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    I tried to restart this thread with information after you got the last one shut down, now here you come again. You just can´t leave well enough alone. SAD !!!
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    In the interest of being completely honest, and full disclosure... happyjillin is correct. The children are sent to the Shriners Hospital that can best look after the child. At the moment, the family that own Focaccia Restaurant east of Vista del Lago is in Montreal Shriners hospital getting a replacement cochlear implant to replace the one the hospital put in a few years ago. As Shriners, we are always aware of the costs involved, but the child's treatment is our primary concern. Our Mexico City hospital is currently looking at installing a Telemedicine unit at the new San Antonio Hospital. When completed, it will mean that we can provide our services to evenmore local children at a reduced cost. Important...... ALL of the funds raised at ALL of our fundraisers goes to the treatment of children. There are NO administration costs.
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    If it has been sitting that long the tires are probably rotted, the battery is failed and it will need general reconditioning before making that long trip over rough roads. Also it's vehicle permit for Mexico is expired. My advice is to sell it dirt cheap to a Mexican who knows how to fix it and also get around the legal status problem. You aren't going to get anything near to Bluebook price for it. It basically is salvage at this point.
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    Normally when renting in Mexico the CFE, and Telephone accounts remain in the owners name. Did the owner of the condo give you permission to change it?
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    There's a troll floating around... assumed three different identities in the last week. Always with a link in the post.
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    This website had the most choices for lots that I have found. 10 pages but make sure you read them all because they go up in price but are sometimes listed in pesos and most are in U.S. dollars... in other words, the 1 million peso lots are mixed in with the 1 million U.S. dollar lots. http://chapalamls.net/properties/land-and-lots There really is no average but you can save a lot of money if you get quotes for Obra Negra (finished walls/plumbing/electrical) and then include "installation only" of the tile that you've bought and the windows that you've contracted for... understand? If you want a view, the lot will cost more but remember that views can be blocked and, honestly?, the view at night is like the black hole of Calcutta... no twinkling lights on the other side of the lake. Any retaining wall is going to cost you a lot extra and make sure it's done right or your house will crack and slide. If the lot is in an existing defined development, there are going to be H.O.A. fees or condo fees (or whatever you want to call them) afterwards. What is the water situation? What is the overall infrastructure of water/electrical/internet/sewer... Will you be building a septic tank? Will you have to buy your own electrical transformer? Aljibe or tinaco or both? There are so many variables that it's mind boggling. But, it's a great adventure if you're going to be on site daily and I would rather build a house from scratch here than live in the mess of renovating again. Set your absolute max budget for both and then find your lot. Live within your budget and make choices accordingly. Suerte!
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    Take it all (originals and a copy) you never know what is required on any given day.
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    New federal laws about the cohetes. Now cohetes only allowed to be sold by the churches, and set off between 8 am and 9 pm, or something like that. Of course, the law hasn't been completely enforced (no need to piss off the parishioners) yet-- and even so, what is the poor priest to do, rush around trying to find the culprits in the dark, wee hours? However, it appears Chapala is now beginning to move towards enforcing the law, poco a poco, per the insistence of the head honchos in Guad. These things can take years and years, but progressive Zapopan regs slowly trickle down to other areas, as the percentage of educated, middle-class Mexican populus grows.
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    Some Mexican children and their parents are sent to Shriner hospitals in the US and Montreal when that is found to be necessary for their treatment. money spent on the children's needs is more important than keeping it in the country-no?
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    The last night of the fiesta has always been supported by the Absent Sons, meaning Mexicans living mostly in the USA who send contributions to their families here for the fiesta and hopefully are able to visit for the occasion. I have never heard of foreigners here contributing to that night. The expat attendance and interest at the fiestas almost nil, and I say that as a fiesta-head from 12 years ago. I used to post fotos and videos to Webhsots.com which removed its public viewing around 7 years ago, so sorry I can't post links to how fun the fiestas used to be. Things have changed. The SemanarioLaguna reported that there has been diminishing contributions from all groups. But show up around 10PM, you are sure to find something fun to do.
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    I'm a member of the Lake Chapala Shrine Club and a member of the Oshawa Shrine Club in Ontario. There are 22 Shriners Hospitals.... 20 the the USA and 1 in Canada (Montreal) and one in Mexico (Mexico City). Here is the web page for our Mexico City Hospital: Shriners Hospital for Children - Mexico City. Every Shrine Club worldwide raises funds to send eligible children to our hospitals for treatment, regardless of their ability to pay. LAKE CHAPALA SHRINE CLUB WHAT HAPPENS TO THE MONEY? The Lake Chapala Shrine Club is relatively small but very active. The Club’s biggest activity is helping Lakeside children with medical problems, either at the Shriners Hospital in Mexico City or locally at Lakeside or in Guadalajara. STATISTICS FOR OUR SHRINE CLUB IN 2018 Trips to Shriners Hospital in Mexico City 71 Local Treatments Lakeside and Guadalajara 80 Total....... 151 Shrine Club Funds spent.....................$402,040* *Includes $39,328 contributed by Niños Incapacitados STATISTICS FROM 2006-2018: Trips to the Shriners Hospital in Mexico City 1125 Local treatments Lakeside and Guadalajara 851 Total.....1,976 Shrine Club Funds spent................. $3,932,962
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    Gringal, I would like to present Exhibit A, your post above as why threads sometimes turn to dissing you. You had your say about the topic of this thread in the previous one. Someone who wanted to continue the discussion about the original topic reposted the subject. You could have bypassed the thread, you could have read the OP and went somewhere else. But you chose to jump in with both feet, fists swinging, demanding an explanation that would (if responded to) bring and keep YOU front and center once again. And, we are off into another thread all about you and your bruised feelings instead of the more pleasant subject of bloody, skinned animal carcasses. That is all I have to say. I will not be responding to this thread any further.
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    Chillin', that is not the new president's way. I believe that it has always been that way with any University in Mexico that offers free tuition for Doctors. That posting in the boonies is the students' way of paying back and saw it first hand in small villages outside of San Miguel de Allende in '97. I wish that ALL Universities in both the U.S. and Canada had that option for a couple of reasons. 1) It would ensure that any student with the qualifications to apply would be accepted without having to worry about student debt and 2) rural areas would have the option of having Doctors within a reasonable distance. That's a win/win imho.
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    better than USA but you still have to do your due diligence in picking doctor or hospital
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    The fiestas and gremios are all part of the Catholic church and most foreigners are not Catholic and do not attend the Catholic church.. The fiesta is a fiesta Patronal... hence Catholic for the day of San Andres , the foreigners have nothing to do with it.. Maybe someone translating the hijos de Ajijic called the Mexicans living in the US " the expats"
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    I have the same wallhere in Ajijic... with the little stones between the large one, It is ot about getting better quality but about money.. If you want a similar wall here pay for it and you will get it..As far as the cantera you can get anything you want in Guadalajara again it is a question of money. not of better quality in San Miguel. Ajijic was a fisherman and campesino village so the money was not there to build such properties but as far as the work is concerned you can get the same if you pay for it. Many people chose to spend their money in other things than stone walls
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    Legal expenses of workers fees and final paperwork costs are to be considered. DO NOT trust that they are done and paid for because you paid them through the contractor. Pay them yourself and keep all receipts or it will be a very expensive problem later. I know from experience....It could cost you the house later.
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    Are you thinking of capocollo?
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    You are addressing a very limited audience here for a very definitive or accurate piece of information. (not trying to be snarky here)
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    Stone is much better than brick and mortar. Mortar requires much more maintenance. Repairing salitre damage, repainting etc. whereas stone looks good for many years with little maintenance.
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    I would suggest starting a new thread and also, be specific about what you need an attorney for, I.E. specifics. I'm thinking it's highly unlikely you will find one with a toll free number, but what do I know?
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    When you interview a Mexican atty, the local dicho to remember (translated to English): ....Take a cat with you. .....If the cat jumps on the atty, then he is a rat. .......If the cat runs from the atty, then he is a junk yard dog. This is the attorney you hire.
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    Volaris would normally help. I owned a travel agency for 20+ years and never had a problem if there was proper documentation. Your friend needs to persue the request.
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    Thank you Xena, refreshing to hear your point of view!!
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    Lived here 11 years. Yours is an oft repeated refrain, especially from new comers and the chronically cranky. Remember the Peanuts cartoons where whenever an off-screen adult was speaking all you heard was “Whaaa whaaa whaaaaa whaa wha”? Yeah. That there.
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    You sure you got that right guy? ...could have neutered a lot of randy mexicans and fed a lot of hungry dogs!...stops poverty and the dogs bark less .
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    They should give the money to the poor instead of spending it on noise making, these cohetes are expensive and from what I have being hearing since this morning, they could have feed a lot of hungry Mexicains and neutured a lot of dogs!!
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    fly a budjet airlne to Tijuana and cross over .. or look at the flights from Volaris into the US
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    Thank you very much, Shriners, for the great effort you make helping those children who need medical aid. It is truly wonderful what you do.
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    We won't hold our breath waiting for that response.....but maybe he can give 100 (or 1000) pesos to the Shriners for the nasty troll post and each "SAD" reaction to it. 😉
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    What a disgusting thing to say about people who selflessly give. What have you done for humanity?
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    And do yourself a favour and buy the YELLOW tape which is specifically for gas connections. The white tape deteriorates rapidly and should only be used on water connections. https://www.hunker.com/13414883/can-you-use-teflon-tape-on-gas-pipe-fittings
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    Sorry to hear about this. The Walmart parking lot is usually a busy place with customers and car wash guys. What time of day did this occur and were you parked far from the entrance?
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    Saturday night should be the best according to my Mexican friends
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    If you do a google search, you will find out that 20 years IS the max lifespan of a propane tank. On that premise, I replaced mine when I moved into the house but it took forever to use up the propane before it could be moved. Be safe! Price of propane goes up every January for sure.
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    The original intent of that noise was to wake up "the faithful" and get them to church or wherever the festivities were taking place. It was meant as a town wide alarm clock, Muslim call to prayer all for the cheap price of a cohete. No colorful things in the sky, those things are expensive. It was basically to get you off your a** and on your way to services. Just because we're not used to that doesn't make it wrong or bad. Remember, they were doing this long before we showed up.
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    I think your age factor must also be taken into consideration and your ability to obtain private insurance,when your in your "golden" years like over 80 yrs old. I would recommend that you have an bilingual aide at all time For my experience with IMSS and or SP.It is similar to receiving care for indigent persons. If you qualify for private insurance and care,I have had a very positive experience. But please remember cost can mean different things/affordability for different people. It's not that long ago there were GOFUNDME for people having $5,000usd/ $40,000usd expenses. One of the reason a Lakeside person is returning to NOB where health care is covered, is that the person had hip surgery which cost 85,000 pesos and wiped out her savings
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    I agree. And " Nice and caring " is not my first criterium, when choosing a doctor. On WHO list, Mexico ranks 65 or so ( in healthcare quality ). Yes. You can have good experiences...but a bit of common sense here: in a country with one of the worst education systems, how can you expect to have a majority of excellent doctors and nurses ?? Over 21 years here....I dont think of a few personal good experiences ( which I dont deny ! ) but numerous times, where I translated at IMSS and hospital civil ( and I worked with dozens of caregivers ). Many horror stories ( and yes, a few good ones ). Unfortunately, I have known too many people here, who today, should still be alive. Let us not even mention lack of consistency and corruption. One probably also should make a distinction between the more expensive health care facilities for the few, versus the inexpensive ones for the poor majority. Therefore,...my personal opinion... for a majority of people here it is NOT good. I have many good reasons for living here, but healthcare is not one of them ( and I dont feel the need to compare to the US system ) Not what you want to hear, I know... ( bring on the bullets .... but do a good and fast job....the Red Cross is NOT where I want to die ...I am being nice here ). It is a lottery, where luck and money will give you the winning ticket. A smile could help too Rony
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    Your thoughts and intentions are, of course, good. Some of us, however, having seen how most well intentioned government programs just waste money and fail, do not wish any tax dollars spent on "keeping people healthy, healthy living, nutrition, etc.". The wars on poverty and drugs come to mind as huge failures that have wasted trillions. Other folks continue to believe it's not the program that failed but rather the individuals running them. Thus, they continue to look for the right leader to show that they can actually work. This difference of opinion is what makes life interesting and the beat goes on.
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    No, sorry, just very busy. Thanks for all the great responses. The summer before my senior year, my family moved, and to this day I remember how I thought my life was over! My daughter is a Junior and is really into music and the HS band. She is Band Manager, plays 4 instruments and has a good chance of being drum major her senior year, not to mention the Jazz band and Concert band. Looks like we are going to take over my older daughter's (she is 42) upstairs when our house sales and we are coming down in Nov. to look at houses. We are going to show her around The University of Guadalajara and I hope something interests her. But, most important, is that she finds a friend or two. You know how important that is to teenagers. I'm not worried about gang/bad association influences, she has a pretty good head on her shoulders and we have all that stuff here in the suburbs of Dallas. The short of the matter is that we want her to finish HS here, so we will be back and forth quite a bit to Lake Chapala and Dallas. We also have a three yr old grandson that we want to spend time with! My plan is to buy a truck and enclosed trailer in Guad. and make a few trips, over several months. Still trying to figure out what to do with my two wienee dogs and one Maltese. Might just pay a coyote to bring them over, easier than dealing with the border agents. We are so excited about this move and the chance to make new friends. My wife loves gardening and decorating and wants to learn to play the piano. I play flamenco guitar and hope to sit on my butt all day and play in a bar. Hopefully, in Paracho I can get my own label of guitars to sell on the internet. That's who we are, thanks for all the information!
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    Another possibility is that she was informed, included in the conversation from the get go, had input, and is still recalcitrant. Then it comes down to who finally governs and makes the final decision and is she a mild, medium, or strong dissenter. Hard to tell from the limited information of the OP. I just don´t think any of us have enough information to predict the final outcome of this move if it does happen. We don´t even know how compelling is the reason for the parents move to Mexico, work related? health reasons? or something we haven´t any idea about. Even the OP said he had to move his senior year in high school because of his father moving to a small town. I´m not willing to think she will be dragged here kicking and screaming from the one post…... and her objections might be valid but not family destroying, just that she would rather not. I´m saying if they have to, and there isn´t any choice, it can be managed. I know two families with DACA kids that aren´t legal in the US and they had to move back to Mexico with children who know nothing about Mexico either. It won´t be the first time that parents have made a major change in a minor´s life that they didn´t like….just think divorce and family separation. We don´t know all the circumstances of this situation to predict the certain outcome.as it sounds like it´s going to happen anyway---- and then it behooves everyone to make the best of it. If they are just doing it because Dad stuck a wet finger in the air and said "Mexico", then I would agree with you.
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    OH boy, Alcoholics driving midget cars wearing funny little beanies
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