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    Spend a little bit of money and ask a professional. This board, and all other boards, is full of amateurs with opinions.
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    Five of us went there this morning, and I had the Italian omelette as well. Everything was excellent all around. People may wonder why we're going on about this place when there are so many other restaurants out there. Well, for me, it's not just because the food is very good... but also because the owners really want you to have a great experience. So many places here are indifferent to their customers, and get complacent. Not so with Sentidos. They are really busting their butts, and it shows.
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    Here in ajijic mexico ,couldnt give a toss .
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    Might be wise to wait a few days to start the rigamarole of getting new cards. I had my wallet stolen and a woman phoned me within a few hours (she found my business card with the phone number)- she and her young son had been walking through the parking lot and her son spied my wallet with the cards strewn all over- of course the small amount of cash I had in there was gone, as well as 2 debit cards, which I had to cancel and replace, but my PR card was among the cards strewn around, my Mx. driver's licence, all my cards except the debit cards. That woman was my angel.
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    No one has yet to answer the poster's question, just in turn making derogatory remarks. The poster did not list the numbers tried. The only number I can find is 376 765 6233.
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    The "frustration", claimed by most, would not exist if they had learned enough Spanish to ask a simple question and understand the answer on the phone. Admittedly, that is a major step above face to face, where body language helps a lot. Of course, the clerk must be willing to try harder too.
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    Thank all for being so generous and supporting Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. and Todo Bueno consignment and resale store. Here's a link to what you helped create with your donations. Have hammer woodworking school Students Christmas Posada Dec 20,2019
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    The only original I ever keep in mine is the small wallet size document..
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    Had the Italian omelette today, fantastic! Fabulous sausage inside with a wonderful marinara sauce. Love this place!
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    Went there again today. Same great food and service. The first time we went we almost left because we wanted more than just a "sandwich". Well, every type of "sandwich" we have had there has been the most tasty meal. Today I had a chicken, fresh spinach, feta cheese, avocado on nut bread that was to die for. The chicken was fresh and perfectly cooked. I would never have thought to combine feta cheese and chicken myself but it was delicious to say the least ... the different choices comes with salad or fries included. The Gyros and wraps are also a tasty meal and they have now added two different hamburger choices and hot dogs if your interest in those.
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    If one pays with a credit card rather than with cash or a debit card at Costco in Mexico, the total is more.
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    Once one has a good prescription, I favor https://www.zennioptical.com A China based global supplier of eye glasses, including lenses, at attractive pricing.
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    I bought something at Coppel in Chapala today. The phone number on the cash register receipt is the same as that posted by cricket.
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    Does anyone know where their office is in Ajijic/Chapala I bought a great north american cell phone plan almost two years ago and I want to renew.
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    It is a couple of doors north from Alex's Pasta Bar. Across side street Juan Alverez from Bougamballis Plaza and La Christina Pharmacy.
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    if this person has a US bank then check and see if the bank allows online deposits. i have deposited several US checks into my US account with my iphone.
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    I use Oxxo to buy a coffee and a snack if I happen to be traveling to Guad. I also pay my 7 CFE bills at Oxxo because its done in one minute. I also use them to pay stuff I order on Mercado Libre. But for everything else I use my local family own and operated store as and it always seems to amaze me that they sell most of the stuff I need (but you need to ask as a lot of the products or not on display but rather in the back room) and at prices lower then the big box stores.
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    Face to face is fine IF you have mobility and are fairly close. If someone lives in Jocotepec and wants information from Coppel about whether or not something is in stock, I would most certainly want to find out in advance.
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    Usually an OXXO is open 24/7. IF they were smart, they would have deliveries in the middle of the night so as to not create a traffic problem. Then again, it would also be nice if Walmart restocked in the middle of the night... but they don't. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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    At my local OXXo my wife just paid money on her Mexican telephone, sent money to daughter in Mexico City and made deposit in her local Chapala Bank. She than brought home to me a coca cola and hot dog. I agree this is not an appropriate place for an OXXO but it will do a ton of business. Wish I owned it!
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    Stephanie. I once knew a consultant whose business was to turn failing restaurants around. Then he got smart, started buying them. Now he is a multi millionaire. I remember him telling me that in an average restaurant, the actual cost of the food on the menu should be no more than 40%. Sure people can, and do, sell for less, but they are throwing money away and there is no point trying to compete with them.
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    How about being more tolerant? Some of the "gringos" who move here are already elderly, and it is much more difficult for them to learn a language well enough to order food in that language.
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    UNDERSTANDING HOW TO USE YOUR AND YOU'RE: Your is the second person possessive adjective, used to describe something as belonging to you. Your is always followed by a noun or gerund. You’re is the contraction of "you are" and is often followed by the present participle (verb form ending in -ing). There is one rule that will help you make the right choice: If you can replace the word with "you are," you should select "you’re". Otherwise, you should only choose "your".
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    My experience was the same as Guiness' experience. Maybe Dr. Pinto has good days and bad days. Not really what I want in an eye Doctor.
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    With progressives, it is imperative that you be fitted and that the lens markings be made by a technician sitting at eye level with you. If great care is not taken, the transition line will be either too high or too low, and you will be unhappy with the glasses. That said, you may be able to make small adjustments yourself, by adjusting the nose pads wider to lower the glasses, or higher to raise them. It has little to do with luck. Luz, at LCS is excellent, and can get you fitted correctly.
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    In case anyone is interested, I just talked to Canadian Border Services (Monday, April 1, 2019) and they confirm this information is still true: A Canadian resident cannot drive a foreign plated car in Canada.
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    I went to a small town in So. California, and noted that several gas stations had different prices for gas when paid in cash as opposed to a credit card. A CC purchase was $0.10 per gallon more than a cash purchase. I think this would equate to the charge made to the merchants for taking the CC. Anyone see this in any other areas?
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    How can face to face be frustrating?
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    Are they handing out "cranky" pills lately, or is it a contagious disease?
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    I think you mean Madero (i.e. Francisco Madero) in Chapala.
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    More tolerant?...This is not the USA or CANADA, this is MEXICO, the language here is SPANISH....Just like if you moved to the USA, you would be expected to learn basic English....Although being very elderly is a legit reason for not learning, as well as being hard of hearing, all the rest have no excuses...Just lazy I guess.....
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    How about the Gringos learn how to order in Spanish ....
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