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    Yeah. It's a crap shoot. When Ilox first made their offer, I had 3 mbps from Telmex. That's not enough for streaming internet content. Barely enough for online games. I got constant disconnects on weekends. Out of desperation tried Telecable also. That was a bust, because... Telecable. So that summer after Ilox took contracts, Telmex suddenly offered some parts of SAT faster service. Some parts. People a few blocks apart are getting different speeds, that old 3 mbps. But I finally got lucky and got 10 and then 20 mbps. I'm sure these better speeds were forced by Ilox's entry into the market. Now, if I still had 3 mbps, I'd be keeping that Ilox contract and put a lot of energy into working with them. So I'm dragging on Ilox a bit now, because I can afford to speedwise, but I am eternally grateful to Tom for working with them and bringing them into the area. It made a huge impact on the quality of my internet service.
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    You have a pre-existing condition- you take statins and have high blood pressure. $2000 is not a big deductible. You may be forced to have a larger deductible. You will have to run around to all the insurance agents and discuss this with them. A chat board is not the place to find the answer to your question.
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    Likes: Weather, friendly people (both expat and Mexican), beautiful lake and mountains, gradually improving infrastructure, access to many wonderful colonial towns within 2-5 hours drive in any direction, still reasonable cost of living. Dislikes: Ever-increasing traffic, parking problems, getting anything done without excessive complications, too many rumors/too little accurate up-to-date info, costs of rentals and house purchases pricing out many people (both expat and Mexican).
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    FREE (This word gets more attention than "SEX." That’s because sex is never “free”.....
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    that side of the street along the south side of the plaza is called Parroquia, which refers to the church at the end of the street. Mexijims1 I cannot imagine a more "heart of Ajijic" location than on the plaza.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY-mTbv38Io The words are a perfect theme song for customers of iLox... doesn't matter who sings it.
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    Most of my 200+ family which includes las familias de los consuegros, do it Christmas Eve (Noche Buena). El Dia de Los Reyes is for the roscas and to see who is lucky enough to get the "El Niño"......LOL
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    Yes, of course. But I thought we were talking about Christmas celebrations around Lake Chapala. My bad.
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    Walmart has the small ones...
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    I was there a week ago 11am and they were manning the entry, I gave 50 peso drove in and parked.. I think if you give them a few peso they are happy....
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    ... to each his/her own
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    Aw come on Rick... Linda Ronstadt did a much better job of the song.
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    Soriana has them.
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    There is no sign and no brown doughnut anywhere in the vicinity of the shop. I have been there many times since they opened, it is just as the picture shows, the arched door next to the llantera shop. "A picture is worth a thousand words".
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    Yes they keep it and return it along with the new passport. How long depends on when. Right now holidays will affect the time which is normally 3-4 weeks . You will find a lot of information here: https://mx.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/how-to-renew-a-passport/ https://mx.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/passport-services/passport-frequently-asked-questions/
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    Too many times, but the Ilox office is next door to where I pick up my mail, and I keep on hoping that Ilox will find a solution for faster service.
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    If I cancel....does anyone know how long I have to wait to get my deposit back? I paid in cash.
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    Went yesterday and all they had were a few donuts and stale cinnamon rolls.Told me they need 30 hours notice to preorder sourdough loaf. I can get sourdough instantly elsewhere. Ain't going back.
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    So are you saying that you would prescribe this {ahem!] product for dogs but not humans?
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    I like the La Quinta Inn right on I35.... hotel row. $65 Free breakfast. More like a large motel than a one-building hotel, but....
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    As a cataract diagnosed person, I would put this into the alien space invaders category, especially since he/she is responding to a 4 year old post. I have an appointment next month with a highly recommended Ophthalmologist here and will go through the process and not rely on a product that helps a dogs vision, albeit I love dogs and have 3 rescues myself and they all seem to have good eyesight.
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    I have a friend who lives in florida at one of its' senior communities and loves it. For me, that would be torture. I need the exposure to mexicans, their smiles, their love, their fortitude....
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    I am so sorry for my comment that sent this thread off on such a tangent. It was not my intent. The area has many things to offer and for seven or so years it was really good for us. Thing is, one morning over coffee and looking out over Ajijic and the lovely lake I came to the conclusion that we had done all the town had to offer too many times and I was restless and it was time to move on. Unrealistic as it sounds I have alway felt the the place I live now is not the last place I ever want to live. One day it will be, I know that (MC we also considered Las Cruces at one time). I worried about telling the husband my feelings, I knew he would not agree. I was correct, he did not! But still we left Ajijic behind and moved back to Texas. It was the correct thing to do as my mom is 95 and we needed to be closer plus there has had several heart events that he might not have survived had we stayed. I don’t want to be without him. I stay on this board because he likes to hear the goings on in the lake area, so do I. We have friends still there. The towns and Mexican nationals are charming. Even the poorest among them are proud and rich with dignity. A true pleasure to have lived among. Smiles are beautiful things. I wish all of you the best and am happy you have found the right place to be. I will always look back at our time in Mexico fondly. We had some good times. Texas is not permanent, we are already looking for the next adventure. Maybe Destin FL or Salisbury MD. Not sure yet, time will tell. Again, live your climate and all the open doors. Best wishes to you all and mostly ENJOY LIFE!
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    “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain
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    The weather is the best.. The amenities for a town/ area that size are excellent.We are close to the airport. We have better medical facilites that most areas the same size... It is too crowded, the traffic is getting worse and worse. The prices are up and up.. are close to a large city but not part of it yet..
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    It appears that there is a lack of professional traffic engineers to do the planning.
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    they are closed Sunday and Monday , and at the Ajijic market on Wednesdays. Open 7 - 3. Just a note, the green tire on the left, is lime green, and almost 5 feet tall. A tractor tire. their store is set back in by the tire repair shop. Libramiento 103-A
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    Whenever someone mentions mushrooms, I think of the story of the German family who went into the forest to collect truffles. As they were preparing a meal at home with their truffles they gave some to their cat. When they sat down to eat, the cat leapt up ran around the dining room several times screeching in pain and then collapsed. The family immediately rushed to the hospital and all had their stomachs pumped. Upon returning home, they found the cat with a litter of new born kittens under the dining room table.
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    Is it like hitting your head against the wall? It feels sooooo good when you quit.
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    After working in the Ophthalmic field for more than 20 years...GO TO A REPUTABLE OPHTHALMOLOGIST. Personally I see Dr. Rios at Plaza Montana. His equipment is very up to date, he is an amazing diagnostician. Drops are not going to " heal cataracts." Look cataracts up, see how and why they form. See why some people have no problem and why some do. But go see an Ophthalmologist, and make sure he/she is one with a great reputation. And don't always listen to your friend's problems after surgery. We are all unique and have different issues. What happened to that person, will probably not happen to you.
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    Many years ago, Dr. Guillermo Avalos did my cataract surgeries after my collapsed retinas were repaired by a dedicated retinologist, Dr. Enrique Roig, who practices at Puerto de Hierro and also at Clinica Santa Lucia. The latter is an excellent choice with fine facilities and is a very specialized eye clinic near Plaza Terranova. I recommend them.
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    just get the cataract out. i had surgery with Dra. Camacho. EVERYTHING great..
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    i hardly believe there are any drops like this...
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    I paid in cash also. I was told I'd receive a check in 2-3 weeks. They said they'd call when it was ready. Then they took my telephone number when I asked if they had it. 😂 Ah, yes.
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    Mexico is a secular country,
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    Just check to make sure it has the "Hecho in Mexico" sticker😃😗
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