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    Gringo hombre The truth is unknow to everyone including the experts.. People who test positve are positive, people who test negative can be positve.. My brother just died of the virus in France, he was a health worker, was tested twice while he was sick and the test were negative both times. If there are cases Lakeside, no one knows for sure., they may not be but since no one is tested unless they are sick, no one knows and that is the truth. We can contnue to take care of ourselves , not trave,l stay home were masks and take all the precautions and we are safer than if we did not but there is no 100% safe place as far as I know.
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    Who cares? You are a selfish, inconsiderate individual for ignoring what little has been asked of you by your community and the country that gave you a place to live. May you be lucky and avoid contagion and that is the nicest thing I can find to say.
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    He will not be judged at some future time but is being judged right now, right here. There is a lot of self-righteous judgemental posturing right now on a lot of fronts. I spend enough energy living my life and trying to do the right things as I perceive them to be right. I do not have enough energy left over to police the community, pass judgements, and point fingers. Apparently others have way more energy than I do.
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    No I answered the question. I am an engineer.
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    Anyone know the ACTUAL situation here lakeside? Please, no FAKE NEWS...only real verifiable information please.
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    If you are a real doctor you would know your first statement is wrong. You can only test positive if the virus is active in the body, and is specific for this exact virus. Your second statement conflicts with the presumption you make in your first statement. The count is the number of positive and negative test results, not the number of the total infections. The last statement is a bit off..... You state we are only testing the sickest people..If we were only testing only the sickest the number of negative results would be near zero Actually we are testing those who show symptoms to see if they have the disease. That is why there are so many tests that are negative.
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    If you don't understand the difference between going out to shop with mask and gloves and social distancing, then sterilizing when you get home, and having a hairdresser or massage therapist come into your home, it seems you don't understand high risk situations for transmission of the virus at all, or you simply don't care.
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    If we are all tested, using the current protocol, most of us would be positive for Coronavirus, since it is such a large family of viruses. I wonder if the world is getting a false count due to inadequate testing. Since we are only testing the sickest people, the death rate is naturally going to be higher than if everone were tested, using serology.
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    Mega dittos to that. Very sorry indeed. 😔
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    This board has become a magnet for the truly unsettled.
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    Now that was incredible. Just one problem, the steak was cold by the time the salt arrived.
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    Not very impressed with mine the other day, especially for the price. Why was everyone raving about this place? Almost no sauce, almost no cheese. Lots of good toppings; tasteless dough.
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    There is an art supply store on the corner of Hidalgo and Juárez in Ajijic centro, he has them in all kinds of colors..
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    My Mexican sister and niece are both teachers and they are getting their regular salary. That's the law.
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    This hate of Walmart is an American things, they ar other large Supermarkets and they are ting against each other . If you hate them do not shop there , it is very simple..
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    Over the weekend, I received several text messages from Telmex that basically acknowledged we had a problem in our area and that it was being addressed, no need to report it. This morning, I did a speed test for grins and giggles and nearly wet myself and then did the test several more times. We're getting (today) between 33+ to 40+ mbps downloads and nearly the same for uploads. Before all of the outages, we were getting 15 or so and felt lucky. Now, I nearly want to genuflect at the shrine of technology. Will it last? Is it genuine or just temporary to shut us up? Stay tuned, boys and girls, for the next exciting chapter! Lol...ok, on a serious note, I hope this is permanent (duh) and am very pleasantly surprised.
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    When in Australia I was offered the opportunity to shear a sheep. Must say they didn't ask me to do a second!
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    I got my haircut today, my wife got the old bowl out. Actually my wife, among other things, use to own dos Mexican Estetica's so she does a fine job. I offered to cut her hair but i guess my experience shearing sheep doesn't count!
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    Slainte39 thanks for the great information. I know you in the real world and have always appreciated your informative posts.
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    More bad information….Francisco (Pancho) Montes is the sobrino (nephew) of Leopoldo Paz, the owner of SuperLake. He is the son of the sister of Leopoldo (Polo) sometimes (Pollo) Paz.
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    No, as I have remarked before, you are a reckless old fool whose road has been littered by bad choices. Go ahead, carry on as you say, but in this case you are endangering innocent people who as you say, are desperate for money. You will be judged.
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    It appears what I have done here is aroused a group of alleged humans resembling a pack of jackals for getting a haircut in MY home by ONE individual. It is to laugh how many of you have started going berserk as result of locking yourselves up for a very short period and probably finding that you don't like yourselves. I am not an anonymous gutless wonder like almost all of you posters are. Carry on carrying on. pedro kertesz
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    I did not say you were new, I said the other guy is.
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    So in Chapala haciendas number two, Kitty recorded phone call. If your internet is working now please press one, if not call customer service. Will call customer service twice hang on Soutel Mex in ajijic once. Call customer service and they said soon come. That is the Caribbean equivalent of we will take care of this quickly. But at least I know that telmex will give us a discount on the months feel for the squeak of Internet we lost.
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    And if everything here fails, search out the regular number of the enterprise you are trying to reach and call for free on your land line or cell phone.
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    Mea culpa. ✍️
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    I was there this morning at 8:45. No condensation on freezer doors, no water running down any of the doors, the remaining products were frozen solid. A lot of items are sold out completely though in the rest of the store. All employees that I could see were wearing masks. Sign at the register states they will close on the 16 th until crisis is over as their employees need to be with their families.
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    You do it your way,I'll do it my way. Nothing to do with preaching about RESPECT. So, do you shop outside your home or grow your own plants and raise your own animals to eat? Whoops, I just mildly preached. Ann Landers [RIP] Wrote " MYOB" appropriately enough. My massage guy comes here 3 times/wk. still and I have construction workers doing their thing on my house as we speak.
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    Hi everyone this is Miguel, former owner of Benno´s, I may also not have many post in webboard but it doesnt mean I am not real, here is post from me from 2015 8 years ago I bought Benno's from Benno and I ran it for 6 years. Then it was just a small repair shop in the carretera next to Bruno's. Me together with Justin, Xander and Jamie whom I hired later on, we changed Benno's into a new concept including Apple repairs and a computer store. Soon we moved to Libramiento where Benno's is located now. In June 2017 I was about to close Benno's as my son was born and it was impossible to be going from Guad to Ajijic every day. I believe many people that are reading this post know me and my work in Benno's for years. I'm certified computer engineer and I made sure to transfer the business to the right person which is Frank who demonstrated to have the right credentials who then hired Luis as an employee. Business was going good. Few days ago I received some pictures from video surveillance of what happened and how Luis left the store. It is not just customer computers as Al Berca may believe, there were many products, all the repairing hardware and even the register. Seriously? Who gets the register... If someone wants to do his own thing, then start from zero as Benno did 15 years ago, and not by getting stuff and contacts from an already established place that took years to be made and run successfully. Frank told me he even took a fake letter to Telcel to change Benno's cellphone on his name to capture all Benno's clients. That is not how you start a business. And you talk about honesty. Really? I believe there is karma, and maybe Luis has a different understanding of concepts. But you deserve to know both sides of the story and actual facts that do not lie. I'm sorry for going so much into details. I usually don't write or comment much but this pisses me off. Benno's was my little baby that I gave up and this really hurts. Thanks everyone for your support and I'm available if you have any questions
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    Have you ever noticed that when you open your fridge the light inside is on. Supposedly when the door is close the light is off. But how would I know ? So now to be sure its off I simply unplug my fridge. 😉
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    There is evidence of it Seen it many times pancho was manager there. Come on you must know it. Many know of it.
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    Not essential. Closed Stay at home.
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    only one thing is true. No one knows what will happen. It all depends on the person on the other side of the glass at Migracion. If it is a young person pissed about how mexicans are treated by the US at the border, your experiences could be bizarre. If the person is a traditional mexican , who looks kindly on old people, the experience could be pleasant and anything in between. This is mexico and uncertainty is part of its' charm. Viva Mexico! Sorry you mistakenly broke the law. US police say ignorance of the law is no excuse. You could even hear that quote.
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    Anyone who has volunteered their time,which must have been extensive, to a nonprofit like Have Hammers would seem unlikely to be the sleaze and thief his former employer made him out to be. Have some of you no shame jumping on him based on what his former employer has said about him? I have not used him because I have had the same puter guy doing work for me for several years but based on what traderspoc has said in opposition to his nasty former employer I would have no compunction to go to him if I didn't have someone.
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    I for one love being able to do 1 stop shopping. I own Walmart stock so I pay myself along with millions of other Walmart stockholders when I shop there. Most North Americans own stock in major corporations in one way or another. Have life insurance your premiums are used to buy stock by the ins co. Retirement plan? Again stock. So really we are the large corporations. Based on large corporations making money we should not carry cell phones, use Telmex, buy cement to build houses, buy gas to cook and heat water, buy aspirin, drink beer or bottled water. List could go on for days. As Mr Spock would say "not logical"
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    Are you basing your statement that Walmart doesn't treat its employees well in terms of salary and benefits on what Walmart does in the US or what Walmart does in Mexico? Labor laws are different between the two countries so pay and benefits like health care vary between there and here. The employees at Walmart are Mexican and count in those jobs to support their families just as the owners of the local abarrotes do.
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    My office has been doing renewals, Joco easy, Chapala office not so easy.
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    Please consider going to mom & pop stores rather than Walmart. First, as has been shown here, you are entering a space where there are thousands of people who have little regard for health procedures. Do you think disinfecting of the carts, aisles, registers at Walmart is effectively done? You are endangering yourself and others. Besides that Walmart does not treat their employees well in regard to pay or benefits. Finally, Mom & Pop stores keep more of the profits here locally to help the local economy and local families. They've really been hurt by the pandemic and need our help now more than ever. The gazillionaires of the Walton family don't need your money nearly as much as these local family and business do. It may require you to hunt but you can find ANYTHING at a local store that you need and it will be of as good or better quality and at or a better price than you'd get at W. If you keep going to local businesses and develop relationships you can even get special orders and things you'd never get at Walmart. But I've seen the crap produce they sell in Walmart and it is very bad and far below the quality you can get in local markets. You have to look and find the right ones. Stop sending your money to US business interest that do are harming the local Mexican economy, please.
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    You just know the entrepreneurs will be on this one by tomorrow!
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    This is a completely untrue rumour that has been circulating for years, ever since they lost power for a couple of days and everyone claimed they had refrozen everything to sell. Now, I don't know exactly how they handled that, but they do NOT shut down the freezers every night. I am not buds with Pancho, and I have no reason to protect him or the current owners of the place, but let's have some proof before making ludicrous statements like that.
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    I would if I could correct the spelling error in line 11.
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    Franky, you have had all the help you are going to get. You are asking questions that no one can properly answer. This is your modus operandi. Every post you have ever made is 8 miles long, asks an interminable amount of questions, then rephrases those questions when you don't get the answers you want... instead of simply accepting the fact that you are not going to get them. You may be a fine person face to face, but here you have developed a nuisance style. I am posting a link to all your other stuff so members here can be reminded. You started your life here with almost exactly the same kind of post about Amazon: https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/profile/55549-frankyop/content/
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    Um, nope. Do the math. Divide the number of deaths by the total population. Let's don't start with the politics again. There is no "him", there are 50 state governments with a wide range of rules and responses and innumerable local governments all involved. In the U.S. it is most definitely "them." And there's a high concentration factor in just one state, New York. That's an interesting parallel to Italy where there was a great concentration around Milan attributed to a lot of travel from the Orient, age of population and very high levels of air pollution. However at the same time Italy is further along on the curve as are Spain and France, so it should be slowing down there. Now turning our attention to Mexico, has anyone noticed there is a significantly younger age dying from the virus here as compared to the world average? I read the authorities are attributing this to obesity, diabetes and general poor health of younger people here when compared to the figures for the rest.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if most people finish their education without ever learning about exponents or exponential growth. I think that many people assume "exponential growth" is nothing more than jargon used to add emphasis. Covid-19 is going to hit Mexico like a freight train.
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    A great friend of ours totally bilingual Barron's Lanscaping has his own truck and own equipment. Excellent prices and very hard working. Was getting so much work that he had to turn some people down and felt very bad for that. He just returned from helping his father move here permanently to help him. His father taught him the business and they are very very good. So if anyone needs a good Lawn man that is reliable and honest, please call him. Ernesto and Demitrio Barron : 331 267 9364
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