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    Hi Catbird...I lived in Ajijic for about five years (1999-2004) and still visit occasionally. I have lived in Morelia for a total of 8 or 9 years, with a break when I lived for 8 years in Mexico City. I've been back in Morelia for exactly a year. Morelia is home for me. Morelia bears absolutely NO resemblance to Lake Chapala--except that as you mentioned, the weather is similar. It's generally cooler here than there, and can be quite chilly in the winter. Our altitude above sea level is 6400 feet; Lakeside is at 5200 feet. Morelia is a colonial city of 1.2 million people; the English-speaking expatriate community is approximately 300 to 400 people. The city is extremely cultured, with at least 6 major universities, a symphony orchestra, a chamber orchestra, frequent festivals of importance, including the Morelia international film festival in October-November (considered to be the best film festival in Mexico), the international music festival during the last two weeks of November (concerts range from popular music to classical music, many are free to the public), plus annual jazz, organ, classical dance, and other annual festivals. There is no large body of water close to Morelia--Lake Pátzcuaro is about an hour away. We have a small international airport 45 minutes to an hour northeast of the city. We have a long-distance bus terminal about 15 minutes from Morelia's Centro Histórico. We have excellent taxi service and good Uber service. There is no organized community of English-speaking foreigners, no animal rescue group of foreigners (that I am aware of), no ladies' lunch groups, no little theatre (although we have two theatres that often have traveling companies of concerts, dance performances, and Spanish-language plays), no 'bar scene' for foreigners, no restaurants oriented to foreigners. Really, nothing in Morelia is directed to a foreign community. There is quite a bit of national tourism here, and some foreign tourism---but nothing like the level one sees at Lakeside. We treasure and preserve our history, including our culinary traditions. There is a large indigenous presence here, primarily the Pur'epecha community, whose presence is crucial to our ways of thinking and believing. Morelia's Centro Histórico is considered to be the most beautiful in all of Mexico. Our buildings here are made predominately of cantera stone blocks and date to the mid-1500s. This is not the colorful tourist-oriented town that, for example, is Ajijic. We are typically Mexican: conservative and relatively formal in dress, building exteriors, etc. On the other hand, there are many historical families here, many intellectuals, and quite a bit of non-conservative thinking, music, and art. We have a number of fine museums and many, many historical buildings in the city. Unfortunately, the level of narcoviolencia in and around Morelia is substantially higher than that at Lakeside. Unlike the Lake Chapala area, we in Morelia are very little influenced by foreign ideas of what central Mexico is like. If you have more questions, please ask.
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    Thirty years ago I used to carry condoms in my wallet. Now I carry hearing aid batteries. 😀
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    Sure. Every year. Not to mention a Costco and/or Sam’s Club. Every single year for at least the last 15. Same rumor, but location can change. Newbies usually fall for it.
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    fregatt is a spammer. Three useless posts already this morning.
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    Are you arguing with yourself? LOL
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    McDonalds is going where Flora Exotic is plus some more businesses on that location, they have also started with barricade up you can see...
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    Power was even out at Immigration in Chapala this morning.
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    Why hopefully....? If you don’t like their burgers you don’t have to eat there...The reason McDonalds is such a successful company is that millions of people world wide like the product they offer.. I’m sure it would be successful here..
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    Luis has moved from Lazaro Cardenas - he told me he is now near Walmart but I haven't seen his new location so can't be more specific.
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    plus what difference does it make? I live in a historical, pueblo magico and they have a Burger King on one of the pietonal street and a MacDonald in one of the shopping centers and we all survive it and can get a burger if we feel like it. Ajijic is no pueblo magico and it has OXXOs so why not a hamburger franchise..it sure would not destroy the look of the carratera...😄
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    Oh, lord, let's make it's use mandatory for joining chapala.com!!! 😇 Thanks for sharing Ferret....
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    Man it gets bad when y'all can't avoid discussing food without getting personal. Closed.
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    I would like to suggest that you read my post of Cellular Signal Boost. It is a world of difference.
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    I have not tried it with a modem but there should not be a problem at all. The Telcel service with the modem runs on the same principle as using my phone as a hotspot. As long as you have a Telcel internet plan you could use the modem that comes with it. I plan om bringing a modem down in Sept and I am sure it should work.
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    Do you think they care? I doubt it. "Smart" Catholics might put the church's misogyny in too bright a spotlight.
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    Do they just want more Catholics or do they want smart Catholics who have figured out that they should only have as many children as they can feed, clothe and educate.
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    I went there last week to see the opthalmologist, parked in the back and came in the ramp entrance there. My memory works for that long, anyway.🙃
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    Many appliance brands, especially washers, are actually the same, but with different labels, or sometimes just a different control panel. Whirlpool-GE-Kenmore and a few others are examples. As such, parts are interchangeable.
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    ``You don't recognize this as a self description? OK it's not unusual for someone like this not to-eh computerguy. 😴 Feel better now that you have single handedly ruined yet another thread about food no less?🤣 Sincerely happyjillin
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    Thee is an entrance to the hospital on the west side that comes from the parking lot in back. There are two entrances to the parking lot-from the carretera or from the street on the east side of the hospital.
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    I have had experience w/homeowner insurance here. What is important is to remember that the Devil is in the details. Read the policy (you should have access to an English version if you are not conversational in Spanish. You will find 649 exceptions/things that are not covered. OK, I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea. You also have better have receipts for anything you want to make a claim on, like the watch you bought 6-years ago in Texas. If your house is broken into, there must be physical evidence of forced entry. With all that said, it is cheap and if you have a "covered loss," you will be jumping through a lot of hoops. Also, shop for the best price though the difference may only be slight, so look for people who have had experience with brokers X, Y and Z here. My opinion only.
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    check your home policy the foundation repair may not be included, read the fine print
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    If anyone could forecast with any accuracy the future currency exchange rates, they soon would be spending time with Warren, Bill, and Jeff, and discussing who had the biggest private jet.
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    In Canada we mine OIL SANDS just as The United States does in Utah and California. I see that you have been sucked in by alleged environmental groups sponsored with millions of $'s by certain US Corporations to put the silly tar spin on what is oil . How about we stick to discussing the strong peso. The US dollar has tanked too. Tell us why that is-eh!
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    Funny, I see glorified golf carts here with plates...with a maximum speed of about 20mph, no seat belts or anything from what I can tell
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    Do you remember, before the internet, people thought the cause of stupidity was the lack of information available? No, that wasn't it.
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    Throughout our lives we share common sense with those who will listen. This is not fear mongering, it’s just something we do for others. If it is something that is reasonable and not too much trouble to do then why not be cautious?
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    In my opinion, the funds could have been put to much better use. Have you noticed your water smells swampy??? Have you walked by the local pumping station and noticed the foul smell??? Have you noticed dirt and sediment in your taps??? Improving the water for all residents and visitors at Lakeside should be a priority over a bike lane, IMHO. I hope they get around to working on the water situation one day.
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    The new installation of the saw dust collector when turned for 7 hours a days which is what is needed. It uses up to much electricity. We have use it only a few hours a day. It is needed to protect the kids, teachers and volunteers health. We need solar panels. I need to raise $2500 US dollars to help toward the cost of the solar panels by doing 17 USA 1040 tax returns. Please prefer persons to me. Income Tax 1040 IRS, Back Years, All states, Collection letters, etc. Can help you with financial problems USA or Local. 100% of the money goes to help the kids at Have Hammers School Help raise money for Have Hammers Carpentry School Solar Panels. 30 years’ experience, completed over 25,000 tax returns, Financial Planner, stockbroker. I use a high end tax software package, can do any forms or schedules. Pay by credit card, cash, check or Paypal. We meet at Have Hammer Carpentry School every Wednesday 10 AM, Back office 231-A Hildalgo, Riberas Del Pilar. Please refer your friends to me. H Wayne Renz 766 1860 taxexpat@aol.com I can make house calls. Tax papers can be forwarded to me from anywhere. Extensions can be done. With Affinity H Wayne Renz Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. Treasurer, Officer of Philanthropy and Major Gifts (AKA Head Honcho for Gifts of Passion and Love for the Kids) (También conocido como Jefe por los Regalos de Pasión y Amor por los Niños) or make a donation on our website http://www.havehammer.org go to page donate tag have hammer
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    If you tether, remember that you are not sending the Internet through your phone to your computer. You are actually using the phone to get your Internet, which means you are using the data plan (and "sending" it to your PC). If you use a lot of Internet like I do, you can burn through $300 pesos worth of data in a day. So, as you said, it's not a good package if you do a lot online.
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    Lakeside7, Thanks for your help! I am a fan of Dr. John Lee's work (several books out about bio-identicals) and the differences between different treatment for HRT. I do appreciate your side note though, so thank you. Physicians typically reach for RX/Pharm, and indeed they attempted that with me prior to any symptoms. If I had not questioned and researched, then I would have placed myself in a situation of being on unopposed estrogen, which Dr Lee believed created a strong risk for breast cancer and reproductive cancers. So, if viewing it that way, indeed there is a greater risk if one were to simply take estrogen replacement therapy alone. Lowest dose possible was always the rule, and so much easier to adjust using the creams. Even Dr Lee acknowledges (for he recommends progesterone, not estrogen) that certain symptoms (not mentioned here lol) are clear signs of estrogen deficiency. So I am going to use just enough to balance out my levels, while reviewing results (panels/levels) with a physician and/or labs. I would recommend Dr John Lee's books to anyone, in fact they are yet another item that was left NOB, and will have to be reordered via ebay! I truly thought I was past the menopause blitz, lol, but ahhhh life has surprises!
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    According to the entry in Wikipedia, under 'Controversy': "Animal welfare groups claim that animal husbandry and urine collection methods used in Premarin's production cause undue stress and suffering to the mares involved. Allegations of abuse range from concern over stall size, access to water, exercise, cruel treatment, collection system, continuous breeding cycles, and premature death." They failed to mention the 'byproduct' of the Premarin industry: the untold thousands of foals born to the mares which had to be kept in a constant state of pregnancy to produce the hormones in their urine. There was no market for the never-ending stream of foals of mixed breeding, and they were shipped to slaughter by the truckload, swept under the rug by the corporation making enormous multi-million dollar profits, and conveniently ignored by the product users. Thankfully, fears of cancer put an end to the worst of the PMU farms that had sprung up all over North America. Profits before ethics.
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    I was on bio-identicals NOB recommended by my physician when I did a little research and said no more horse urine. Portimom, I haven't been to them but have heard good things about the clinic and alternative pharmacia across from SuperLake.
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    Which pharmacy is your source for bio-identical estrogen(and progesterone)? Which brand / do you ask that source for? (I would like exact information, and what it says on package (eg mg, manufacturer etc) Which physicians are fully informed of their use? Did you take the bio-identical progesterone and estrogen together? Thank you! ( Information from all welcome. )
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    You can get bio-identical progesterone and estrogen topical gels here, imported from France. I found them to be quite effective and it's easier to tweak the dose with a gel than a pill. I did a lot of research on hormone replacement about 20 years ago. Premarin is one of the cancer causing hormone drugs. It's name comes from PREgnant MARe's urIN. That's right - pregnant mare's urine. The mares are bred in horrible conditions, and kept nearly constantly pregnant so they will excrete certain hormones in their urine. 17 horse hormones are used in this drug, along with an artificial molecule of something to make the formula unique and patentable. Is this really what you want to put in to your body? Progestin is an artificial version of progesterone which is the actual human hormone and is not expensive. The Big Pharma companies hype their products for profit while the bio-identical hormones are actually quite inexpensive. Big Pharma can't make a Big Profit off of them because natural human hormones are not patentable. Good luck! I'd find a good, alternative doctor here to help you with this!
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    I read an interesting book many year ago, that McDonald's, the corporation, was never about the food. They consider themselves, and their mission statement, as a property development company. They were able to influence and forecast changes in entire neighborhoods. They build and invest, then let franchisees to do the food stuff. McDonalds in urban cities in Canada are sad affairs these days. During the day and early evening, screaming packs of kids wanting their " donalds". In the evening shifty looking homeless people nursing their free coffees for hours. That is why their drive throughs are so popular. https://qz.com/965779/mcdonalds-isnt-really-a-fast-food-chain-its-a-brilliant-30-billion-real-estate-company/
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    Not any worse than a tacky pawn shop, how can they possibly make enough money to support that prime location ? Unless its laundering money. I've always wondered what is on the second level with no windows whatsoever.
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    Catholic Church national wealth estimated to be $30 billion, investigation finds The World Today By Emily Bourke Posted 11 Feb 2018, 9:22pm There are calls for the Catholic Church's tax-free status to be reviewed after a Fairfax investigation revealing the extent of property, assets and investments owned by the church in Australia to be about 30 billion dollars. According to a Time Magazine report from February, 1965, Bankers' best guesses about the Vatican's wealth put it at $10 billion to $15 billion. Of this wealth, Italian stockholdings alone run to $1.6 billion, 15% of the value of listed shares on the Italian market. The Vatican has big investments in banking, insurance, chemicals, steel, construction, real estate. To be fair, the church does give support to a lot of charities for children. Of course, today's children become tomorrows adults that contribute to the church. L. Ron Hubbard, author and the founder of the Church of Scientology is reported to have said: "You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion," .
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    For a guy who is frequently ballyooing "fake news", and yet who doesn't understand it's meaning, let me be clear. What you posted is amazingly "fake news". As to my large number of posts: Y'all may have noticed a lot fewer from me in the last year. That's because I now only respond to technical and food topics. The first to offer advice; the other as a hobby. Because as kam noted, and Pedro so gleefully attacked her for, I do get irritated by morons who choose to use this board to blast out their own buried self-hate by constantly trolling. It wouldn't be so bad if they were simply angry, but they continue to go overboard by insulting and patronizing everyone who comes under their narcissistic gaze. By sticking to these two topics, life is calmer. Although obviously it doesn't matter the subject: the roving haters just as often ruin these easy-going threads as well.
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    Domino's is in Ajijic not San Antonio Tlayacapan! I was responding to slainte39!
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    I am surprised that the CAD $ has not tanked more given their reliance on pumping that filthy Tar Sands ,what a disaster for the environment
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    I have already seen ambulances unable to proceed quickly thru Ajijic because cars have no where to go to get out of their way.
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