in the the healthcare industry, it’s been one of the longest, most stressful things I’ve tackled. First off, the truthers and the conspiracy people and the protesters, you’re not helping. The people bitching CONSTANTLY about the governor’s or whatever level of government’s handling of things, it’s not constructive. Do you want to know why medical people, real medical people, not some crackpot quacks and kooks with a YouTube account or Facebook page, are taking this seriously? Because it’s serious. And we’re serious people when it comes to people’s health and their lives. Yes, it mostly kills at-risk populations (the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions) but it also kills perfectly healthy people with no prior diagnoses and we don’t know why. I’m so tired of people acting like there’s information that’s being cooked up or withheld. You know why there’s lots of gaps in the information? Because we’re still learning about this virus every day. It’s new. It’s never been seen. How it acts, how it spreads, why it does the things it does is all new and we’re learning on the fly. Stop mistaking genuine lack of information for misinformation or withheld information. The numbers: this one sticks in my craw like no other. “I heard they didn’t die from COVID-19, they died from a heart attack but they were positive so they called it COVID-19 to boost the numbers and scare people.” Stop. It. You know how many people died specifically from AIDS? Zero. AIDS patients die from pneumonia or some other illness normal, healthy people fight off because the AIDS virus destroyed their immune system and they couldn’t fight off the infection. But at the heart of it, they died because of AIDS. The coronavirus attacks the respiratory system. The respiratory system is, in case you didn’t know, pretty important to sustaining life. It also has a huge impact on how other organ systems, like the heart, work. Guess what, when your lungs don’t work because they’ve basically filled with brick mortar because the virus is attacking them, that puts a bit of a strain on your ticker and very well can cause it to fail. So unless you have a basic understanding of or want to understand how interconnected organ systems are and how the body fundamentally functions: stop. I think I can speak for a lot of medical professionals when I say, we don’t mean to be arrogant, we don’t mean to be jerks, but damn it, this bullshit is frustrating and yes, we’re going to clap back to ignorance. Ignorance is not something to be flaunted and there is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is being uninformed. Stop being willfully ignorant and even reveling in it because it doesn’t fit your preconceived narrative or opinion. Even worse, stop pretending you’re not ignorant because you watched some damn YouTube video or read some op-ed piece. That’s someone’s opinion, normally based on nothing. NOTHING. No research. That’s not information. That’s not factual. That’s not based in science. It’s click-bait with the sole intention of riling you up and getting you to let your guard down. And instead of being pissed at the virus that’s causing all this, it’s to direct your anger at the government or doctors or anywhere else their agenda wants it directed. Medical people are fired up for a couple reasons. 1 month ago, we were all heroes and putting our lives on the line because this was dangerous stuff. Well, I think I can speak for most of us when I say we aren’t heroic, we’re just doing our job. But guess what, we’re still doing the same damn thing we were doing a month ago and this crap still hasn’t gone away but now we’re “just trying to scare people” because “it’s really no big deal.” We aren’t looking for a pat on the back or even a thank you, we just want you to do what we all need to do to stop this thing and avoid the spread. Listen, if you think that my big fat ### enjoys sweating like a whore in church in an isolation gown, walking around like Mr Magoo because my glasses are fogged up because of my mask, and wearing goggles that dig into the backs of my ears because I’m “just a sheep,” you are mistaken. It’s because I don’t want this virus and I don’t want to take it home to my family and I don’t want to infect my co-workers and other patients. We’re fired up because we’ve seen and even performed intubations. We don’t intubate for funsies. Outside of the surgical setting, an intubation is basically throwing a Hail Mary to save someone’s life. And when the mortality rate once that plastic tube slides between your vocal cords with COVID-19 is 85-89%, yeah, that’s terrifying. This virus is dangerous. Lastly, stop being spoiled children about public health advisories. Stop bitching about wearing a mask when you’re in public places. Stop pretending that that is somehow infringing on your rights. Get over yourself. I wish all businesses would grow a pair and refuse service to people who refuse to wear a mask “out of principle.” Police aren’t inclined to enforce it and that’s fine but, spoiler alert, private businesses have and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Don’t tell me it’s ok for a bakery to refuse service to a gay couple for a wedding cake on religious grounds but not ok for a convenience store to refuse service because they don’t want the outbreak monkey strolling through their place coughing all over other patrons and their staff. Stay outside the 6ft bubble, wear a damn mask, and wash your hands. It’s that easy. Stop pretending they’re asking for a kidney. It’s as much to protect yourself as it is everyone else. People wonder why we have things like stay-at-home orders and closing of non-essential businesses. It’s because of you, jackass, you’re the problem. It’s your lack of ability to exercise common sense and your refusal to follow simple, insanely simple advice that forces the government to exercise it for you. And even then, you still thumb your nose at it in all your ignorant glory. Sorry that you feel like they’re infringing on your right to be an irresponsible child. Look, all I’m saying is I get that it’s frustrating and I get that it’s irritating, and inconvenient and all the other bad things that it is, but please, continue to take this seriously, continue to do the little things that make a big difference. Stop denying facts, science, and the advice from people who have spent a lifetime doing what they do in the medical and research fields to ultimately make everyone’s lives healthier, safer, and better. I’m done with my soap box now. " #washyourhands #wearamask ------
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    Uh, I live in Mexico. Why would I leave? It's a pandemic. It's everywhere.
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    Seems like quite a conflict of interest and an abuse of power for a moderator to suspend a user due to a personal conflict. Oh yeah, I realize it was because of "political" comments, but the moderator in question was involved in those threads, and has made many political comments himself, (which he self-excuses as only being in retaliation to other posts), so shouldn't be allowed to make the call on a suspension.
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    I am advised that Chapala will continue the road blocks for the time being. I think most support this.
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    Amazing what you can see on google maps
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    Masks prevent the large number of people with the virus but no symptoms from spreading it to you. It doesn't need to be fancy just cover your face and nose. The masks only for the infected advice is obsolete based on the fact of the early 95/pro mask shortage. Also how do you know if you are infected? For four to eight days you can have and spread the virus and not feel a thing. Some folks have the virus and never develop any symptoms. Wear a mask in public.
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    Please note that Jalisco has roughly the same amount of deaths as Yucatan, Guanajuato, and Oaxaca, states I dearly love and would like to revisit. That is in spite of the fact that Jalisco has a far greater population, with 2 major metropolises than any of these states with much lower populations. Quintana Roo - Cancun - has more than double the number of deaths of Jalisco with 1 large metro area, but with lots of foreign tourists. Again, I say kudos to Alfaro and Moy Anaya for keeping us relatively safe here at lakeside. Which is not to recommend getting complacent. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/covid-19-case-numbers-continue-rising/
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    Whether posting as himself or as a mod, only one person is allowed a political opinion here. The rest of us are "too angry" to be allowed opinions. Sad.
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    MC, this info is brand new, it hasn't been diced or sliced yet. Take it for what it is worth. It is straight from the doctors on the scene. OK, here is some specific Mexico News for perspective - at least on how the state government is handling it. Look at the MX map in the article, which gives state total deaths for MX. Note that Jalisco now has ONLY 52 deaths, very close to the totals for Yucatan, Guanajuato, and Oaxaca, states I dearly love. But Jalisco, with 2 major metropolitan areas has a far larger population! So, we are doing very well here, TX to Gob. Alfaro and Moy. Stricter measures do work! Quintana Roo, with one major metro area - Cancun - has triple the death rate of Jalisco with Puerto Vallarta not to mention GDL. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/flu-season-could-bring-new-challenge/
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    Sounds like you have done your homework 📚! Thank you for the enlightened post.
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    The big difference is the people who led us thru the problem.
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    I am grateful to the men and women who are working tirelessly in an effort to protect all residents, lakeside. The body camera video does show the man (now identified as the Director of the Preparatory school) as being belligerent and aggressive. He was given the opportunity several times to turn around and return to GDL or go to jail. Sadly, he chose jail. Surely any work he may have needed to do could have been done remotely. Most of us are making the necessary adjustments to our work and retirement lives in an effort to avoid this dreadful and potentially deadly virus. It is people who behave in a careless and inconsiderate manner that are causing the rest of us to extend the quarantine much longer than necessary. I urge everyone to limit travel to essential activities, take all possible precautions to avoid infection and transmission of the virus and to follow the stay at home orders. Should you need to venture out for essential errands, please take your identification, license and proof of residency to avoid a situation like this. And although most of us are stressed out, frightened, upset and even angry, we must remember to be polite and cooperative with the essential workers who are trying to keep us safe. Stay safe and healthy. Val Jones
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    I watched the video of the incident which included easy to understand audio. The individual stopped was belligerent from the get go, refusing to show his ID when asked multiple times. The officer was joined by the supervisor and at no time were the officers rude or disrespectful to him. He became physically aggressive when he threw open the car door and stepped out of the vehicle and towards the officers. NOB his actions would have landed him on the ground with multiple officers pinning him to the ground until he stopped resisting, which is by all accounts exactly what happened here. If you are stopped by any level of law enforcement here or NOB, and you choose to be a recalcitrant individual, plan on some consequences.
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    In all respect you are sorely misinformed. First Chapala is not one of the wealthiest municipalities in Mexico, actually far from it. Second the bulk of the income is certainly not from retired expats. Third the sanitary checkpoints (not roadblocks) are an operation of the state of Jalisco on major highways in an out of Guadalajara and at some of the Jalisco state borders. The only people they turn around are people with signs of "respiratory illness". ( of the 8,000+ vehicles checked last weekend not one had a reason to be turned around.) The sanitary checkpoints absolutely have nothing to do with the Chapala roadblock at the entrance to Chapala. Fourth the Chapala roadblock is similar to roadblocks in hundreds of towns all over Mexico. The majority of those towns have no foreign population. So the statement that Chapala's actions are to protect the foreign population is totally unfounded.
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    Dan, I agree that all natural disasters are different in the approach required to battle them. But they all require putting you personal needs aside for the good of the society at large be it local or worldwide. The scope of this virus is something that the world has not had to deal with in modern times so everybody is doing the best they can. I also agree that it is now time to start to blend our current situation into what what we hope will be more normal life. With the exception of places that have been hit hard, like New York, I think we will be OK. There will be cases here in our area but everybody I've talked to seems to think it is time to start tapering off on the controls and accept the consequences. I think science and government have done about all they can do. Now it is time for everybody to stay calm, wear masks, don't hug or shake hands, stay away from large crowds as much as possible, and stop waving guns around and demanding your rights to get a haircut while proudly displaying confederate flags and Nazi symbols! Be aware of your neighbors who are terrified because they have preexisting health issues which put them at risk. Put on your big boy pants and remember that the world does not revolve around only you. And for goodness sake, please don't make it any harder for health care workers to do their jobs! Put stimulus money into the hands of those who will spend it and not into the pockets of billionaires and big corporations who will pay bonuses and buy stock. That is the right thing to do to get the economies going again. I agree that vaccines will be required and that even with a vaccine, the virus is here to stay so get used to it. Maybe tell China to stop the wet markets where wild game including bats, is available for consumption by a population which doesn't know any better. Might slow down the next round of pandemics. Alan
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    I assume that you are aware that antioxidants function by capturing free radicals which can over time prevent slow damage to some cells. The NIH has stated there is no evidence that antioxidants prevent disease. Pauling arguments that vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, could prevent or limit the duration of colds, a virus, was debunked many years ago. For your information I have a PhD in organic chemistry and spent an additional 2 years beyond that as a postdoctoral researcher. I allowed your post to remain so that I could suggest to people that they not seek or accept advise from unqualified individuals. By suggesting to people that they take supplements rather than seeks medical advice makes you a dangerous fool.
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    There is no one as blind as the person who doesn’t want to see....
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    Actually, why don't you just stop saying it at all. None of us needs your constant judgment calls. It's not providing any useful information.
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    you have not helped anyone. ever. and yuour use of FAKE NEWS constantly is a reidiculous joke.
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    Okay, MC, how is this not political- the very thing you objected to in Computer Guy's posts? Or is it only political if it runs afoul of your personal politics? I really don't get it. I personally think the whole Lock Down vs. The Economy is a moral question.
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    Vetteforron can't you handle being wrong? You were handing out bad advice.
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    It doesn't serve to put anything in perspective because "XX is going to kill us all! " isn't how the vast majority of people ever thought about any of those things. So yes, condescending and ignorant.
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    How about we take this seriously and stop posting jokes as this is part of the problem why no one is taking it seriously.
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    It doesnt count as a crime if they dont find the body
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    PLEASE do not classify these young people who dead as all alcoholics. This is a Mexican tradition, they stop on their way to work and get a glass of milk fresh from the cow add a little chocolate or coffee and some alcohol. Then set around and talk with their friends before they go to work. PLEASE do not shame their lives by calling them alcoholics. They are hard working people following a harmless tradition.
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    As businesses all over the world are contemplating or actually reopening during an ongoing viral pandemic, many people have let down their guards hoping it is all over with, and imagining we can all just get back to normal. Some have stupidly played down the severity of the CV virus. Here is a bit of the latest info on CV. We are all in uncharted territory with this disease, and the highest cautions must be observed until the overall situation is actually safe, not safe only in your dreams. Kudos to Gov. Alfaro of Jalisco and Moy Anaya of Chapala for implementing strict precautions and blockades to help keep our area safe. Doctors keep discovering new ways the virus attacks the body. “Often it attacks the lungs, but it can also strike anywhere from the brain to the toes. Many doctors are focused on treating the inflammatory reactions it triggers and its capacity to cause blood clots, even as they struggle to help patients breathe,” Lenny Bernstein and Ariana Eunjung Cha report. “More than four months of clinical experience across Asia, Europe and North America has shown the pathogen does much more than invade the lungs. ‘No one was expecting a disease that would not fit the pattern of pneumonia and respiratory illness,’ said David Reich, a cardiac anesthesiologist and president of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. It attacks the heart, weakening its muscles and disrupting its critical rhythm. It savages kidneys so badly some hospitals have run short of dialysis equipment. It crawls along the nervous system, destroying taste and smell and occasionally reaching the brain. It creates blood clots that can kill with sudden efficiency and inflames blood vessels throughout the body. … “Many scientists have come to believe that much of the disease’s devastation comes from two intertwined causes. The first is the harm the virus wreaks on blood vessels, leading to clots that can range from microscopic to sizable. Patients have suffered strokes and pulmonary emboli as clots break loose and travel to the brain and lungs. … The second is an exaggerated response from the body’s own immune system, a storm of killer ‘cytokines’ that attack the body’s own cells along with the virus as it seeks to defend the body from an invader. … Inflammation of those endothelial cells lining blood vessels may help explain why the virus harms so many parts of the body, said Mandeep Mehra, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School … That means defeating covid-19 will require more than antiviral therapy, he said. ‘What this virus does is it starts as a viral infection and becomes a more global disturbance to the immune system and blood vessels — and what kills is exactly that,’ Mehra said. ‘Our hypothesis is that covid-19 begins as a respiratory virus and kills as a cardiovascular virus.’”
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    AMEN !!!!! Well said ... A California RN who lives here. A person who will not wear a mask and keep their distance from you, is showing YOU disrespect and cares little about your safety , well-being and health, as well as the community they live in and share with others.
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    Within minutes there will be helpful Mexicans pushing the broken down car off the street, having a laugh while doing so.
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    I know that Peddy K is the Oracle of Chapala, but, you should get the facts---like the guy had NO ID, no drivers licence, had obviously been drinking, and that there is a video of his abuse of the police. I would never speak for you, god forbid. I need a shower just thinking about it!
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    For those who don't understand the reasons for the inconveniences this pandemic has caused, try thinking of it as a natural disaster. When wildfires threaten areas, folks are told to evacuate for their own safety as well as the safety of first responders. Same true when hurricanes or floods are imminent. Extreme measures are sometimes used. Your rights to free travel, as well as other "normal condition" rights, are temporarily and legally curtailed...for your own good. Masks will not cure Covid19 and most masks won't protect you from getting it if directly exposed. They will however, keep you from spreading it while you are not showing symptoms. Have respect for others. From the start, it has been clearly stated that masks and stay at home orders are only to flatten the curve so facilities and folks in the trenches are not overwhelmed all at once. Even with those precautions in place this Covid is still spreading. Try to imagine what it would be like now if those precautions had not been made. Try to imagine if those precautions along with a pandemic team in place with adequate supplies including test kits had been available and utilized in February. Just saying...This pandemic should also remind us all how important working class spending is to the economy. Consumer spending, not billionaires, keep the economy going so maybe more stimulus money should be used to trickle up not down (which has never worked very well.) Alan
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    So, why buy your eggs at Walmart? I buy them from places where they are much fresher.
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    Excellent article Sea! This line in it stood out to me... "The strategy assumes that citizens will exercise personal responsibility — something that has been harder to enforce in other, larger countries." Personal responsibility. That is a "WE" approach as opposed to an "I" approach. Those who are considerate of others and how their behaviour affects others will win this race. It would also appear that the pain is short term as opposed to a long painful dragging out of the infection rate. Stay the course.
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    You heard from a friend who heard from a friend? 🤔
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    I received the same message from a very credible friend. I don't think this is "fake" news, it's just to get the news out faster than a media outlet would be able to. i'm not happy about having the hordes from GDL here, especially when so many aren't wearing masks these days, let alone socially isolating. When you relax the regs just a little, people start slacking off putting all of us in danger because CV is very highly contagious. One case can spread to many even before they know they are sick. There are many who are (willfully) ignorant of what can happen when it takes hold in your community because many eschew real news. If you or anyone in your household gets the virus then you have to quarantine which is when everyone in the house has to stay inside all the time, masks must be worn in the house all the time, all surfaces near the infected person must be cleaned all the time, the infected person needs their own separate room with no contact with anyone in the house, and supplies have to be brought in by an outside person and left at your door. In the often crowded Mexican households, these measures will be very hard to take, making the spread of CV even more likely than usual. I followed the news from Italy from the get-go because I had been planning a trip there. Their situation mushroomed exponentially. I was shocked reading about it getting so much worse - 20% more deaths every single day. I read stories from Italians living in the affected area who spoke fluent English, and have seen videos of Italians walking through their local hospital while narrating in English. It was shocking. The hospitals were so crowded that the waiting rooms on the first floor were not only crowded with beds and stretchers, but many patients were actually lying on the floor waiting to be seen. Churches were empty of people but full of coffins. The dead bodies were piling up so fast in the hospitals that the morgues were also filled and huge freezer trucks had to be called in just to store the dead bodies until burial without any funeral or ceremony. (And Americans worry about not going to a normal church service???) Similar situation in NYC where freezer trucks were brought in to store dead bodies - one had a freezer malfunction and the truck sat in some neighborhood until the stench of rotting bodies alerted the neighbors to the horror. Mass graves have been dug in an isolated park on an island near NYC filled up with stacks and rows of coffins. Mass burials in Brazil as well. The message from the Italians was that this is worse than you imagine and you must take all precautions so it doesn't happen to you. I will take their first hand word for that. These situations went on for around 2 months before the death rate even began to plateau. That's a good sign but it does not mean we are out of the woods! CV is far worse than the ordinary flu, contrary to the party line. And it could happen to YOU! Opening things up too early with too few limitations puts everyone in danger of the second wave of CV which experts are expecting later on. Better to be safe than sorry. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Hindsight is cheap. Foresight is golden. Stay safe and be well.
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    Yet another funeral procession just passed by my house. I think there's been one every day this week. Instead of bickering can we all be mindful of the fact that too many of our neighbors lost their lives this week? They deserve better than the bs contained in this thread. May they all Rest In Peace.
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    We live HERE. This is our home. We own it, we have been here permanently for 10+ years, and currently cannot think of anywhere I would rather be. (Other than the big, long vacation I planned/paid for to escape the May heat and had to cancel.) Where would we go ? We were visiting family when TSHTF in the USA, and all we wanted to do was get back here to Mexico. I just cannot imagine having to be up there all this time in a place not my own and imposing on people. We are happy here, have our doggies, all things familiar that we need to make us happy and content and comfortable. As long as we are together, we are fine. We are too old to be out and about that much, as we have no car (by choice), but walk to get everything we need. Our day to day life is basically the same as before CV. Changes are in only personal services- housekeepr, doggy day care, pedicures, massages and an occasional lunch out with girlfriends. I do rely more on shopping delivery services.
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    They should go after ALL scofflaws because I can assure you that they come in all nationalities. Renting in U.S. dollars should not be allowed. Period. This is Mexico. We got burned big time renting in U.S. dollars when the Canadian dollar lost value and that's why I chose to buy a little house. I really don't like getting burned. So, now it is four years later and my little house is more than HALF paid for because I didn't pay rent to anyone... and that's at the rent it WAS four years ago. Now, I realize that I'm lucky that I could do this BUT you can control your rent by negotiating it in pesos. If a landlord doesn't want to do that... move on. A good landlord recognizes the value of a renter who has good references and will take good care of their property/investment. That's a win/win.
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