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    First hope you the all the best on your remodel. Not retired from the contracting, though I did build a house while in High school. Last time fishing in Barra Navidad was in 1975. Still say there is no such thing as a "licensed contractor" in Mexico. Anyone can call themselves a contractor. People should be aware that a licensed Architect or Engineer should be used at some point. They are the only ones who can sign for a building permit.
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    No, never in place but it certainly needs something different there. Chaos often.
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    And[gasp!] we don't care about how it will effect resale price one bit. That's going to be our heirs' problem. Do most of you consider that[resale] at all? We are very excited by how different our casa is going to be and so is our contractor and not just because of $'s but my design has really intrigued him. Started yesterday and will take 12 weeks.
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    Conveniently omitted from the article is this Wetjet advisory to passengers. Struck me as ironic that they are touting their cleaning standards, knowing it is of little use if after the cleaning, an infected passenger boards and sits down near you.
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    And others are egocentric braggers.
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    Some people are google-aholics.
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    Do you have a compulsion to blurt out whatever comes into your mind? Or are you just insensitive? How else to you cross the street but to walk on the roadway? Do you assume that everyone else is a :() that doesn't look before stepping off the curb? Sheeesshh.....
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    I think the key words are "crossing the road". It is a scary intersection to walk or drive across under the best of circumstances.
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    What I'm saying is that any of this could change from one day to the next. If new cases keep developing and more people die from it, borders could be closed with little notice and everyone wanting to enter could be quarantined for 14 days. And no, people are being quarantined or told to self-quarantine if they have come into contact with suspected or proven carriers, not just if they are sick or test positve. Waiting until someone gets sick is pointless- by that time they could have had contact with hundreds of other people.
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    If I am at Centro Laguna and want to go to Walmart, I never try to cross the carretera. I go up to one of the Centro Laguna exits and exit southbound onto the libramiento. Lots easier and safer. Unfortunately there is no good way to exit Walmart and head west. But i do think nobody should try to exit from near AutoZone. Why the did not put in 4-way stop light at that intersection is beyond me.
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    Much of those scary events would be avoided if there where a 4 traffic light system allowing controlled traffic to enter and exit Walmart. Do I recall correctly that a system was once in place?
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    I sympathize with your encounter. Don't you sometimes wish you could give out tickets to some of these terrible drivers?
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    Many banks, not USAA, close accounts in the scenario you describe. I opened a Google Voice number for free and I get SMS's and transcribed voice mails sent to my email address. Try it, it works for me. https://voice.google.com/about
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    For sure people can build up a resistance to certain things like that in their environment. You can travel to a perfectly civilized first world country and get a bad stomach from drinking the perfectly safe water simply because it might be composed of different things than the water you are used to drinking. Also, many Americans and Canadians are germ-a-phobes- they keep thing so clean and sterilized they never build up any resistance to anything. Doctors came out with warnings about this years ago- that the overuse of antibacterial soaps on a regular basis in one's home is leading to greatly increased cases of asthma and allergies in children. But things like parasites and salmonella don't differentiate between the color of someone's skin or their nationality.
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    So Eric, is it true that should you have been in the greater Seattle Kirkland area, like I was and if you were exposed to the Corona virus, like I might have been, that drinking a Corona beer at least once per day like I did, that the chances are the symptoms from the virus will be less? It has worked for me. I have been back three weeks now and I am feeling pretty good.
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    Well worth leaving your comfort zone for. And, once you go there you will be amazed at how simple it is. Delightful, charming, great people, delicious food, and reasonable prices. Climb out of your rut and give it a try.
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    Why were you walking on the road.... ? Maybe you should walk on the sidewalk..
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