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    You can't resolve the issue with Bancomer. You'll need to call your bank to report the problem. If you're lucky, the bank will give you a provisional refund while they make the claim. ATMs have sensors that detect a physical problem but yours sounds like a communication failure where the non-dispense did not trigger the automatic reversal of the original withdrawal request. When you request money at an ATM, the system sends a request to your bank asking if you have funds available to cover the withdrawal. If you do, you bank charges your account and sends the positive acknowledgement to the ATM, all assuming the transaction will complete properly. A physical dispense malfunction will cause the ATM to send a reversal message but if the ATM never receives the original reply your money is gone, the transaction times out and you're stuck. The ATM audit trail will show no money was dispensed and with that info your bank should permanently refund the amount you requested.
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    Call them back, speak to someone else. I've had a few hiccups and it's always the card-issuing bank that has to resolve.
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    In my limited experience (thank goodness) you have to start the claim with your personal bank and it goes from there. Good luck.
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    Doesn't compute. Withdraw say $500us. Pay cash advance fee usually 2% or more ...then interest at cash advance rate maybe 18-20% apr. So $10 fee plus say 30 days interest $8 so your ccard at the ATM cost $18 more than your debit card. Oh rewards? Sorry those are are only on qualifying purchases not on cash advances. The country doesn't matter.
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    No but you can change its native password to any that you wish. See: https://mitelmex.telmex.com/web/mitelmex-hogar/modem_personaliza
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    This is a stupid and wasteful concept. Even AT&T in the US is trying it. (If you refuse to let them in to change your service over, they can simply disable your landline.) There are millions of miles of installed cable around the world that rarely fail... whereas Internet service is failure-prone. Another example of tech companies outsmarting themselves and eroding our well-being, bit by bit. Since the infrastructure is already in place, and supports both types of service, and will always be upgraded and maintained, what's the point? Customer complaints will skyrocket, requiring more support staff and adding immensely to the bottom line.
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    Maybe the libramiento is better but the last stretch southbound from SLP as the cuota ends came close to bouncing the car off the road. One could get motion sickness trying to avoid the potholes. The northbound 2 lanes use the paved road but southbound dumps you back onto the old 2 lane that isn't any better than it was 15 years ago on my first car trip. I too prefer the AGS route.
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    WIKIPEDIA..... A saddle of lamb is both sides of the lamb loin in the lumbar region with backbones still attached ( old English sadul ) Even Mrs Beaton agrees...look it up ..it’s on the next page to your β€œ wee haggis recipe β€œ It has been common on English menus for a century or two .
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    Buying the modem online at Mercadolibre is far easier that dealing with Telmex in Ajijic and you will be pretty much assured that it really is new and you'll probably get it far faster as well. If you want to go that route then do phone the 1-800-123-2222 number, ask for English and ask the tech which models of modem are the most current and best for your system. That's how I chose mine.
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    Wowza ! Why the Personal attack ? This thread really got out of hand . And it all started out about a rack of lamb .
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    This is a total personal attack with no truth to it whatsoever. But have a pleasant afternoon. happyjillin
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    My mum was not a great cook but she would take a frozen leg of New Zealand lamb, cover it with foil and cook it in the (electric) oven at 250 F. for six hours. She put it in the oven frozen solid. It was always fall off the bone tender when served. I loved Sundays.
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    Arguing with a chef, in public, about cuts of meat. Wonders never cease.
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    Our experience as well last October. Much better condition and faster. However it wouldn't surprise me if it deteriorates rapidly due to the trucks on it. Supposedly a real bypass is in the works.
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    The fact that many of us now even have backup chargers for all our gadgets points out how far away this whole technological mess has gotten from us. "They" keep building "better and better" things for which we have little or no capacity. And mudgirl and Ferret both make telling points. NOB, outages get fixed as fast as they can. I remember one ice storm a couple of decades ago that even had Canadian military being sent to New York State to get their power grid up and running again. Sunday night? No problem. Here? Well, let's head over to that local restaurant in the morning and see if we can cajole a TelMex lad to get a repair going. The downtime with a landline, even here, is far less problematic than downtime with the Internet, and since the system is already in place, I don't understand the need to replace it.
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    In Mexico, I love the fact that I STILL have a way to communicate when the electricity is out using an old fashioned !diot phone plugged into the phone outlet in the wall. Yes, I have a cell phone but I need electricity to charge it.... same with back up chargers. The outages are fewer but my comfort level is still not a hundred per cent.
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    There's a big difference between the way things work and response times to issues in Canada than how it is in Mexico. In Canada, if the electricity goes out for more than some brief amount of time, the electric company has to rebate customers for the outage time. Never heard of CFE doing that πŸ™‚
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    Happy, in common Mexican parlance, a sheep is a borrego and a lamb is a borreguito. Just as dichosalocura mentioned several hours ago, upthread. Cordero is used--as she also mentioned--in marketing parlance, to make it sound more elegant--just as it's marketed in big letters on the package you bought. Look at this link, if you don't believe dichosa or me. https://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=borrego
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    Gosh cedros, that is slow. So sorry to hear that speeds like that still occur lakeside.
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    They are slowly doing that. Where the indoor restaurant is now used to be the almost unused bar. Where the nice restaurant was is now several apartments. Where the kitchen used to be is an apartment now. Where the kitchen is now used to be storage. They are just finishing an apartment now that is where part of the dining room used to be. Across the road, behind Eager Realty, they are building more apartments. I had some very good meals there in December. They said they had a new cook. I have never had bad food there and I have eaten there quite a few times over the last 12 years.
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    Not trying to be a wise *ss I'm just curious from a technical standpoint. I can watch streaming on 2 different tv's and download a book all at the same time with under 20 down. To my knowledge most home computer's processors and web browsers wouldn't be any better with 230 than with 20 for 99% of their use. What benefit is all that extra speed? Are people doing graphics rendering or running servers?
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    All the bad patches were repaved about 6 months ago. Passed there last week and all is still good. Also fewer topes.
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    Thanks for the great tip, but you really didn't have to start it off with a mudsling.
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    carretera 1/2 block west of colon on mountain side, also did a great job replacing a backpk zipper
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    Your wife should be laughing at the fact that you seem to have never been able to hold down a good job, and you have blasted through 2 marriages, with children. You bring this mess to Mexico, and try to reinvent yourself again. A more appropriate handle for you would be DickZilla.
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    There are other language sites that differ. Another word for sheep is la oveya apparently, and numerous translation sites use cordera/o or borrego. I would not agree that Cordera/o is a mere marketing term here in Mexico. Soriana ,Walmart,Costco and any butcher I have talked to here use cordero/a. There is a splendid taco stand in the southbound lane near the airport that serves only taco de cordero to die for. As to the age of alleged young real lamb around here. I would suggest that yearling is the norm for butchering in this area,so hence the toughness. I used to get frozen loin chops from a well known butcher until twice they were tough so no mas. Surprisingly his shank is/was not. As I mentioned. I purchased half domestic lambs in alberta and from time to time portion cut Canadian and New Zealand lamb from Safeway and Superstore and none of it was tough.
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