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  1. Buenos dias y muy Feliz Noche Buena y Navidad to all - I wanted to pass along this graduation photo (the only one I've received in years) of Lluvia Raygoza Venegas, who just finished the this month, thanks to all of you. She initially was supported by Have Hammers with scholarship funds (she was a student there for years) and then finished up the last year with help from the annual Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club fundraiser at Blair Ferguson's home. She received the packet of info about university-level scholarships at lakeside that Margaret Quinn prepares each year, and she definitely plans to continue her studies at that level. Her parents were also long-time students at Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. and earn their living by selling their wares at all the area tianguis markets. Lluvia's older sister is in veterinary school. They are an impressive family, accomplishing a great deal with very few resources! Prospero Ano Nuevo, Ginger and Have Hammer Will Travel Board of Directors
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  2. We spent a lot of time looking at beach condos before concluding it makes no sense to own one unless you are either rich or planning to spend most of your time there. Some of the things we learned: 1. A lot of poor quality construction means big expenses as the building ages. The salt air also greatly increases the maintenance particularly on windows, AC units and outdoor electrical items. 2. Condo fees are so high in many buildings you could rent for a month or more and still be ahead on cash flow. 3. Many if not most are rented out much of the time meaning a lot of people coming and going who really don't care about keeping the place clean and quiet. 4. Buildings with high Mexican ownership are likely to have too much partying and not enough paying one's condo fees. And the condo laws are really weak in this country, it is quite hard to get people to pay up. 5. And finally, you really don't own the place at all, there is no fee simple ownership at the beach.
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  3. Up in Seattle according to my GP, those of us in group 2 (those 75 and above) should be getting our first vaccine shot sometime in late Jan or early Feb. The Doctors and medical staff are getting there shots now. I sure want to come home to Ajijic. I am getting tired of TV dinners. All my relatives my age are staying in and self quarantining until we can get our shots. I made a lot of Christmas calls today. But none of us are getting together to party. I sure miss you all lakeside. I hope to be back in mid to late February. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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  4. Rational post! In addition to using the same protocols, I trust my doctors here implicitly to keep me alive and they are all Mexican.
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  5. So you produced a fantasy about DICKIEDEE[sic] in Canada based on a really old story out of New York? Has nothing to do with ice cream available here-eh! typically predictable coming from your googling efforts based on your need to change a thread-SNORK!
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  6. The Canadian government's approach to COVID has been quite different from the US. While Canada has its share of anti-maskers and young people ignoring large gathering rules, on a whole, I see Canadians in general more informed about the virus and less willing to take risks with their health. Canada also has socialized medicine, so Canadians staying put means they know they'll get care if they do get the virus, without having to sell their home to pay for it. I have an Airbnb listing for a private room in my home (closed since March due to COVID) so I read a lot of posts on Airbnb hosting forums, where I get quite a dose of seeing the varying attitudes from all over the world. I'm blown away by how many American Airbnb hosts still don't seem to "get it" after 10 months of this pandemic. There are hosts from the US concerned about accepting guests from other countries which have high numbers of infections, while seemingly oblivious to the fact that their state has more infections and deaths than that foreign guest's entire country. That they run a greater risk going to the grocery store in their own US city than they do from dealing with one foreign guest or that anyone at all could be carrying the virus is a concept that seems to elude them.
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  7. Thanks for wishing us a happy "ano". I am sure that most of us have one, and that only a few have to keep theirs happy with preparation H. So, assuming that your ano is OK, Feliz Año Nuevo.
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  8. I am up north too, waiting for my covid-19 vaccine. Am bored to death
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