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    Ok, I'm risking of having hundreds of you slam at me now but this is excessive attention-seeking behavior.
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    I removed it. You should have looked when it was there.
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    As one in the group for which it is said "If you catch it, you've had it" I offer this: https://www.gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2020/03/05
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    A lot of lakeside's more elder residents like to joke they are no longer buying green bananas.....! 😉
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    Greetings from Asian country! I really like to believe in positive prophecies, too. As national economies have been integrated into the world market through globalization, new coronavirus incidents on opposite shores have begun to directly affect your lives, too I think. as of Mach 2 the numbers of patients of new coronavirus: Italy 1,694 Germany 131 France 130 Spain 83 Are these yellow or Asian countries? I see some news medias and/or people have over reacted to the new virus. But, why the stock markets reacted so badly recently? D you see the defensive measures the countries and or people taken seems to be too much? Of course the death # of flu in the States are greater. The death # of traffic accidents are much more bigger. The homicides number by narcos in Mexico is unbelievable. It is a totally different subject. The new coronavirus is very CONTAGIOUS. Please stay calm but do not underestimate.
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    One of the best hole in the walls, anywhere, with excellent pozole, eat-in or to go. You know it is good when the locals are lined up.....
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    MARIO'S, on Ramon Corona in San Antonio Tlayacapan, which is, just like Ajijic, a suburb of the City of Chapala, is a truly Mexican restaurant. It has a multi-year history, managed by a very capable Mexican family. The bonus: Excellent food; excellent service and excellent prices in a clean, well run and well respected local eatery. It would be very difficult to find another Mexican restaurant, as good, anywhere else locally!
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    some people have no sense of humor. I thought it fun and we can always use good chuckle in this day and age no matter where we live.
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    Missed your BM this morning? Always makes for a bad day.
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    Not a lot of us are under 70 and in good health. The mortality rate (WHO) for that group is about 8%. The hospital facilities in Ajijic area are not prepared for a lot of older patients with pneumonia. So I wouldn’t call it fear-mongering, precautions and probably, for those of us who are religious, prayers are in order.
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    I have posted this before. El Rey Taco. Go through Soriana parking lot, turn right, you will quickly come to a cross road, then turn left up the hill, and there it is. Owned by a large Mexican family with cooking in their blood, very reasonable prices, they have a full menu of Mexican and NOB specialties, such as grilled calf liver with onion gravy. https://www.tripadvisor.co.za/ShowUserReviews-g2371486-d5568952-r284399262-El_Rey_Taco-Chapala.html
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    El Zapote, 2 or 3 blocks east of the main/centro traffic light.
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    THE MEDIA’S FEAR VIRUS IS THE REAL DANGER NOT THE CORONAVIRUS Published March 3, 2020 | By Dr. Jack Wheeler I’d like to suggest considering the latest bulletin on Covid-19 from the New England Journal of Medicine: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMe2002387?query=RP Almost all deaths attributed to Covid-19 are quite elderly, in their 70s and 80s/90s and/or with compromised immune systems. There are no deaths reported among the young, i.e., under 15 years old. Another consideration. The genetic vector by which the virus infects the body is the ACE2 receptor gene that codes for an enzyme involved in constriction of the lungs. As in all genes, there are slightly different variations or “polymorphisms.” Turns out that ethnic Chinese have one producing more of the enzyme than any other ethnic group in the world. Further, smoking tobacco greatly accelerates the enzyme’s lung constriction. No people on the planet come close to Chinese men on how much they smoke cigarettes. Which is one main reason why thousands of Chinese have died and not elsewhere, and many more Chinese men than women. The same, albeit to a bit lesser degree, applies to South Koreans. Bottom line is: If you’re under 70 in good health, not Asian and don’t smoke, avoid being in an infected area and wash your hands if you are, you’re gonna live. Oh, and for your mental well-being, ignore the media and TV news. The media is far more dangerous than this latest flu virus. Its principal product is no longer news but fear-mongering crises. Franklin Roosevelt’s most famous quote, from his 1933 Inaugural Address, was: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Today that translates to, “We have nothing to fear but the media’s fear-mongering.” We all need to vaccinate ourselves from the Media Fear Virus.
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    Daylight savings time starts this Sunday, up north, but not here in Mexico until Daylight saving time 2020 in Mexico will begin at 2:00 AM on Sunday, April 5
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    Yes. He doesn't like to drive nights in Guadalajara - too dangerous. So he cuts his daytime rates to pick up more gigs. No gringos where he lives. Interesting guy. He has probably attended every major rock show or event in Guadalajara over the past five to ten years. He works as part of the cleanup crew, but he gets to see the shows for free.
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    I'm gonna disagree with that malecon statement to say that Guicho's, at the start of the row of restaurants at the east end that run in a line towards the lake, is top-notch and excellent value.
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    Thanks everyone! I knew I could count on good advice here.
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    Well worth leaving your comfort zone for. And, once you go there you will be amazed at how simple it is. Delightful, charming, great people, delicious food, and reasonable prices. Climb out of your rut and give it a try.
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    That's a keeper Mainecoons. Simple but everything you need. 28 clicks from the Huatulco airport and they have shuttle service too. https://www.booking.com/hotel/mx/cordelia-s.en-gb.html?aid=357016;label=gog235jc-1DCAsooAFCCmNvcmRlbGlhLXNIM1gDaKABiAEBmAEJuAEGyAEP2AED6AEBiAIBqAIDuALDtoXzBcACAQ;sid=19af73ddf0ae99af6eefd1da77c013dd;dist=0&keep_landing=1&sb_price_type=total&type=total&
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    Hotel Cordelias is right on the bay with a great little restaurant and watering hole from which you step out onto the sand and a great swimming beach. When a buddy and I rode the 200 from Tecoman to Puerto Angel this was by far the best place we stayed.
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    Taxi ? If you want to save some money take the direct bus from Chapala to GDL, then a taxi from there. Very comfortable bus ride
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    Yup, you need that trip to the beach!
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    When we first started making others aware of this virus and exchanging information we got a backlash from those who didn’t want to talk about it. The seriousness of the situation is now becoming more apparent so what you said is absolutely correct except for the praying part. To each his own.
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    My news feeds from Reuters this morning, are FULL of commentary about the coronavirus. However, THIS one is gallows humour at its best...
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    Thanks happyjilin. Funny no matter where you live!
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    ¿¿ Por una caricatura ?? ¡¡ HÍJOLE !! UN CIUDADANO MEXICANO
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    Exactly. It is not to be dismissed or scoffed at, it's quite real and spreading quickly - awareness and precautions are the answer, not fear-mongering and panic.
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    We were lucky. 3 months ago we decided to save on Sam’s yearly fee and just stock up on a year’s worth of essentials. We still have at least 6 month’s supply of essentials stored away.
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    Of course I know that, but....The officer did NOT know the plates were expired until AFTER he ran my plates on his computer. No Probable Cause until AFTER he had run my plates without cause.
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    True Mexican fare is at Fonda Chapala in the mercado. Higher end seafood is my favorite at Restoran Letra CH.
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    I said there is a lack of good Mexican food in Ajijic because the majority of the many restaurants here cater to diners from NOB. This is not my favorite food. I love Teocintle before rush hour, after which when one needs a reservation or earplugs. Memo is also one of my favorites. Chile Verde is not open in the evenings last I checked. Bad reviews of El Sombrero. I was specifically asking for recommendations in Chapala. Thank you RVGringo.
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    You ain't no Mexican because all the Mexicans I know have a BIG sense of humour, Mexican wanna be ficklepie, but never will be. jajaajajaja!
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    I was in WalMart, Sam's, Costco yesterday. All was normal. Shelves well stocked. No need to panic.
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    Pretty sure Eric will be back shortly with more fear-mongering, but thank you for posting a more in-depth discussion of Covid-19 from a reputable source.
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    There is no lack of Mexican restaurants, only a lack of restaurants owned by Mexicans. I suppose that sounds flip, so I will add that places like El Sombrero serve "Mexican food" at three times the price and apparently 1/5 the taste of any roadside stand. And a little restaurant on Colon opposite the plaza serves lovely Mexican food at several times the price of any typical Mexican restaurant. But there are places like Memo's on Hidalgo in Ajijic that serve amazing Mexican food, lovingly prepared over long periods of time.
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    Mexican cars tend to not conform to U.S. emission standards, particularly if they are older. Canadian cars usually do. I wouldn't be optimistic about plating a Mexican car in the U.S. unless it was formerly imported from there and is not too old.
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    Time call Sal. 331 071 7007 Katya Water. Always dependable. We usually buy 4 garrafons at a time. He delivers in the house where ever you want. We usually pay 150 pesos, which is a bit higher than if we ask for small change back.
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    ... and then there's the recent poll where 38% of the respondents said that, "under no circumstances would they drink Corona beer! and especially in a public gathering."
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    And how does canned food recalled a year ago relate to dry food today? And guessing what you bought this time was not even Science Diet. You definitely have too much time on your hands.....and not enough knowledge......... again.
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    Superlake carries SAF yeast. Been using it for several years now. It is excellent. I empty the package into Lock n Lock or Snapware container and store it in the freezer. It will last for at least a couple of years if you don't use it all up before that.
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    I don't recall where my wife bought it, but it is likely that it was Soriana or Walmart.
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    Yes. Just devastated to hear this news. He will not be replaced. An incredible talent and such a sweet guy. R.I.P. Jimmy. Guess they needed an incredible trumpeter at the pearly gates.
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    Sooo.....jillin you want to contradict - Wikipedia , Thesaurus .com and The Chefs compendium of professional recipes ,not to mention good old Mrs Beaton ..why does it not surprise me. .? .I could go on but nobody really gives a shit . Believe it or not you do not have the definitive opinions on everything , especially food .
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    WIKIPEDIA..... A saddle of lamb is both sides of the lamb loin in the lumbar region with backbones still attached ( old English sadul ) Even Mrs Beaton agrees...look it up ..it’s on the next page to your “ wee haggis recipe “ It has been common on English menus for a century or two .
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    I wish there were a way on this board to disallow someone to post when you are the O.P. I figures since one person asked me, others may have wondered. Same as for my post a while ago about signing for someone going into the hospital either for observation or being admitted.
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