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    Yesterday my car a/c went out so I went to EuroFreeze next to Gossips to get it repaired . As I got out of my car I tripped over a broken curb and fell HARD . Before I hit the concrete , Manuel and one of his helpers were there to help me up . Lots of blood , cuts and bruises but nothing broken . Sore as hell today . As soon as I was up and while I was trying to stop the bleeding which is no easy task since I am on blood thinners , Manuel went to the Farmacia next door and came back with bandages and other stuff to treat my wounds . He never hesitated to do this and would not take a single peso although I offered him a nice amount . Needless to say there were a lot of tacos and cokes for Manuel and his men today . Don't feel sorry for my accident because I know I need to be careful when walking in the village but rather concentrate on the great kindness shown by these guys . I am not looking for reviews of their work because that wasn't the important thing in this case .Please give them your business should the need arise . Their phone number is 331 584 5209 .
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    I don’t understand the point of the majority of your posts. This board is not your personal diary for you to ramble on about your life. Would you please consider using Facebook for that?
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    Get over your issues with FB and accept that it is just as likely you'll hear lies here. This web board has every bit as much misinformation. Good grief.
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    Mtn. Mama started a topic today which had a link to an article on CBD oil as a possible virus treatment or preventative. Closed rght away by Mod 3 on the basis that she shouldn't be offering medical advice if she isn't qualified to do so. She didn't offer medical advice, at all. She posted the link and simply gave a short comment on it from her point of view. She certainly didn't tell anyone that they should take it or make personal claims of its efficacy. This board seems to be moderated on the basis of personal interpretation and bias, rather than impersonal forum rules.
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    You want to use this forum as your bully pulpit to critizise the Mexican government. Wait until word gets around and see how far that gets you.
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    Amazing what you can see on google maps
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    Masks prevent the large number of people with the virus but no symptoms from spreading it to you. It doesn't need to be fancy just cover your face and nose. The masks only for the infected advice is obsolete based on the fact of the early 95/pro mask shortage. Also how do you know if you are infected? For four to eight days you can have and spread the virus and not feel a thing. Some folks have the virus and never develop any symptoms. Wear a mask in public.
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    Okay, MC, how is this not political- the very thing you objected to in Computer Guy's posts? Or is it only political if it runs afoul of your personal politics? I really don't get it. I personally think the whole Lock Down vs. The Economy is a moral question.
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    Vetteforron can't you handle being wrong? You were handing out bad advice.
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    Actually, why don't you just stop saying it at all. None of us needs your constant judgment calls. It's not providing any useful information.
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    you have not helped anyone. ever. and yuour use of FAKE NEWS constantly is a reidiculous joke.
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    The article posted was trying to make a case for why schools should open. It wasn't about old expat geezers in Mexico being able to avoid coming in contact with children. Not everything is all about you.
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    I received the same message from a very credible friend. I don't think this is "fake" news, it's just to get the news out faster than a media outlet would be able to. i'm not happy about having the hordes from GDL here, especially when so many aren't wearing masks these days, let alone socially isolating. When you relax the regs just a little, people start slacking off putting all of us in danger because CV is very highly contagious. One case can spread to many even before they know they are sick. There are many who are (willfully) ignorant of what can happen when it takes hold in your community because many eschew real news. If you or anyone in your household gets the virus then you have to quarantine which is when everyone in the house has to stay inside all the time, masks must be worn in the house all the time, all surfaces near the infected person must be cleaned all the time, the infected person needs their own separate room with no contact with anyone in the house, and supplies have to be brought in by an outside person and left at your door. In the often crowded Mexican households, these measures will be very hard to take, making the spread of CV even more likely than usual. I followed the news from Italy from the get-go because I had been planning a trip there. Their situation mushroomed exponentially. I was shocked reading about it getting so much worse - 20% more deaths every single day. I read stories from Italians living in the affected area who spoke fluent English, and have seen videos of Italians walking through their local hospital while narrating in English. It was shocking. The hospitals were so crowded that the waiting rooms on the first floor were not only crowded with beds and stretchers, but many patients were actually lying on the floor waiting to be seen. Churches were empty of people but full of coffins. The dead bodies were piling up so fast in the hospitals that the morgues were also filled and huge freezer trucks had to be called in just to store the dead bodies until burial without any funeral or ceremony. (And Americans worry about not going to a normal church service???) Similar situation in NYC where freezer trucks were brought in to store dead bodies - one had a freezer malfunction and the truck sat in some neighborhood until the stench of rotting bodies alerted the neighbors to the horror. Mass graves have been dug in an isolated park on an island near NYC filled up with stacks and rows of coffins. Mass burials in Brazil as well. The message from the Italians was that this is worse than you imagine and you must take all precautions so it doesn't happen to you. I will take their first hand word for that. These situations went on for around 2 months before the death rate even began to plateau. That's a good sign but it does not mean we are out of the woods! CV is far worse than the ordinary flu, contrary to the party line. And it could happen to YOU! Opening things up too early with too few limitations puts everyone in danger of the second wave of CV which experts are expecting later on. Better to be safe than sorry. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Hindsight is cheap. Foresight is golden. Stay safe and be well.
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    Of course I could talk of corruption elsewhere but I’m not supposed to so we’ll make believe it only happens here.
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    What a sad bunch of people some of you are on this board.. To say they had been drinking without knowing the facts, and you don’t know the facts... I didn’t see the accident but I was told from someone who did there were several motorcycle that appeared to be racing each other... How sad you have to post a photo of the body, Don’t you have any thought for the deceased's family... who just might be members of this board.
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    Your rights end where my nose begins. A bully can yell insults at you and swing his fists all day long but once he lands a punch then his rights end. His aggression and ignorance have caused harm. CV19 is a highly contagious disease and anyone who is not wearing a mask is endangering the lives of many others. Anyone who can walk and chew gum at the same time understands. Grow up and act like a responsible adult. Learn from medical specialists who do not post on fakebook. Wear a mask and ignore those other talking head Tweeter Twits in the media who are promoting a hidden agenda.
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    No different than Hook 'Em and virgo lady's posts from Sunday.....see previous page......science, medical expertise, and common sense / caution, over the opposite, is the watchword these days...one can choose to make anything political, if one tries hard enough, I guess..... and they DID finally get rescued....thx to the Professor! 😉 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rescue_from_Gilligan's_Island
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    You don't get it all, do you? Just because you think something isn't true doesn't make it fake news or news that's not true. If you can find credible information that proves that something is false, and present that information, that's one thing, but simply shouting FAKE NEWS means nothing at all and is a pointless and annoying rebuttal.
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    Presidente Moy 25 de mayo, 2020 Estamos observando y muchas personas notan y se quejan de un gran número de Tapatios este fin de semana en nuestros supermercados y otros. No usan máscaras, ni usan desinfectantes e ignoran el distanciamiento social. Consideramos que esto pone en peligro nuestra salud y seguridad. ¿Puedes por favor ayudarnos? We are observing and many people are noting and complaining about large numbers of Tapatios on this weekend in our grocery stores and others. They do not wear masks, nor use sanitizers and they ignore social distancing. We see this as endangering our health and safety. Can you please help us? Gracias Harry Bublin
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    Well, you have apparently posted this in exactly the right place, to do that.....according to some. 😉 Suerte.
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    I strongly sense that those who favor The Economy over Saving Lives simply are not well informed of the realities of the situation. It's so easy to imagine "it can't happen here, or to me." Yes, people are suffering economically, but they will be suffering much more with death spreading all around them as will happen without the precautions. In the first world countries, the government helps the people, least of all in the US. Low government as we have here in MX is a sign of a 3rd world country without a decent standard of living for everyone. We gringos are the rich ones here and we are obligated to help financially, but more on that in another thread. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/coronavirus-brazil-killing-young-developing-world/2020/05/22/f76d83e8-99e9-11ea-ad79-eef7cd734641_story.html?utm_campaign=wp_post_most&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_most CV deaths keep going up in MX; Jalisco still on the low side, roughly equal to Yucatan and only slightly more than Guanajuato or Oaxaca - states with far smaller populations. We are doing well here because of the strict precautions of Alfaro who has stated he is following the guidance of the U de G. Good for him and us. This is no time to slack off. I hope Moy keeps the safety blockades up. Everyone I have talked to around here supports them. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/covid-19-deaths-hit-new-daily-record-of-479/ The issue is not staying in or going out. It is what has to be done to keep the hospitals able to function. Remember, if they are packed with CV patients, a tragedy in itself, they can't care for "normal" medical emergencies. Hospitals are on the brink of collapse in Acapulco: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/acapulco-hospitals-on-point-of-collapse-mayor/ Here is how local people in Yucatan are handling the crisis: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/in-200-communities-no-one-comes-or-goes/ San Miguel is also planning to put up blockades to outsiders as they begin to reopen some businesses with strict limitations and for locals only. The Cancun area as well as Los Cabos have postponed their openings indefinitely until strict certification of sanitation can be accomplished to benefit both the workers and the travelers who will be quite concerned about travel safety.
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    Neither you nor I have any real knowledge of where this virus came from. For all we know, it could have been introduced there by some foreign agents. And the US allowed a planeful of people to enter the US after they had been informed that there was a serious virus spreading like wildfire. You conveniently neglect to put any blame there.
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    Too bad Computer Guy isn't here any more. Maybe he could help you.
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    How about something positive about Mexico for a change...like very light virus problems in our area, like everything is opening up again ....?
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    Edited by Mod for off topic political reference. Don't do it again.
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    And this is the second unnecessary critical comment you have made today. Take a break, please.
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    My reading of it was that he was being tongue-in-cheek. How exactly would "After I sell my money" make any sense? Perhaps you have never heard of Monet and didn't get the joke?
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    I notice, not only on this site, but on Facebook, that many people fail to check their typing before they post something. In your topic line you said "Began", whereas I think you meant "Begun". Then you go on to say "bumber to bumber" instead of "bumper to bumper". Forgive me for being picky, but I see more and more of this all the time.
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    Not sure where I saw this reply so maybe not confirmed news: Dear Mr. Mayor We business owners here at Lake Chapala respectfully ask that you ignore the wishes of a few non-citizens who seem to only worry about themselves. They want to put a fence around this place and thus starve us to death in the name of security. They don't like our clients from Guadalajara but they don't wish to make up the revenue we lose by not serving them. Yes, a few are actually citizens but the vast majority are just guests in our proud country. If it is legal to keep non-residents out we will abide by that but then request you see that the rule is strictly enforced. As of now it is a joke but our incomes are dangerously low and some of us will be forced out of business. Thank you and we promise to plant some trees when this is all over.
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    Cedros is correct. Of course, when one screams "Fake News" at anything they don't agree with, it doesn't much matter what language it is in....verdad? 😉
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    He's not selling anything. He's a local persona asking where to buy. We do that all the time in this thread. Let's knock off the vendetta against this member before I have to start taking action.
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    And the U.S. is also guilty of deporting people known to have tested positive for CV to Mexico.
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    Yeah They sent plane loads of infected people all over the world. Worked great. Now who has the best economy?...One guess...
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    What's this mumbo jumbo about? In the eyes of many people, China at least did something early to control the spread.
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    Many have left....you sent many of us off to TOB and he took your advice.
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    I had to laugh at the OP. The public here are the health and safety inspectors. A business that makes people sick is quickly shunned and goes out of business. The OP assumes that regulations make things safe--not. They are there as a way to control the little guys and create a cash flow. When you actually look at the infrastructure in the USA for checking our food supply you will find it under funded and lax about the basic commodities coming into the country. This pandemic has brought out the worst in squeamish people , I know because I used to be one of them, but I grew up. The health problems here in Mexico aren't caused by home made foods, but nice clean poisonous processed foods and sodas. If something doesn't seem right to you just don't buy it/eat it, but don't lay that trip on the rest of us. The last thing we want is for Mexico to become more like the USA. I agree with Pedro---did I just say that?
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    The problems you point out are ubiquitous in all countries but you seem to be trying to politicize it here. You may not notice it but others have mentioned that about you.
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    No problem. No one forces you to fly. Last year United made a whopping 2.43% profit on sales. WOW are they "screwing" the public!! What about Clorox ? Do you think they are "screwing" the public? Last year Clorox made 13.67% profit on sales. Maybe General Mills? (think Cheerios) Do you think they are "screwing" the public? Last year General Mills made 12.45% profit on sales Put in context air travel is very inexpensive in today's world. 45 years ago I paid $214 for a round trip from San Francisco to Guadalajara. That included almost nothing in taxes. Last year I did the same for $426 including over $145 in taxes. One dollar from 1975 is $4.96 on today's dollars. So based on that my last ticket to SF should have cost $1061 ( not taking into account taxes) WOW DID I GET "SCREWED"! But hey if you don't like less services fly first class. In today's dollars about the same price as coach 45 years ago.
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    So typical, Wonderful Mexican hospitality.....we are lucky to live in this place....
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    I suspect we all know what he meant.
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    Maybe Sunfan is selling one of his Monet paintings to buy the car. You didn' t think of that, now did you?
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    How sad one does not recognize a typo when one sees one. 🤪
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    HAPPY to report (for those like me who don't use FB) that ALL of Mauricio's dogs are adopted or else in shelters. This was achieved by a caring of a group of foreigners who knew and loved him, and resolved that NONE of his animals would be put down. The cat is at a local vet office to be spayed and then her future to be determined also. Mods: This might be more appropriate in Furry Friends but int his case, hope you will agree is more likely to be viewed by more on this page. Gracias.
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    Since you don't seem to have read the information that has been out for months re mask wearing, wearing a mask is more to prevent you from infecting others, should you be infected yourself, very possibly without knowing, as it is starting to appear that the majority of cases may be asymptomatic but still contagious, than to prevent others from infecting you. You breathe out through your nose. Your eyes do not exude breath and droplets.
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    I sent a thank you note to Moderator 3 with a copy to Moderator 2 after he closed my last thread. I will share that with you below, and I respect his authority 100% =========================================================== I have seen many posts similar to mine, people simply making a post as if if talking to a group of "friends" at a party. Basically, I made a comment and said what I thought. I have received many supportive PMs on my posts and told to ignore those who have a need to bash someone. Anyway, I get your point, and I'm sure there are a few people here that will give you accolades for basically putting me down. I'm sorry I couldn't reply online, though if I did, no doubt I would have been banned. If I can help someone and answer a question, I will, in as very few words as possible, and w/o personal thoughts.I will only ask questions if I have researched almost everyplace else, and then I still may not. Best of health in these times. You may share my response to you if you choose. Mod-3
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    I'm just sharing thoughts. If you're not interested, don't read further. No one is forcing you to read this. If you generally don't like my postings, please block me. After reading all the news this morning, I noted where Mexico ranks near the top in corruption. Also how the Covid 19 testing in Mexico very poor relating to other countries. So why are we lucky to be here? It seems to me that we are not really touched by the corruption, and I don't count having to pay a citation to the officer as "corruption." I would opine that most of the Gringos are reasonably well-off financially. I mean, with the comparatively low cost of living, we don't have to be really worried about being dependent on a business to pay our bills. I believe if any of us feel we want/need testing for Covid 19, I'm sure it's available privately (if you trust the testing). In a way, we are in our own little isolation bubble, and, Constitutional or not, the local government is making some effort to try to isolate our area from "outsiders." I also feel, and I have nothing to back this up other than my personal observations, that Gringos are more conscientious when it comes to flowing the guidelines for social distancing, masks and hand washing. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. All-in-all, I consider myself lucky to be in Mexico today rather then the U.S. Good health to all.
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    The number of panels you will want depends on BOTH ' what load you will have and how much of that you will want to cover with solar' but it mostly depends of the kw of EACH panel. You will need a lot more 180 w panels than you will 300 w panels irrespective of ' what load you will have and how much of that you will want to cover with solar.' A common error when answering 'How many panels will I need?' The correct question is 'How much kw will I need for the 'load I will have and how much of that I will want to cover with solar?'
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    This is a bit off color so don’t read if offended by human anatomy humor https://mashable.com/video/pandemic-kick-balls-dont-touch/
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