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    Sue Garn - Why would you care why she wants to know??? That type of comment and attitude are why a lot of folks are reluctant to post questions on this forum!
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    Pancho has a long history with many of us here. He has established personal relationships with so many of his customers who have supported him through his personal and professional ups and, sadly, downs. We are invested in him and his success. Those of us on the east end are also delighted to know we will not have to wrangle high season traffic to shop at his store. We are excited and happy for him and us. It seems petty and mean spirited to complain about that and try to get the thread locked down to stop what you call “free advertising.” I have a better solution for you: STOP READING THIS THREAD.
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    Due to overwhelming demand and the need to educate people on traffic laws, their rights and responsibilities as well as fines and amounts, I have updated my Jalisco Traffic Guide so it is current as of October 19, 2018. Please feel free to read it and download it and let me know if there is anything that should be added / deleted / corrected, etc. 2018 Jalisco Traffic Law Guide Happy Driving!
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    This is everyone sharing their experience in helping a new business owner they care about. you right he is getting some advertising, but that not the issue for the posts. we all want his business to survive, in this competitive market. The only can tell each other about our experiences at his new market is by this webboard. I started shopping at panchos new store, spent $971 pesos this week, i will shop there for the next three months, just to help him start his business. I had lunch there too, bought a sandwich, from his deli and sat outside on his tables
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    Why don’t you go into his store and ask him? You know, face to face instead of anonymously making snide shots on a web board.
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    The topic of police here is complicated. I'll try to explain briefly. Traffic police--white trucks with vialidad painted on . These are state employees and the municipality has no control over them. Good news they have a new commandante who is tough, Community Liaison, Hector Espana Ramos talked to him the other day. Their office is on Degollado in Chapala. Hector discussed the two way streets in Ajijic with parking which with the increased traffic are becoming more and more dangerous. He also discussed the mordida hound El Gordo. The commandante said he can not make any changes until the state government changes in January. Until then: If you are stopped and did something wrong simply ask for the folio. If the officer is reluctant to give you the ticket or threatens to take your car, ask to see his ID take a foto of it,not him. Also take a foto of the truck plate. Make sure all your papers are in order and in one place for ready production. The Guad Reporter listed them several weeks back. Being IDed should back him off. If he threatens to call a tow truck or does, ask to talk to the commandante (765-4747). We've talked to the #2 municipal police and explained the problem . He said Transito can only operate west of the Ajijic panteon and on the libramento to the state highway. If you have a problem within the villages , call the municipal police for assistance (765-4444) or 911. They will help you. Municipal police, numbers above, can only help with prevention. They can stop a crime in progress. After the fact, you need to go to ministerio publico to file a report. Their office is across from Christina Park in Chapala 766-2415. They have investigators. Chapala got a several million peso federal grant to establish a MUNICIPAL transito. There has been a holdup with their ability to issue tickets, so, they are basically limited to directing traffic. So you see we have lots of police, but, their powers are limited to specific areas of operation. The thing they need most is information. If you are reluctant to be IDed pm Hector at espaneramoshector@yahoo.com or me here. BTW we toured the police station in Chapala the other day and it is a mess. They have painted their armory and somme outside courtyard. But, there is peeling paint everywhere. Chapala Sunrise Rotary and Ajijic Rotary donated 15 gallons of paint. I may be getting some photos to share. A couple of things"our" cops need is a sheet of 4x8 plywood to use as a modesty panel for their business administrator's desk and a working refrigerator. They have three, I donated one to the last admin, nonworking.
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    Hector España Ramos, Expat community liaison, spoke with the Transito Comandante. By now I hope everyone knows the transit police are state employees. The Commandante confronted "El Gordo" with the allegations of the shakedowns and "El Gordo" replied, "Where are the complaints against me". Therefore, Hector is asking for letters relating the events and peso amounts of the shakedowns. He already has four. Just use your first name and last initial only with zip code. No address or phone number. Hector and the Commandante will be the only ones seeing these complaints. They can be dropped off at the Chapala municipal building, Ajijic Delegado's office or Manix restaurant. he would like these ASAP so he can go back to the Comandante.
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    By the way not furnished places do not have stove or fridge usually. Everything has to be negociated before signing a lease and if you do not want to stay 12 months do not sgn a 12 month lease. Yu cannot claim you were pushed on anything , you either agree and sign or do not agree and you do not go by promises here , you use the fact they do not have what you want to lower the time or the price and do not sign until everything is like you like it or be prepare to do it yourself and forget about get the money back. The lease you sign means nothing, what are they gong to do if you leae? sue you? I do not think so.. The guy is a bully and toll advantage of you, walk away and move far away from him.
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    On the other hand...every time one of us gives a positive restaurant review, that's free advertising, and the same for any other product or event that's posted about.
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    Because I need some of them.
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    It is “interesting to read and follow” a bats#*t crazy megaconspiracy site even though you don’t actually buy into it because children are important. Got it.
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    In our 13 years at lakeside; first on Ocampo in Ajijic, then on Lopez Cotilla in Chapala, we never had any children at our doors on the last day of October. Halloween is NOT observed in Mexico and I suggest that it not be encouraged. Join in the dia de los muertos celebrations and enjoy the vast cultural difference. It is a truly beautiful celebration of remembrance.
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    Please be specific about the 'inexperienced persons in charge'. It's not fair to generalize, judge, and publish it for so many to read. There are two other lady veterinarians at the Pet Place. They are both competent. Saying something bad about a doctor in Mexico is a serious offense.
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    My wife and I were in San Luis Soyatlan two weeks ago looking at properties. There were two houses for sale in San Luis overlooking the park and Lake Chapala. These had for sale signs on them. I am sure there are more in the area. There were several nice looking fracctions in the area. We wound up buying land near San Cristobal another nice little pueblo. Plans are to build a house in a few years. At the moment we are building in Riberas but this area is getting to crowded. Did not see many realtor signs over there. Most sales were by owners. I think prices on the south side will really escalate in the next few years and buying property here will be a wise investment.
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    Then, ficklepie, you have no idea of the number of Mexican products in either store. SuperLake was already established in January of 1996 although not, I think, in its current location since I remember it being much smaller. That's a long time business effort by a Mexican with Mexican employees. I applaud his success and wish him the very best. He understands service and customer appreciation.
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    I'm not trying to change the way things work here. (The way things work here often is that they DON'T work) But if one is building their place from scratch, or putting in a new septic system, which was the topic of this thread, is there some reason not to do it properly, to avoid future problems? Just because Mexicans like to reduce a 4" toilet outlet to a 2" pipe to save $ on pipe, everyone should do it like that forever? Of course, anyone who likes having a basket of shitty toilet paper in the bathroom is welcome to use 2" pipe , just like they're welcome to stick a vent pipe out of the septic tank, which is the only reason a bad smell would come out of the septic tank, as opposed to having the vent pipes run up inside the walls, and vent on the rooftop. I wouldn't presume to criticize your advice on computer problems; perhaps you could leave septic advice to those who actually understand how to set up a properly functioning system.
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    Naysayers? You mean voices of experience, don't you? I installed laminate flooring up north, where we have "standards", and was frequently disappointed at the squeaking sounds the floor makes over the foam sheeting that cannot hide all the dips and curves. At least there we don't have a lot of foundation shifting. This is Mexico. Floors are quite different. Volcanic faults and underground arroyos are everywhere. Houses are often not squared, let alone level.
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    Then please learn the rules of posting. There is proper etiquette. This is not a dump or catch-all for spurious comments. It is a place to help people get answers of local interest, and Mexico in general. You have no other postings on this board under that name. That was your first post. You posted a pointless comment with no information. What did you expect? And Qanon is probably the last kind of BS topic anyone on this board wants to get involved in. It's political, for one thing, and this board is not about politics. So, and maybe I am enlightening you, your post was pure troll.
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    Part of this land is NOT private property, but land belonging to the indigenous community. By Mexican law, this kind of land can never be sold; the permits are illegal and will be challenged in court. The road has been built and the electrical transformers installed above San Juan de las Colinas. Stay tuned for more information and how to help stop this capital venture which will have a grave environmental and cultural impact on our town.
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    That's quite the tantalizing endictment, fickle. Perhaps you didn't notice that half of SuperLake is local, in particular produce. A huge majority of products are Mexican-made. Quite an odd statement, actually. When I lived in Canada, I was thrilled to see Mexican imports of masa flour, tomatillos, various fruits and vegetables, Mexican movie DVDs... not to mention a vast pile of electronics from Taiwan and China. Never once do I recall thinking "Damn them all, I'm only going to buy local!" And of course here, Pancho's family is, um, Mexican, and grew that store from a vegetable stand. His sister still owns and runs Super Laura down near the San Antonio plaza.
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    Having partaken of Panino's Holiday Turkey in the past and Manix' Canadian Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, I think I can safely say that Manix' is much better. Better stuffing, better gravy, better veg and moister turkey.
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    As I understand it you are looking for a plot of land where you can live and later build other houses for your children. Chapala Haciendas is a development with houses and lots it is not for you. I have a farm/ranch in Oklahoma and love the country life. Unless you have a lot of money to spend on land on the north side than the south side is for you. You can buy land very reasonable there and get a great view of the lake. If you have a family emergency the road is very good from there to Guadalajara. I was in San Luis Soyatlan today and wish I had bought there instead of on the North side. If you are learning a little Spanish the people are friendly and you won't have a problem. Some of the people here on the North side think they are better than the Mexican's and this is causing a few problems. Would like to meet you but unfortunately we are going back to Oklahoma for the winter. The cows are a calling.
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    Really Al? It's a VERY popular page...not large and unwieldly at all...and they are definitely still accepting new members...it's a GREAT resource for buying and selling Lakeside.
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    It depends on your patience for dealing with the Mexican bureaucracy at its best or, more importantly, if it goes sideways. Despite the happy stories of flawless processing it does not ALWAYS go that way. If you are prepared to handle it if it does not go as planned or even look forward to the challenge then do it yourself. If you are tired or your patience is already worn thin let someone do it for you.