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    You have to look at where the response is coming from.. It’s the usual negative attitude...
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    I think the important words here are "industrial"," Pasteurized" and "skim". Skim milk is much cheaper than whole milk and can be made from dry powder mixed with water, using the cream for a more expensive product.. Industrial means than the milk from hundreds if not thousands of animals has been combined therefore it must be pasteurized because of the risk. A small dairy using milk from only a few animals that are personally known by the dairyman to be in good health doesn't need to be pasteurized, but most boil it for 10 min. If you've ever eaten camembert or brie cheese you've eaten a raw milk product. The chances of you contracting a brucelosis infection are pretty rare, less than an e.coli from melons or lettuce....
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    I'd call them before coming down here.
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    Pretty ungrateful response there, to a lot of useful info.
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    I'm with Yo1 on this one. There have been at least 3 outbreaks over the past years in Puerto Vallarta. It always starts the same, someone selling homemade cheeses, like queso fresco, become popular, then bang, outbreak of disease. The sanitation required to process dairy products must be impeccable. It includes steam, and more likely these days, UV steri!izers. Another easy to make fresh cheese, from pasteurised whole milk, is called paneer cheese. Anyone with a compromised immune system should not be consuming raw milk products. Let's ask the FDA https://www.fda.gov/food/buy-store-serve-safe-food/dangers-raw-milk-unpasteurized-milk-can-pose-serious-health-risk
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    Yes major exaggeration. Of course you're not going to see the marbling because they don't bring the raw meat to your table only the finished grilled product like my second picture which was done blue rare and you cannot see the marbling. If you had "blackened" fat on yours you must have asked them to grill it until it became shoe leather. A lot of your posts suggest that someone or something has rained on your parade. Once more?
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    Maybe it seemed ungrateful as only econ man came close to answering the OP's question
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    You have to judge the answers more closely before being judgemental...bottom line the op did not get an answer to his question...maybe like requesting help to fix your computer problems and the guy offers to make breakfast
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    There are two or three ATM machines right by the taxi stand exit door; Scotia and others as mentioned. Same cost, no upcharge. Recommend getting the porter right at the exit door from the baggage claim, he can both assist with and watch their bags while they then use the machine and pay the taxi stand. EZ PZ as mentioned. Really a pretty good setup when used this way.
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    Android users can also take advantage of this handy tool, that allows you to select between WiFi signal and Cell signal instantly, to see the signal strength. It is called, ironically, Signal Strength, by Lakshman. Get it on the Google Play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cls.networkwidget
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    Make sure that your Telmex modem is OFF to check the Telcel signal in your home. My cell phone piggybacks on my Telmex wifi when inside my house. Without it, I have NO Telcel signal at all.
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    Pasteurized in the US, but not necessarily here. Much of the cheese from the tianguis is not made from pasteurized milk and consequently I won't buy it. Brucelosis is quite common here in cows and I don't even want to get it.
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    How is the Telcel cellphone signal in Chapala Haciendas or more specifically at/inside your home? If it is good you could consider the Telcel 'Internet en Su Casa' offering. One buys an in-house cellphone modem that then 'rebroadcasts using wifi' in the house. It was discussed a year ago here.....
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    Have you checked into this? Plan 2, for 399 pesos, gives true 10 meg speed, 5 devices to connect, and more bandwidth per month (100 GB) than most can use. https://www.telcel.com/personas/telefonia/planes-de-renta/tarifas-y-opciones/internet-en-tu-casa
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    He did give an answer that educated me, and your own question might have been seen as a leading one. We were all waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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    may be the run was bevause it was the end of the month and people were getting paid.. This weekend I tried 6 Banamex ATM and there was no money. all the indigenous were trying to get their Bienestar money and the machnes were empty.. The lines were out the door at Bancomer and so on. It was a zoo everywhere and do not think t had anythng today with the news.
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    No it's not Tricare. Mine is "service connected" injuries so it goes through the VA FMP if you know what those initials stand for. They for some reason do it different. I always thought the VA was The VA. But that Department will only mail a check and it depends but it can take 2 to 3 months to get the check. If you dial their number FMP The first thing the computer system answering says is something like the current payments being proscessed are for November to December bla bla bla. I suppose that is the first thing said because so many call looking for their checks. It's after all that you can speak to someone. But I appreciate the help LOL no problemas... Some think I was dropped someone. Twice
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    hard to believe Alan would be confused about the two cities and yes thanks to the altitude it gets cold in Morelia
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    Yes or no will suffice.
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    You have selected one of the busiest specialists Lakeside. When he is there the clinic is packed. Sometimes, even after hiring an extra employee, the phones ring on. He does not answer emails, he gets hundreds per day. Last time I saw him, on a routine matter, he substituted another highly qualified Cardiologist.You are best to walkin and make an appointment with Lety, the office manager. He is the only Cardiologist locally who has setup a cardio lab (not a stent lab). He is a second generation Cardiologist and highly respected. Just giving you a bit of a heads up - no surprises.
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    It's so difficult to find the time when you're retired-EH!
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    The place looks pretty permanent to me. Why not come and see instead of bitchin'?
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    AlanMexicali, I have lived in Ajijic (4 years) and Guadalajara (3 years) and know that those areas are warmer than Morelia, but not necessarily dry. During the lead-up to the rainy season, the humidity is very low and the temperatures are often in the 90sF. The rainy season at Lakeside and in Guadalajara is very similar to the rainy season in Morelia: rain (sometimes heavy) during the late afternoons or evenings, dry during most days. I have lived in Morelia for 8-9 years and do not find the city warm and moist. It's normally cooler than the Guadalajara area due to the higher altitude here and is very dry beginning about now--with constantly lowering humidity, just as in Lakeside and Guadalajara--until the rains start in mid-to-late May. During the lead-up to the rainy season, Morelia can have temperatures no higher than the mid-80sF. During the summer rainy season, the rain comes in the afternoons or evenings and otherwise the humidity is still no higher than Guadalajara's--or, as the OP requested, than that at Lakeside. Have you lived in these two areas?
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    A patient had the C.V. Tested negative, 2X before released. Came back a few days later and tested positive. Is it incorrect errors, or does survival develop some immunity or not? Open question now.
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    Thanks, econ man. Everyone else: =sigh=
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    No exaggeration. Large chunks of blackened fat.
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    Since you like googling so frequently might I suggest that you google something more accurate like how to make authentic cottage cheese from raw milk. Wiki indeed.🤣😴
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    I am lucky, if it comes to that, I brought down my 3M PAPR respirator with extra batteries and HEPA filters. Blows wonderful cool air on your face when you are working in dusty environments. Has a sort of Star Wars look to it too. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/All-3M-Products/Personal-Protective-Equipment/Powered-Supplied-Air-Respirators/?N=5002385+8711017+8720539+8720547+3294857497&rt=r3
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    No I just prefer to use it in a more productive and satisfying manner...seems as one gets older one has less energy to go hunt and seek.....but if you can fit it into your schedule please do is all a service and report back....but I will not hold my breath...but that is another story
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