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    Harry was discreet. You were not. I thought nothing further about his request. You are the one who introduced “the police” and “breaking the news” and telling “someone in a message.” You could have PM’d Harry instead of partially sharing the news on a public board.
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    Hi Catbird...I lived in Ajijic for about five years (1999-2004) and still visit occasionally. I have lived in Morelia for a total of 8 or 9 years, with a break when I lived for 8 years in Mexico City. I've been back in Morelia for exactly a year. Morelia is home for me. Morelia bears absolutely NO resemblance to Lake Chapala--except that as you mentioned, the weather is similar. It's generally cooler here than there, and can be quite chilly in the winter. Our altitude above sea level is 6400 feet; Lakeside is at 5200 feet. Morelia is a colonial city of 1.2 million people; the English-speaking expatriate community is approximately 300 to 400 people. The city is extremely cultured, with at least 6 major universities, a symphony orchestra, a chamber orchestra, frequent festivals of importance, including the Morelia international film festival in October-November (considered to be the best film festival in Mexico), the international music festival during the last two weeks of November (concerts range from popular music to classical music, many are free to the public), plus annual jazz, organ, classical dance, and other annual festivals. There is no large body of water close to Morelia--Lake Pátzcuaro is about an hour away. We have a small international airport 45 minutes to an hour northeast of the city. We have a long-distance bus terminal about 15 minutes from Morelia's Centro Histórico. We have excellent taxi service and good Uber service. There is no organized community of English-speaking foreigners, no animal rescue group of foreigners (that I am aware of), no ladies' lunch groups, no little theatre (although we have two theatres that often have traveling companies of concerts, dance performances, and Spanish-language plays), no 'bar scene' for foreigners, no restaurants oriented to foreigners. Really, nothing in Morelia is directed to a foreign community. There is quite a bit of national tourism here, and some foreign tourism---but nothing like the level one sees at Lakeside. We treasure and preserve our history, including our culinary traditions. There is a large indigenous presence here, primarily the Pur'epecha community, whose presence is crucial to our ways of thinking and believing. Morelia's Centro Histórico is considered to be the most beautiful in all of Mexico. Our buildings here are made predominately of cantera stone blocks and date to the mid-1500s. This is not the colorful tourist-oriented town that, for example, is Ajijic. We are typically Mexican: conservative and relatively formal in dress, building exteriors, etc. On the other hand, there are many historical families here, many intellectuals, and quite a bit of non-conservative thinking, music, and art. We have a number of fine museums and many, many historical buildings in the city. Unfortunately, the level of narcoviolencia in and around Morelia is substantially higher than that at Lakeside. Unlike the Lake Chapala area, we in Morelia are very little influenced by foreign ideas of what central Mexico is like. If you have more questions, please ask.
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    The poster is a close friend of mine. There is no person more honest than him. This story is true and he is so generous to share it with you. I am sad to read your reaction/accusation ( fake story ), based on nothing. If I were you, I would do the decent thing and apologize. Rony
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    Did they say what year?
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    You can't resolve the issue with Bancomer. You'll need to call your bank to report the problem. If you're lucky, the bank will give you a provisional refund while they make the claim. ATMs have sensors that detect a physical problem but yours sounds like a communication failure where the non-dispense did not trigger the automatic reversal of the original withdrawal request. When you request money at an ATM, the system sends a request to your bank asking if you have funds available to cover the withdrawal. If you do, you bank charges your account and sends the positive acknowledgement to the ATM, all assuming the transaction will complete properly. A physical dispense malfunction will cause the ATM to send a reversal message but if the ATM never receives the original reply your money is gone, the transaction times out and you're stuck. The ATM audit trail will show no money was dispensed and with that info your bank should permanently refund the amount you requested.
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    Geringohombre, you are absolutely WRONG. It is a TRUE and ONGOING FACT. I am insulted by your rash judgement. The only thing fake is your response.
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    Spend a little bit of money and ask a professional. This board, and all other boards, is full of amateurs with opinions.
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    So silly...why don't you 2 meet for a pillow fight?
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    Plastic bag ban. Found this on facebook: "So let me get this straight. I go to the grocery store and buy a lb. of sliced ham wrapped in plastic, a loaf of bread in a plastic bag, a gallon of milk in a plastic jug, a pack of napkins wrapped in plastic, a Greek salad in a plastic container, a plastic bottle of mustard and a plastic bottle of ketchup, and they won't give me a plastic bag to carry it home because the plastic bag is bad for the environment?"
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    Sure. Every year. Not to mention a Costco and/or Sam’s Club. Every single year for at least the last 15. Same rumor, but location can change. Newbies usually fall for it.
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    Do you remember the swine flu here in Mexico about 12 years ago?? It was on CNN day and night. They were passing out masks to passengers on arriving planes (which everybody took off as soon as they exited customs) Cruise ships changed ports to not stop in Mexico etc. etc. etc. The whole world was going to die from it if you listened to CNN. You should be much more concerned about the regular flu that kills 20,000 plus in North Americans every year according to the US Centers For Disease Control......... It just doesn't make the news.
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    Yeah, and try telling young Mexicans, who are working their butts off trying to get a higher education at all the universities in GDL, many from the Chapala area, and other rural areas, that you didn´t come here for change. Is Mexico, GDL in particular, going to be our version of Silicon Valley, or would you rather have it be some guy in a big sombrero sleeping under a cactus plant??? GRRRRRRR !!!!!!
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    I'd love to see some evidence for this claim.
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    I suspect that immigrants (legal or not) simply want jobs not free stuff. They want jobs and want to pay their taxes. Deadbeats come in all races, creeds and colours... and some of them are homegrown. And I won't get into the very wealthy people and corporations who go out of their way to avoid taxation.
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    Five of us went there this morning, and I had the Italian omelette as well. Everything was excellent all around. People may wonder why we're going on about this place when there are so many other restaurants out there. Well, for me, it's not just because the food is very good... but also because the owners really want you to have a great experience. So many places here are indifferent to their customers, and get complacent. Not so with Sentidos. They are really busting their butts, and it shows.
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    No one has yet to answer the poster's question, just in turn making derogatory remarks. The poster did not list the numbers tried. The only number I can find is 376 765 6233.
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    Google Earth is surprisingly up to date since it shows the new house constructed next to me in the last year. However, it is extremely hard to get in close enough to see details that people are being charged for so I suspect that some guessing is taking place. Floradude, roof overhangs and covered porches and covered carports have always been included in the square footage of Mexican houses for tax purposes. It is somewhat deceiving when actually going to buy a house unless you are aware of that because it is so different from NOB.
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    I think it¨s more like…………... Before you argue with someone, ask yourself, is that person even mentally mature enough to grasp the concept of different perspectives? Because if not, there´s absolutely no point. So the concept that illegal immigrants are freeloaders receiving many federal and state benefits is ingrained, that shuts the door.
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    You are correct ! I guess I am unnerved about this . But I sincerely apologize . Thank you for posting and it sure opened my eyes ! I don’t remember ever posting anything negative on this board , so this really woke me up ! . Thank you for that !
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    You will only get to read this link ONCE and then you will be locked out... About half of FDA expedited approvals lack double-blind trials | Federal Practitioner The following links show that even some double blind studies still result in the drugs being recalled https://www.uspharmacist.com/article/overview-of-the-fdas-drugrecall-process https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_withdrawn_drugs The research on cannabis and/or CBD is in its infancy especially in the U.S. (for obvious reasons) If you're looking for studies look to other countries like Israel or Spain. We are all unique. What suits one doesn't suit another. But, that doesn't mean that you ever give up. Each to his/her own.
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    In my limited experience (thank goodness) you have to start the claim with your personal bank and it goes from there. Good luck.
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    This is what happens when you give out your best workers names out to everybody and their brother. Good people get stretched too thin and hate to say "No new clients at this time."
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    You accuse the OP of posting a made-up story (the same thing as calling him a liar), with no proof whatsoever, and don't see that as insulting? What planet are you from?
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    Are you kidding me? So you are not only insensitive, but incapable of understanding the most simple bits of speech as well. YOU are the fake news, buddy.
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    I just re-read Chapters 1 and 2. I don't see it as "fake news", but if someone is looking for an excuse to be insulting, he/she can usually find one. The question is why?
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    ...You and a hundred others. Look hard by walking around and knocking doors. Don't believe a word about internet speed or quiet. You must do your own due diligence for that. Suerte
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    Goody for you and all the others who jumped on the bandwagon when many OTHERS who paid in advance to actually BRING iLox to this area have been shut out after iLox specifically stated that prepaids would be hooked up first. A pox on 'em.
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    It's very difficult to deal with many businesses here by telephone. Usually one gets much better results person to person.
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    How about being more tolerant? Some of the "gringos" who move here are already elderly, and it is much more difficult for them to learn a language well enough to order food in that language.
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    No matter where you go, interpretation of a CT scan is based upon the dr. and his experience and knowledge. I find it interesting that so many non docs have such vast information on this topic.
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    Looks like those concrete barriers are going to weed out some less than qualified drivers or at least after they run out of money for repairs.
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    Man it gets bad when y'all can't avoid discussing food without getting personal. Closed.
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    Thirty years ago I used to carry condoms in my wallet. Now I carry hearing aid batteries. 😀
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    This guy "goes after" everyone, anyone and anything, just posting willy nilly to get as many BUSINESS IMPRESSIONS as he can since his handle is his business. This is his only goal!!! A great marketing ploy but very irritating to others. He is by far the King of Posters here with 11,593 posts in a little under 7 years. That averages out to about 4.5 a day. Nice work if you can get it and as a guy with a marketing background, some grudging respect....but just know that we are on to you.
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    Yes It’s rustic , not for everyone...definitely “ Mexicana “ However we enjoy the food especially the stuffed fish ...the family is super friendly and really tries hard . When we lose all these rustic family restaurants we will have lost Mexico .Just across the street is what I consider to be the best food I have had in Chapala...Letra ch ...a different style of restaurant ( two story yellowish building ) about 5 minutes past the railway station .
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    Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch. There are a whole lot of armchair know-it-alls in these parts. As I see it, be grateful or be gone. You don't seem to realize how toxic your shitty attitudes are. I "feel" you anytime I'm foolish enough to venture into Mexico Lite, AKA Ajijic, the only pueblo that receives NO services from the local government while Chapala gets "everything". Bwah, hah, hah, hah! Seriously. Toxic. Shitty. Attitudes.
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    Carry on worrying. It is what will save you from the virus. Do not let the naysayers dissuade you from your fear and concern. At over 80 you are at high risk of being dead soon from something or other. Might as well spend whatever time you have left reading and worrying, and trying to spread alarm to the poor fools who are enjoying what time they have left. We all have a 100% chance of dying, some sooner, some later, but dead we all shall be.
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    the US consulate has taken control, therefore, local authorities are no longer involved. Thanks to those who tried to be helpful. We are a community which should look out for each other.
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    Was there a change in zoning needed to put a commercial operation on a street that is 90 percent commercial and between 2 businesses?
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    Yes, and it will come to Jocotopec too. It will just take a little longer. I move to a place I love. Then it changes and grows until it no longer is a place I want to be. So, I move on to another place. But, I am now 12 years older than I was when I came here. I’m tired and can’t bear the thought of doing all that again. I am attempting to adjust expectations and go with the flow. I have to die someplace. It might as well be here, I guess.
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    It´s comparable to haggis.
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    Thank you, Al! I had also tracked down this number, but when it went unanswered after several tries I then posted here. But turns out it is a working number and this morning I reached him. So I phound Phlete! Lexy
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    Face to face is fine IF you have mobility and are fairly close. If someone lives in Jocotepec and wants information from Coppel about whether or not something is in stock, I would most certainly want to find out in advance.
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    Oxxo is a franchise. The parent company is also the owner of Coca Cola in Mexico. Like any franchise the owner can ask for a location. If Oxxo approves I am sure they help with permits etc. In Chapala there are 2 within 1 block. Ajijic ceased being a quaint pueblito about 25 years ago. In Mazamitla which is a Pueblo Magico there is a bank fronting the plaza. You can complain all you want, but the town is changing. If you want to live in a quaint little town, there hundreds within 1 hour of here. But you will have to live a quaint little town lifestyle
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    Does anyone but me remember the enormous hoo-ha that went up when the national chain Farmacia Guadalajara was built at the corner of the carretera and Encarnación Rosas? The outrage that ensued when the national chain Walmart was built at the corner of the libramiento? Those were (as far as I remember) the first two national chains built in Ajijic--well, of course excepting PEMEX, which was originally on the corner across from where Walmart now exists, and is now in several other places in town. There is currently at least one Farmacia de Similares, and it doesn't seem to have pushed out Farmacia Cristina, or Dr. Polo, or other small farmacias. For quite a few years, an OXXO has been on Pátzcuaro's elegant and lovely main plaza, Plaza don Vasco de Quiroga. There was enormous outcry against it when it was proposed, of course. City rules require it to have minimal, low-key signage and that the building be painted according to city regulations: rust-red from the sidewalk and up a meter or so, then white above that. It's barely noticeable--if you ask someone where it is, that person will point it out to you, but it's hard to see it even when you're standing directly in front of it. Can you see it in the photo? Nope, me either--but it's there, along the side of the square behind the statue of don Vasco. There's another OXXO in the Centro of San Miguel de Allende (on Calle Mesones), smack dab in the highly touristed middle of town. Another huge flap carried on against it when it was proposed. But does this detract from the fantasy view of the city? Not IMHO. In the 'village' of Ajijic, where is the abarrotes nearest the site of the new OXXO? Like you guys, I'm not an OXXO fan. But OXXO is a modern-day fact of life in Mexico, including in the most touristed cities and towns. Some of those have a fairy-tale image of themselves to preserve. Others just want the convenience. You and I can jump up and down till hell freezes over, but OXXO is apparently here to stay.
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    What's sad is that anyone would feel it's okay to publicly humiliate another person by posting a high school grammar lesson. If the teaching compulsion was too strong to resist, a PM would have more than sufficed.
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