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    Get over your issues with FB and accept that it is just as likely you'll hear lies here. This web board has every bit as much misinformation. Good grief.
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    I received the same message from a very credible friend. I don't think this is "fake" news, it's just to get the news out faster than a media outlet would be able to. i'm not happy about having the hordes from GDL here, especially when so many aren't wearing masks these days, let alone socially isolating. When you relax the regs just a little, people start slacking off putting all of us in danger because CV is very highly contagious. One case can spread to many even before they know they are sick. There are many who are (willfully) ignorant of what can happen when it takes hold in your community because many eschew real news. If you or anyone in your household gets the virus then you have to quarantine which is when everyone in the house has to stay inside all the time, masks must be worn in the house all the time, all surfaces near the infected person must be cleaned all the time, the infected person needs their own separate room with no contact with anyone in the house, and supplies have to be brought in by an outside person and left at your door. In the often crowded Mexican households, these measures will be very hard to take, making the spread of CV even more likely than usual. I followed the news from Italy from the get-go because I had been planning a trip there. Their situation mushroomed exponentially. I was shocked reading about it getting so much worse - 20% more deaths every single day. I read stories from Italians living in the affected area who spoke fluent English, and have seen videos of Italians walking through their local hospital while narrating in English. It was shocking. The hospitals were so crowded that the waiting rooms on the first floor were not only crowded with beds and stretchers, but many patients were actually lying on the floor waiting to be seen. Churches were empty of people but full of coffins. The dead bodies were piling up so fast in the hospitals that the morgues were also filled and huge freezer trucks had to be called in just to store the dead bodies until burial without any funeral or ceremony. (And Americans worry about not going to a normal church service???) Similar situation in NYC where freezer trucks were brought in to store dead bodies - one had a freezer malfunction and the truck sat in some neighborhood until the stench of rotting bodies alerted the neighbors to the horror. Mass graves have been dug in an isolated park on an island near NYC filled up with stacks and rows of coffins. Mass burials in Brazil as well. The message from the Italians was that this is worse than you imagine and you must take all precautions so it doesn't happen to you. I will take their first hand word for that. These situations went on for around 2 months before the death rate even began to plateau. That's a good sign but it does not mean we are out of the woods! CV is far worse than the ordinary flu, contrary to the party line. And it could happen to YOU! Opening things up too early with too few limitations puts everyone in danger of the second wave of CV which experts are expecting later on. Better to be safe than sorry. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Hindsight is cheap. Foresight is golden. Stay safe and be well.
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    Well, you have apparently posted this in exactly the right place, to do that.....according to some. 😉 Suerte.
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    Neither you nor I have any real knowledge of where this virus came from. For all we know, it could have been introduced there by some foreign agents. And the US allowed a planeful of people to enter the US after they had been informed that there was a serious virus spreading like wildfire. You conveniently neglect to put any blame there.
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    Okay, MC, how is this not political- the very thing you objected to in Computer Guy's posts? Or is it only political if it runs afoul of your personal politics? I really don't get it. I personally think the whole Lock Down vs. The Economy is a moral question.
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    He's not selling anything. He's a local persona asking where to buy. We do that all the time in this thread. Let's knock off the vendetta against this member before I have to start taking action.
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    And the U.S. is also guilty of deporting people known to have tested positive for CV to Mexico.
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    What's this mumbo jumbo about? In the eyes of many people, China at least did something early to control the spread.
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    Lakeside friends, this is being circulated by email and on Facebook. In case anyone has missed seeing it: Hi All, I just want to pass on an update I have from my friend, Dra. Margarita Ibarra Lloyd, a nephrologist who works at the Nueva Hospital Civil. It looks like things just went critical in GDL today. Her hospital went from 10% to 80% occupancy with covid cases in just one day, today. Two health care workers were sent home after testing positive, and they are waiting for more test results. What this means is now more than ever is the time to really take things seriously. We have a lot of visitors from Guadalajara Lakeside today, and when I went for groceries, I saw very few with facemasks or doing any kind of social distancing. Nani has told me that this is the most critical time for our area to not let down our guard. The Epidemiologist in Jocotepec says that June is when we can expect a lot of cases. So its still stay home, stay safe. Please don't relax your guard just yet, no matter how fed up we all are of quarantine. Could you pass this on to your networks please? Its important the word gets out.
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    I read that Dr. Fauci said it could cause "irreparable harm" to delay opening economies. Did he really say that? I don't know but it would be a site easier to find out than what was in the first post. If he did say that do I necessarily believe that since he seems to be everyone's favorite Covid-19 expert? No I don't necessarily believe him. If I did believe him would I try to convince others to believe the way I do? No, I trust everyone to make the best decision for themselves based on facts and their own risk tolerance. I don't have to hate someone I happen to disagree with.
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    I sent a thank you note to Moderator 3 with a copy to Moderator 2 after he closed my last thread. I will share that with you below, and I respect his authority 100% =========================================================== I have seen many posts similar to mine, people simply making a post as if if talking to a group of "friends" at a party. Basically, I made a comment and said what I thought. I have received many supportive PMs on my posts and told to ignore those who have a need to bash someone. Anyway, I get your point, and I'm sure there are a few people here that will give you accolades for basically putting me down. I'm sorry I couldn't reply online, though if I did, no doubt I would have been banned. If I can help someone and answer a question, I will, in as very few words as possible, and w/o personal thoughts.I will only ask questions if I have researched almost everyplace else, and then I still may not. Best of health in these times. You may share my response to you if you choose. Mod-3
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    Mtn. Mama started a topic today which had a link to an article on CBD oil as a possible virus treatment or preventative. Closed rght away by Mod 3 on the basis that she shouldn't be offering medical advice if she isn't qualified to do so. She didn't offer medical advice, at all. She posted the link and simply gave a short comment on it from her point of view. She certainly didn't tell anyone that they should take it or make personal claims of its efficacy. This board seems to be moderated on the basis of personal interpretation and bias, rather than impersonal forum rules.
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    Hey Gringohombre, just turn on your radio or watch the News on one of the local Guadalajara Channels. It's all there.. Or if you are having problems with your Spanish. Here is an interesting article for you to read in English "May 24 (UPI) -- The death toll and cases from coronavirus are surging in two Latin American nations -- Brazil and Mexico -- as the pandemic stabilizes in other former hotspots, including Asia and Europe. Over the past few weeks, Brazil and Mexico have moved into top 10 for the most deaths in the world. Both countries set daily death increases last week with Brazil second in the world and Mexico third for 24-hour totals behind the United States on Saturday and Sunday" Now most of the cases of the virus in Mexico are in the greater Mexico City area. In Jalisco where it is suggested that many of the cases are not being recorded, it shows that as of today there have been 767 confirmed cases of the virus, 473 recovered and 69 died. The total numbers for all of Mexico are 65,856 confirmed cases of which 44,919 have recovered and 7,179 deaths." And I got all that information from our friend, Mr. Google in less time than it took you to accuse us of posting FAKE NEWS. You ought to learn how to communicate with Mr. Google. He will help you immensely, if you give him a chance
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    Why do you use that telltale FAKE NEWS all of the time? It sounds ignorant and flags your content as being "political." Cook5 references someone he knows - a medical professional - and the Guad. Reporter - a local newspaper. You just want to pick a fight (as usual).
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    Spreading the disease is how we achieve heard immunity. There are some experts saying today that the COVID 19 is already beginning to die off. Testing is nice for gauging lethality but does nothing to quell the pandemic. It does seem to indicate that this virus is only slightly more deadly than the seasonal flu virus. What we’ve seen is a “pandemic panic” that’s unprecedented. The panic has destroyed more lives than the virus.
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    The article posted was trying to make a case for why schools should open. It wasn't about old expat geezers in Mexico being able to avoid coming in contact with children. Not everything is all about you.
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    Do what YOU want and stop worrying about what others do. Mexicans mind their own business and you're in Mexico so...
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    We're happy for you...now what is your point?
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    many of my favorite posters are on TOB
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    Would anybody tell a lie on Facebook...Nooooooo
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    Had another chunk last night. only simmered it for 2 hrs,might even do it less next time.The pickles I used, not just for this but also on hotdogs,burgers and rouladen,are from Aguascaliente and can be bought at Walmart. They are the closest thing to Kosher style available around here. Vlasic Kosher brand, which are imported, are a joke and don't even come close in flavour to real Kosher or Kosher style-yuch!
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    To clarify, that rules means that a regular member can't be on here in more than one persona at a time. You rather did hijack your own thread, Chillin. DO you wish to continue or request that it be closed? That is your right and option as the thread starter.
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    I'm going to tell those of you who are attacking this member once again: Use the ignore feature and avoid any threads he may start if you don't care to read what he posts. Stop trying to suppress the rights of others to participate here within the rules.
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    Mod 3, please move or delete this "Death Wish" DVD post from the lakeside forum. It does not belong here and this person just continues to take up space and ruin the value of / on this lakeside forum.
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    This is well documented. I just took a look on Google and discovered that the U.S. has done the same with Guatemalans and Haitians. There is a long list of articles on the subject. You may want to look that up for yourself before being so dismissive.
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    No, they are the perps. It started there, they withheld information at a critical time, they banned internal flights from Wuhan and did nothing about international flights. They are the perps. Period. Nothing to do with politics, it is just how they operate. It is going to prove to be a big mistake on their part. Whole lotta countries and courts out for a piece of their hide.
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    Why not just ignore posters and threads you don't like? Very easy on this board.
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    You have to work with what you got. What works in Sweden will not work in many other countries. The science of herd immunity is very well studied and there’s no diversity of opinion. Swedes have paid a heavy price for their experiment. See how the Chinese have made remarkable progress:
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    This is also posted under MX General, very good article with a key section on MX as part of the Latin America update: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-new-infections-show-virus-accelerating-across-latin-america/ Economies can continue to operate in lockdown IMHO. Gov'ts simply need to be prepared to adjust and support it for as long as needed. Deficits be damned, because when the whole world is in the same situation, it doesn't really matter, does it? They are typically a relative more than absolute, determinant and gauge, and an outgoing tide, lowers all boats.
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    I don’t understand the point of the majority of your posts. This board is not your personal diary for you to ramble on about your life. Would you please consider using Facebook for that?
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    Great you have opened the dam by hijacking your own thread so let's get down to some truths-eh! You were gary sculptari on Thorne Tree and Mexconnect where you were laughed off them for hair brained schemes and wild whacky ramblings, so I suspect that you didn't use that handle here so that some of the same people wouldn't laugh at you here. Benjji on TOB [and I choose to call it ALV [another local venue], is fred habacht here and posts under his wife barbara's name as well. There is a "benjjis mom" on here too-hmm. Some members here post on both boards and the majority of those are reasonable and helpful here and have chosen to have different handles for either forum. The sock puppet thing used on ALV including the owner and others who frequent both boards and that you have passively/aggressively raised here in this thread is not a mystery as to who it refers to. Yes I read the ALV. Another easily made observation is that far more members make posts and more interesting ones here than on ALV. It's not a wise thing to disrespect a mod with posts[that's clearly in the rules] some on here haven't even been tossed off for that-eh gary sculptari aka chillin! And lastly you will continue to make yourself sick with envy after almost 20 years of trying to discredit me and my accomplishments both here and in Canada,some of it legally libelous but no results.That brick wall must hurt your head a lot. SNORK! pedro kertesz
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    Last night we were awaken by a loud, singing group at 2:30 am and the loud music and singing partyers kept going until sunrise. We could not determine where it was coming from but living in Chapala Haciendas it was close enough to awaken us. I knew at that moment that things are probably going to get alot worse here very soon. Feels like sitting on a beach watching the sea and knowing a tsunami is on its way. Stay safe everyone.
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    The Dra. quoted is highly reputable and any information coming from her as a source can be relied on. Much as I would love to go out and have a meal with friends, I'm staying home other than quick food shopping trips. We all have to decide for ourselves just what we are going to do to take care of ourselves - no one else has as much vested in us staying healthy, as we do personally.
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    I guess if it's on FB it must be true, eh?
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    I like how you think and agree...…... can you hold please?
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    Thanks to an earlier post by Tom L. which related to Firestick and how to get assistance with this product, I have been able to resolve several problems I had. I can thoroughly recommend the services of Rich. He is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Please PM me if you wish to contact him. Edit: I should mention that his prices are very reasonable and he's quick to respond if you run into a problem/have a question.
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    Yeah They sent plane loads of infected people all over the world. Worked great. Now who has the best economy?...One guess...
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    I would participate in a memorial he was an expert pruner for me, I am going to miss him and my Chicka and garden will too
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    Feel free to email or PM, many happy new and long term clients in Riberas, and all across lakeside. Thanks MC for the shout-out. Panels are currently 385 watts which works beautifully with the top quality micro-inverters from APS and per panel monitoring system. Without a pool, 4 work very nicely for many in the area. With a pool and some AC use, 6 to 10 may be a better #.
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    We highly recommend Opiere Solar. 766 6148 Nyah Walters solar advisor 331 400 2646 www.opiere.com
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    300 325 330 350 375 are available. Price is not much different. If you are using a string inverter higher the watts fewer panels & lower cost for mounts. If you are using micro inverters 330 would probably be about the max needed.
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    As to solar panels, there are a number of good companies. A member here, Go Solar, has a company we used and have been very satisfied. The number of panels you will want depends on what load you will have and how much of that you will want to cover with solar. Having things like a pool or air conditioning really affect the number of panels you would need. Couple things to take into account in your installation. First, be sure you have good access for periodic cleaning as the dust really builds up fast during the dry season. We installed a hose bib from our treated (filtered, softened) water supply next to each set of panels. Second, remember to size for cloudy weather. I added 20 percent to the basic sizing to cover this.
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    I had some periodontal work done in January by a Dra. that is associated with Dr. Barragan's office.... some 'minor' gum and bone work prior to a crown on that tooth. I think that it was about 3300 pesos but the cost will probably depend on the exact work being done.
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    U.S. citizens (including expats) are not so far removed from the Mexican model of families staying close and helping one another: maybe 2 generations at most. It started turning into what it is now when the children of (usually) large farm families left for jobs in the big cities. In reality, it was a simple decision for survival. Even with the best intentions, it is hard to see how being together in itself will ensure survival of Mexican families where the wage earners have lost their jobs. This situation we are living in is unprecidented in our lifetimes and will create more hardship than any of us have seen...anywhere.
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