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    Go to the American Legion between 10&2 M thru F and ask the duty officer to put you in touch with the Veteran's Service Officer, Tom Stordahl. Tom is trained to file compensation claims for veterans and you stand a better chance if a VSO does it than if you do it yourself. This is a free service.
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    I rent for a low price and do ALL the maintenance and repairs. This is a common arrangement in predominately Mexican areas where the rent is in pesos. If the rent is in USD then the arrangement is more like in the US where the owner pays for all repairs.
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    The rules here are different for renting. The owner is responsible for structure and tenants for the maintenance as a rule or it is up to your negociations skills when signing the contract. If you plan to rent for a very long time ,it is a different situation than a year or two , so it is up to both parties to negociate.. The problem is that it is different NOB and people coming from another place assume it is the same here.. well it is a different country , different culture and the rules are different. Big surprise..
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    I have to update....the rentcars.com site had directed me to book with Americar rental. When I looked at the reviews they were horrible. What I feared most is that once at the agency they add on more charges and do not honour the contract. This IS the case with this company and I cancelled my booking. I am continuing to look and right now it looks like an agency called Sixt is very well regarded. The rate I got with them through hotwire is great, but I am corresponding to see if it DOES include mandatory liability insurance. Will update when more is known.
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    Lots of options here... https://www.google.com.mx/search?source=hp&ei=L50UXtXeK8uMtgXc15-oBA&q=canadian+car+insurance+for+visitors&oq=Canadian+car+insurance+for+visiting&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0i22i30l3.1594.27202..35351...4.0..0.171.3848.28j11......0....1..gws-wiz.......0j0i13i30j33i22i29i30.f806XGljrv4 This is the ONE thing that is a problem IF your stay is longer than three months...
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    Leave last years sticker on your window. If they can tell which year the sticker is, as you drive by at about 40 km/hr, then they have bionic vision.
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    So I gather, one might say they were on highway 2 , traveling alongside the border, after dark. It's a long stretch of 2 lane, dangerous road, heading over to an even more questionable area of risk. That area appears to have quite a history. If you google this, you will come up with some info, such as this, in the https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/ghost-town/ One can only guess that they may have been planning to cross the border into the US at Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Original reports say they were visiting relatives in San Luis Potosi But a more recent article said they were visiting relatives in Monterrey. Bottom line.. just my opinion: Toll roads and daylight are crucial when traveling to the border. Even then be alert and stay informed.
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    Just don´t pull out onto the Carretera until the traffic stops. I´ve been doing that for 40 years, it´s called defensive driving- Using your God given right of a green light might cost you time and money.
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    Here we go again..down another rabbit hole..what the he*l does Italy have to with Mexico...May. as well talk about all of Central America
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    My nephew was there recently for a kidney transplant. Not my first time visiting there. It is clean and well run. There is a small cafeteria with some fresh cooked items. Only parking can be a problem.
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    Oh heavens, we cannot afford it on anythng other than a special occasion, I have neither the discretionary income nor the ego you assume I have. We have had a few occasions that we enjoyed at Elegante.
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    This page from their website discusses the cafeteria: https://gdl.hma.com.mx/servicios-hospitalarios/otros-servicios/
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    No, I didn't get anything. But I forgot, I do need sliced almonds...
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    Also I seem to recall seeing something about it being late at night when this happened. Mexicans need to avoid traveling at night just as we do. The U.S. plates helped make these folks a target as well. Very sad. This country doesn't appear to be going in the right direction these days. You have to wonder about a government spending billions on a tourist train while the roads rot and crime grows steadily worse.
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    Thank you Tomgates, for answering my question directly. It is nice to get a direct answer on this board.
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    You have to wonder what the hell they were doing on that road. If they were visiting SLP there was no reason to be driving through there.
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    "If you build it, they will come" Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the locals could use bikes or trikes instead of automobiles? I am using my bicycle now and it is one less car on the road.
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    The other question is whether it is a vent-free set of propane logs and, therefore, no vent is needed. That is the kind we had in San Miguel. https://www.thespruce.com/ventless-gas-fireplaces-4160746
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    I continue to be puzzled by the thoughtless,rude,inconsiderate tradesmen who think nothing of making a telephone call to say they will be late and or a no show If we living in the jungle in Chiapas perhaps it would be excusable. But living in Gringoland where we are paying over the odds for most services etc and a significant number of tradesmen are getting above average wages for services performed, why are the basic good manners not followed Now excuse me as I get out my ear plugs as the "old timers" tell me "it's part of the culture" ..like tossing your trash on the highway etc etc..BS!!! With the current strong ecconmy at Lakeside a good service/tradesman can make a good living...ah but ,maybe the considerate ones have flown the nest to north of the boarder
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    I've simply not rehired those who don't show consideration. Also, I no longer wait for tradespeople to show up. I tell them to call when they are 10 to 15 minutes away, so if I'm out, I can come home. If they arrive without calling, after not showing up at the arranged time and I'm not there, then they miss out on the work.
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    Tit for tat expected, but it would be more useful if you had responded to my major issue with online begging: Are those people signed up with either Seguro Popular or IMSS, and if they are and those entities refuse to treat their illness, THEN I would feel like contributing to their need. Contrary to your opinion, I am not a heartless person. I just expect people to take care of themselves when they can...as I did through some very hard times.
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    Since you know nothing about my history and what it took to end up with a house sale leaving enough to have a "contingency fund" for emergencies, don't you think there might be a wee amount of downright nastiness and/or intolerance in that post? I have no need to explain further. You're very good with words, Zena. In this case, you've also made wide ranging assumptions lacking any foundation. Before anyone does "online begging", I think that at the very least they should say whether they are signed up with the Mexican health care options which so generously allow us expats to join. 🖖
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    GOFUNDME? Really? That seems like just online begging.
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    I could have predicted that kind of self righteous response. Suppose I put it another way: Why would a responsible person move away from a country which has provisions for illness like Medicare and Medicaid for its poorer citizens to a country where the options are much chancier and then hope for charity from others? I feel plenty of compassion for those who are deserving of it. Then I hear a plea from someone who has not even bothered to sign up for Seguro Popular or IMSS. Excuses? I was not particularly fortunate in my financial circumstances in the U.S., so forget that . I was a saver and didn't "need" what that consumerist society foisted on people. In Mexico, the house we bought would be a remodeling challenge most people wouldn't touch. I'm afraid your broad brush doesn't apply here. I was simply raised by people with the attitude that one did everything else possible before asking for charity. YMMV.
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    Now, now LS7. Let me pat you on the head, maybe that’ll make you feel better. My comments were in reply to what Mainecoons said and was not meant to get you riled up. Go back and sip your Ensure. Maybe that’ll calm you down.
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    It would be even nicer if some people recognized a direct answer even if it may or may not be to their liking.
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