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    I live in the center of Ajijic, and I work. So I am contstantly driving and seeing the carretera, at all times of day. The bike path is used by TONS of people, most of whom are workers going to and from jobs. It was used before the improvements, and now it will be even more. IMO all of the foreigners on this forum who have condemned the project and called it a "bikepath for nobody" are flat clueless, driving occassionally in their cars, and for whatever reason unable to see all the traffic in the bikepath. Go take a look at it during "rush hour".
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    Calling all foreigners with tourists visas and Temporary Import Permits! As of now there are no uniform rules for the reissuance of tourist visas across Mexico, each immigration office is handling things differently. The bigger issue is that many people have entered Mexico as tourist and have a vehicle with a temporary import permit. These permits have or will expire and there is no uniform rule for people to extend their permits (we have been able to give some people new ones or use their spouse to get a new one) throughout the country. Others report being able to extend in some parts of Mexico. During these times of crisis many people due to local, state and federal restrictions or just plain old good health practices cannot travel or return to their home countries. These people are in Mexico and still need to be able to go out and buy food, see their doctor, go to the bank and get medicine. These same people can be targets of unscrupulous traffic police and other police who will target them and pull them over to check their documents and their car permits. If a person has an expired car permit then they face having their car, their only method of transportation to buy food or medicine, taken from them leaving them stranded and violating their constitutional rights to health care and nutrition. I have presented a request to the Tax Ombudsman´s office (Procuraduria de la Defensa del Contribuyente) to request that the tax authorities (SAT and Aduana) make special provisions during these times so that people who are unable to travel can still drive to buy food and receive medical attention. We are asking for something official so that people may have a document to show. We are trying to get Aduana and SAT to be aware of the gravity of the situation so have been asked to compile as many complaints as possible to be able to force the issue with them. We can send you a form to sign and scan and send back so that your voices may be heard and measures may be taken nationwide to not have issues driving to get food and medicine. We will need the following information: Full name: Phone numbers (landline and cell phone): If you are retired or came as a visitor and why you came: Date you entered Mexico: Date your car permit expires: Copy of your passport How old you are: Any medical condition you have: Any past problems with police or transitos pulling you over for no reason: Please be patient with us, we have been receiving many, many calls, emails and messages. We are not charging for this service and doing it to benefit all foreigners all over Mexico. Information and documents can be emailed to prodecon at chapalalaw dot com
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    I am thankful that the governor and mayor are taking extraordinary measures in the face of a potential health crisis. Look please at countries who have done it right: Germany and New Zealand for example. Swift strong measures with positive results. Jalisco is trying to protect all the citizens and is doing a pretty darn good job. Chapala, Jocotopec and Ixtlahuacan have no reported cases and Jalisco has overall low numbers considering the size of its population. Reopen too soon and do everything over again. Not too smart IMHO. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1109180/mexico-coronavirus-cases-state/
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    Texas has the third lowest 'test rate per capita' in the nation.... 48th out of 50. No test, no find.
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    If she is coming to live here long term, you may want to first ascertain whether she qualifies for a resident visa; they are based on income (or assets).
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    My husband moved to a independent living residence, Casa Calms in San Juan Cosala and loved it....he then became more physically challenged and was moved to Ohana owned by the same young couple...totally bi-lingual. Ohana is a memory care residence but he just could not be alone any more so it was a good fit for him and he like it. Both on the lake with great views and excellent service. He recently passed away and I couldn't have asked for more care and help from Ana and Alonzo!
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    Is the cure worse than the disease? https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/coronavirus-fueled-recession-would-put-18-million-jobs-at-risk/
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    You know, I've followed your posts for quite a while, and I think you have a ……………………………………………………….. EDITED BY MOD 5. I have deleted your content because how negative it was including a four letter swear word. If you had not included the swear word I might have only suggested that rather than saying how wrong something is. that you also show what the answer should have been
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    The Mexican consulates in Laredo, Brownsville, El Paso and Denver resumed activity Tuesday; Wednesday the consulate in Del Río opened; on May 8 the one in Douglas and on May 15 the one in Phoenix.
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    I believe both of your post are of the upmost relevancy in today’s time and circumstance. Bravo free thinkers.
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    It started when they started the bike path construction. Probably cutting the lines often.
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    Yes, it is me as I had account problems and needed to start a new account. I write as I write. Perhaps when I am translating from spanish it looks a little different. I still say I am thankful to a governor and Presidente who are acting to protect their citizens. Remember the regime in Mexico City is a different party and they all always get in any stabs they can. We are being protected. Not being political , but, I know Gov. Cuomo is a different party . Surprise just like here and he has done a splendid job. In fact I repeatedly heard him referred to as Presidential!
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    Very good explanation of the similarities and differences with this virus. The conclusion this one will be around for some time seems well supported even though the work is a few months old. Read it and decide. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/02/covid-vaccine/607000/
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    One of the top world food vloggers known as Strictly Dumpling on YouTube with 3.11 MILLION subscribers stops in Puebla on his way to Oaxaca.
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    32 bikes on the path this evening between SA and Riberas, most I've seen yet. Lots of walkers ( a lot with dogs ) and runners too. Hope the walkers with dogs pick up the poo.
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    We are getting everything possible done now, employing as many as we can with precautions and contributing to food banks such as Hector's. The answer to the question of why "these people" can't apply to food banks doesn't seem to understand the need is much greater than the supply and these are proud people who want to work, not stand in line for handouts. Whatever you've been planning on doing to your house, do it now, with precautions. Particularly anything on the outside, new roofs, repairs, painting, landscaping. The person you employ may be supporting an extended family. I have a superb young guy who does great plastering and good painting plus general repair. He is motivated and reliable. PM me if you want his information. He'll be here another week and then he has several other shorter jobs lined up.
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    We do this as do most people I know - it is is not particularly unique. However, it does not cover the many people who do not have regular employment or employers willing to help out. Rony, I like your idea.
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    Farmacia Guadalajara sells batteries. Changing it yourself isn't rocket science and if you are uncertain how to do it, I'm sure you could find a Youtube video on it.
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    Electric and telephone/internet outages - desde 16 Septiembre 1920.
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    Harry has made his request, those who agree should respond accordingly, those who do not have stated their reasons. The opinion of the Mexican community is the one that matters and that will be known in due course. Before this turns into another personal pissing match it will end here. Closed.
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    Oh great Oracle of Chapala, how can you challenge others information. What is the source of your infallable visions, oh great one?
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    You think staying closed will "kill" this virus? You obviously do not understand why they "closed" in the first place. I suggest you check it out so you don't get any Big Surprises. Just sayin'.
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    You can buy a trimming head at a local ferretería hardware store and attach it yourself to a standard diameter metal pole, if you wish.
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    Trraivs, why don't you count the Bike Path users and count those driving or riding in cars in the regular lane, any day, for any set period of time and give everyone a true sense of the value of the bike path. I hope it carries the same or even more people that the lane of traffic. Then maybe we can get oldies to toss those walkers and canes and buy a bike.
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    I have found that the Mexican brown sugars work just fine.
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    I am with you MtnMama. They are doing a great job!
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    You forgot 2018, and 2015 then
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    In all my years here I don’t remember having a downpour like tonight in May
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    The body bags were shipped by King county Wa. In what they said was a mistake. The funding for Federal Indian Health Board for the covid pandemic was passed by the House of Reps but stalled for more than a month in some legal dispute. The Federal Gov started distributing Billions of dollars Tuesday to Native American Tribal government. Read more
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    And Abbott wants her released immediately and called out the judge who did it. Rapists released but she's in jail. Power hungry judges and politicians.
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    If the principal was driving without his license and had been drinking.....are those issues to be ignored? Just asking...
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    Yeap! I used Rully, he always make on time, he speak English, reliable and honest. You can call at 3314451634 He let for me more references. Sr Gino 33 1879 7220 Sra kim 3767664526 You can phone to this person and asking for him, and call Rully he have more people for references. Saludos. Susan.
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    Gotten political and personal not to mention repetitive. Closed.
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    I feel sorry for that guy and his family. His business has been totally disrupted by the ongoing never stop road improvements and now the Covid virus shut down..if anyone needs help its these guys and families who are working on slim margins, family entrepreneurs ...... also add Raffa the car wash guy
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    Their # is 376 766 1396. Hours listed online are 8:30am - 2:30pm.
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    They say only 50% survive the use of one.
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    I have a copy of the Mexican Constitution and can't find a word about liquor stores. But, I know our governor and Presidente (mayor) are imposing regulations as seen in New York to protect as many citizens as possible. I respect what Gov Coumo has done for NY and how Jalisco and especially Chapala municipality has been protected.
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    Well said pappysmarket. Well said indeed.
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    Seems like quite a conflict of interest and an abuse of power for a moderator to suspend a user due to a personal conflict. Oh yeah, I realize it was because of "political" comments, but the moderator in question was involved in those threads, and has made many political comments himself, (which he self-excuses as only being in retaliation to other posts), so shouldn't be allowed to make the call on a suspension.
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    Remember when the first calls to "hunker down" were issued? They told us it was to flatten the curve so that hospitals and healthcare workers were not overwhelmed with a huge surge at once. Nobody was talking about staying isolated for months at a time nor was there much talk about seeing to it that most of us never contract it seeing as how easy it spreads. For us, over 70 and retired it's not a big deal to stay home and still eat and drink pretty well. I can't imagine how I would feel if I still had my small business that helped put everything on the table. The powers that be seem to continually move the goalposts on folks in that situation. Here in the US the curve has flattened and hospitals are not overwhelmed. NYC didn't need the 70,000 ventilators the governor demanded. The people demanding things stay closed all seem to have incomes that keep on coming as opposed to those who need to get back to work. I'm inclined to agree with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas who said there are worse things than dying, such as watching your life go to hell because you aren't allowed to take the risk and return to work. Nobody's honest work or profession is "non essential". Governments can't support people for months on end so why don't we let people decide for themselves. You can take a chance, hunker down until they have a cure or a vaccine or do a little of both. Politicians seem power hungry as they lecture the poor unwashed masses while they don't have an economic worry in their heads. Course they worry a lot about being reelected or maybe being chosen as a VP nominee but being able to put themselves in Workingman's shoes is way too trivial for them. Just my 25 pesos (inflation)
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    Hi Gang..... I regulated, issued/denied permits and inspected subsurface wastewater disposal systems of all kinds and in all types of terrain in WA state for many years, in wet parts and dry parts of the state, in mountains, rock, gravel, clay, mixtures of all soils, and by rivers and lakes. I participated in state rulemaking for these systems in the mid-1970s, and subsequent changes over 30 years, including mound systems, bio-digesters, evaporative lagoons, and proprietary designs. What sewage disposal, on-site, all boils down to is the fact that the ground in any area can only absorb up to the point of saturation. It also is equally about not polluting your well, groundwater and other nearby bodies of water, or putting feces on the surface of the ground and spreading disease. Probably should have put that first. Public Health is number one priority for me. The most practical way to begin on new onsite septic or other system construction is to dig a six foot hole (think backhoe at our age) in the area you would propose to put your waste water, do it during the rainy season if time permits, and wait until the next day to see if it fills all or partially with groundwater, or is fed by a spring. Riberas and Floresta are notorious for being saturated that sometimes stink all to be damned in the rainy season, and I am so glad I found that out, by asking around to the neighbors before I bought into the realtor's hype. Anyway, I will address "floating septic tanks" next. A concrete tank will float almost as fast as a plastic one, just like a concrete swimming pool will pop out of the ground if the water table rises underneath, so the issue of plastic versus concrete tank- floating is largely moot. I will next address "pan evaporation rate" versus "net precipitation". Airports and other places that have weather stations will know how much rain falls in what months AND they will know how much evaporation takes place during the same period. Annually and monthly. This information is used for lots of reasons, including farming, flying, construction planning, engineering, etc. So why this MAY be a factor for your project is that if the net precipitation exceeds the pan evaporation rate, and the precipitation cannot be diverted from your proposed disposal area, you will experience saturation of the area and the stinky mess I referred to above at places near the lake heading out of Chapala toward Ajijic. I suspect lower AJ may have problems too, but have not been door to door there. If you live in a micro climate with a net precip vs pan-evap rate that will get rid of say 1,2 or 3 feet of water per year just from evaporation, then you are in luck and can plan to incorporate hydrophylic, salt-tolerant grasses like Russian Rye and others that are local and which a yard and garden store can supply you to suck up effluent from your drainfield (referred to above as pipes with holes for drainage) and this will increase your successful design and prevent flooding crap into your yard or garden/lanscape plantings. If you do go with a concrete tank, keep it as shallow as possible given your house plumbing outlet(s) and be sure to put access risers (not shown on this schematic) over the access covers to allow for pumping, repairs and checking sludge accumulating in the bottom of the tank sections. You can also check the inlet and outlet baffle T's to see that they are still there and are secure. Another important design feature for wet areas especially, but all drainfields or leachbeds is a 4" outside-diameter alternating valve to let wastewater flow into a section of the drainage absorption area that is relatively dried out and "rested" This allows soil microorganisms that feed on nitrogen and other septage components, as well as bugs and worms that love to eat our nutrient rich waste, to gobble up the goodies that would otherwise both eventually seal the bottom and sidewalls of the wet parts of the drainage area, and also cut short the lifespan of your system. A typical strategy would be to alternate every 6 to 12 months, giving the micro-organisms time to work underground. The access covers can be made of concrete or plastic and must be child-proof. Bolts can be fitted to do this. The alternating valve should be several feet at least from the tank outlet and have a fitted cap at ground level, again childproof/;tamperproof, and installed so that you can still mow over if you have a lawn. Drawings for 4" alternating valves can be had by any engineer, or you can draw your own up and hand it to your contractor. It is not rocket science. I wish you all good luck, good health, and a life without living in your own or someone else's Poop. Preserve your health and that of others and the environment we all share.
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    I watched the video of the incident which included easy to understand audio. The individual stopped was belligerent from the get go, refusing to show his ID when asked multiple times. The officer was joined by the supervisor and at no time were the officers rude or disrespectful to him. He became physically aggressive when he threw open the car door and stepped out of the vehicle and towards the officers. NOB his actions would have landed him on the ground with multiple officers pinning him to the ground until he stopped resisting, which is by all accounts exactly what happened here. If you are stopped by any level of law enforcement here or NOB, and you choose to be a recalcitrant individual, plan on some consequences.
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    He certainly doesn’t speak for me either.. So much of the things posted are just pure B.S.
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    SEGOB couldn't have made it more plain than these actions are a direct violation of the Mexican Constitution. I would suspect this business of telling liquor stores what they can and cannot sell is also illegal as all get out. Regarding the latter, it appears in a few cases that some are "overlooked" possibly after the application of appropriate incentives.
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    Canada is ~10 deaths / 100,000 (3681 deaths) and 59,400 cases.
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    You find the need to be negative about a post from February which others may have liked? Don't like it, don't read it. So critical of everyone and everything.
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    lakeside7, you are number 2 on my list of well-known sh**-disturbers on this board. It only stands to reason you would be my follow-up judger. You are just upset because I've had to put you in your place before for being such a know-it-all "mother" to those who don't need it.
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    mudgirl, it really is time you stopped destroying threads with your constant patronizing. No one cares about your pointless and continuous judgey posts. Just because this person opened himself up to the possibility of a personal attack does not mean you have to. But you do at every opportunity. Try to be nice for a change.
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