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    I'm not in the market for a house, either. But I am sometimes interested and curious about things which don't affect me directly 🙂
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    I just tell people to look for the taxi booth near the exit from aduana. All they have to do is ask for Ajijic (or the town where you live) and the official will sell them a ticket.The taxi costs about $450 pesos and will take them right to your door. If you like, you can reimburse them for the taxi fare. You can even email them the directions in Spanish to your house and they can just hand it to the driver. Beats the heck out of dealing with all the traffic and trying to find guests in the busy airport pick up area.
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    The same tests were done at each lab. Care Diagnostics $882 Chopo $443.38 Dilabim $311 Wish I had known or price shopped. Hopefully, this will help someone else.
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    You will need to live in either Chapala, west Ajijic (which will require a car). Chapala is a very nice place. I live in Ajijic and if I had to do it over again I would choose Chapala. More friendly, less expensive, etc. etc. Nice Malecon and you can find everything you need there and if not take a bus.
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    Has anyone noticed how so many Mexicans, especially women, have excellent cursive handwriting. Good penmanship as they used to say. I have completely lost my cursive skills, my scribbles are unreadable, even to myself. I have to block print now. We were taught penmanship in elementary school using special three lined books, and fountain pens. Even then I was not good at it and a teacher noted as such in a report card. The next parent teacher night my mother brought in a recent doctor's hand written prescription and asked if she could read any of it. She could not.
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    I will be wintering lakeside this year, and will have a few visitors coming to see me. At GDL airport can you pick people up curbside at the baggage claim level without having to park? Thanks in advance for your help, John,
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    Short answer...yes they do. If you live in a Mexican neighborhood you will surely see them, not at 3:00, but closer to 5 or 6 gathering in small groups and walking to the church. You don't have to join them but you have to be "clueless" not to be aware of this. It may be slowly dying but it's not anything from 500 years ago. As my teachers used to say, "Pay attention!"
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    This product is outstanding in our opinion. There is a large bottle and a spray bottle combo available at Costco which is not much more than buying a single spray bottle here. It also works on blood stains, we found, as long as you don't use something else on the stain first.
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    Absolutely doable in Jocotepec and rents are much cheaper. We found a gorgeous 3 bedroom 2 bath private gated home with no house on either side of us for $600 a month right on the lake just one year ago. Food is also cheaper at the markets and restaurants here. You could live well on $2000 a month here easily I think. Driving on the west end is so much better than Ajijic or Chapala. Easy drive to Guadalajara for anything you need. Folks are very friendly here:-) Chapala is a bit crowded for my taste but if you are comfortable with city life that is probably a good option too. The photo is of our back yard:-)
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    Silly post. How would driving through Joco affect you? She is one of the better doctors Lakeside (I've been to about 8 different ones). I found lots of quacks in Ajijic. As in many places in Mexico buyer beware when it comes to professionals.
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    Shaw seems to have changed the channel guide again. They now seem to have multiples. What do we use here and where do we find it? Thanks for any help.
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    no mudgirlI did not read the link because I have a house, I am not in the market and , really Ido not care what happen with the project one wayor the other..
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    Agree with Cookj5. I take people to airport going home but let them taxi to my house when they arrive.
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    You don't put your maternal last name on Mexican forms. You leave that blank because it is not your legal name but for Mexicans it would be their legal name.
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    wellmaybe they can recycle the plastic we have so it would not be new plastic and wouldnot fill up the dumps..
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    Looks cool but unfortunately we need less plastic in our lives and oceans.
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    You might want to try Clorox Urine Remover for stains & odors. Works on all surfaces. I have an incontinent dog & a marking dog. Works on the urine problem....not so much on the marking.... It's not cheap but it's a big spray bottle and I used it on tile, cement , bedding and rugs.
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    Arturo and Leti. They're wonderful people. Arturo has helped us with many of our plants (including two small trees).
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    Do you see that little winking emojii at the end of my post??? That means is was a joke guys. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge... way more important things when you're young than chicken wings. I ain't THAT old.
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    Consider doggie diapers. There are a variety of options, just know your dog probably isn't happy about it either and diapers may help. Here is a good article. https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/everything-you-need-to-know-about-dog-diapers/
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    $2000/mo is more doable here than in most places in the US. You don’t say your age but if Medicare eligible, stay put. You don’t want Mexican Medicaid. We know someone who broke her hip and spent 3 WEEKS on a gurney in the hall at an IMSS hospital. Factor in private insurance and also a car if you value mobility.
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    The Fields of Athenry is one of the classics and Paddy's rendition is tough to beat. I love most all of the classics and even though I can't carry a tune in a bucket I still sing along. One that quiets me down and chokes me up is "Four Green Fields". Most of the greats do a bang up job with it but Tommy Makem's real old version is my favorite. I've never found a version of Fields by Luke, perhaps he deferred on that one to someone else.
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    I have heard you speak in a foreign language, Slainte. And you do seem to have a French accent. Are you French Canadian?
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    If you press the ON button (try both the remote and the physical TV) and the startup screen does not appear it is most likely the power supply. Sometimes you'd hear a click indicating power up and then another click indicating shutdown. If you get the startup but no content that's an entirely different issue and you'd need to be more specific. If it is the power supply, the TV repair shop in San Juan Cosala should be able to install a new one.
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    It appears that some of the elderly around here are having trouble understanding that demographic even though they did similar but not exactly the same things at that age.
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    The family that has the small vivero next door to La Pacena across from Superlake.
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    I think it looks better to people who haven´t observed a lot of cumpleaños. They go there because it´s a social life, drink beer, a place to hang out, that´s considered "in". Food is secondary and not that important. Do you think that they really care if the "wings" aren´t top shelf?
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    You do not need a BIG water heater. Get an "on demand" heater. They are very small but only use gas when you turn on the hot water tap. If you live in a big mansion, you may need more than one, but these are the way to go. We have a Bosch which we purchased from Home Depot in GDL. There are only two of us and it is more than sufficient. Other people should chime in here who have on demand heaters.
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    After reading what I've read here and on other threads, I don't even want to drive through Joco, let alone visit this quack. I'm amazed anyone would.
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    That is still basic audio out, whatever format it is. And as RickS says, you can get a converter. For just about any connection, at Steren. In this case the headphones already come with a number of connectors, and I am using the Senns on two completely different types of output from the TV.
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