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    went today to city hall so I decided to check how much my taxes will be for 2020 last year 2119. P this year 3823. P close to double, no major changes in the property. I'm thinking about hiring a lawyer has anyone had any success in that endeavor we get so few services I'm pissed !
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    I have a list of the channels that are supposed to work here but it is too long (about 290 channels) to type out. Ajijic Electronics in west Ajijic has a handout they give out.
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    I am asking for comments from anyone with good or bad experiences with this company, please. Lexy
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    They all sound good until collision repair time happens..and then the Dance begins!!
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    Why not call your USA short term provider and see if their policy covers Canada?
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    Get a lawyer for less than 100 bucks!!! You must be joking !!!
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    No, your CURP is not required. Every year someone reports that it is and starts a mild panic among the newer people. Basically all you need is your licence plate number and your money. Since I carry my Tarjeta De Circulacion in my wallet I just hand them the one from last year. If I am doing a favor for friends and neighbors I will also get theirs for them. After I get mine back from the person at the counter I just hand them a list with the name of the person followed by their license number. They are cranked out, I pay for them and confirm that they are for the correct person before I leave the window.
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    If you like to have fun making woodworking projects for our school to sell or want to help teach the students please volunteer. We are flexible. If you are familiar with CAD (computer aided design) will are setting a classroom to help students learn Tinkercad. After one year in our school the students then can create in the computer woodworking items in a computer,Stop by and see our school open 9:30 to 12:30 3 pm to 5:30 Mon to Fri. We are a woodworking school the CAD classroom is just a extra activity for the students.
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    This is a must that few are aware of: Those voting for US elections should always follow up on if their absentee ballot has been received. You must call to confirm that. We sent in absentee ballots, and the first two attempts did not register for the 2016 election. The third time was the charm. Confirmed. Do not assume after you have sent off your ballot that your work is complete. Send with plenty of time to resend. Then call until you have a confirmation.
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    Same as Predial and Simapa- the end of February.
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    In Morelia, where I live, a recently-opened state-of-the-art hospital has a program one can buy into that provides free medical appointments at the hospital (for checkups and for illnesses), free lab and other testing, free ambulance service if needed from one's home or anywhere else in the area to that hospital, first night free room if you have to be hospitalized, and a long list of other attractive benefits. Not free prescription meds, though, and if one needs a specialist, one pays, but at a reduced rate. There was no medical exam, no questionnaire about any illnesses either current or prior, no requirement to give a list of meds you take. Just sign the paper and they give you a membership card. I recently signed up and paid the one-payment annual cost. How much was it? 2800 pesos. Yes, 2800 pesos. Some of you should talk with the new San Antonio hospital about doing something similar.
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    The special menu with several choices is probably one of the better deals lakeside . Its three courses for 300 pesos ! , one cannot eat at Tangos for that price . I find the menu a little boring , I cannot understand any restaurant lakeside who’s only fish offering is “ frozen salmon “ when we have such a wonderful selection of fresh fish available. The service and surroundings however make for a pleasant dinner experience.
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    And also some channels from the US, ie.3 or 4 from Detroit and Seattle, and one from fox Rochester, PBS Buffalo, and PBS Spokane. At least that is what the "on screen" schedule shows; what I do not know is if all of them are viewable down here.
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    Language s funny. southern France we say adieu like the Mexicans say adios. it is used as a greeting.. hello no time to speak , but in the north when we say adieu it is for ever. meaning you probably will only see the other person up in paradise orin hell so withn the same culture and the same country the word has two different meaning. It is why translating is so difficult, if you do not understand and know the culture. Translating word for word often does not convery the meaning of what is really being said.
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    Just like adios when used passing someone on the street is just acknowledging the person but no time for chat. hello/goodbye. Politeness reigns.
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    All of which cannot be deciphered in an email.
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    The eternal Mexican question "Is black red or is black green?". This morning I ran two black lights .
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    If your wife wants to go there for your 40th...what do you need recommendations for? 40 years and you haven't learned yet, LOL
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    Remember immigrants (especially from NOB) add a lot to the IVA tax revenue with their spending and ISR tax revenue with earnings from work permits and sales of properties.
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    Well the attack that was mentioned was reported by Borderland Beat several days before other news outlets latched on to it. Come to think of it another American/Mexican was killed close to one of the border crossing as he refused to give up his pickup truck. I guess you use a different "bank".
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    If you want to get the latest on this kind of crime simply visit the website "borderland beat". I check it every morning just to get a gauge of the level of cartel related crime that occurs on a 24 hour period and its in English.
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    A marketing manager is not just a sales person. happyjillin former marketing consultant and CEO of 2 firms.
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    In case you have not heard, colour copies are considered illegal, at least in Jalisco.
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    As I said I did I can't remember his name but I even hot Vince Britton involved. Ask around if the American Legion was offered and lost out on a 10,000 dollar grant because The time ran out. The president of a Marinepilots assoc called and spoke with someone who couldnt care less in the way he spoke he wasnt interested and suggested a call to another member. I can back that up also. Ask some of your duty officers of say th last month if they got a call from Washington DC about free money as a grant to the legion I have no idea what's going on at the Legion. And I leave it at that
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