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    I just send Delgollado this snip: As for your endorsement of a government that took over two years to begin solving the trash mess, that increased the city hall payroll by 50 percent, that was roundly censured by a large group of parents whose children were molested for trying to cover things up, that has been censured repeatedly by the state government for hiding public information, that a recall attempt with thousands of signatures was filed against it by local Mexicans, that spent millions on the Bridge to Jesus and left the Chapala waterfront with a class A eyesore, that has repeatedly violated court orders to stop that high rise in La Floresta, that had its bank accounts impounded by the courts and so on into infinity.
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    Angus MacTavish. You appear to be an Advanced Member, but you are a bit rude. I don't mind you giving information about other sources for the same product... but when you post their price on MY advertisement, THAT'S RUDE. Please do not do that ever again to anyone.
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    We had a great United Nations day last Monday 24th! We turned the world blue symbolizing world peace.
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    Last Friday October the 14th Students from the International, Tecnologico de Chapala and CONALEP, Adopted a kilometer of the Libramiento, to clean it up. Nice team work!
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