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    Of course it doesn't make any sense to wear a mask if you are walking by yourself, outside, with no one else anywhere near. (although it can make you aware not to touch your face after you've touched some public railing etc.) But if they don't make it mandatory when out in public, leaving it up to individuals to decide for themselves when and where, if anytime, they'll wear a mask, that doesn't work, because there are too many people who simply don't care about protecting others or think the virus isn't any threat, or figure if they die, so what, they'll die of something eventually (they might feel differently if they found themselves gasping to breathe and then hooked up to a ventilator). If everyone showed respect for others and wore a mask when in any sort of close proximity to other people, or in public buildings, officials wouldn't have to make these kinds of rules. In South Korea, there were no mandated rules about self-isolation mask wearing, but the populace understood the danger and complied on their own, according to a South Korean on another forum I follow.
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    What do get out of constantly characterizing caution and protective measures as fear?
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    This is logic. Mudgirl is the niece of Dr. Spock Carry on.
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    I just read the article. I says many things to contradict what you are implying. Maybe you should read it again without predetermined prejudice. 😍
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    I don’t see the value of wearing a mask while walking down the empty streets of La Floresta. Indoors in public I get. Outside where you’re far away from other people just seems like overkill.
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    And this really simplifies the issue:
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    Regardless there are thousands of Tapatios Lakeside on the weekend and quite a few during the week. Thousands of them own houses here so they don't need to be out in public all the time.
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    Maybe if you called Superlake 376 766 0174 someone there might know..
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    Since you have taken this to a childish level, I am water and you are glue. Slides off me and sticks on you. Go to bed and sleep tight. 😎 after all, tomorrow is another day. 🌞
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    Unfortunately when you look around it is pretty clear out of door a big part of the population doesn't see the need for it and isn't doing it. This gets real obvious when you get out of gringolandia and look around Chapala, San Juan Cosala or Jocotepec. Or Guadalajara. It is interesting, I pick up our maid in Chapala two days a week and have observed the level of mask wearing goes straight down once you get past Riberas heading east. Or past fish restaurant row headed west. So your best bet is to protect yourself and stop trying to force everyone else to protect you or casting aspersions on those who don't see it your way. Don't depend on them to keep their distance, you keep yours. If you think a mask will protect you, get the best one you can and wear it everywhere, even to bed if that makes you feel better. Wash your hands 100 times per day if you think that will help. You are your best and really your own risk manager. And you'll also get to make your own decision about the level of fear you want to live your life in. Just don't expect everyone to agree with you on that either. Because they most definitely do not. Particularly here in Mexico. That's all I have to offer on the matter. Good luck to everyone. W
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    JUNE 4 Note the increase in the number of suspected cases in Chapala from 7 to 23
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    Fried squirrel and gravy is always good!
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    The internet speed is junk. The TV is not even on and I got 13 MB minutes ago instead of the 70 MB according to the contract I signed. I sent another email to noc@mail.ilox.mx ... still no reply. This is just another ripoff
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    In the USA Autozone will loan one or bring it to the car and activate them
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    If there is one carriersThey have already exposed everyone on the bus including those who live here, who get off the bus and go their merry way exposing others. Sitting on a bus for 45 minutes with one carrier is long enough to catch the virus
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    Im gooin oot and aboot, eh to Tim Hortons for a double double
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    I’m happy the local restaurants are open again. I found that some of the fresh made to order dishes just didn’t translate that well to takeout. It’s good after 2 months of little or no work that people are getting back to earning a living. I look forward to the day that choosing to stay home or to go out is an option not dictated by any governing body. The mask requirement at all times anywhere in public is ridiculous in my opinion and I hope they revise that in the coming weeks.
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    So...shop somewhere else. Like El Torito for instance. Where several of us have seen stacks of Ziploc bags in various sizes. Why beat a dead horse?
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    I have lived on and off in Mexico for 33 years. For many years I was a Resident of Canada then I became a non Resident, then back to Resident of Canada for medical reasons. I think the Mexican medical system is better than the Canadian one in many ways so I am thinking about becoming a non Resident again. How have others dealt with this status? I know some have lived here for years and kept their Resident in Canada status and their medical intact.
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    I for one, think the new highway project and concrete barrier planters look fantastic. Today they planted tress through SAT and La Floresta. If they do as well as the palmas have done along the Carretera in SAT, it is going to be beautiful. I sometimes, actually many times, think the negative nellies hope for failure so they can keep up and on with their incessant complaining and whining. Some things here succeed and some don´t, I´m just happy and thankful for the ones that do, and wonder why people who constantly complain even want to live here. There must many places in the world that don´t have "ugly concrete dividers", "no maintenance", "nobody to water plants" and all the other terrible faults of this area. I know if I felt the way so many do living here that I would looking for new stomping grounds. But then if they moved to "Utopia", there wouldn´t be anything to complain about, and that would take all the joy out of life…... Could things be better? they always can, so that´s why I enjoy what there is and say to myself "that´s pretty damn nice" with a smile on my face and quit thinking about what could of, should of, would of, have been done. ¡ Felicidades to the engineering, architectural, and construction people for a job well done on the highway project. It certainly is a pleasure to drive on and is a huge improvement, (IMHO), for the area.
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    I have no idea what he is talking about..Tire, Batteries, Dealer,............ all gobble gobble Having a motor cycle these days seems more complicated than back in my time
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    That picture is a bit misleading as it takes more than a brief exposure to pass the bug unless someone coughs on you. It isn't an automatic 70 percent, depends on a number of factors including time, whether they cough, how close they are for how long. This is why medical professionals are getting it in larger numbers because of the prolonged exposure. And they are wearing masks and washing hands frequently. But they are just around it too long and too closely.
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    Yes, they, ruin everything. I just wish, they, would be quiet. I try to be nice to them but it isn’t easy.
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